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Reduce energy consumption Definition It consists in developing a saving plan for the companies in the IT Park. This plan is the backbone of the entire practice. It includes facilities maintenance, workforce habits, adapted process. Steps - I Follow my energy consumption - I have a dedicated plan (which includes results) for energy savings - I train my workforce to follow the plan Benefits Data management and other activites of the IT Park consume much energy. Saving it with pratical solutions from a dedicated plan could reduce the total energy consumption of the IT Park, and then relieve the electric grid, which is known for its non reliability. It is also a practical way to reduce costs, and save much money. According to a report of the World Ressources Institude, in India “The majority of Energy Saving Companies (ESCO)s’ energy efficiency projects have payback periods of less than two years, and ESCOs save clients an average of 20 to 25 percent on baseline energy costs”

Related GRI indicators : EN3, EN5, EN7 Illustration Tata Steel has reduced its energy consumption by 36% by applying a twelve-year plan to save energy. According to Enerco Energy Solutions LLP, Nearly 25,000 MW can be saved in India by Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation Measures - in Industries alone.

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Reduce energy consumption

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