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D: If I was to tweet everything you have said or written here, it would go something like this: “I have remixed your life in 40 moves” Professor VJ resigns

Duche heads back to New York deciding to give up chess and make art instead. Picking up the pieces of the renewable tradition in literature along the way he mutters to himself about renaming the Étant Donnés to something more lyrical. When he is collected from Penn Station by Miss Dreier she proffers the suggestion, “pressing lidless eyes and waiting for a knock upon the door…” (the ellipses, she mischievously avers, being an allusion to the “definitively” unfinished nature of the work). By this time Professor VJ is on a plane bound for Oahu and already considering a rematch. He carries with him the last remaining copy of the Boîte-en-valise that is not held in a private collection. He plans to use it as a portable mixing desk for a performance of Source Material Everywhere scheduled for the following night in Kailua. While President-Elect Obama and a distant relative of Jean Cocteau are said to be attending, he plans to dedicate the remix to the memory of Teeny Duchamp.


And we shall play a game of chess  

This remix essay by Darren Tofts is in response to Mark Amerika's remixthebook. Tofts describes his essay as such: "The punctum of Duchamp p...

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