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Re Mida is one of the select fine food import and distribution companies in Japan. Based in Tokyo, we've been importing specialty food products from Italy and distributing it to the Japanese market. Our company provides innovative marketing and distribution solutions to many of the italian finest specialty food producers.

Only in Extravirgin olive oil Tocchi di Puglia is an apulian company producer of typical and traditional preserves and conserves. We are specialized in the production of Pate, Creams, Pesto, Antipasti and Product in Extravirgin Oil by following the old recipes of our food tradition. Tocchi di Puglia processes the best local vegetables in order to get the final product with the best quality and taste.

From old italian tradition From time immemorial our land has yielded the largest and best wheat crops in Italy. And durum wheat "pasta" represents the main food in our culinary tradition, a great tradition that has inspired the activity of the our producers. The selection of flour from high quality durum wheat, the exclusive use of copper

drawplates and a slow drying process have always represented the recipe in the production of the vast range of great pasta qualities. Firms: Taralloro Fiorillo Pasta Antonio Marella

BAKED AND SO ON‌ Farinella is an apulian company producer of typical and traditional baked products. We are specialized in the production of Taralli, Crostini, Bruschette e Friselle by following the old recipes of our food tradition. Farinella’s processes the best local ingredients in order to get the final product with the best quality and taste.

IN THE LAND OF BALSAMIC VINEGAR All over the world, Modena is known as a land rich in history, culture, art and marvellous cars... and good cooking, too. Our country is featured by wide and fertile plains where vineyards for local Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes are grown. Our produce par excellence is Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, renowned and appreciated all over the world thanks to its inimitable features.

THE APULIAN FINE FOODS Grande Gastronomia is a family firm founded in 1980 by Nunzio Grande. It is situated in the town of Molfetta on the Adriatic Sea. Produce fine seafood products, salad, antipasti ready to eat with octopus, mussels, tuna, swordfish and fresh vegetables like olive, artichoke, aubergine, pepper and more others.

THE GOLD QUALITY Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is a result of a long and harder work; for this reason not all olive oils are the same! Marchese de Luca’s high quality products ensue from a constant wholehearted, following the rules "Quality" and not "Quantity". Fruit of a thousand-year experience, is obtained with olive of kinds : Coratina, Ogliarola handpicked from the trees and cold squeezed, without artificial modification or chemical additive.

APULIAN FINE WINES Giuliani is a family viticulture firm founded in 1902. It is situated in the town of Turi in the Murgia Hills region, in the Central area of Apulia region. From grandfather Raffaele’s tiny vineyard, the Giuliani estate has grown steadily over the course of years and today extends over 60 hectares of vineyard in the DOC wine areas of Gioia del Colle., south of Tuscany.

SALUMI & SALAMI Sant’Orso was founded in 1995 and has its roots in an area characterised by a great love for the earth and a real passion for good food. This passion was carefully handed down to us and is jealously maintained in our products. Over the last ten years, a strong development has occurred, following the acquisition of a few historical charcuterie firms. Spianata, soppressa, salame tipico, salame Milano, salame piccante, and more‌.best taste.

NATURAL FINE INGREDIENTS GELATO AND PASTRY PRODUCTS Elenka still produces gelato preparations using the acquired knowledge and conscientiousness of the past, carefully choosing the best raw materials, evaluating old recipes and safeguarding traditional methods which have made us famous worldwide. Confectionary plays a major part in Sicily: many cultures have offered wisdom and a unique ability to Sicilian confectionary maestros. Elenka offers a complete range of products created for the most sophisticated needs and the most demanding taste buds. Tastes and flavours are presented in ready to use products assuring high quality results and recipe success, this is what makes Elenka distinct.

Made in Puglia Bag 1 red fine wine 1 artisanal pasta 1 extravirgin olive oil 1 taralli sald bake 1 sweet cakes 1 typical sauces 1 typical pate/preserve

Artisanal Beer Birranova is a microbrewery focused on producing craft quality beer. Our beer is unpastuerized and unfiltered and, for these reasons, it's still "alive" and fresh both at the moment of bottling and at consumption. The top fermentation and the bottle refermentation both enable an evolution and refinement of taste with time, as well as a storage time of at least a year. Producing methodologies, attention for quality and our connections both to local territory and the movements of beer culture are the basic ideas behind Birranova.

The wines of the hills I Pastini is a family cellar in the Itria Valley near Alberobello famous for the Trulli stone home. This best wines are made with indigenous grapes of Apulia regione like, Verdeca, Bianco d’Alessano, Primitivo, Fiano Minutolo.

The cheese land A best selection of Italian cheeses fresh or aged. Firms: Querceta Sabato Caseificio Fattorie Chiarappa

wines of the Volcan Vulture The Carbone company is located in Melfi, on the lower slopes of Mount Vulture, an ancient volcano in the heart of Basilicata (south Italy) blessing the area with a unique terroir: a lava soil, rich in potassium and extremely fertile. The uncontaminated nature of Mount Vulture provides high quality mineral waters, wines and olive oils. Its marriage with the microclimate, which presents wide temperature difference between day and night, transforms the Aglianico (who sends its roots into this soil) into a quite outstanding wine.

Japan Headquarter : Mrs Kanako Miida 3-33,Kanda – Sakuma – Cho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 1010025 Tel. 0081-3-3557-4331 - Fax 0081-3-3992-2263 Email Mobile: 0081-80-5003-7526 Italian Buyer Office: Mr. Domenico Cafarchia Via Dei Peuceti, 110 – 70023 Gioia del Colle - Bari Mobile: 0039-328-925-81-79 Fax 0039-080-3433-088 Email:

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