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How to Buy Off Plan Properties in Dubai 2020

The New Year is rolling in and a lot of us are already tightening the belt and making plans to invest in off-plan properties in Dubai. Great decision! Before making a long term investment, there are 2 key attributes one needs to look out for. Returns and capital growth. Dubai off-plan meet up to these standards and that is the more reason why it is one of the most preferred investment today. One is the opportunity to make the purchase below the market price. Plus, the value of the property will always be on the rise before completion. Hence, a huge quick profit. That’s not all, hold on! There are a lot of things to take into considerations before diving into this investment. Read, learn and thread softly, here is a guide to help you make the right choice. Off-plan property is a property that is being purchased before a structure has been constructed upon it. Logically this means committing to buying a property before it has been constructed. Not only that, properties under construction or that are yet to be finished can still be referred to as off-plan. One undeniable reason why this commitment is an attractive option to investors is the ability to purchase at discounts and sell at a booming market. A buyer can decide to sell the property off even before its completion. Moreover, if the buyer decides to take in the property, they become part of the plans. Adding input in the layout, fixtures, tiles and many more. Nothing beats a fulfilling feeling of breathing in a new house, bought at a low price and tweak according to your needs.

Types of off-plan property in Dubai Before heading to the developer to make your purchase, it is important to know the types of off-plan property you can invest in. here the investment option UAE off-plan property provides:

Apartments, houses, and villas Hotels, townhouses, offices, and resort properties Residential and commercial buildings.

Factors to consider before investing in off-plan property in DUBAI Check out the area where the off-plan property is located in Dubai. The location of the property is one of the keys to success and the determinant of the strength of the market value. There have been sad stories of people who find it difficult to find buyers or tenants to occupy this property due to the area. For instance, areas at the proximity of universities and colleges tend to be in higher demand due to the student population. So also are commuter towns are a good option. However, if you don’t mind making a long term commitment, other areas might also be considered. The population and demand will increase in the long run. Understand the cost of buying an off-plan property in Dubai When the offer is made, the first thing to do is to make an analysis of it and ensure the offer justifies the current market value. After all, the primary aim of buying off-plan property in Dubai is to obtain it at a cheap price. Property sellers in Dubai engage in aggressive marketing tactics to lure potential investors. However, don’t get carried away, there are more to it than you can imagine. The first thing that will be required is the initial down payment which varies from 5 to 25 percent depending on the market value of the property. Then there will be subsequent payment throughout the construction works until the completion of the project. Getting an experienced broker will help greatly in securing a good deal. Not only that, your broker will help you with the legal process. Plus, he will monitor how the funds are being spent, the progress and the overall quality of the work.

Understand the project This is one of the trickiest and the challenging part as even an agent can make mistakes. Know exactly what you are bargaining for and get the facts and figures of the project. You should understand the type of construction and the size of the building to be built, Check out the convenience and facilities required for the property. There are various Off-plan deals Dubai you can avail of, ensure you carry out research and verify the necessary things in order to make the right choice. Moreover, before you move ahead to make the decision, check the history of the project you are planning to invest in. There are tons of information online that will be of great help.

Safeguarding property transactions Investors need to be aware of the intricacies to avoid horror stories. A developer might go broke or completion of the project can be delayed (longer than you desired). Sometimes it might be a problem with delivery in service and the property not meeting up to the standard. This can be avoided by: 

Reading the terms of the contract thoroughly and get your broker to explain it to letter. Ensure the terms allows you to pay into the escrow account. The developer is restricted from assessing the fund until the project is completed. A developer asking you to pay to any other account other than escrow is likely unreliable. Moreover, ensure the fund is protected by the insurance policy that will make a refund in case of default in completion.


If you want to ensure that the construction meet the required standard, investing in a warranty or insurance is the way to go. A warranty that will provide protection in case any problem arises in the future.


Choose a developer that has a good reputation for completion of project at the time stipulated in the contract. This is one of the best ways to avoid conflict in regard to delay in the project.

Choosing a reputable developer for off-plan property in Dubai Previous work experience A reputable developer should have a portfolio of previously completed projects that you can scrutinize. Dubai land department official website is only a Google away. They have made things easier by providing information on the project a particular developer is working (has worked) on. Check out both the past and ongoing construction to see the overall quality of their work. Moreover, read reviews online, see what other investors are saying about them before making any commitment.

Check out the completion time A lot of things are at work when it comes to construction and delay sometimes does happen in most off-plan projects in UAE. Delay can sometimes be a pain in the ass, especially when the developer does not have a genuine reason for the delay. That is why it is very important to examine the time efficiency of the developer. The number of projects completed by him, the inception time and the completion time. Your broker should be able to give you some information in regard to this.

Choosing a reputable broker for off-plan property in Dubai Yes, investing in off-plan property in Dubai is a very lucrative business, and this is only made easy when you work with a reputable broker. From the search of off-plan deals Dubai to the completion of the project, your broker is there to guide you in making the best choice. Here are things to look out for when selecting one.

Check online Access to information about anything and anyone is now made easy, thanks to the internet. Either it is social platforms or a website, a good property management company should have an online presence. This will give you an insight into who they really are and their reputation.

Referral Word of mouth will always be a good source of information. Ask friends and families who have made similar investments about the broker or agent they use and their experience with it. They will give you an honest review and their overall perception of the broker. is a registered broker with years of experience in helping clients invest in off-plan property in Dubai successfully. Not one of the marketing bluffs, this company have all that it takes to ensure you have a smooth ride towards barging that fortune. The knowledge, experience, good reputation, diligence and so much more. For all your off-plan property in Dubai, make your friend.

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How to Buy Off Plan Properties in Dubai 2020  

The new year is rolling in and a lot of us are already tightening the belt and making plans to invest in off-plan properties in Dubai. Great...

How to Buy Off Plan Properties in Dubai 2020  

The new year is rolling in and a lot of us are already tightening the belt and making plans to invest in off-plan properties in Dubai. Great...

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