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Some Socks Style & Guidelines Everyone knows the fact that socks are a staple of man's wardrobe. For the majority of people, socks for men are considered as just that a staple that serves for the benefit of practicality & functionality. With this mindset, socks develop the keen sense of style. As stylish gents, we should pay close attention to every detail like pocket squares & tie. Nevertheless, we usually forget to extend the same attention when it comes to the underneath of our shoes. Through this PDF, we are here to highlight some essential points in the right direction, therefore, you can pick up the game of your sock. Read on the following information about sock style & guidelines in order to choose the right pair of socks. 04

Socks TYPES Ankle Socks

Socks which hit or just below the ankle. The usage of ankle socks must be limited to the moments when you are engaged in some physical activity. If you wear poor-quality socks with high-quality suit & shoes, then it could ruin your look. Good quality socks can keep our feet nice & comfortable.

Mid-Calf Socks

The mid-calf sock is perfect for 9 to 5 work hours or formal as well as the casual outfit. It is essential because of its functional benefits & preventing a distracting flash of skin whilst you are in your workplace.

Knee-length Socks As it's name implies, knee-length socks are recognized as traditional socks that go all the way up to one's knee. Most of the manufacturers do not produce variety anymore, but REMO TULLIANI has a wide range of knee-length pattern socks.


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A Guide to Sock Fashion for Men  

Remo Tulliani - Through this PDF, we highlighted some essential points in the right direction. Read on the following information about sock...