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6 pros share their favorite brushes and rollers


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You know having the right paint for the job is essential and that your prep work is critical. But application tools matter too. Your brushes and rollers help you produce beautiful work and can impact the time you spend on a project. So we asked six pros about their favorites.



As the owner of Quinn’s Painting in northeastern PA, Josh Quinn has one favorite line of brushes for most jobs— Purdy Chinex brushes, which are designed for use with oil-based paints, solid stains, and textured paints and compounds, as well as water-based primers/sealers and urethanes. He and his team like the Dale and Glide brushes for trim and the Swan for walls. “It seems like they maintain their sharp edge a lot longer than other brushes,” he says. “Some brushes fan out after four or five washes, but these last us up to six to eight months.” When it’s time for a roller, he likes the Whizz Maximus Polyamide roller cover (1/2" nap for walls, 3/4" nap for ceilings). “The Whizz is similar to the Purdy Colossus,” he notes. “It’s something you can use two to three times then get rid of it—and it’s not going to cost you a lot of money. I’m pretty pro-Purdy, but these are just as good as Purdy. And every dollar matters.” 26

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