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Disney’s Go Away Green Hides Things in Plain Sight T Disney theme parks are all about controlling the experience. This includes what you see as well as what you don’t see. Using a proprietary paint color referred to as ‘Go Away Green,’ Disney effectively camouflages lessmagical items from view (think trash cans, employee entrances, utility buildings, etc.) The grayish green hue is formulated to blend in with a wide range of backgrounds by making them, well, bland. Because the human eye is drawn to contrasting colors and patterns, ‘Go Away Green’ keeps park visitors focused on the attractions rather than the facilities and services that keep the magic alive.

Behr Spice Garden

Benjamin Moore Aganthus Green

Dunn-Edwards Mermaid’s Cove

While your customers may not have the integrity of a Magic Kingdom to protect, some, including HOAs, corporate parks and college campuses, may be interested in applying the principles Glidden Pale Jade

Sherwin-Williams Relish

of ‘Go Away Green’ to trash receptacles, air conditioners, fences around dumpsters, and anything else they would like to blend into the landscape. Close matches from several major paint manufacturers are shared on the left.

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