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Events 2001 • Known simply as 9/11. On September 11, 2001 Nineteen hijackers simultaneously took control of four U.S. domestic commercial airliners. The hijackers crashed two planes into the World Trade Center in Manhattan, New York City one into each of the two tallest towers. Within two hours, both towers collapsed. The hijackers crashed the third aircraft into the U.S. Department of Defense headquarters, the Pentagon, in Arlington County, Virginia. The fourth plane crashed into a rural field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, following apparent passenger resistance. • British and U.S. forces carry out bombing raids attempting to disable Iraq’s air defense network • Timothy James McVeigh is executed for the Oklahoma City bombing. • Congress passes the aviation security bill requiring that all airport screeners would undergo criminal background checks and would have to be U.S. citizens • George W. Bush refuses to sign the Kyoto Agreement on climate change • The U.S. pulls out of the 1972

Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty • 2001 becomes known as “summer of the shark” after a number of shark attack fatalities • Pharmaceutical companies agree

to sell AIDS drugs for cost in Africa, a discount of up to 90%, to help the fight against AIDS • IRA dismantles its weapons arsenal after years of fighting • U.S. invades Afghanistan marking the beginning of the “War on Terrorism” campaign, seeking to oust the Taliban and fi nd Al-Qaeda

Photo by Tomothy Greenfield-Sanders mastermind Osama bin Laden • California suffers rolling blackouts and electric rate hikes of up to 46% • Enron fi les for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection • Cincinnati mayor Charles Luken declares a state of emergency after the third night of riots • A series of anthrax attacks spreads fear amongst the public and several people are infected by handling letters • The Leaning Tower of Pisa reopens after 11 years of repairs to keep it from falling over • Richard C. Reid, dubbed by the press as the shoe bomber, attempts to blow up an American Airlines plane

Technology • Wikipedia, a free content encyclopedia, goes online • Napster is closed down by court

order following an injunction on behalf of the Recording Industry Association of America • 50 countries sign the Convention on Cybercrime hoping to cut the amount of crime commited through the Internet • Russian space station Mir is decommissioned and re-enters the atmosphere landing in the Pacific • The Mars Odyssey spacecraft reaches Mars on October 24, 2001; its mission to answer the question of whether life has ever existed on Mars • The code red WORM virus attacks 250 million web sites running

“You are the weakest link! Goodbye” – Anne Robinson

18 September 1, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS

on Microsoft’s IIS web server • Apple releases the iPod. • Hewlett Packard and Compaq merge • Remains of what may be the oldest ancient human are found in Ethiopia estimated to be 5.5 million years old • The unmanned solar aircraft Helios reaches a record height of over 18 miles above the earth • Microsoft releases Windows XP • The world’s fi rst contraceptive patch (Ortho-Evra) goes on the market

Popular Films • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring• Monsters, Inc. • Shrek • Ocean’s Eleven

Popular Musicians Janet Jackson, Destiny’s Child

Cost of living 2001 New Order, Eddy Grant, U2 Robbie Williams, Alicia Keys Missy Elliott, Stereophonics Dido, Jennifer Lopez R.E.M., Weezer Aerosmith, Radiohead Manic Street Preachers

Popular Television Boston Public CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Survivor, The District The Simpsons, ER Friends, Touched by an Angel The Drew Carey Show Everybody Loves Raymond Judge Judy Buffy the Vampire Slayer Dharma & Greg King of the Hill Charmed Dawson’s Creek Sex and the City

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How much things cost in 2001 Average cost of new house $136,150 Average median income $42,350 Average monthly rent $715 Cost of a gallon of gas $1.46 Average cost of new car $25,850 Postage stamp 34 cents 1 lb. of bacon $3.22 1 lb. ground coffee $3.06 Load of bread $1.82 Dozen eggs 90 cents

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18 September 1, 2011 THE MILITARY PRESS Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty • 2001 becomes known as “summer of the shark” after a number of shark...