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‘There are no problems we cannot solve together, and very few that we can solve by ourselves. ’

remember when...

Lyndon Johnson 36th. U.S. President Served Nov. 22, 1963 – Jan. 20, 1969


ne goes into service.

Hubert Humphrey

38th. U.S. Vice President Served Jan. 20, 1965 – Jan. 20, 1969

World events

• Indira Gandhi is elected Prime Minister of India on Jan. 19. She is sworn in Jan. 24. • The unmanned Soviet Luna 9 spacecraft makes the first controlled rocket-assisted landing on the Moon on Feb. 3. • In a March 4 interview with London Evening Standard reporter Maureen Cleave, John Lennon of The Beatles states that they are “more popular than Jesus now.” • The U.S. announces March 8 that it will

pla The first SR-71 Blackbird spy

substantially increase the number of its troops in Vietnam. • Leonid Brezhnev becomes General Secretary of the Soviet Union on April 8, as well as Leader of the Communist Party of the U.S.S.R. • Major General Abdul Rahman Arif is sworn in April 17 as the new president of Iraq, three days after the death of his younger brother and predecessor. He would remain in office for a two years, before being overthrown by Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr on July 17, 1968 • Pope Paul VI and Soviet Foreign Minis-

The Beatles perform

their last live conc ert in San Francisco


ter Andrei Gromyko meet in the Vatican on April 27 (the first meeting between leaders of the Roman Catholic Church and the Soviet Union). • The Communist Party of China issues the “May 16 Notice,” marking the beginning of the Cultural Revolution. • U.S. planes begin bombing Hanoi and Haiphong, Vietnam, on June 29. • The Beatles end their U.S. tour with a concert at Candlestick Park in San Francisco on Aug. 29. It is their last performance as a live touring band. • United Nations Secretary-General U Thant declares Sept. 1 that he will not seek re-election, because U.N. efforts in Vietnam have failed. • NATO moves its headquarters from Paris to Brussels on Oct. 26. France had left the organization on June 30.

It’s a Small World opens at

U.S. News

• The home of civil rights activist Vernon Dahmer in Hattiesburg, Miss., is firebombed Jan. 10. Dahmer’s family escapes but he dies the next day from severe burns. • The first SR-71 Blackbird spy plane goes into service Jan. 11 at Beale AFB in California. • The TV series Mister Ed airs its final episode Feb. 6. • NASA spacecraft Gemini 8 (David Scott, Neil Armstrong) conducts the first docking in space March 16, with an Agena target vehicle. • Paul Van Doren established the Vans shoe company in California on March 16. • President Johnson signs the 1966 Uniform Time Act on April 13, dealing with daylight saving time. • It’s a Small World opens May 28 at Disneyland. • The Supreme Court rules that the police must inform suspects of their rights before questioning them June 13 in Miranda v. Arizona. • Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention’s debut album, “Freak Out!,” is released June 27. It is an initial failure, but gains a massive cult following in subsequent years. • Groundbreaking takes place Aug. 5 for the World Trade Center in New York. • Lunar Orbiter 1, the first U.S. spacecraft


to orbit the moon, is launched Aug. 10. • The Doors record their self-titled debut LP on Aug. 24. • Star Trek, the science fiction television series, debuts on NBC on Sept. 8, with its first episode, titled “The Man Trap.” • Congress approves the AFL-NFL merger Oct. 21. • California elects actor Ronald Reagan governor Nov. 8. • The Washington Redskins defeat the New York Giants 72–41 Nov. 27 in the highest scoring game in NFL history. • Walt Disney dies Dec. 15 while producing The Jungle Book, the last animated feature under his personal supervision. • “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” narrated by Boris Karloff, is shown for the first time Dec. 18 on CBS, beginning an annual Christmas tradition.

BORN THIS YEAR: Halle Berry, actress (Aug. 14). Above left: Michael Irvin, football player (March 5); John Cusack, actor (June 28); Adam Sandler, actor (Sept. 9); Sinead O’Connor, musician (Dec. 8).

• • • • • •

Woolf?” “El Dorado” “Blow-Up” “Fahrenheit 451” “Persona” “Django” “The Battle of Algiers”


•  Income per year ..... $6,004 •  Minimum wage ........... $1.25 •  New house ........... $23,300 •  New car...................... $2,650 •  Gallon of gas ................... 32¢ •  Gallon of milk . ............... 99¢ •  Loaf of bread .................. 22¢ •  First-class stamp ...............5¢ •  Movie ticket .................. $1.18

Frank Sinatra • “The Boots Are Made For Walking,” Nancy Sinatra • “Good Vibrations,” The Beach Boys

• • • •

“Yellow Submarine,” The Beatles “Paperback Writer,” The Beatles “Paint it Black,” The Rolling Stones “The Sounds of Silence,” Simon & Garfunkel • “Monday Monday,” The Mamas & The Papas • “Michelle,” The Beatles • “Sloop John B,” The Beach Boys

• “Strangers in the Night,”


• “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” • “Batman: The Movie” • “Around the World Under the Sea” • “Who’s Afraid of Virginia

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Remember When 1966  

What life was like in 1966... what things cost, news of the world and more

Remember When 1966  

What life was like in 1966... what things cost, news of the world and more