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VOLUME: 7 • ISSUE 45 • MARCH 2013


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successful closings are always on my mind. If I’m lying in bed, on vacation, at work, it doesn’t matter. I always want more successful closings and I spend a lot of time thinking about how to get them. Now, some would say “get a life”. However I think it is the lifeblood of what we do. It usually comes down to the obvious stuff that makes people happy and puts them in the mind frame that they want to do business with you again. Let’s look at some simple do’s and don’ts. I had a conversation just yesterday with my friend Kevin, and he told me that another Realtor has been pestering him for years to return a lockbox that he thinks Kevin has possession of. Kevin has told him numerous times over three years that he doesn’t have it. Now this other agent wants Kevin to write him a check for $100.00. I’m not going to explore the insanity of this, other than to say, there comes a time to move on. Negative energy is a crazy thing. If this agent had spent that time over the years sending notes of inspiration to friends and clients, he would be much further ahead. Speaking of those notes, I write at least one a day. I can already see some of you rolling your eyes. You guys are the “D” personalities. You can’t believe I would spend time writing notes, when I could be doing something more productive. You can’t believe I would spend time writing notes when I could be doing something more productive. Well folks, I’m a D personality also and it took me forever to realize that writing personal notes are about the most productive thing I do. Admitting you are wrong and righting it... this, my friends, is a big one. I sold a home over twenty years ago to a client and there was a cooling system problem. An assistant at the time was dogging the buyer and I was not aware of it. The buyer’s boyfriend got my cell number, called me and was reading me

the riot act. When he got done, I apologized and told him it would be repaired right away. He said “What do you mean?” I said I would take care of the repair immediately. Today, he is one of my best friends and we have done dozens of real estate transactions together. One more story for you and this one is a doozy. One of our agents called me over the weekend to tell me that after numerous attempts to collect a referral fee from another agent at brand x, they were not successful. I gathered the facts and listened to the details, then called the other Realtor, who was by the way, the owner and broker of the company. After several excuses I was told the fee would be paid promptly. Here is the thing: it is not that hard to achieve my goal of successful closings. Do what is right all the time. Do what you told people you are going to do and do it well. It’s not complicated. I always ask myself, if there was no money involved in this decision, how would I react? I’m not the perfect guy in or out of the office and I don’t claim to be. I do, however, treat people with dignity and respect, because it is what I expect out of the people I surround myself with. Just do the right thing.

- Frank Russo Frank Russo

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Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Anniversary

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Valley Market Update The peak buying season is here, and the market is still severely undersupplied. Homes priced under $100,000 have seen a 51% decrease in active listings since this time last year. The beginning of the year gave us fewer new listings than we expected based on data from past years. Rising prices this spring will help solve this problem by persuading sellers to list their homes, but supply in the low end of the market will stay limited. New home prices are going to rise particularly quickly, as the construction worker shortage continues to force labor costs up. Any buyers hoping for prices to return to the low levels of previous years will be disappointed. On another note, short sales continue to slow as underwater homeowners recognize their growing equity. Homeowners are continuing to make mortgage payments in hopes of entering the market as an equity sale in the future. Now for a West Valley snapshot: The West Valley has a greater supply of listings than other areas of the Valley, but we still have fewer homes on the market than last year. Get ready for another competitive spring for buyers as we head into the busiest sales season of the year. Contact me today for more information about accessing the most up-to-date data for your marketplace and to find out about the Cromford Report Website where you can access a subscription through Fidelity and pull customized reports DAILY!


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More Expensive Than Expected

The 3.5% down payment on FHA loans could be more expensive for buyers than expected. Beginning April 1, 2013, the mortgage insurance premium will go up by .1% to 1.35% which may not even be noticeable to most would-be homeowners. The staggering increase will occur on 6/3/2013 when the FHA’s policy on the duration of the required mortgage insurance will be increased for the life of the mortgage. It basically doubles the amount of total MIP if the loan is paid to term. Currently, the MIP is required for approximately 9 years 9 months with normal amortization. The new program would require the MIP for the life of the loan. In this example, the initial monthly MIP is $196.88 which decreases based on amortization. There are buyers that qualify on income and credit who may not have the necessary additional down payment required for 80% and 90% conventional loans. The 3.5% FHA program has provided a great vehicle to get into a home with a minimum cash out of pocket.

For homeowners that expect to stay in their home for ten years or less, the new changes might not have much financial impact. Homeowners who expect to be in their home “long-term” can refinance to a conventional loan without mortgage insurance, once the equity has increased due to amortization and appreciation. For buyers to avoid these increases, they will need to act now to get the FHA commitment issued prior to these change dates. Example: Purchase Price $175,000 with 3.5% down payment at 4% mortgage rate on 30 year term: Current After 6/3/13 MIP Duration

78% of Original Loan

Life of Mortgage

Cumulative Premium



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We recently completed the rehab of a home built in 1962, which resulted in an Emerald Green Certification by the National Association of Home Builders Research Center (NAHBRC). An Emerald Certification recognizes pre-1980 rehabs that result in a 50 percent or better improvement in water and energy efficiency and meets the minimum requirements for ventilation and indoor air quality. Going green is the latest trend in luxury home rehab projects. The goal in these homes, is to achieve an energy performance that is 30 percent better than what you might find in a new home built today. The energy measurement is based on The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index, which is an industry standard for a home’s performance. Some of the variables included in the rating are windows, mechanical systems, lighting, shading, insulation and appliances. The lower the HERS rating is, the more efficient the home is. In this particular home, we had a “post-rehab” score of 69, which is 31 percent better than a new home built to code. The estimated annual electricity savings is $2500 and the green certificate of Emerald is a statement to the quality, which is third party verified. As most of you already know, Knipp Contracting works with rehabbers, investors, builders and homeowners – making a home more energy efficient is just one of the many services we can provide to you and your clients. If you would like to learn more about the Emerald Green Certification or to learn more about how to make your home more efficient, please give us a call. We’d be happy to meet with you to see how we can help you save money by going green!

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I.T. Message RE/MAX - Branded URL Shortener, Pt. 2: Lead Generation In a previous issue, I wrote about the RE/MAX URL shortener and the basics of how it works and some of the advantages of using it to track usage and show some great tech-savvy RE/MAX branding. This month I want to share with you how the shortener tool is cleverly tied-in to and can generate more leads directly to you! First, a very quick reminder of how to access the tool: Just log in to Mainstreet from www., and click on “Shorten URL” under the Marketing tab. Then simply paste the link you want to shorten into the box and click the “Shorten” button. You can then use the 13-character URL wherever you’d like and view all the statistics for its usage right from that same page by clicking the “View URL History” option. You’ll also see that a QR code is conveniently available for each shortened link you create. You can, of course, use the shortened links to point to whatever content you’d like, including your own listing website - and even if you do already have a website with MLS search capability, don’t forget to check out your highly-customizable RE/MAX-powered agent website that captures all the lead activity and sends it right back to you - but using the RE/MAX shortener to point to a page on will actually brand the whole corporate site with your information and capture the resulting leads for you as well! One great example of how to use this, that was discussed at our recent Leadstreet training classes was linking to the Home Values tool on As the statistics from 2012 continue to be refined and the average home prices in AZ continue to climb, there’s plenty of news to share with your clients that may be thinking of selling their home. Why not point to one of the myriad of news stories about rising home prices, then give them the call-to-action of finding out what their home is worth now? Include the link to the new and improved Home Values tool on, shortened from the this tool (which is tied to your Mainstreet profile), and the Home Value tool along with everything else on the main site will have your name and contact information tied to it. Then, any activity from that browsing session after clicking on your shortened link will be delivered right to you rather than going through the standard lead distribution.

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Let me demonstrate: First, open a web browser and go to, then click on the Home Values tool and take a quick look at it. Now, use my shortened link I created from my Mainstreet profile (or scan the QR code the tool also generated):

… it’s the same tool, but now obviously branded to me with my contact info. If from there you choose to search for a property or use any of the other tools on the site, that branding will carry over and any leads generated will also be directed to you! For simply linking to information on your new listings, etc., that you send out to your clients via social media sites and elsewhere, directing them to your own site will also keep the leads attached to you. also provides other tools unavailable from individual local-area sites such as their nationwide (and worldwide) property search tools for clients that may be relocating or looking for a second home. Now all those additional tools can also be yours to take advantage of directly while keeping you at the top of the client’s mind!

- Mike DeRosa

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