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1. What is the advantage of dynamic oscillator switchover? A. Allows the backup oscillator to detect the failure, switch over and provide redundant power capabilities. B. Allows the backup oscillator to detect the failure, switch over requiring only an IPL instead of a full Power on Reset. C. Allows the backup oscillator to detect the failure, switch over, and provide the clock signal to the server transparently. D. Supports enhanced availability for z890, z900, and z9WArialZ Answer: C 2. A System z Sales professional has just begun discussions with a new prospective customer. Which of the following information is the most important at this step? A. Decision date B. Enterprise architecture C. Business issue D. Project budgetWArialZX Answer: C 3. A prospective manufacturing customer with an existing complex environment is requesting a proposal for a TSM data management solution. What should be the first step taken to validate the customer's project? A. Perform a TSM benchmark B. Verify funding C. Contact the IBM Software Sales Professional D. Survey customer's current environmentWArialZ Answer: C 4. A prospect with a large number of Windows servers distributed across the globe is considering migrating to single System z. The customer is very concerned with the rapid growth of his Windows support staff, and the space used by the servers in the various locations. Which of the following is likely to provide long term justification in this scenario? A. T Reduced Footprint size at the central location B. Technical skill requirements C. Power requirements D. High AvailabilityWArialZX Answer: B 5. A System z10 retail customer with home written Cobol applications is considering replacement of their older z/OS server with new technology. They do not believe a replacement would be less costly than keeping their current server. Which of the following factors in z10 are relevant in convincing them otherwise?    

A. Application costs, z/OS maintenance, and floor space B. MSU software savings, hardware maintenance, software efficiency C. z/OS administration, hardware maintenance, and database costs D. Floor space, power and cooling, z/OS maintenance, and hardware maintenanceWArialZX Answer: B 6. A university physics department issues a RFP for a large system for research purposes. The System z Sales Specialist has never met this group previously. Which of the following describes the likely financial justification process? A. The department will conduct a study of all the operating systems available B. The department will compare distributed, clustered, and centralized implementations and decide based on TCA C. The department will compare communication sub systems, and LAN topologies between all vendors D. The department will purchase a system to meet performance needs at the best price and consider the total cost of ownershipWArialZ Answer: B 7. A new Controller at an older but supported level mainframe customer contacts the System z Sales Specialist. The controller is very disappointed with the overall performance of the existing equipment. They have discovered users who cannot use the systems due to resource constraints. Which of the following actions will address this situation? A. Run CP3000 B. Upgrade to current level OS C. Propose a services contract to tune the existing system and establish the system requirements D. Run a sample of the System p AIX workload in an LPAR to establish the total system requirementsWArialTimes New RomanZX Answer: D 8. A System z10 customer is evaluating z/OS capacity requirements. Which of the following IBM tools can perform capacity planning from customer SMF data? A. zPCR B. LSPR C. CP3000 D. AD ToolsWArialZX Answer: C 9. A System z customer is very interested in OOCoD to handle future needs. Which of the following describes the order process? A. The CIU contract and OOCoD appendix are signed and, if needed, the OOCoD Capability Feature is    

ordered. A single OOCoD order is placed that reflects the original and anticipated CPs required. B. The CIU contract and OOCoD appendix are signed and, if needed, the OOCoD Capability Feature is ordered. Customer enrolls in ResourceLink. When needed, the customer orders a CIU OOCoD. C. The CIU contract and OOCoD appendix are signed and, if needed, the OOCoD Capability Feature is ordered. Two MESs are ordered. The first reflects the original CPs needed and the second reflects the total CPs needed. D. The CIU contract and OOCoD appendix are signed and, if needed, the OOCoD Capability Feature is ordered. A single OOCoD order is placed for the original CPs needed. A second OOCoD order is placed when the need arises.WArialTimes New RomanZX Answer: B 10. A Windows customer is considering migrating to a Z10. Which of the following elements could be seen as a challenge? A. Security B. Virtualization C. Disater Recovery (DR) D. Technical skills of existing staffWArialZX Answer: D 11. A current 2084 A08 304 customer intends on getting off of the mainframe in the next year by moving applications to a distributed environment. Today they are running at 98% capacity and think they will grow at least 10% before year end. What is the best solution for this customer. A. Move to the new System z10 BC which is smaller than the 2084 and allow for software savings and provide a way to downgrade using capacity settings. B. Add an engine to the existing machine so they can turn it on right away. C. Upgrade to a z10 EC and use capacity settings to downgrade as needed and get some IBM software savings. D. This is really not a customer the Sales Rep would want to deal with since there is no long term potential, but should suggest outsourcing as a viable option.WArialZ Answer: C 12. The OSA-ICC is most similar in function to which of the following devices? A. 2074 Console Support Controller B. 2029 (DWDM) Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer C. ESCON Director D. 37XX Communications Controller WArialZ Answer: A 13. A z10 customer has numerous Unix servers, a large number of Windows servers, and an unidentified    

number of small department servers that were acquired outside of IT influence. The CIO wants to know how much they are currently spending on IT company wide and determine if software licenses are managed correctly. Which of the following approaches would provide that information? A. Perform a TCO analysis B. An internal review, department by department C. Review of all department expense items D. Interview all department headsWArialTimes New RomanZX Answer: B 14. A System z customer has a new CIO. The CIO is concerned about continuing operations and recovery following a catastrophe. Which of the following addresses this issue? A. GDPS B. TAM C. DR D. WASWArialZ Answer: A 15. When trying to evaluate a customers z/OS capacity requirements. Which of the following IBM tools can perform capacity planning from customer SMF data? A. AD Tools B. CP3000 C. LSPR D. zPCRWArialZ Answer: B 16. A VM/VSE customer wants to implement a WAS on an existing zSeries server. On which of the following operating environments would WAS best be implemented? A. VSE B. z/VM C. z/OS D. LinuxWArialZ Answer: D 17. A mainframe customer is planning to replace several ISV application sets and significant home written applications with a single application set. Which of the following products should be mentioned by the System z Sales Professional? A. WebSphere Application Server    

B. z/VM C. WebSphere with SOA D. DominoWArialZ Answer: C 18. A z10 customer has just acquired another company and the CFO wants it assimilate the new IT operations. Which of the following is critical information in assessing this opportunity? A. Relative size, and skill of the both IT staffs B. Project budget C. system type, operating system and applications D. Five year combined IT planWArialTimes New RomanZX Answer: C 19. A customer needs an upgrade from a 3 CP z9 to a 4 CP z10. Which of the following tools would a System z Sales Specialist use to create the machine specifications? A. eConfig B. Sales Playbook C. CP3000 D. IBMLinkWArialZ Answer: A 20. The IT Director of a z10 customer has requested all discussions regarding strategic direction with any of the customer personnel go through that office. Several items have surfaced that the IT Director could not address any details. Which of the following courses of action address this situation? A. Suggest the IT Director create a formal steering committee to participate in discussions. B. Discuss the lack of detail with the CFO C. Interview the department heads to include all details D. Propose a Global Services engagementWArialZ Answer: A 21. A customer is migrating to a new IBM System z10 processor that has half the number of CPs as their current processor. Which of the following offers the best way to assess the ability to have fewer engines properly handle the workload? A. Run a ZPCR analysis. B. Request a review by PPAC. C. Run the engine reduction assessment tool prior to migration. D. Perform TPM analysis. WArialZ    

Answer: D 22. Two business partners are involved in a major system upgrade at a z/OS customer. The customer has a stated direction of moving to Linux. Both business partners have application software for a key application. One business partner has a RH7 Linux application that they have never run on a System z, and the other business partner has a z/OS proven non Linux application. Which of the following actions should the System z Sales Specialist pursue? A. Eliminate the Linux application as it will introduce another architecture B. Ask the customer to review both competing applications C. Ask the first business partner to certify his Linux application on System z D. Convince the customer to eliminate the untested Linux application WArialZ Answer: C 23. A business partner and IBM services both have identified an opportunity for a implementation services contract at a z10 customer. The Sales Specialist must resolve this situation before it comes to the customer teams attention. Which of the following directions addresses the situation? A. Let both IBM services and the business partner propose their service contract to the customer. B. IBM services should present their contract, it is an IBM account. C. Any business partner must be allowed to present their contract as they are an independent business D. Both parties should discuss the situation and it must be resolved before presenting to the customer.WArialZ Answer: D 24. An installed back level zSeries customer is migrating to a use z9 EC server. They are concerned about the number of PCI-X cryptographic adapters available. Which of the following is the maximum number available? A. 16 B. 8 C. 48 D. 336WArialZ Answer: A 25. A prospective retail customer has several underutilized servers and is considering options to consolidate. This business has twenty-five database servers and application servers, and a test and development environment. The main server is in the headquarters datacenter, the other servers are installed in remote regional offices. Which of the following certainly impacts the financial justification for consolidating to a central z10? A. Reduced software licensing costs    

B. Reduction of headquarters data center floor space C. Increased performance of server workloads D. Simplified networking and systems administrationWArialZ Answer: D 26. A prospect with a large Windows server farm uses redundant servers to provide selected HA applications. Which of the following provides z10 HA? A. GDPS B. Parallel Sysplex C. z/VM logical redundant servers D. z10 hot pluggable componentsWArialZ Answer: B 27. A Sun customer has recently experienced several critical processor failures. When replacing the processors, the customer was not able to recreate the problem. Which of the following System z RAS features should the sales representative emphasize during the sales call? A. Chipkill Memory B. Service Processor C. Lightpath Diagnostics D. First Failure Data CaptureWArialZ Answer: D 28. A growing customer is acquiring a competitor and needs to merge the data centers. Both companies use single servers that were purchased used. The combined workload is too large for either of the servers. The options are either two servers within the merged data center or a new IBM System z10. How should the System z Sales Specialist help the customer overcome the perceived risk of consolidating workloads to a single IBM z10? A. IBM z10 offers more engines than in the two servers B. Use separate LPAR's for the existing server workloads C. The two servers would create a cooling problem D. A new data center would be needed to fit the two serversWArialZX Answer: B 29. When discussing the flexibility of System z family of servers with a prospective customer, which of the following is a key aspect? A. Binary compatibility between servers B. Hot pluggable processor and memory boards    

C. Consistent CoD features with entire family D. Ability to interchange features between systems WArialZ Answer: A 30. A customer is concerned about the future ability of the mainframe based systems and operations to meet the organizations' needs. Specifically, the customer is questioning IBM's commitment to innovation, enduring value and specialized skills. Which would be the best course of action for the sales person to pursue? A. Do an assessment of the enterprise with the objective of proposing an OIO B. Engage ITS to propose and Outsourcing contract C. Collaborate with SWG to create an ELA D. Explain the Mainframe Charter and present proof that it is workingWArialZX Answer: D 31. A Customer needs to use FICON channels connected to an ESCON Director (FCV) on a 2094. Which of the following meets this need? A. 2094 does not support FCV B. FICON Express LX C. FICON Express2 LX D. FICON Express4 LXWArialTimes New RomanZX Answer: B 32. A customer has a six year old mainframe installed and is considering moving to a new z10. The IT Director asks the System z Sales Specialist for reasons to move to the z10. Which of the following will be new for them with the z10? A. Server Time Protocol B. Multiple Logical Channel Subsystem C. Multiple Subchannel Sets D. System Managed CF Structure DuplexingWArialZ Answer: C 33. Which of the following is an IBM Reference Architecture? A. Business Continuity B. System z10 BC C. BRCS D. GDPSWArialZ Answer: A 34. Which of the following is a source of Systems Assurance planning documentation? A. IBMLINK    

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