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1941 Cadillac Convertible

1941 Buick Coupe

How much things cost in 1941 Average cost of new house $4,075 Average wages per year $1,750 Cost of a gallon of Gas 12 cents Average cost for house rent $32 per month Beautyrest mattress $39.50 Average price for a new car $850 World War II 1941 The war in Europe continues to escalate with countries joining on one side or the other , and large number of civilian casualties on both sides due to the use of bombing In the North Atlantic, the German battleship Bismarck sinks the HMS Hood on May 24 killing all but three crewman on what was the pride of the Royal Navy. Fairey Swordfish aircraft from the carrier HMS Ark Royal fatally cripple the German battleship Bismarck in torpedo attack. and the attack that follows by Navy Warships sinks the Bismark

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Germany attacks the Soviet Union on October 11th and then begins an all out offensive of Moscow. The HMS Ark Royal is torpedoed by a German U-boat Germany gets within 50 miles of Kiev in Russia Nazis take and occupy Athens in Greece The United Service Organizations (USO) begins operations providing coffee, donuts, and entertainment to US military forces

Charles Foster Kane: “Don’t worry about me, Gettys! Don’t worry about me! I’m Charles Foster Kane! I’m no cheap, crooked politician, trying to save himself from the consequences of his crimes!”

Remember when . . . 1941 Chrysler Town & Country

The Mt. Rushmore sculpture featuring US Presidents is completed by Gutzon Borglum Hitler and Mussolini announce they are at war with America who retaliates with its own declaration of war . Japanese Navy launches a surprise attack consisting of two full regiments on the United States fleet at Pearl Harbor, thus drawing the United States into World War II. A bill creates the fourth Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day Willy’s Jeep Introduced for use by the U.S Army Rudolf Hess, parachuted into Scotland on a peace mission and is captured by British forces.

1941 Chevy

1941 General Motors

Enigma code is broken U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the GI-bill to provide fi nancial aid to veterans returning from World War II. Winston Churchill addresses a joint meeting of the United States Congress about War In Europe. Germany Begins the Siege Leningrad which lasts until 1944

United Stated officially declares war on Japan


Popular Films Citizen Kane Written and Directed By Orson Wells ( He also acted in the movie ) Dumbo The Maltese Falcon

Popular Musicians “Chattanooga Choo Choo “ by Glenn Miller

U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the Lend Lease Act providing military aid to the Allies Churchill launches the “V for Victory” campaign across Europe

“If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favorable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.” – Winston Churchill For advertising information, call (858) 537-2280

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Germany gets within 50 miles of Kiev in Russia The HMS Ark Royal is torpedoed by a German U-boat 34August 1, 2011THE MILITARY PRESS 34August...