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Buy renewable energy Definition The firms of the IT Park are buying electricity from renewables sources. This is an indirect purchase : the electricity provider pledges to put into the electric grid as much green electricity (from renewable sources) as the firm consume. This could be done in a specific contract.

Steps - I group with other companies of the IT Park - I contact PTC India Limited or other energy trader - I begin to bargain about this scheme Benefits This is an indirect way to develop renewable energies on Maharastra. This kind of contract is new in India. As ICT and innovation-oriented firms, this could be a great opportunities for many firms of Pune IT Park to develop new types of contracts regarding renewable energy. The firms could communicate about the system, using it to make differentiation from competitors by positioning themselves into the green economy.

Related GRI indicators : EN6 Illustration The firms have the possibility to take an electricity contract with an energy trader, such as PTC India Limited. This trader supplies electricity to the electric grid of the area, at the same amount as the firms consumption. The difference between the price of the renewable energy and the energy from the electric grid is paid by the firms. This system is approved in many countries such as France, where Enercoop supplies renewable energy for individuals and companies.

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Buy renewableenergy

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