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How Myotherapy Treat Trigger Points

Myotherapy Myotherapy is a type of treatment therapy, which concentrates on trigger points to treat body pain, muscular dysfunction and other physical conditions.

Trigger Points Trigger points are discrete, focal, hyper-irritable spots located in a

taut band of skeletal muscle. The

spots are painful on compression and can produce referred pain, referred tenderness, motor dysfunction, and autonomic phenomena.

Types of trigger points There are different types of trigger points present in humanity's body some of them are as follows: ●

Central or Primary Trigger Points

Secondary Trigger Points

Attachment Trigger Points 

Diffuse Trigger Points

Central or Primary Trigger Points These are the most well-established and “florid” points when they are active, and are usually what people refer to when they talk about trigger points.

Secondary Trigger Points Trigger points may be “created” as a

response to the central trigger point in neighboring muscles that lie within the

referred pain zone. In such cases, the

primary trigger point is still the key to therapeutic intervention.

Attachment Trigger Points  A Trigger Point at the Musculotendinous junction and/or at the osseous

Attachment of the muscle that identifies the Enthesopathy caused by unrelieved

tension Characteristic of the taut band that is produced by a Central Trigger Point.

Diffuse Trigger Points  Trigger points can sometimes occur where multiple satellite trigger points exist

secondary to multiple central trigger

points. This is often the case when there is a severe postural deformity, such as a scoliosis, and an entire quadrant of the body is involved.

Effect of Trigger Points on Muscles A trigger point is an irritable spot in the muscle. Sometimes when you get injured these trigger points get into the muscles and cause problems. You can feel a constant pain in your muscles or can face some difficulties to move your joints.

How Myotherapy Helps In Myotherapy therapist eliminating

trigger points. He applies pressure to the muscles and hold it for 5-7

seconds to locate the trigger points.

Applying pressure to the trigger points hurts! But the resulting relief is worth the momentary discomfort.

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