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VOLUME: 7 • ISSUE 49 • JULY 2013

RE/MAX Professionals INSIDER Newsletter Wraps, Assumptions, Carrybacks and Lease Purchases There is always a fair amount of confusion on these issues. My goal this month is to explain what they are, what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. Let’s start with a simple carryback note.

qualify for a loan. There are so many problems with this transaction that I will only list a few (you notice I said problems, not challenges – you can overcome a challenge, a problem, you cannot).

As of now, a seller can carryback a note to a purchaser. A simple example might be a buyer who needs more money for the purchase than is available and for whatever reason they are not using a bank for financing. Currently, this is an acceptable transaction for the buyer and seller, however, there are restrictions that may impact this in the future which are related to the Dodd Frank Act that is in Congress. My understanding is that these restrictions are not in place yet.

1. How and when do you price the property? If it is worth more down the road, the seller is not happy. If it is worth less, the buyer is not happy.

The property may be free and clear, and the seller may work with the buyer to help facilitate the transaction. Now, here is where people get into trouble. If there is a federally insured loan on the property already, the underlying loan becomes due and payable to the lender upon transfer of the title. This is what is referred to as a wrap. The seller keeps the loan in their name and “wraps” it with a new amount due to the seller, with the buyer putting down a set dollar amount for a down payment. It would look like this: $400,000 Purchase Price $40,000 Down Payment $360,000 New All Inclusive Deed of Trust to Seller Inside the new deed of trust is an underlying loan for $300,000 the seller has on the property, which the buyer and seller DO NOT intend to pay off. The buyer makes one payment to the seller and the seller pays the lender and keeps the rest. This is NOT an acceptable transaction. The lender is being defrauded by both parties. However, if there is no loan on the property the seller may carry the entire $360,000. Now let’s talk about the dreaded lease purchase and lease option. The buyer has a challenge obtaining financing today and wants to lease the property, until they are in a position to

Frank Russo

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2. Who is responsible for repairs? 3. Is there rent money going towards the purchase or down payment? If so, where are the funds being held? 4. What happens if the transaction does not close? Or the buyer never qualifies? And now for the two real biggies… 5. What happens if the buyer defaults on the rent? How do you evict them if they still have an interest in purchasing the property? (Yes this really happened and it was a mess). 6. What happens if the seller goes into default and the property is foreclosed on? These are just some of the problems (not challenges) I have had to deal with. At RE/MAX Professionals, we do not want anyone getting involved in litigation. It is our duty to give you the tools you need to stay out of legal problems (again with the problems). We don’t write these types of contracts for the above reasons. A great script for this would be, “I understand your desire to purchase this home. Some of the potential challenges are (state all of the above). Why don’t we proceed like this? Let’s put you into a lease with the owner. The owner does want to sell eventually. When we are sixty days out from the lease expiration date, let’s revisit with the seller and write a purchase contract at that time.” Lastly, please remember to have your compensation in the lease; if the purchase is completed, you should be compensated.

Have a great month!

- Frank Russo

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West Valley Market Update Short sales continue to decline as a segment of the market in the Valley. The active listing count is down to 2,298, but only 554 are not under contract. Short sales disappear from the market as prices rise and fewer homeowners are caught in a negative equity trap. Homeowners who have waited until now to have positive equity in their homes may consider selling, but don’t expect many listings from this market segment. These homeowners are willing and able to sell, but they are worried that current market conditions will prevent them from finding a new home to buy for a reasonable price. Others are waiting to see how much their equity will grow as prices keep rising. The best hope for buyers right now is to stay in the market and keep looking for a new home. As supply remains low and prices continue to slowly rise, competing buyers may give up and drop out of the market, leaving new listings available for determined buyers to purchase. Now for a West Valley snapshot: The market is very, very hot for sellers. The monthly average price per square foot has increased 21% over the past 12 months, but the months of supply are still at a low 1.6, compared to a normal 4.5 months’ supply. Sellers continue to have a huge advantage over buyers. Contact me today for more information about accessing the most up-to-date data for your marketplace and to find out about the Cromford Report Website where you can access a subscription through Fidelity and pull customized reports DAILY!


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Make Your Media More Engaging We’ve all heard about how important it is to engage with clients and how powerful a tool social media can be in that regard. Even if you’re relatively savvy with social media tools, however, one of the biggest problems folks run into is how to tie everything together effectively. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, your listing site, and myriad other points of online presence may coexist but most of them don’t truly work together and encourage cross-usage. ThingLink is an easy-to-use (and free) tool that makes big strides not only with better leveraging those various services’ individual strengths but also in enticing people to actually interact with the information you present. With ThingLink you can quickly take any image and add video, links, additional photos, and more and have it all instantly visible without having to leave the page displaying that image. For instance, you could post a picture of a new listing to your Facebook page and when a user hovers over the house number a Google map of the address pops up in a bubble over the photo. If they touch the front door they get a virtual tour video, right there on the Facebook page without having to click through to YouTube or another separate site. A touch point on a window could link to information about the low-e windows and other energy saving features the home is equipped with. Maybe you’re touting a recent remodel and on each interior photo you tag not only some of the specific upgraded features with close-up photos and/or additional information but also have a “before” picture of each space.

Or perhaps you could post a floor plan of a property with photos or video of each room. Take a look at these 2 examples to get an idea of what these media-enhanced photos look like and how they work (just displayed here on the ThingLink website):

Just as a rider for automated 24/7 info on a yard sign brings in more callers, you’ll get a good deal more views for your videos and other associated media due to the instant accessibility right from their Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, or anyplace else you share your ThingLink images. The increased interaction leads to more interest and conversation, which generally translates to more engaged and satisfied clients and, ultimately, more business! - Mike DeRosa


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