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BRUSH TECHNOLOGY Manufacturers Work Hard to Deliver on Pros’ Demands

Photo Courtesy of Wolf Paint Supply Co.

An artist by trade, Jon Cox, Sr. understands the importance of having the right tools for the job. That’s why the founder of Proform Technologies, Inc., which manufactures Picasso paintbrushes, also values the input of other professionals when developing pro-grade brushes. BY BRIAN SODOMA


n fact, he very much enjoys talking shop with paint pros who are passionate about which brush they prefer to use and why. One style may hold and release paint just the way one painter desires, while another painter may counter those claims with how a different brush can do the job better. Yet, another painter still may argue that it’s the bullet-proof nature of another brand that they admire. Through the years, Cox has heard all the reasons why a brush makes the grade for paint pros, but he’ll still continue to hit up other pros for a conversation to help him inform his practice. “I think [research] is why we have that loyal following with painters,” he added. It’s a practice many other manufacturers embrace, too. Here’s a look at some of the innovations Picasso and other manufacturers are bringing to the table, making the pro’s everyday paintbrush even better.

Picasso combines ergonomics and innovation Cox got into the business chasing the ergonomic market in 2001. Unfortunately, while he made a fantastic ergonomic brush—tested and verified by paint pros themselves, along with a university ergonomic facility—he was selling to a market that really wasn’t looking for an ergonomic tool.


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