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The owner of Michael Bennett Painting has been a paint and wallpaper contractor for more than 35 years. During spring and summer, Michael Bennett tackles decks for customers in the Baltimore, MD, area. “I’m very partial to oil-based stains,” he says. “They penetrate the substrate better, they last longer through our heat and cold cycles, and they’re more UV stable.” His go-to is PPG (formerly Sikkens) ProLuxe Cetol SRD Wood Finish. “I like its body and the quality of its oils and resins, as well as its color saturation and workability,” says Bennett. “When I use it, I feel I’m giving my customers a really good finish and I feel confident about it.” When he has a bare-wood surface, he also likes Ready Seal wood stain and sealer. This product leaves no lap marks and doesn’t run, he notes. “It’s really remarkable and very userfriendly.” he says. For application in his area, Bennett pays attention to the humidity level—preferring to wait until relative humidity is below 70% before staining a deck. And maintenance is key, he adds. “My rule of thumb is to wait two years, then do a maintenance coat. Then, wait another two years and do another one. After that, you should be good to go for at least five years.”




“We build it to last, but what you put on top of it—and if you stay on top of it—will determine for how long.” –CHARLIE BLIGHT, BLIGHT BUILT



The owner of Premium Deck Restoration, LLC in New Hampshire, Dale Herrington spends eight to nine months a year working on decks. With about 17 years in business, he’s learned a few things. For deck projects, he likes translucent Benjamin Moore ARBORCOAT Exterior Stain. If a deck is in rougher shape or a customer wants a particular look, he might opt for the brand’s semi-solid. “The ARBORCOAT is easy to maintain and doesn’t peel,” he says. “Around here, we have better luck with oil-based stains because they penetrate into the wood.” And Herrington prefers to brush on stains. “A lot of people spray, but I think that by the time you cover the house and surrounding area to protect it, you can have it halfway brushed,” he says. He does two coats to start, and advises maintenance coats typically every two years, though the deck’s exposure to the elements might affect that recommendation.

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