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BIRD LAND Wind & Landscape

Les éoliens



BIRDLAND Wind & Landscape

We are Les Éoliens, duo of artist and landscape artist represented by Rémi Duthoit and Franck Feurté. Since 2004, we have been working in the field of Land-Art, with artistic projects that bring people, places, movement and air together. Our work has the particularity and originality of being kinetic to come to life with the wind. Our projects adapt to the scale of the sites, geometry, height, setting up, whether urban or rural. They are designed and conceived as «in situ» installations. They question the relationship between the human, a place and its nature. We draw our inspiration from bird, wind and landscape observation.

To establish a dialogue between a site and our Land-Art work is the desire to echo subjects that concern us; endangered species, migration of birds and peoples, wind, travel, revealing a territory, seeing differently what surrounds us, looking to the horizon and beyond. This can be done through connivance (integration), or opposition (counterpoint). Depending on the context and the desired purpose, our installations can be durable or ephemeral. .



BIRDLAND uses simple materials ; bamboo, wicker, feathers, air, for a sensory approach. Each element is designed according to a common diagram and measures between 2 and 6 m in height.



Study for the Rayol Land Art festival 2017 Voie verte

env. 15/20u

BIRDLAND is a dialog installation. It is made of 40 to 300 elements and is deployed in correspondence with the sites and events:

Escalier/Banc env. 15/20u


env. 6u/10u (positionnement latéral)

Grouped or diffuse, it guides the visitors and the regards. The densities and heights are variable, depending on the spaces, to compose with the reliefs, create emotions, ephemeral landmarks. It is an artistic installation that can be listened to, observed and crossed.

Grand excalier 1 66 u

Grand excalier 2 30 u

Terrasse vide

Vallon des fougères

White feathers capture air and light. And the wind becomes visible.

env. 15/20 u

BIRDLAND is a visual vibration, in resonance with the landscape, in connection with nature, echoing with the breath.


env.40/50 u


env. 20 u

Zone de retournement env. 20 u

Zoyzia 2,5 m



Grand excalier 2à4m

Vallon des fougères 4m


Références During the installation, our presence in the places is an integral part of our practice: our red jackets question, provoke meetings and discussions around the works and our philosophy of work: to make with.

Contacts [Rémi Duthoit] Landscape architect 12 avenue des lavandes 04300 Forcalquier 06 87 14 57 60

[Franck Feurté] Artist 2018 : L’été Métropolitain/ BORDEAUX METROPOLE . «4 sites Entre 2 mers». Farm Art D tour WINSCONCIN USA Bords de Marne à CHATEAU THIERRY 2017 : Festival LAND-ART au jardin des méditerranées Domaine du Rayol, juin- Octobre. 2016 : Sentier des Arts, Communauté de commune de Royan. 2015 : Festival de l’Estran, Fact/ Ile Saint Denis Paris.

7 rue du palais de l’ombrière 33000 Bordeaux 06 19 01 27 03

2014 : Palarbres, Lycée agricole de VALABRE/Arbories/Domaine du Rayol. // Braderie de l’art de Liège. 2013 : Festival LAND-ART au jardin des méditerranées Domaine du Rayol, Janvier-Novembre.  2011 : Inauguration du KLAP/Marseille/Anémochore.  2009 : Festival «  Printemps de paroles » à Rentilly (performances& théatre de rue). 2008 : Fêtes de la science à Reims, Fête du Soleil à Aubagne.  2007 : PARIS PLAGE : Atelier public, exposition performances.  2006/2005 : Paris 19éme, fêtes des bassins de la Villette.  2004 : Les Envies Rhônements d’ILOTOPIE, Salin de Giraud.  «Lille 2004» capitale européenne de la culture: Maison Folie de Wazemme.  Compagnie EUX & ELLES, 2003 : Le Festival du vent de Calvi. FESTIVENTU



Paysagiste et plasticien issus de l’Agriculture Biologique [Franck Feurté] visual artist Franck Feurté lives and works in Bordeaux, and also elsewhere, where the wind takes me. Since 1995, my artistic work has been in the field of visual art. From common materials, collected objects, raw materials and inexpensive, I navigate between different artistic media, sculptures, paintings, installations, photographs. Attentive to the human, the society, the materiality that surround me, my work is nourished by encounters and situations in which I find myself. Selected or unexpected, I make with and according to contexts. I started my professional life as a mechanic worker in the RATP subway, registration number 200243, and I would probably still be there today. But then, a happy accident happened to me in 1991, an «inner rock» caused my locomotive to derail. A small rock hard enough to melt the rails on which I advanced unconscious: # metro-boulot-texto-dodo. I managed to escape from this boat, a ship a little too monotonous and withdrawn to remain there a whole life. A universe too rational for me, empirical, too much framework and hierarchy. An immense space of thought restricted by the established rules. My hands and my conscience demanded other ways, other ways, danger. Very quickly, I realized that my blue coat worker, divested of a number, released my curiosity. My hands palpated, grabbed, triturated, assembled with excitement. My gaze was different on the materials and materials that surrounded me. Ideas were taking shape. I was discovering another way to express myself. I am not interested in mastering a tool or a material to perfection. The mastery of the gesture puts me in states of repetition and confinement. I prefer, on the other hand, questioning, the unknown, the unexpected, to explore new situations where my body and mind will take action to write, conceive, tell. From these situations, a plastic language is born. To make visible a part of the invisible that surrounds us. Poetic, graphic, raw or in movement, he explores the relationships between individuals and territories. He looks at the society of which I am a part. A facet ball society with multiple reflections.

[Rémi Duthoit] Landscape architect Graduated Versailles landscape scool in 1996. Liberal since 01-01-2001. Landscaping consultant of the State (Alpes-Maritimes), project teacher at the ENSP Versailles-Marseille. Gardener, landscape architect, for 17 years I have designed gardens, installations, conducted studies of public spaces and territories. The variety of my modes of intervention is at the crossroads of disciplines (Science, Arts, Gardening...) and scales, without hierarchy of value. My collaborations with plastic artists (Eric Barbier, TiO, Groupe Dune…), have allowed me to explore new ways of thinking and to spread a landscape culture. Finally, my involvement in consulting missions (landscape consultant to the State, Hautes Alpes, then Alpes Maritimes) and in teaching (École Nationale Supérieure du Paysage de Versailles / Marseille et l’École Supérieur des Beaux Arts de la Réunion) combine my approach with a pedagogical approach to the project and a desire to share. I live in Forcalquier and work where the wind and encounters take me. This work with the air and my friend Franck Feurté regularly punctuates my stops, like a vital breath in my landscape practice.



Festival de land Art du Domaine du Rayol. Affiche réalisée par Rémi Duthoit et Juliette Loquet ;


The strategy of shivering A feather is not much. By weight it’s nothing, just wind.

But it’s spinning.

It was necessary to think about it: to prick the reemige at its point of balance, to place it in the current of the air and here is a propeller. Even the birds are surprised: built on their skin then abandoned in the fall, the feathers turn, perfect wind turbines, offered thus to those who will want to make something other than a bouquet of interior in frozen decoration. The feather is a witness of the movements, it reflects the differences of invisible pressures in the atmosphere, it comes to life at the slightest tremor. Art here stands in the meantime: what separates and connects at the same time the object of its movement. There could be plumometers in the Eoliens: one would measure the poetic intensity of an installation. One would notice, in this world of art, that the lightest of works is perhaps the one that carries the most consistent message. One of them would say: all our apologies flowers and fruits, all our apologies swallows and sparrows, we’re just passing through, with the favourable wind we’re just passing through; these houses, these roads, these factories were just for fun, we’re just passing through. The wind remains. On this indestructible support the wind dream is built. Gilles Clément December 6 in the air between Paris and Abidjan.


Festival de l’ESTRAN 2015 at low tide


Festival de l’ESTRAN 2015 at high tide




BI R D LAND Sortir du chemin

Une installation cinétique des Éoliens. Juin 2018

Les éoliens 16


Land Art, Wind & Landscape work. Les Éoliens : Artist & Landscape architect


Land Art, Wind & Landscape work. Les Éoliens : Artist & Landscape architect