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We had a recent get-together with all of the RE/MAX Professionals’employees to go over all kinds of items such as policies, procedures and the like. Did you know there are 21 of us? Our goal was to educate and to learn. It is so productive to learn from the “troops” what is happening on a day-to-day level. We have some absolutely fabulous people representing our company. I love to get their input and hear their thoughts on how to better our company. One of the areas Nate and I worked on before the meeting was to try and define our company in a few words. Core values, if you will. We have done this before and it starts to sound complicated and/or confusing. We did not want that. Who are we - might be a great question to ask. Here are the core values we established. We believe in Respect. Respect for the public, the agents, the staff and anyone else we come in contact with. This sounds simple, but it can be hard to find in your day-to-day activities. A second word that keeps coming up is Integrity. Are we living our business and personal life with integrity? Are we proud of who we are, what we do and how we do it? The third word that we hear from agents and staff is Stability. Agents and staff want stability in their jobs and sales positions, again, knowing we are going to be around for the long haul is important and critical to everyone in our Professionals world. The last word that we focused on was Excellence. We believe that if the first three are important to our core, than the last one is an obvious conclusion. As we pondered these words and their importance, Mike took a look at them and said that the acronym spelled ‘RISE’ ~ Respect-Integrity-Stability- Excellence. I love this word and the core value words that lead up to it. As I get more mature in my life, the things that are important to me are changing. My day-to-day interaction with all of you has become more of a NEED for me. I get a charge, so to speak, from the interaction with my team, the RE/MAX Professionals team, and all of the agents and their teams. My core values have always been on target, but I never sat down to write them out. This was a powerful exercise for us and the staff. I personally think everyone gained from it and perhaps had growth as well. We look forward to the future with each and every one of you, and the future of our great company.

Frank Russo

Designated Broker

Here is to a GREAT 2013! - Frank Russo

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Valley Market Update

Supply is rising and demand is falling in the marketplace as pricing continues to rise across the Valley. In fact, the average sales price per square foot of homes sold through ARMLS increased every single month over the past year! Supply and demand are working together to slowly decrease the rate at which prices are rising and to move the market toward balanced pricing. Over the next month, average price per square foot in the market is expected to rise a mere 0.8% instead of this past month’s 3.7% rise. On another interesting note, in typical subdivisions built in 2006-2008, positive equity in homes nearly balances negative equity. The foreclosure wave in these communities is almost completed even though many homeowners continue to rely on renting out the home to make mortgage payments. Now for a West Valley snapshot: The West Valley, like its neighboring areas, is poised for a slow but steady comeback in 2013, with rising prices, strong inventory, and very few foreclosures. Although the holiday season may slow down some of the price increases, 2013 is still promising to offer an improved marketplace with more listings.

Starting January 1, 2013, the USPS will begin implementing strict new standards that will effect almost every mail piece produced. Changes to mailing panel location, tab style/size and tab location are just a few of the newest regulation changes, so plan ahead! Incorporating these changes into your mail piece is your responsibility and we are here to assist you in maintaining compliance of these new standards. In addition, highlights of the new single-piece First Class Mail pricing, effective January 27, 2013 include: Letters (1 ounce): 1 cent increase to $0.46 Letters (additional ounces): unchanged at $0.20 Letters to all international destinations (1 ounce): $1.10 Postcards: 1 cent increase to $0.33

For more information about accessing the most up to date data for your marketplace, contact Rob Cannon to find out about the Cromford Report Website where you can access a subscription through Fidelity and pull customized reports DAILY!


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RE/MAX has been named the No. 1 real estate franchise. Entrepreneur magazine will announce in its January issue that RE/MAX ranked above all competitors in its 2013 Franchise 500. This is the 10th time in the last 14 years that RE/MAX has won the honor of being the No. 1 real estate franchise in the survey that is dominated by iconic brands such as Subway, 7-Eleven, Pizza Hut and McDonald’s. “We are pleased, but not surprised, to be ranked No. 1,” said RE/MAX CEO Margaret Kelly. “Our Sales Associates, Broker/Owners and regional master franchisors are talented groups who help each other excel whatever the market conditions. The 40th anniversary of RE/MAX in January is a tribute to our company’s agent-centric philosophy and the innovative entrepreneurs that it attracts.” Finishing behind RE/MAX in the real estate category were:

2. Weichert Real Estate Affiliates 3. Realty Executives International 4. Keller Williams Realty 5. ERA Franchise Systems 6. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

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Hello fellow RE/MAX Professional Agents’ It is a new year and a great time for changing your business plan. Is your business growing and you need help? If so, please remember there are professional transaction coordination services available for you right here at RE/MAX Professionals Call me to set up a time to meet and discuss your individual needs. My office is at the Arrowhead North location but I can work with agents from any of our RE/MAX Professional locations. Lynn Turschmann Office: 623-362-3031 Email:

No other real estate franchises were ranked. Entrepreneur franchise ratings are based on financial strength and stability, growth rate and size, and startup costs. In the U.S., RE/MAX leads the industry in per-agent productivity* and has No. 1 market share. Nobody in the world sell more real estate than RE/MAX.Resource materials for use in listing and recruiting are being prepared for RE/MAX Affiliates and will be available in early January. * Based on comparison of real estate franchise brokerages participating in the 2012 REAL Trends 500 report.

I.T. Message

Protecting Your Clients’ Data Since our Risk Reduction meeting in December I’ve had quite a few questions about how to reasonably protect clients’ sensitive data while staying productive and not having to spend too much time managing the solution. There isn’t sufficient space here to address the entire topic, so I’ll touch on 2 key pieces of the puzzle: 1.) How do you store information securely on your computer while you’re actively using it (for a currently open deal, for instance) and 2.) How do you then properly remove that information when you’re ready to move the files to secure long-term storage (uploaded to SureClose, etc.)? For the first question, while there are a number of ways to encrypt all the data on your computer to prevent someone else from viewing it without your password (BitLocker for Windows or FileVault on a Mac are well-known options), they can have real drawbacks for performance and serious implications for general maintenance of your computer when it comes to everyday use. There is a great free and cross-platform program that can essentially secure an individual folder - perhaps your “Clients” folder that’s currently just sitting in My Documents amongst other far less sensitive items - and then stay out of your way as you work. That program is called TrueCrypt and it creates a secure storage area on your PC or Mac that works just like any other folder or drive on your computer but keeps all the files encrypted in the background. It simply asks for a password to open the secure storage volume, so the only other thing you need to do is remember to close it (which re-locks everything) when you’re done. You can find more information and download the program at:

The second question is something that most folks overlook. Let’s say you scan in a paper contract and then upload it directly to SureClose (or copy it to your TrueCrypt volume or other properly secure spot), then immediately delete it from your computer. If you just dropped the files into the Windows Recycle Bin or Mac Trash Can and emptied it, many people aren’t aware that the data isn’t actually deleted - the space is simply marked as available on the hard drive. For even someone with fairly basic computer skills, it’s trivial to download a program to scan for recoverable files and access all of that information. Identity thieves often do this both with stolen computers as well as machines that have been donated to charity or dropped off at a thrift store or recycling center whose owners think they’ve deleted all of their information. Thankfully this is an easy problem to solve. On the Mac, there is a built-in option called “Secure Empty Trash” that will overwrite the files with random data several times so it’s not recoverable. It gets the job done and is very easy to use. For a quick how-to, take a look here: While there isn’t a similar option included with Windows, there is another free tool that is also very easy to use - just drag-and-drop the sensitive files to this digital file “shredder” instead of the Windows Recycle Bin and they’ll be disposed of properly. That program is Freeraser, available at: You deal with many types of liability every day with your client interactions, so resolve to start 2013 by re-evaluating your exposure and eliminating what you can. When it comes to data security especially, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

- Mike DeRosa

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