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Remnant International Summer  Look  Book  2014  

Fear is a liar. She wont fool you outright; she twists half-truths. Shell sneak in when your heart says iRisk. Chase the wind. Follow your dream.w Ever so subtly, shell begin whispering. iYoure probably not ready. Youre not qualified. You What makes you special? Dont waste your time.w She starts small and weaves her way in until, ultimately, the safety of doing nothing feels like home. But we were created for more. What would happen if we could learn to tune her out? Fear may ask, iWho are you to try?w and Ill respond, iWho will try if not me?w Effort is the antidote to fear. Instead of assuming the worst, Ill assume that I can. Instead of worrying, I will try. I will try, and I will try, and I will try. With my feet hitting the pavement, I cant hear her voice.

fear is a liar. look into your future and believe it will be bright. -Mirriam

1 am capable of doing anything i put my mind to. -Bibisha

donht look back, just keep moving forward. -Jedy

dont be afraid. just keep moving and be firm! -Jackline

Be set free. donht fear anything. -Betty

donht lose hope. donht be afraid of anything. -Anna

Apparel This boxy top is a great mix of charm and grit. Our aim arrowheads are a fierce addition to your everyday style. Wear it and remember that you are capable of anything you set your mind to. 100% Organic Cotton. screen printed and sewn in Uganda.

aim boxy top Item #: abta2014

youhre an animal shorts Item #: yaasa2014

These sassy shorts are a must for your summer threads. In northern Uganda, elephants are revered for their wisdom and gentleness, but known to be bold and unyielding when provoked. Wear these bad boys when youre feeling unstoppable. After all, youre an animal. 65% polyester35% cotton. screen printed and sewn in Uganda.

Classic  Headbands Tie these patterned beauties around your head for an effortless summer look, tie with the ends at the top for retro class, or tie around a brimmed sun hat to shake things up. Made exclusively from materials found in the local Ugandan market. Measure approximately 2 x 29 inches.

Sow classic headband Item #: Scha2014

leafy green classic headband Item #: lgcha2014

peacock blue classic headband item #: pbcha2014

Braided  Headbands These darling headbands are perfect accessories for a summer day. give your outfit some pizazz with this eclectic selection. Made from fabrics found exclusively in the local ugandan marketplace and delicately hand sewn for you. secured with elastic. measure approximately 7.5 inches in diameter, without stretching elastic.

Berry braided headband item #: bbha2014

Moss braided headband item #: Mbha2014

Sky Blue braided headband item #: sbbha2014

orange peel braided headband item #: opbha2014

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