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Remi Rough - Images of home 01

Images of home 01 This journal is a collection of images from recent adventures, It’s the stuff you rarely ever get to see... The sketches, the mock-ups, the works in progress, the Instagram images, the graphics and the many other visual delights that live solitary lives within my hard drives and my many sketch books... I hope you enjoy my first journal ‘Images of home 01’ without the gloss of the usual overly processed imagery and I also hope it inspires you to look at and appreciate the bits and pieces we so often forget about and sometimes end up throwing away. Remi Rough Agents Of Change / West Coast Artists

Known > Notorious

Layered mural by Jerry ‘Joker’ Inscoe, Shok1 and Remi Rough London 2012

Mock up for See No Evil Festival, Bristol 2012

Designs for Scratch Expo 17 Exhibition screen prints > 2012

Mural by Remi Rough, Two One and Hendo Melbourne 2012

3 Kings - Dondi, Basquiat and Rammellzee By Remi Rough and System London 2011

Mural by Remi Rough, Kema and Poesia Downtown Los Angeles 2012

Mural by Remi Rough and Augustine Kofie London 2011

Megaro Hotel mural by Remi Rough, Augustine Kofie, LX One and Steve More London 2012

Megaro Hotel rooftop mural London 2011

Risk & Rough West Coast Artists London 2012

Risk & Rough West Coast Artists London 2012

The Deconstructavist Remi Rough & Prefab77 2012


Wayne Chisnall & Remi Rough

AOC 0.3 Future Everything Festival Manchester 2010

Roughe Progressive graffiti writing London 2012

Rough Still rockin the freshness London 2012

Liliana in front of a painting by Shok1

A thousand thank yous to Meeshy & Lili, Augustine Kofie, LX One, Derm, Jaybo, Carlos Mare, Timid, Steve More, Juice 126, System, Stormie Mills, Jerry ‘Joker’ Inscoe, Dabs & Myla, Solo One, Shok1, Prefab77, Two One, Hendo, Reka, Rik Penny, Poesia, Kema, Toowee at Soze Gallery, WCA Crew LA, Risk, Slicer, Kid Acne, RCF1, Retna, Ruth and Jake at Whisper Gallery, Wayne Chisnall and David Shillinglaw. Photos by (In no particular order) Remi Rough, Timid, Shaun Hossack, Steve More, Mark Chua-Changco and Ian Cox. Printed by Ripe Digital. Remi Rough © 2013

The copyright of all images inside this journal belongs to whoever made the image... Steal anything from it and we’ll come and find you! Š 2013 Š 2013

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Images of home 01  

The stuff you rarely get to see in a journal format.

Images of home 01  

The stuff you rarely get to see in a journal format.

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