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raditionally, the end of the year is a time for reflection and review. For paint professionals it’s time to take stock of the past year’s projects— what worked, what didn’t work, and why. Because one of the key factors for success on any job is the product you use, we’re dedicating a significant amount of this issue to our first-ever Product Guide. Starting on page 23, the Guide looks specifically at coatings and applicators. Rather than lump products by manufacturer, we’ve broken them out by type of product (i.e., premium interior paint, mid-grade paint, exterior paint, woven production rollers, handheld sprayers, etc.). We felt this organization would offer you a more meaningful, apples-to-apples comparison of your product options. Just in case your year-end review also includes looking at how to transition from the ladder to the office, we have a really interesting Work Smart article showcasing a number of pros who have successfully made the transition from hands-on to hands-off and managed to make more money and find more time to enjoy it by doing so. It might just give you something to think about for the year ahead. Like you, we’re always looking for ways to improve, and we’re not shy about asking for help in how to do it. If you have ideas for articles you’d like to see—or maybe there was an article from the past year that was particularly helpful—we’d really love to hear about it. Cheers,

Amanda Haar

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14 Colors That Sell

Guiding customers to make smart paint decisions

18 Pro Picks

Pressure washers

23 The inPAINT Product Guide Our first-ever guide to coatings and applicators

DEPARTMENTS 6 The News Industry ins and outs

8 Ask a Pro What’s essential to successfully closing a job?

10 Work Smart Going from hands-on to hands-off

38 Upcoming Events The what, where and when of the industry’s leading events

39 Bottom Line Developing a company-wide culture of safety


inPAINT | Dec 2016/Jan 2017


2017 PDCA EXP0 February 23 -25 2017 San Diego, California Learn powerful ways to build your competitive edge and keep your passion from fading. You will gain insight from top industry leaders, meet innovative thinkers at “Hot Topic” roundtables, experience new Ask-a-Peer “Brain Melds,” and level-up your technical skills in the Master’s class. Achieve your dreams and start living at the next level.



THEY’RE BACK! SEARS IS BACK IN THE PAINT BUSINESS T After halting house-paint sales in 2012, Sears is reintroducing paint in 23 U.S. stores in the


Northeast and Midwest, with plans to expand the effort to all of its retail locations over the coming months. In addition to offering Craftsman-branded paint for the first time, Sears is also bringing back its Weatherbeater exterior and Easy Living interior brands. Sears is reviving previously popular products as well as introducing new products, and said stores will leverage new paint-mixing technology.  According to a company representative, the Weatherbeater brand exterior paint is made to withstand fading, mold and mildew, making it ideal for contractors who work on outdoor fabrication. And the Craftsman Rust Preventative Enamel, a paint and primer in one, can be sprayed directly on metal, is equipped with rust-protection technology, and resists weathering and fading. EDITOR’S NOTE: Citing competitive reasons, Sears declined to identify the manufacturer of their paint products.

T PPG Paints recently launched a consumer-facing web site that provides discounts

and rebates off retail pricing on paint and supplies to new-home buyers. In addition, for select builders who use their products, the company can develop a customized version of the Preferred Homeowner web site, which can be shared with customers as well as be linked to from the builder’s existing site. The versioned site allows builders to make future product purchases at a discount, making future touch-ups less costly. HomeBuilder.PPGPaints.com/ppgpaints

USG INTRODUCES TIME-SAVING SHEETROCK T Chicago-based USG introduced a new, time-saving Sheetrock called the


inPAINT | Dec 2016/Jan 2017

T According to the Reindeer Herders Association in Finland, nearly

4,000 reindeer are lost on Finnish roads annually due to car accidents. In an effort to decrease those numbers, the Association has begun applying reflective paint to the antlers of reindeer in areas where the animals roam without restrictions. Using Albedo100 Reflective Spray, the Association initially painted the antlers of 20 reindeer in February 2014, keeping the animals in a fenced area to observe how the paint held up. When the test proved promising, the organization then painted the antlers of 300 free-roaming reindeer in September of the same year. With anecdotal evidence indicating the paint was proving helpful, the effort was repeated in the fall of 2015. The organization is now gathering final data to determine if antler-painting will continue. FYI, a previous effort that involved painting the fur of the animal was abandoned after it was shown to reduce the fur’s ability to keep the chill out.

Photo Courtesy of the Reindeer Herders Association

Securorock ExoAir 430 System. Pretreated with an air-barrier membrane, it’s estimated that installing ExoAir 430 panels will cut installation time by 30% over the traditional install-and-treat method. Plus, the engineered spraying system ensures all the panels are treated uniformly and consistently, and minimizes potential weather impact due to no cure time or washout. SecurockExoAir.com









Home is where our heart is.

work WITH THE best S W E E P S TA K E S


Q: What do you consider essential to successfully closing a job?

A: My philosophy on closeout is this: I want

customers to walk in the room and just see new paint on the walls; there should be no sign that I was ever there painting. Period. That includes getting rid of any garbage. That’s the goal for me.

BILL HARRISON, owner of A&S Painting in Lansing, IL, has been in business for the past decade. He decided to expand, so he put an ad in a local newsletter and got a couple of jobs out of it … and realized, “It could be lucrative.” He does both commercial and residential interior and exterior painting, mostly working on his own but with the occasional crew for a large job. “I like the control,” he says. 8

inPAINT | Dec 2016/Jan 2017

A lot of painters just want to get in and out; they don’t see cleanup as part of the job. They think the homeowner should do it, but I don’t think people should be cleaning up after me. Customers tell me I’m the cleanest painter they’ve ever had. Each day, I put things away and leave it neat before completion. I ask permission for where to put my materials, and am very respectful of the house. On an interior job, a full cleanup means throwing out all debris, sweeping and mopping all floors, and vacuuming rugs. Also, as part of my best practices, I replace any outlet covers that are in bad condition. For an exterior job, I take my blower and blow paint chips and other debris into a pile and then remove it. When I power wash the exterior, I’ll also power wash their sidewalks. That’s nothing for me to do, and customers really appreciate it. To be as clean as possible at the end means being prepared up front. My truck has a full stock of outlet covers, a broom, dust pan, vacuum, rags, Goo Gone, and a cordless blower. Cleaning as I work makes it

easier to clean at the end. To prevent spatters and spills, I use paint-can pouring covers, which keep the cans neat, covered and sealed at all times. I secure my painting pans to my ladders to make sure a sudden jolt can’t knock them off. I wrap my rollers in bags when they’re not being used, and I never clean my brushes at the home I’m working in. I also clean my tarps every few weeks. Once I’m done painting, I pretend I’m the customer and do a walk around to try to see things through his or her eyes. I look for anything that needs to be touched up; anything I might have missed. Then I do a walk around with the customer. I tell them that I don’t want final payment until they are happy with the job. If they don’t like something, I take care of it as quickly as possible. Once everything is complete, I take final photos and post them on my Facebook page. Prospects can see every job I’ve done in the past five years and posted reviews. It’s been a good source of work for me.

ARE YOU A PRO IN THE KNOW? If you have a talent, skill or secret to success that you think other pros could benefit from hearing about, reach out and let us know. Email editor@inPAINTmag.com with ‘Ask a Pro’ in the subject line, and let us know what you’ve got to share. Or, if you’d like to hear how others approach a challenge you’re facing, drop us a note and we’ll see if we can find you an answer.

Solving an un-sticky situation. Having trouble getting tape to adhere in humid conditions? Not anymore. We all know that masking during prep can help you get polished, picture-perfect results. But trying to get tape to stick in humid conditions? Good luck. In certain areas, humidity is a constant problem, and in others, summers can bring muggy conditions. Even if the dew point is low outside, spraying paint in a closed environment can cause indoor humidity to reach downright swampy levels, lowering your tape’s level of adhesion. And what happens when tape doesn’t stick? Substandard results and time-consuming rework. Not to mention the cost of wasted materials and your valuable time. So perhaps you try a different tape — that could lead to a whole new set of problems, like paint lifting or tape slivering when removed. Or maybe you just quit taping altogether when it’s humid, which slows you down considerably. Luckily, the brilliant minds at 3M have been hard at work tackling the humidity problem. They’re about to reveal a new tape designed especially for humid conditions — and as a bonus, it works great on today’s hard-to-stick-to surfaces, like low-VOC, scrubbable and deep-base paints. This game-changing technology makes tape stick and stay put — even in high humidity. Plus, it resists paint seepage for clean lines and is removable for up to 5 days without damaging interior surfaces. That means less rework and better results — and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.


Stick around to see what it is.

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GOING FROM HANDS-ON TO HANDS-OFF FINDING THE BALANCE FOR YOUR LIFE AND YOUR BUSINESS BY BRIAN SODOMA When you start a business, you expect to wear many hats. In time, those hats can even bring a sense of pride as you become more efficient and are able to manage growth while still doing the jobs of several people. But some paint pros eventually hit a wall. Finding the work, doing it, then tending to administrative duties as you burn the midnight oil can be a grind. Even worse, it can compromise your ability to grow your enterprise.

For some paint pros, delegating responsibilities and adding technology to bring efficiencies has helped them become more hands-off with certain parts of their company. That’s a good thing because it also allows them to be hands-on with more important things. Ultimately, their companies have gotten financially stronger and their personal lives better, too. “I’m still making just as much. I’m just working less … and my profit is way up,” said Ron Ramsden, founder of Ramsden Painting in Methuen, MA. “Last year, I went hiking through the Grand Canyon—no phones. The company ran on its own. I checked in when I got out of the canyon; there wasn’t a worry in the world.” 10

inPAINT | Dec 2016/Jan 2017

Busy and broke He spent years as a solo flier, booking jobs, doing the painting—sometimes with a helper or two—tending to his books, and worrying about work at all hours. He burned out, and became physically ill at one point. “I was the busiest, broke contractor out there. The money came in and went out. Then, I ended up getting sick with cancer and had to take time off,” he said. A few years ago, Ramsden met paint business consultant Steve Burnett at a PDCA conference. Soon after, he started implementing some of Burnett’s strategies to increase productivity and lighten his overall workload.

He brought in technology, like electronic time sheets (the Tsheets.com app), allowing his employees to clock in via smartphone. No longer did he need to worry about paper time sheets, and the hours were tracked better; plus the technology calculated the hours for him. Crew leaders started using iPads and project management software that allowed the crew and leaders to communicate about job specs and changes. He hired a bookkeeper and gave more power to his crew leaders when it came to picking up paint and making other decisions on the job. Pretty soon, all the things that were consuming Ramsden’s mental space, his team of professionals was doing for him. That allowed him to focus more on marketing his business, estimating, and being the face of his company. In the past year, his revenues doubled. “I spent more money last year on all this stuff, but revenues kept going up, so I made way more money,” he said. The lighter workload has even made for better employee relationships. He now enjoys monthly barbecues, fishing trips, and fun outings with his staff. “Before, I couldn’t tell if anyone on my crew was married or not. Now, it’s a completely different story. Technology played a big part in helping me stand back and look at my company culture,” he added. Technology and beyond Rob Youness, president of Davison, Michiganbased Great Lakes 1-800 PAINTING, LLC, made similar moves in the past couple years. He uses Basecamp project management software to connect his crews with project leaders. He uses PEP (PaintEstimating.com) for his estimating software, and a GroupMe communication app that allows employees to message each other throughout the day. Youness has worked in the painting business since he was 15 years old and started his most recent company in 2007, but essentially doubled his business by buying a competitor in 2012. Youness knew he couldn’t be spending long days on job sites anymore, and hired a project manager to handle the employees in the field so that he can focus on sales and marketing. With his production unit in sync, he now spends more time on social media, where he posts photos of jobs and interacts with his company’s followers.

He estimates five posts yield one direct lead. After making the changes, he has grown his revenues from about $200,000 in 2012 to nearly $1 million this year. “It was difficult for me because I’m a perfectionist. Quality was always number one for me,” he said. “It still is but I learned to let go, delegate, and give the guys in the field some more responsibility with things like change orders, customer walk-throughs, and ordering their own paint.”

“ In order to grow, we had to stop bottlenecking with decision by committee.” —MIKE FREEMAN, MIKE’S QUALITY PAINTING

No do-overs.

Get your job done right with our full line of masking products. Indoors. Outdoors. Walls. Trim. Archways. Large surfaces. Whatever you’re masking, save time and rework by choosing the right tape for your project. With easy unroll, sharp paint lines, clean removal and protection from paint bleed, our full line of products gives you incredible results the first time. Find the right tape at ScotchBlue.com.

Pull Off a Better Paint Job © 3M 2016. All rights reserved. 3M, ScotchBlue, Edge-Lock and the BLUE color of the tape are trademarks of 3M.




Marketing education, promoting from within Youness acknowledges that not all pros are comfortable networking and marketing. He encourages them to take classes and push their comfort zone. Dalton Tomlinson, president of Supreme Painting in Fort Worth, TX, like Youness and Ramsden, also learned to do his share of delegating. He uses some of his extra time for personal development. He joined the local chamber of commerce and a toastmasters group to work on public speaking, and he spends more time than ever reading about personal and professional development. “Growth had not been my main focus most of my career,” he added. “But about a year-and-a-half ago I decided to focus on it. I had to step back. I was getting run ragged doing everything and working 12-hour days.” For Tomlinson, adding a production manager was a great help for overseeing paint crews. And he eventually trained an office employee to help with estimates, as well.

“ Technology played a big part in helping me stand back and look at my company culture.”

“She talks to customers every day, either in person or by phone, and is great with them. I still do most of the estimating, but now she does some, too,” he added. Looking within to advance employees should always be a consideration for a paint pro, added Kathryn Freeman, a business coach and HR expert for Pennsylvania-based Nolan Summit Services. “For anyone in business, it’s important to look internally. … Who has potential? Letting people make mistakes, too … you have to respect that as part of the learning process. It’s important not to criticize but to see that as an opportunity to coach and help them learn,” she added. Divide and conquer Mike Freeman (no relation to Kathryn Freeman), founder of Mike’s Quality Painting in Albuquerque, NM, was in business with one business partner for more than a decade, but found he was wearing too many hats: estimator, job leader, office manager, you name it. Freeman started Mike’s Quality Painting with his wife and his mother in 2011, but that, too, brought its challenges, even with well-meaning, trustworthy family members at the helm. “Initially, everybody was involved with everything. It was chaos. No one person could get anything





inPAINT | Dec 2016/Jan 2017

done. We were tripping over each other, truthfully,” he said. “We went to a coach who helped us delegate organizational roles and responsibilities, and now we just report back on it. In order to grow, we had to stop bottlenecking with decision by committee.” Today, with 25 painters in the field, Freeman is the sales and production manager. His mom is the office manager; she also has an assistant office manager. Administrative details of each job flow from the salesperson to the office managers to the crews then back to the office managers. Meanwhile, his wife oversees the safety program, community outreach, and marketing. Delegation and self-discipline Mike Freeman admits that hiring is one of the trickiest pieces of the delegating process. He and his team have shifted away from hiring on an as-needed basis. Instead, his team sets revenue goals and benchmarks, then hires people to meet them. “Some years, there’s more overhead than needed but this still allows us to be proactive. We’re not just buried and looking for someone to help us out,” he said. The approach appears to be working. The company has had steady net profit growth of 14% to 17% each year, Freeman offered. Kathryn Freeman says far too many pros are accustomed to only working off of how much labor is needed for one job. Factor in one’s turnover rate, seasonality, and demand for local talent as well, she cautioned. “You’re competing with people in the community not just for those jobs but for the employees,” she added. “I would say as a professional in this industry, we’re experiencing a bit of a paradigm shift. The sales are there but the people to do the work are not. That’s important to consider.” Hiring also requires discipline on the employer’s part. Check applications as they come in; don’t let them pile up, she said. And don’t cut corners with background checks, employer verification, and references. “There are a lot of things small business owners don’t feel like they have the time to do. They don’t have time to call references … or to wait on a background check. We feel strongly about the idea of ‘trust but verify,’” she added.

Kathryn Freeman also encourages employers to be realistic with expectations and understand it may take someone longer to do something the owner used to do very quickly. “When you have been the only person for the last 10 years, you become enormously efficient. You have the ownership mentality; you’re going to turn over something in 10 hours that might take someone else 25 hours, but that [hiring] could give you 10 hours to focus on the business,” she said.

“ I’m still making just as much. I’m just working less … and my profit is way up.” —RON RAMSDEN, RAMSDEN PAINTING

I joined Summit in 2009. Since then, our revenue has grown over 400% and I have a solid team around me. Summit is, by far, the best money I’ve invested in my business. - Sean Kennedy, Owner Kennedy Painting St. Louis

Find out how other painting contractors are growing their business & profits with Summit. • Personal Coaching • Peer Groups • Hiring Help • Sales Training • Build Systems • Crew Training and much more...

For more information, contact us at

summitservicesinc.com or (610) 449-0960

Dec 2016/Jan 2017 | inPAINT





inPAINT | Dec 2016/Jan 2017

CONVENTIONAL WISDOM SAYS IT’S “LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION” when you’re looking to buy a home. However, that statement might take on an entirely different hue when it comes to selling one. In a competitive housing market, it’s important to seize every advantage. Can exterior color make a difference? That is the million-dollar question. “True, location is an important factor, but the aesthetics of a home, especially the exterior color, can make a difference if a buyer is on the fence,” said Bob Hertzog, a designated real estate broker and owner of Summit Home Consultants in Phoenix, AZ. “I had a listing in north Scottsdale last year, and the home was painted a burnt-orange color,” Hertzog said. “There’s no doubt in my mind— based on the feedback I received from agents that showed the home—that the paint color was a major factor in the time it took to get the property sold. We finally got it sold, but only after the seller agreed to an $8,000 credit at the close of escrow so that the buyer could repaint the home when they moved in. Sadly, the seller just had the home painted six months prior.”

The power of color Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, is intimately aware of the power of color. “Of course, it’s well known that color can influence a person’s mood, and its affect on an individual is heavily considered and thought through in the design process,” Wadden said. “Confident color selection is anything but random —rather, a very thoughtful process that leads to evoking a certain attitude or emotion that, importantly, can also influence a person’s behavior.” Wadden says this is especially true in a home setting. “If a buyer sees move-in-ready color, then builders and painters typically see a bigger bottom line. Color is a powerful tool that puts the buyer in the space, planning how they will live, and provides an emotional connection, a key to securing the asking price from a home —and then some.” Jessamy Tsoris, a Milwaukee-based color consultant and owner of Color Zen, equates dressing a home for sale much like you would prepare for an important job interview. “You should always wear a color that’s powerful, flattering, and typically classic,” Tsoris said. “For your home, it’s less about selecting the neutral everyone is blogging about and more

about what truly complements the home’s unique lighting and surfaces, especially wood tones. Generally, light, bright and airy neutrals leaning gray and/or coastal are popular at the moment. You want the home to look as modern as possible.”

“Color is a powerful tool that puts the buyer in the space … and provides an emotional connection, a key to securing the asking price from a home—and then some.” —SUE WADDEN, SHERWIN-WILLIAMS

Bend end the sanding rules. This abrasive takes on any shape to make detail and flat sanding easy. And the unique film backing resists punctures, tears and creases. It’ll change the way you think about sanding.

© 3M 2016. All rights reserved. 3M and PRO GRADE PRECISION are trademarks of 3M. U.S. patent pending. This Old House is a registered trademark of This Old House Ventures, LLC. Used by permission.

Ultra Flexible Sanding Sheets and Rolls





Photos Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Genesis Macedo agrees. His company, Genesis Pro Painting & Restoration, serves much of Westchester County, NY. Macedo has been in the paint industry for more than 16 years, and has owned his own business for the past 10. He understands there’s a science behind choosing a color that will help sell a home. He feels that a good color can enhance the resale value of a home; the wrong color can sink a potential sale. “Before listing it for sale, the safest place to be is with colors that give off a feeling of warmth, yet with neutrality,” Macedo said. Trending personal Homeowners have both a personal and financial stake in their homes. It can color their judgment when it comes time to prep their home for sale. “For many homeowners, the biggest driver in color trends is a quest for personalization, which is a significant area of opportunity for painters, builders and more,” Wadden said. “In response to this demand, contractors are adding to formerly limited color palettes, which embraced neutrals and other hues, making the days of ‘builder beige’ part of a bygone era.”


inPAINT | Dec 2016/Jan 2017

Wadden says the very definition of neutral is changing, and “drawing inspiration from the earth and sky with deep, rich tones like putty, clay, shell, sun and water. Bright golds are optimistic, yet the shift in beige moves away from warmer, yellow-based tones to brownbased grays. These natural influences feel fresh and modern, while remaining neutral and functional throughout the seasons.” Gray is … the new gray “For the last few years, I have specified shades of gray until the strips on my paint fan decks fell off,” Tsoris said. “So definitely, gray will be here for a while longer, although we are starting to mix it up after overdosing on monotone gray interiors.” Tsoris also sees white as a big factor. “White trim—that’s a big one,” she said. “Many people are painting unfavorable wood and ceilings white. It’s instant happiness. I’ll never get over the power of white paint. Other colors that are popular— shades of blue, from powder to green/blue/gray to navy. Taupe as well. Taupe weaves through all of the grays and I think we will see it a lot in the next several years in a very soft, organic way.” Tsoris believes the color making the biggest comeback is green. “Green has been gone for a while but is making a major comeback,” she said. “Emerald, kelly

and soft sage. Violet as well—many shades, from murky plum to gray-violets to red-violets.” The art of selling Back to the million-dollar question: Can paint color truly help sell a home? Wadden thinks so. “The most obvious benefit to painting your house is elevating the curb appeal. Color can be such a key differentiator,” Wadden said. “Think of homes with great style … the exterior is the first glimpse of what we see in a home—sort of an indicator as to what’s inside. Great exterior color can tell a story, as well.” When advising a homeowner on color choices, Wadden likes to play up significant architectural details on a house. “Maybe a home has incredible trim and a bold, unexpected color is a great way to play that up,” she said. “Does the home have a gorgeous front porch? Try painting a daring and vibrant color on the porch ceiling. Playing up key features can be a really distinctive way to make a bold impression.” Ironically, Tsoris says many of her clients will tell her they’re not into trends. “However, when we browse photos, almost 100% of them will ooh and aah over new homes with contemporary decor they would never allow themselves to like if selected independently,” she said. “Humans respond to change and trends in interior design—period. It keeps things exciting. When I started Color Zen, we were nearing the end of the Tuscan palette; warm tans, red, gold, yellow/green. We went crazy during that period with accent walls and a new hue in every room. Then we cleansed the palette with light coastal neutrals, taupe, gray, white, blue and an occasional color pop. This is where we’re at today, but new creative choices are creeping into the gray zone. Every year, I notice shifts in overall color selections. It is ever-changing for sure.”

work in their space. Develop the right approach for communicating so you’re not pushy, yet firm enough to be heard and respected. When clients and peers challenge me, I always say ‘I stand by my selections.’ And I do. Believe in your power to help people build beautiful spaces—it’s a moving process.” Finally, Wadden believes it’s critical to counsel your customer about color selection, in order to help to minimize repaints and increase customer satisfaction. “Being knowledgeable about color can also differentiate you from the competition and help establish yourself as a trusted resource, ultimately leading to more repeat and referral business.”

“ True, location is an important factor, but the aesthetics of a home, especially the exterior color, can make a difference if a buyer is on the fence.” —BOB HERTZOG, REAL ESTATE BROKER & OWNER OF SUMMIT HOME CONSULTANTS

Final touches When talking to a customer, both Macedo and Tsoris say it’s important to spend time listening. “About 80% of my time is spent listening to my customer,” Macedo said. “I find out what they want and need. Then the other 20% of my time is used to help educate them on the colors and products.” Tsoris says to be open to incorporating each customer’s unique perspective on color. “Try to gently nudge customers who are stuck in their comfort zone,” Tsoris said. “Show them photos of beautiful rooms that showcase colors they might not have considered, but that could Dec 2016/Jan 2017 | inPAINT




PAINT PROS KNOW THE IMPORTANCE OF A CLEAN SURFACE—AND THE VALUE OF A TRUSTY PRESSURE WASHER. Pressure washers come in handy for tasks like prepping decks, siding, and other large surfaces. Noticeable debris, dirt and stains wash away in no time. So we asked five pros to share their recommendations on these hard-working machines.


1 CRAIG HARDCASTLE 2 DOUGLAS IMHOFF 3 SKIP MCPHERSON 4 PAUL BAUER CTP Painting (314) 852-7100 Hardystl1@gmail.com


inPAINT | Dec 2016/Jan 2017

Imhoff Fine Residential Painting (303) 650-0933 ImhoffPaintingCompany.com

McPherson Painting & Carpentry, LLC (804) 453-4229

Bauers Home Improvement (734) 717-2542


Militello Painting & Powerwashing (215) 740-7448 MilitelloPainting.com


Craig Hardcastle, owner of St. Louis-based CTP Painting, relies on a basic, reliable pressure washer. For nearly 10 years, he’s turned to his Troy-Bilt 2600 PSI 2.3-GPM Pressure Washer with a Honda Engine. “The number one reason I love it is because it’s reliable,” he says. While he uses his pressure washer for cleaning and prepping concrete, fences, decks and houses, it’s not an everyday tool. “We do a lot of staining of decks, and it does a nice job cleaning those,” Hardcastle says. He also appreciates the options he has with four spray nozzles. But it’s the reliability over the years that has made him a fan. “There are some products out there that just don’t work,” he says. “I can’t use my pressure washer in the winter; but every spring when I start it up again, it works.”


With its focus on residential painting, Imhoff Fine Residential Painting relies on a pressure washer for concrete finishing and exterior paint jobs two to three times a week. After working in the family painting business in Minnesota for nearly a decade, Douglas Imhoff started his own business with his wife in Denver, where for 10 years, he has had just one unit—a Mi-T-M 3000 Pressure Washer. It’s reliable and versatile, he says, and it’s light enough that most of his crew members can lift it. “It’s really heavy-duty,” he says. “In 10 years, we’ve had to repair it a couple times, but getting parts has always been easy.” He and his team appreciate the ability to use different tips— such as Viper Rotating Nozzle Tips—and to add solvent to the flow. Making sure your crew is trained, Imhoff adds, is essential. “It’s not widely known, but you can cause damage to homes or hurt yourself if you’re not careful,” he says.

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Photo Courtesy of PowerStroke


Skip McPherson uses his pressure washers 10 months of the year. The Virginia-based owner of McPherson Painting & Carpentry, LLC, says they come in handy predominantly for prepping surfaces for exterior staining and painting. “Plus, here in the Chesapeake Bay area, everyone has a dock, and docks need regular care and cleaning,” he says. With 30 years in business, McPherson says he’s found it’s wise to have two pressure washers on hand. That way, if one breaks down, he still has one. Plus, he says, he finds increased productivity often results from sending two crew members to a single job. For the work he does, McPherson says he doesn’t need much power, so he looks for pressure washers with a maximum of 2.5 GPM and 3000 PSI. “You have to be very careful with these machines,” he says. “You can cause a lot of damage if you’re not. Less is more.” He also likes having a lighter-weight model that one person can lift into a truck. But he isn’t brand loyal, noting that he currently has a 3000 PSI PowerStroke and a 3000 PSI Troy-Bilt Pressure Washer. “I’ve been pleased with both,” he says.


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“ I like it for its portability. It’s easy to get up into the truck.” —PAUL BAUER, BAUERS HOME IMPROVEMENT


: For Michigan-based Paul Bauer, a pressure washer is a great tool for prepping decks and residential exteriors. The owner of Bauers Home Improvement likes his 3100 PSI PowerStroke Pressure Washer. “I like it for its portability,” Bauer says. “It’s easy to get up into the truck, and if we ever needed to get it to a second story, we could.” Plus, because of its small footprint, it stores easily too—which is handy because it’s a tool you can’t use year-round. Meanwhile, Bauer’s partner and brother still opts for a pressure washer that is no longer available, a 3000 PSI PowerStroke with a Honda GCV 190 Engine. “He’s had it for a few years,” Bauer says. “It’s a bit bulkier, but it’s dependable. It’s a great machine.”

With more than 15 years in business, Christian Militello of Militello Painting & Powerwashing outside of Philadelphia, believes in the power of a good pressure washer. It’s a service that makes up a good portion of his business. That’s why he invested in a Pressure-Pro Professional 3500 PSI (Gas-Cold Water) High-Flow Belt-Drive Aluminum Frame Pressure Washer with a Honda Engine. “Belt-driven machines last a lot longer than those with piston-driven pumps,” he explains. “The Pressure-Pro is built for consistent use. The ones you might buy at a box store are for medium use—maybe 10 hours a week. This one can do hundreds of hours a week, and we change the oil on it every 50 hours or so.” He also likes that this pressure washer has replaceable parts that will make any future repairs easier. For most jobs—siding, concrete, decks— a lower PSI setting is called for, Militello says. “The only times we’ll use a maximum PSI would be on flatwork—removing graffiti or gum on concrete, for example,” he adds. Militello mounts his pressure washer in a 14-foot enclosed trailer with a water tank and two chemical tanks. He offers some advice to his fellow paint pros: First, look closely at PSI and gallons per-minute (GPM), which gives you a cleaning-units measurement. “The higher the cleaning unit, the more area you can clean faster,” he says. “And one of the most important parts, no matter what you buy, is the pump.” Look for pumps with a ceramic core, he advises, because they are more heat resistant.

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Your Go-To Strippable Adhesive

UPCOMING PRO PICKS April/May: Exterior Paint June/July: Specialty Coatings August/September: Interior Paint October/November: Concrete Stains December/January: Marketing Tools Have a favorite product from any of the categories listed above? We invite you to send an email to editor@inPAINTmag.com with PRO PICKS in the subject line. We’ll do our best to include your thoughts and opinion in our write-up.

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COATINGS & APPLICATORS Here, manufacturers put their best foot forward by presenting their best-in-class products in each category and describing what makes them their top picks.



INTERIOR PAINT 0 Premium 0 Mid-Grade 0 Economy

BRUSHES 0 Exterior— Water Based • Synthetic 0 Exterior— Oil Based • Synthetic • Natural 0 Interior— Water Based • Synthetic 0 Interior— Oil Based • Synthetic • Natural 0 Specialty Tools

EXTERIOR PAINT 0 Premium 0 Mid-Grade 0 Economy PRIMERS 0 Water Based 0 Oil Based STAINS OTHER COATINGS 0 Porch & Floor 0 Metal 0 Concrete & Masonry 0 Specialty 0 Stucco

ROLLERS 0 Production • Woven • Knitted 0 Finish • Woven • Knitted 0 Specialty Rollers SPRAYERS 0 Electric Airless 0 Gas Airless 0 Handheld 0 Specialty

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Premium paints offer attributes that promise everything from excellent coverage and durability to stain-blocking, one-coat coverage, and a luxurious finish.

Premium Paints INTERIOR




Our most technically advanced stain-blocking interior paint delivers high-performance one-coat coverage guaranteed with all 1,000+ colors in the exclusive MARQUEE Interior One-Coat Color Collection. behr.com/marqueeguarantee



Aura Interior delivers remarkable durability and offers the most advanced way to bring color to life. Available in four premium finishes: Matte, Eggshell, Satin and Semi-Gloss.



Zero VOC. Ideal for use on high-end residential and commercial projects, schools, hospitals, hospitality. Formulated using superior pigment and resin technology that provide exceptional performance, hide and adhesion.



A super-premium interior paint, primer & stain repellent in one that resists household stains. Its 100% acrylic latex formula provides a beautiful finish and excellent adhesion, coverage and durability.



Emerald paint and primer in one with advanced stain blocking technology delivers best-in-class overall performance. Perfect for any paint job, it has truly remarkable hide and maximum resistance to water streaking/spotting.



Optimus combines paint + primer and has been developed with OptiColor Pigment Technology to provide brilliant color and a flawless finish. Optimus provides the maximum durability to withstand major wear and washing.



As one of our most advanced paint and primer products, Valspar Pristine offers luxurious color, single-coat coverage, and an extra advantage: Clean Science Technology. Specifically engineered to repel dirt and resist stains.

VALSPAR RESERVE Delivers unbeatable durability and unsurpassed stain + scrub resistance. We’ve combined a superior stain-blocking paint + primer with a maximum-hiding, antifade formula, resulting in true one-coat coverage.

PRICES ARE CURRENT AS OF 11/1/2016 and may vary depending upon: regional pricing, discount programs, sheen, etc. 24

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You don’t need to sacrifice quality with today’s mid-grade paints. These remarkable products are formulated for long-lasting beauty and easy application.

Mid-Grade Paints INTERIOR




This 100% acrylic, GREENGUARD Gold-certified paint and primer in one provides a mildew-resistant finish that resists dirt and grime, stands up to vigorous cleaning, and provides exceptional durability, hide and appearance.



Regal Select has been trusted by professionals and consumers for over 50 years. Regal Select is durable and perfect for high traffic areas. Available in five premium finishes: Flat, Matte, Eggshell, Pearl and Semi-Gloss.



Formulated to provide a tough, durable, block resistant finish that is easy to apply. Ideal for commercial & residential projects, such as schools, hotels, hospitals, and single family or multi-tenant housing. Ultra-low VOC.



This interior paint is a low-odor, zero VOC* paint that is ideal for use in occupied areas such as schools and offices. *Colorants added to base paints may increase VOC level significantly depending on color choice.



Cashmere glides on buttery smooth and levels out, giving walls an elegant, silkyrich look, unlike many paints that leave brush or roller marks. The result is a difference you can definitely see and feel.



Aspire combines paint and primer in this exclusive EverLuxe formula for an ultradurable finish that is easy to clean and withstands wear. This low odor, zero VOC formula has long-lasting color that stands the test of time.



This durable wall paint protects with a 100% acrylic coating for a lifetime of interior beauty. Paint dries quickly and cleans up easily with soap and water.



Valspar Signature high-hiding paint + primer stands up to anything. With ScuffShield Technology, it resists scuffs and stains, and delivers remarkable coverage in beautiful colors for beauty that lasts in even the busiest rooms.

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An excellent choice for quick turns, this inexpensive grade of paint can get the job done at a price point that allows you to maintain your desired profit margins.

Economy Paints INTERIOR




This professional-quality, GREENGUARD Gold-certified, zero-VOC paint line offers excellent sprayability and is versatile for brush and roll. Delivers superior hide, coverage and touch-up, and a non-reflective, mildew-resistant finish.



ben offers great value with all of the performance qualities you expect from a premium Benjamin Moore paint. ben provides an easy application and a finish that’s durable and washable.



Ideal for use on new home and commercial construction and residential multitenant housing projects. They provide good touch-up, sheen uniformity, and hide. Available in Flat, Eggshell and Semi-Gloss.



PPG PAINTS SPEEDHIDE is a durable paint that provides a uniform, washable finish for interior walls, ceilings and trim. The product delivers high hiding, good scrubbability and contains <50 g/VOC.



SuperPaint is the choice of pros. It goes on fast, provides excellent hide and easy touchup to increase production, minimize repaints and keep costs down for a rich, beautiful appearance and quality performance.

VALSPAR ULTRA 2000 Professional grade paint with excellent touch-up, hide & coverage. It creates a durable film with a smooth, uniform finish that hides imperfections. Ideal for residential re-paint, remodeling and new home construction.

PRICES ARE CURRENT AS OF 11/1/2016 and may vary depending upon: regional pricing, discount programs, sheen, etc. 26

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Generally preferred for re-paint work or for any use where increased durability and/or longevity is desired, these paints deliver fade and moisture resistance, and more.

Premium Paints EXTERIOR




Our most advanced exterior stain-blocking paint-and-primer-in-one product delivers excellent hide in fewer coats and remarkable dirt and fade resistance for longer-lasting color—plus an antimicrobial, mildew-resistant finish.



The ultimate in performance and color vitality, Aura Exterior provides exceptional fade-resistance, moisture protection and durability even in the harshest weather conditions.



Ultra-premium, ultra-low VOC, 100% acrylic paint that provides maximum protection against UV color fade, mildew, efflorescence, water intrusion and film failure (grain-cracking, peeling, blistering). Unparalleled performance.



This 100% acrylic resin paint offers durability, one coat protection*, outstanding dirt resistance and UV protection. *Some colors, drastic color changes or porous surfaces may require more than one coat.



Emerald delivers innovative durability, hide and beauty for a truly outstanding finish. It’s self-priming, featuring rugged resistance to blistering, peeling, chalking, fading and dirt pickup.



Offers ultra bonding paint + primer and an extra advantage; CleanScience Technology. Tightly woven, cross-linking molecules deliver smoothness that actually denies entry of dirt and stain molecules.



One-coat perfection. Stain-blocking paint + primer that provides the perfect defense against dirt, moisture and extreme weather. Smooth-finish formula goes on easily and provides superior adhesion and anti-fade formula.

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Mid-grade paints are middle of the road in price, but you won’t give up quality with these top products that deliver excellent durability, even in extreme climates.

Mid-Grade Paints EXTERIOR




This 100% acrylic paint’s built-in primer properties provide exceptional hide and minimize surface imperfections. Its durable finish withstands wear and resists moisture, fading and stains. Cures in temperatures as low as 35° F.



Regal Select Exterior provides excellent durability with superior adhesion even on hard to coat surfaces. With a temperature application as low as 40° F, Regal Select Exterior extends your painting season.



Complete line of premium, ultra-low VOC, 100% acrylic exterior paints that provide exceptional hide, durability and versatility. SPARTASHIELD products apply easily, dry to a smooth, uniform finish and are low odor.



Made for use on aluminum, plastic, fiber cement, vinyl, trim and more, PPG PAINTS MANOR HALL exterior paint and primer in one has ManorShield urethane technology for strong durability and protection against outdoor elements.



Duration paint has PermaLast technology and advanced acrylic co-polymers for long-lasting performance. It provides a mildew-resistant coating and only requires one coat for repaints, two coats for new work.



Combines paint & primer in this exclusive EverLuxe formula for an ultra-durable finish. Provides long-lasting beauty and protects against harsh environmental elements. Resists fading, peeling & cracking.



Features FlexShield 365 Technology for year-round resistance to cracking and peeling, even in extreme climates. A high-hiding paint + primer that combines maximum coverage with fade-resistant color.

VALSPAR MEDALLION This tough house paint keeps homes safe from the weather. 100% acrylic coating that dries quickly and cleans up easily. Gives mildew resistant coating.

PRICES ARE CURRENT AS OF 11/1/2016 and may vary depending upon: regional pricing, discount programs, sheen, etc. 28

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These value-based paints can help you meet the low-price point desired for certain projects. Their properties make them ideal for fast turnover projects.

Economy Paints EXTERIOR




Developed for optimal sprayability, this 100% acrylic professional-grade paint line provides high hide and coverage, as well as sheen uniformity. Its finish cures in temperatures as low as 35° F, and is mildew resistant.



ben Waterborne Exterior Paint delivers dependable performance, application and appearance. ben is environmentally friendly with low VOC and is mildew and fade resistant.



A line of professional, ultra-low VOC, acrylic paints that provide dependable performance, very good durability, adhesion and hide. ACRI-HUES applies easily, dries fast and has very low odor. Easy to apply.



This 100% acrylic formula provides excellent durability, mildew resistance on the dry paint film, and excellent adhesion. With application in temperatures down to 35° F, professionals can extend the painting season.



SuperPaint offers coverage and durability, providing a dirt- and mildew-resistant coating that minimizes repaints and keeps costs down. Plus, with fast application in all temperatures, it will increase production year-round.



100% acrylic latex paint developed to provide outstanding durability with fade and mildew resistance. Great touch-up and excellent flow & levelling provide a smooth, uniform finish. Low temperature application.

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Available as water based and oil based, for indoor and outdoor use, and for a variety of substrates, primers come in many formulas, each developed to prevent or solve specific problems.




Fresh Start primers ensure the best possible results by providing the proper foundation for every coat. Choose from specialty products that solve problems with stains, moisture damage, and other common issues.

Fresh Start primers ensure the best possible results by providing the proper foundation for every coat. Choose from specialty products that solve problems with stains, moisture damage, and other common issues.



This primer-sealer provides outstanding performance indoors and out. Ideal for a variety of projects, this low odor primer has a flexible, acrylic formula. It sticks to all surfaces without sanding and seals tough stains.

This fast-dry, interior/exterior oil-based primer blocks severe stains and odors from fire and smoke damage while penetrating and sealing porous surfaces, delivering an exceptionally durable, stain- and mildew-resistant finish.



Galvanized metal interior/exterior primer. Excellent adhesion on ferrous and non-ferrous substrates and excellent application properties. Ideal for new/repaint residential, commercial and multi-tenant housing projects.

The PPG PAINTS SEAL GRIP Interior/Exterior Alkyd Universal Primer/Sealer is suitable for all exterior surfaces and blocks various common stains including water, nicotine, and wood tannin. Can be recoated in 4 hours.



This water-based, modified-acrylic primer is formulated to bond to a variety of hard-toadhere-to interior/exterior surfaces and provide superior topcoat adhesion. Its durable finish resists moisture, stains and wear.

Sherwin-Williams Fast-Drying Primer gets the job done quickly, allowing for faster production and recoats in one hour. The stain-killing sealer assures a uniform appearance of both exterior and interior topcoats.



This interior/exterior acrylic universal primer is formulated to block most stains, and offers exceptional adhesion. This fast-drying product can be painted over in as little as one hour and used on multiple substrates.

Medallion Oil Primer is designed to seal exterior wood surfaces. This slow drying formula penetrates wood and resists blistering and peeling, which extends the life of your topcoat.


This high hide alkyd has excellent adhesion, and is great for priming interior and exterior surfaces. It seals porous surfaces like bare drywall, wood, concrete, stucco, masonry, spackling, buildersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; flat paint and more.

Multi-Purpose Latex Primer offers wide versatility and strong adhesion properties that make it a universal favorite for both interior and exterior applications. Or use it as a pre-wallcovering primer to promote easy removal.

VALSPAR BONDING PRIMER Valspar Bonding Primer is an interior/exterior primer designed to adhere to hard to stick surfaces. It is also a multi-purpose primer that can be used as an undercoater on millwork and as a stain blocking primer. 30


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Clear, pigmented, translucent, opaque, wood, concrete, indoor and outâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;stains are available in a wide range of aesthetics and for a variety of substrate options.



These durable, flat-finish, water-repellent, solidcolor and semi-transparent stains help protect and enhance interior/exterior concrete surfaces. Their siliconized, 100% acrylic finish resists chemical and hot-tire pick-up.

This log stain system is designed to withstand the rigors of log movement and exposure. Its elastic formula moves freely as logs move, instead of cracking and peeling, protecting the wood and your reputation. Sashco.com



Benjamin Moore ARBORCOAT Waterborne Exterior Stains are designed to enhance the appearance of your deck, siding or outdoor wood furniture with outstanding color retention.

The SuperDeck Deck Care System features premium products for every stage of the job. From surface prep to stain to cleaner, the SuperDeck finishing system ensures long-lasting performance, easy cleanup and a beautiful finish.

CABOT AUSTRALIAN TIMBER OIL 3-way oil protection for maximum durability and water repellency. Penetrates deep to accentuate natural wood depth. Translucent iron oxide pigments are added to ensure a lasting U.V.absorbing surface rich with color.

FLOOD PRO SERIES SEMI-TRANSPARENT STAIN FLOOD Pro Series Semi-Transparent Acrylic/Oil stain is an advanced stain-and-sealant-in-one that protects wood from moisture and sun damage. It is fortified with E-B Emulsa Bond technology for strong adhesion and durability.

OLD MASTERS WIPING STAIN An oil-based masking stain for use on wood, fiberglass, coated metal & composition surfaces. Use in wood graining or as antiquing glaze on painted surfaces. For interior & exterior with protective top coat. 23 color options.

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From unique bacteria-killing formulas to chalkboard paint, manufacturers offer a range of products that deliver excellent performance on a multitude of substrates.

Other Coatings PORCH & FLOOR

BEHR PREMIUM PORCH & PATIO FLOOR PAINT This 100% acrylic-latex, mildew-resistant paint provides a durable, long-lasting finish on indoor/ outdoor concrete and wood surfaces that resists scuffing, fading, cracking and peeling.

BENJAMIN MOORE, FLOOR AND PATIO A premium quality, quick-drying latex floor enamel that’s low odor and low VOC. Floor & Patio Latex Enamels are suitable for interior and exterior use on unpainted concrete and previously finished wood or concrete floors.

PPG PAINTS FLOOR, PORCH & DECK ENAMEL This product consists of a 100% acrylic formula fortified with urethane for excellent durability. Formulated to meet the needs of residential and commercial markets, the scruff-resistant paint offers strong adhesion.

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PORCH AND FLOOR ENAMEL Sherwin-Williams Porch & Floor Enamel is a proven performer in keeping concrete and wood surfaces looking newer even in tough conditions. It delivers exceptional block resistance plus resistance to dirt.

VALSPAR LATEX PORCH AND FLOOR PAINT A floor coating that gives long-lasting protection. It is ideal for applications where low odor and fast dry are important. Durable and weather resistant, this enamel lasts for years.



PPG PAINTS PERMA-CRETE PPG PAINTS PERMA-CRETE high build acrylic topcoat is specifically designed for interior and exterior masonry substrates requiring high performance and protection against water, UV light and stains while still remaining breathable.

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PRO INDUSTRIAL EPOXY Washability, chemical resistance and a hard, impact-resistant finish make this Pro Industrial epoxy the ideal coating for high traffic areas. Its excellent hide and great coverage minimizes the number of coats needed.

VALSPAR ANTI-RUST ARMOR An industrial quality enamel for interior and exterior uses. Dries to a rust, mar and stain resistant finish. This long lasting formula is ideal for surfaces susceptible to wear and rust.


BEHR PREMIUM EXTERIOR HIGH BUILD COATING This 100% acrylic, self-priming concrete and masonry coating’s smooth, breathable finish is waterproof and flexible. It bridges hairline cracks, withstands 98 mph wind-driven rain, and may be applied to ‘hot’ masonry surfaces.

DUNN-EDWARDS ENDURALASTIC 10 Exceptional flexibility, chalking and binder degradation resistance. Outstanding waterproofing protection by bridging hairline cracks. Excellent adhesion & outstanding alkali and efflorescence resistance.



This 100% acrylic paint is formulated to provide excellent adhesion to a variety of interior/exterior metal surfaces for a hard, durable finish that is corrosion, mildew, and flash rust resistant. Available at The Home Depot.

Sealer will produce a moisture seal reducing concrete dusting, staining & efflorescence on masonry & concrete. Hardens masonry & natural rock surfaces & reduces frost damage. For interior & exterior applications.



Oil-based stain designed to achieve intense colors on interior wood, fiberglass, primed metal & composition surfaces. Interior use; for exterior with protective finish. 23 factory colors. Can be intermixed or tinted.

PPG PAINTS PERMA-CRETE high build acrylic topcoat is specifically designed for interior and exterior masonry substrates requiring high performance and protection against water, UV light and stains.

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Want to gain a better understanding of paint and paint technology? The Master Painters Institute offers an online course called â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Essentials of Paint and Paint Technologyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; that covers the essential principles and practices of commercial and architectural paints. MPI.net



This direct-to-concrete and masonry high-build coating offers maximum performance in one less coat compared to conventional and there is no need for priming. The job goes fast and the great look lasts a long time.

Oil-enriched enamel consists of advanced waterbased alkyd technology. It leaves a beautiful, strong and smooth finish on cabinets, doors & trim. It dries hard like an oil, but cleans up easily with soap and water.

VALSPAR CONCRETE STAIN Valspar Concrete Stain is fortified with heavy duty resin technology to provide long lasting protection to concrete surfaces. It protects from sun, weather and household chemicals. Available in Semi-Transparent and Solid.



BEHR MASONRY, STUCCO & BRICK PAINT This water-based, acrylic-latex, self-priming formula provides excellent hiding properties, coverage, adhesion, water repellency, and alkali resistance on interior/exterior smooth, rough and textured vertical surfaces.



This unique, decorative coating revives weathered horizontal interior/exterior concrete surfaces by filling hairline cracks and providing a durable, protective, slip-resistant finish that resists dirt, grease and household stains.

PPG PAINTS PERMA-CRETE high build acrylic topcoat is specifically designed for interior and exterior masonry substrates requiring high performance and protection against water, UV light and stains while still remaining breathable.



Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint lets you turn virtually any interior surface into an easyto-clean chalkboard. It goes on smoothly and with thousands of colors to choose from, so the blackboard no longer has to be black.

Specifically engineered for exterior, above-grade, masonry surfaces requiring high performance protection, the topcoat has agents that inhibit growth of mildew on the coating surface for a durable, weather-resistant finish.



Ultra-premium, interior/exterior water-based urethane alkyd paint that offers the look & durability of an oil-based enamel. Ideal for highend residential, commercial and industrial projects. Eggshell, semi-gloss & high-gloss.

Features FlexShield 365 Technology for yearround resistance to cracking and peeling, even in extreme climates. Formulated for max weather protection on masonry and stucco. Excellent mildew and dirt pickup resistance.

PPG PAINTS BREAK-THROUGH! PPG PAINTS BREAK-THROUGH! is an interior and exterior water-borne acrylic paint that contains <50 g/L VOCs. Break-Through! offers unique, versatile technology that provides excellent adhesion, hardness and block resistance.

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINT SHIELD Paint Shield is the first EPA-registered microbicidal paint that kills 99.9% of bacteria, including Staph (Staphylococcus aureus) and E. coli (Escherichia coli), within two hours of exposure on a painted surface. Dec 2016/Jan 2017 | inPAINT



Engineered in a variety of sizes, these brushes also offer a wide range of features, such as the ability to cut sharp lines, hold more paint, maintain stiffness, and resist wear.


SYNTHETIC Corona Red-Gold Blend Cortez Brush Corona Red-Gold is a unique blend of nylon and polyester for year-round superior application of oil and latex paints, indoors and out. The Cortez is an angular sash brush with a handformed chisel, unlacquered hardwood handle, and stainless steel ferrule.

Purdy Pro-Extra For extra-productive painting, get the extralarge holding capacity of Purdy Pro-Extra. This tri-filament blend brush will withstand the most abrasive surfaces and are ideal for exterior jobs and medium to heavy-bodied coatings.

Wooster Brush; Chinex FTP These brushes maintain their stiffness in warm conditions & are easy to clean. They’re great for fast-drying paints. Chinex FTP outwears natural bristle 7 to 1. Their softer, fuller tips reduce drag & increase paint flow.


SYNTHETIC Corona Performance Chinex Knight Brush Corona Performance Chinex: the ultimate in professional application of today’s high-tech coatings. The Knight has a hand-formed chisel, unlacquered hardwood beavertail handle, and stainless steel ferrule.

Wooster Brush; Ultra/Pro Extra-Firm Able to cut sharp lines even in hot or humid conditions, Ultra/Pro Extra-Firm brushes are perfect for exterior use. They maintain rigidity, resist wear & clean easier than brushes that use polyester to achieve extra stiffness.


inPAINT | Dec 2016/Jan 2017

NATURAL Corona Black China Monarch Brush Specially house-processed, select black China bristle, perfect for alkyd enamels, varnish, lacquers, paints, and other coatings. The Monarch has a hand-formed chisel, unlacquered hardwood beavertail handle, and stainless steel ferrule.

Wooster Brush; Pro 30 Lindbeck Pro 30 Lindbeck brushes are excellent for highproductivity or exterior applications. These brushes are slightly more rigid than white bristle. The thicker flags on their tips also offer better durability than white bristle.


SYNTHETIC Corona Champagne Nylon Vegas Brush Super-soft Corona Champagne Nylon is ideal for interior latex, enamels, eggshell, and flat paints. The Vegas is an angular sash brush with a handformed chisel, unlacquered hardwood handle, and stainless steel ferrule.

Purdy Clearcut Series Clearcut brushes allow painters to cut the BY JAKE POINIER straightest, most defined lines because of the high performing, tipped-only Tynex nylon and durable Orel polyester used to construct this professional brush series.

Wooster Brush; Alpha Alpha brushes utilize exclusive Micro Tip filaments to produce the finest finishes. Alpha releases paint evenly with less effort—they go 30% farther than other brushes of equal size. Use Alpha brushes in all paints.


SYNTHETIC Corona Performance Chinex Excalibur Brush Corona Performance Chinex: the ultimate in professional application of today’s high-tech coatings. The Excalibur is an angular sash brush with a hand-formed chisel, unlacquered hardwood handle, and stainless steel ferrule.

Purdy XL Series Purdy’s XL series is recognized by its copper ferrule and known by painters for providing superior paint layoff and finish. As our most versatile brush, XL performs with all paints & stains in all environments.

Wooster Brush; Ultra/Pro Firm Ultra/Pro Firm offers the perfect amount of stiffness for great cut-in control. This nylon/ polyester blend offers outstanding capacity & coverage. They’re ideal for all-purpose painting with acrylics or enamels.



Old Masters Lambs Wool Stain Applicator This applicator’s large surface allows for quick application of stain to large areas & projects; holds 1/2 pint of stain. The 1/2 " thick, 100% pure lambs wool pad is securely attached to a hardwood frame for durability.

Wooster Brush; Painter’s Comb Its 10 stainless steel pins remove coatings from a paintbrush heel & help reshape it after cleaning. Its non-rusting brass bristles break down thick paint residue on brush filaments or clean brush handles & ferrules.

How the end of a paintbrush is engineered, or ‘tipped,’ has a huge impact on its performance. For that reason, paintbrush manufacturers closely guard their tipping methods.

Corona Bristle/Ox-Ear Hair Chicago Loop Brush The finest natural bristles blended with ox-ear hair, for outstanding finish and production work. The Chicago Loop is an angular sash brush with a hand-formed chisel, unlacquered hardwood handle, and stainless steel ferrule.

Wooster Brush; White Majestic These white China bristle brushes are excellent for creating professional finishes. Their soft tips are well-suited for applying varnishes, urethanes, oil stains & all oil-based paints to smooth interior surfaces.

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Made from a variety of textiles and in a range of naps, roller covers can deliver even distribution of paint with better flow and with less shedding, matting, or lint to deliver a smooth finish.





Corona UltraFast Rollers

Corona UltraWeave Rollers

Uniquely formulated, high-density polyamide for superior paint pickup and release. Easy cleaning, long-lasting sleeves actually improve with use. Epoxy set on strong, solvent-resistant phenolic cores. Available in four naps.

Exclusive woven Dralon acrylic blend. Ultrahigh-density for the ultimate in smooth finishing with all paints. Epoxy set on super-strong, solvent-resistant phenolic cores. Available in a wide range of naps.

Purdy Ultra Finish

Purdy White Dove

Premium microfiber providing our smoothest finish. These covers work best with semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes and will distribute paint evenly creating an ultra-smooth finish on the wall.

Premium high-density woven fabric to be used with all paints and exterior stains when a smooth, lint-free finish is desired.

Wooster Brush; Pro/Doo-Z FTP

Micro Plush rollers deliver uniform, spray-like results with all paints & enamels. Use 5/16" nap Jumbo-Koter minirollers & full-size covers for seamless results. New 9/16" & 3/4" nap heights are available in 9" rollers.

No shed, non-matting & better paint ďŹ&#x201A;ow, Pro/Doo-Z FTP is designed for achieving ďŹ&#x201A;awless results with all paints! HydroFlow technology offers controlled paint release for a smooth & consistent professional application.

KNITTED Purdy Marathon Perfect for large projects that is durable and maintains performance over time for a smooth finish with less lint.

Wooster Brush; Super/Fab FTP Wooster-exclusive HydroFlow technology provides controlled paint release for improved application. This non-matting fabric is shedresistant for delivering a better-quality finish with all flat, eggshell & satin paints.

Wooster Brush; Micro Plush

KNITTED Purdy Marathon Perfect for large projects that is durable and maintains performance over time for a smooth finish with less lint.

Wooster Brush; Avalon Wooster-exclusive Avalon fabric provides superior coverage & finish quality. Shedding is reduced 50% compared to other high-production (knitted) covers. Achieve smooth, fast results with all flat & satin paints & stains.


For a perfect finish, never run the paint roller cover dry, and always paint from a wet edge.


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Wooster Brush; Polar Bear Achieve complete, fast coverage on challenging surfaces like plaster, stucco & cinder or cement block. These rollers offer huge paint pickup & release with all flat, satin or eggshell paints, stains, sealers & primers.

Residential, commercial and industrial jobs each have specific challenges, so today’s sprayers offer versatility, high performance, convenience, portability, durability, and more.


Graco Ultra 395 PC Small Electric Sprayer Designed for professionals who spray daily with a wide range of coatings. Features an Endurance Pump for longer life, SmartControl for a consistent spray fan, and ProConnect Pump Replacement System to change out its pump on the job site with no tools.

Titan–Impact 440 Electric Airless The Titan 440 is the #1 selling sprayer in its class with a proven track record serving pro painters for 30 years strong. Packed with high performance features, this reliable airless sprayer gets the job done.


Graco GMAX II 5900 Gas Airless Sprayer This is the industry standard gas-powered airless sprayer for the serious professional contractor who sprays a wide variety of coatings on residential, commercial, and industrial jobs. It has a 160 cc Honda engine and the ability to spray up to 1.6 GPM.

Titan–Flexspray Handheld Sprayer The FlexSpray puts the power of airless and the control of an HVLP into one versatile sprayer creating a multi-tool for pro painters. This sprayer also has the ability to spray a variety of coatings with multiple applications.


Graco FinishPro GX19 Airless Sprayer This fast, portable and affordable solution for small finishing jobs features Graco’s proven airless piston pump technology to quickly lay down a smooth finish, as well as the ProXChange Pump, the fast and easy on-the-job pump replacement— no tools required.

Titan–Capspray 115 HVLP Sprayer This revolutionary, 6-stage HVLP sprayer has the power to atomize thick coatings while delivering a fine finish and minimizing overspray. It combines quiet operation and high air cap pressure for the finest atomization possible.

Titan–PowrTwin 8900 Plus Gas Airless The PowrTwin 8900 Plus is designed and built for pros that are serious about completing large scale commercial and residential projects with ease. With slow-stroking power and ultimate durability only the PowrTwin can offer.


Graco TrueCoat Pro II Airless Sprayers These handheld sprayers are ideal for small int/ext jobs and touch-ups. Deliver maximum performance and reliability, and a consistent, even spray pattern for one-pass coverage and a pro-quality finish. Now fully repairable. 2015 Pro Tool Innovation Award.

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What, Where & When JA N UARY 201 7 1


10–12: 2017 NAHB International Builders’ Show, Orlando, FL buildersshow.com


9–11: National Hardware Show, Las Vegas, NV nationalhardwareshow.com


16–20: 2017 Society of Decorative Painters’ International Conference & Expo, Daytona Beach, FL decorativepainters.org


14 & 15: NAA Student Housing Conference & Exposition, Chicago, IL shce-naa.naahq.org


15 & 16: BUILDExpo, Los Angeles, CA buildexpousa.com


23–25: PDCA Painting and Decorating Expo, San Diego, CA pdca.org






1–3: International Roofing Expo, Las Vegas, NV theroofingexpo.com


7–9: 98th Annual Associated General Contractors Convention, Las Vegas, NV meetings.agc.org/convention



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11: Builders & Remodelers Show, Minneapolis, MN batcbrs.com

FEBRUARY 23–25, 2017 The size, scale or maturity of your painting business does not matter. PDCA EXPO 2017 brings business owners and key employees together under one roof to learn innovative best practices, connect with other industry leaders, and reenergize with new ideas. You’ve worked hard to build what you started. Come learn how amazing leaders create a winning culture, hire champions, and lead more effectively. Their stories come straight from the daily battles of business in the trenches. Why take the hard route? Join us in San Diego and experience firsthand how other painting businesses are achieving success.

Visit pdca.org for more information or to register 38

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Developing a Company-Wide Culture of Safety LET’S FACE IT: we work in a potentially hazardous industry

T STEVEN ROGALL is the founder, owner and CEO of Rogall Painting & Construction, Inc. in Morro Bay, CA. Steven and his team members are lifelong learners, and embrace an environment that encourages feedback, personal growth, and achieving excellence in every aspect of their operations.

he nature of professional painting includes lifting, climbing, sometimes working at great heights, and using machinery and products that need to be respected. If your customers extend into the industrial and commercial sector, a whole new list of hazards are instantly added to the list, ranging from confined spaces to very specialized environmental conditions. At Rogall Painting, our philosophy can be boiled down to a very simple safety-related goal: we care, and we want our team to go home each night in the same condition that they arrived. To make this philosophy come to life, we have worked hard to develop what we call a ‘culture of safety.’

WHAT IS A CULTURE OF SAFETY? To step back a little, what is a culture? It’s a permeating set of beliefs, values, practices, and attitudes that are passed from one to another. Cultures don’t just happen; they are proactively built, sustained and celebrated. Building a culture of safety within your painting company takes effort, but is certainly worth the investment. And, it can’t just be forced. A culture of safety is perpetuated by both employees and management, requiring everyone to understand and take personal ownership of the shared goals, values and priorities. What does a culture of safety look like? (Hint: it’s bigger than compliance.) What follows are a few of the steps we’ve found to be helpful in building our culture of safety: 0 Keep safety alive and real: We do this by discussing incidents during weekly operations meetings. These discussions could cover problems that were encountered, or might involve celebrating how a hazard was avoided by taking the right steps. Every incident (not just an accident!) needs to be tracked and documented. 0 Consider developing a Safety Committee: Our committee audits job sites, and often includes our insurance broker.

0 Keep it fun: Try adding safety programs like Safety Bingo, just as a little break from routine. 0 Communicate that you care: A culture of safety can’t just include regulations ‘from the top,’ but, rather, should reinforce that the goal is to get everyone home safely by empowering them with the tools, knowledge and equipment they need. 0 Daily safety huddles: This is how we start the workday, and it sets a wonderful tone. 0 Tailgate meetings: Ours are held every 10 days. 0 Make ‘safety totes’ available: We include a safety tote containing personal protection equipment at every job site. THE TECHIE SIDE OF STAYING SAFE We utilize two primary tech tools: 0 Safety Meeting App: This app allows us to better manage OSHA-required safety meetings, track accidents and incidents, record meeting attendance, and more. 0 Smartsheet Web Forms: Rather than just keep a static spreadsheet, Smartsheet forms makes data tracking interactive and dynamic. Record data, create discussions, update, collaborate, etc. These tools not only help guide our meetings, but also make incident tracking much simpler. Even the seemingly small incidents are recorded, allowing us to identify trends and implement any measures that prevent little cuts and injuries from growing into larger problems. SAFETY IS A TEAM SPORT As essential as tools and technology are, or as nice as slick safety-related goals can be, at the end of the day, you have to get everyone on board. If your team is not constantly reminded of the overarching value of following procedures and staying accountable, no level of planning is going to be successful. A positive, unified culture is key. Remind your team of their value! You care about them, you value them and their service, and their role and cooperation is essential. Dec 2016/Jan 2017 | inPAINT


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inPAINT Magazine Dec 2016/Jan 2017  

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