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Jimmy Carter 39th President of the United States Served from Jan. 20, 1977 – Jan. 20, 1981

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“America did not invent human rights. In a very real sense human rights invented America.” -Carter


Alben W. Barkley 35th Vice President of the U.S. Served from Jan. 20, 1959 to Jan. 20, 1953

World events

• The U.S. returns the Panama Canal back to Panama • Student leader Steve Biko “dies in custody” in South Africa • 1977 Bucharest Earthquake kills more than 1,500 • French is adopted as the official language of Panama Quebec • World Peace Prize is awarded to Amnesty International • The last exception by guillotine performed in France • Four Palestinian hijackers hijack

U.S. news

• The New York City Blackout lasts for 25 hours and results in looting and disorder. LaGuardia and Kennedy airports were closed for 8 hours. Most of the TV stations were off the air. 4,000 people had to Canal be evacuated from the subway system. Wide-spread looting, vandalism and arson in every poor neighborhood in the city. 1,616 stores were damaged in looting and rioting. 550 police officers injured during the civil disorder and

4,500 looters arrested. • 165 people die in the Beverly Hills Supper Club fire • The first Apple II computers went on sale • The Trans-Alaskan oil pipeline opens • President Carter grants pardon to American draft dodgers of the Vietnam War period • President Carter warns that Americans need to make profound changes in their oil consumption • The Medal of Freedom was awarded posthumously to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. • World Trade Center in New York is complete


• GPS inaugurated by U.S. Dept. of Defense • First MRI scanner is tested • Voyager I and II are launched unmanned to explore the outer solar system

BORN THIS YEAR: Maggie Gyllenhaal, actress. Above left: Tom Hardy, actor; Annie Wersching, actress; Zachary Quinto, actor; Sarah Michelle Gellar, actress.

Popular culture

• Star Wars opens in cinemas and filmgoers wait in line for hours to see it • Development of punk music from groups like The Ramones, Iggy Pop, Clash, Elvis Costello, The Stranglers and the Sex


• Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope • Rocky • Smokey and the Bandit • A Star is Born • Saturday Night Fever • King Kong • The Deep • Annie Hall

•  Income per year ..... $15,000 •  Minimum wage ............ $2.30 •  New house ............. $49,300 •  Monthly rent .................. $240 •  New car ..................... $4,317 •  Gallon of gas ................... 65¢ •  Dozen eggs ..................... 82¢ •  Gallon of milk ............... $1.44 •  Loaf of bread ................... 32¢ •  First-class stamp ............ 13¢ •  Movie ticket .................. $2.21


Pistols • The King, Elvis Presley, dies at age 42 from a heart attack

• “Tonight’s The Night,” Rod Stewart • “I Just Want To Be Your Everything,” Andy Gibb • “Best of My Love,” Emotions • “Angels In Your Arms,” Hot • “I Like Dreamin’,” Kenny Nolan • “Don’t Leave Me This Way,” Thelma Houston

Ford Cobra

Pontiac TransAm

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Remember When 1977  

What was going on in the world and the cost of living in 1977.

Remember When 1977  

What was going on in the world and the cost of living in 1977.