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CSR practices spreading Definition My company is recognized as an exemplary CSR actor and becomes a broadcaster in the cluster of CSR good practices he experimented. I use this experience to help and guide other companies from the cluster becoming more responsible through CSR practices implementation.

Steps 1. I carry out efficient communication (reports etc) about what has been done, how and for what results. 2. I do specific presentations of my best practices to the other cluster’s companies (forum, conferences, etc)

Your company

Other cluster’s company

3. I give support to cluster’s companies for the implementation of equivalent practices

Benefits Collaborative approach improving the whole cluster performances. Exchange of vision and knowledge leading to even better practices.

Related GRI guidelines : Pertinence, Stakeholders’ implication, sustainability context, completeness, comparability, clarity and reliability.

Illustration POLE AXELERA developed a patronage system to share experiences and competences with SMB to favor the network effect of the pole and the exchanges of knowledge.

Governance Good Practice 2  

CSR Practices spreading

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