inPAINT Magazine Feb/Mar 2018

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Photo Courtesy of PPG Paints

By Vanessa Manz

Wood siding is one of the most beautiful types of siding—and one of the most expensive. A quality stain job is critical to creating and preserving a highquality look and helping homeowners avoid costly siding repairs. And the appearance and durability of any stain job depends not only on the quality of the stain product and application, but also on proper surface preparation.

FIRST STEP: PREP As crews ready for the upcoming spring staining season, it’s worth taking the time to review the prep process. Here are a few key points to cover to ensure outstanding stain results: Assess areas of vulnerability. A thorough visual inspection of existing stain, including its adhesion, color and water repellency, is critical to determining the amount of prep and finish work required. Some key signs that a home needs to be refinished include: • Water is no longer beading on the surface • Stain is peeling, pulling or lifting from the surface • Areas of the structure appear faded or discolored Be sure to ask the last date the siding was refinished to help you better assess any existing deterioration.


inPAINT | Feb/Mar 2018