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Entry by Invitation only

2012 September 14th Friday





Ramakrishnan Murthy

At 6:00 pm

Venue: India Club, Karama, Dubai Doors Open at 5.45 pm For invitations please call any one of the following Ramachandran 050 6254177 | Rajan Menon 050 4563293 | Biju Menon 050 5950234 | Sandeep Menon 050 6870573

Program will start on time I Please be seated well in advance I Entry to children below 10 years restricted

A Lecture & Demo on 13th Thursday evening 8.00 pm

14th September 2012, Friday Time - 6:00 pm


Carnatic Music Concert Artistes: Vocal: Ramakrishnan Murthy Violin: Charulatha Ramanujam Mridangam: B Ganapathiraman

....................................... Ramakrishnan Murthy - A Creative Performer .......................................

To many listeners the music of South India (Carnatic Music) has a restrained and intellectual character as compared to the music of the more secular Hindustani traditions. Whilst quite a few modern artistes are seen to experiment away from time tested Katcheri Paddathis, Ramakrishnan Murthy is one young vocalist who assiduously sticks to tradition of Restraint. The time he assigns to manodharma vinyasa, the time taken for sub main, main pieces and tukkadas, yet finishing his concert on the dot are traits that every sangeetha vidyarthi must learn from him. Yet one experiences a remarkable fullness in his concert, painting a holistic picture without overdoing any sancharas. Well trained and blessed by his gurus, Ramakrishnan Murthy has enriched himself by understanding the aesthetics of stalwarts such as Ramnad Krishnan, KVN & Senmangudi. Whislt his Sahana alapana bore glimpses of Ramnad’s electric phrases, in voice modulations he has taken after KVN.



13th September 2012, Thursday Time - 8:00 pm

Gamaka aspects in Thodi

(Lecture and Demonstration) Venue - Kaavya Art Centre, Karama, Dubai Artistes: Vocal: Ramakrishnan Murthy Violin: Charulatha Ramanujam Mridangam: B Ganapathiraman





Saamam, which means accord or harmony, is an initiative by like-minded, music lovers to provide a ‘space’, in all its implications, to Carnatic music in Dubai. Launched on 16th September 2011 at India Club, Dubai, with an inaugural concert by Mr. V.R. Dileep Kumar, Saamam seeks to bring in innovations in the conducting of cutcheris by bringing in the concept of chamber music to encourage the budding talents who require a leg up more than patronising the established maestros. By limiting the number of audience to not more than 100, and by providing a cosy, informal, and less regimented setting and ambience, Saamam believes that the interaction between the artistes and the audience will attain an immediacy and intimacy not achievable in traditional cutcheris. Each concert will be named after a ragam; the artistes would be encouraged to choose his repertoire for the evening so that the chosen ragam is fully explored. Saamam is aiming at conducting at least three such cutcheris every year with the patronage and sponsorship from business houses and support from music lovers. Details of our next concert are given in the following pages.

SAAMAM INVIATION FOR THODI - 13-09-2012 & 14-09-2012