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Who’s Moving Now?

Fall 2010

RE/MAX North Professionals Cyberzine

A Message From Bill Desautels: It’s hard to believe it, but 2010 is quickly coming to a close and many of us are already planning for 2011. While I recognize that you are happy with your real estate company, some agents choose to change offices for a variety of reasons. Thus, I want to at least begin communicating to you why joining RE/MAX North Professionals is worthy of your consideration. There are a few things that I would like to share with you and perhaps dispel some myths and rumors that may exist. Myth One: RE/MAX North Professionals has huge desk fees. Oh really? I’m not familiar with your current split structure, but I can inform you that we have a variety of splits ranging from 70% (to the agent) to a high of 95% (to the agent). Under the 70% choice we don’t charge any desk fees and we even pay for some of your advertising. Myth Two: RE/MAX North Professionals agents are so focused on real estate that they don’t have any time to enjoy life. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When building our new office space, we realized that real estate is meant to support our life, not the other way around. To reflect this focus on quality of life, we installed showers and lockers for agents that want to exercise on site, and we built a quiet room complete with a deluxe massage chair so you can take time out from your busy day. We also recognize how important your family and extended family are. That’s why at RE/MAX North Professionals, we welcome your children, your grandchildren and even your pets! If you have any questions or would like to meet confidentially to discuss opportunities here at RE/MAX, I welcome your call. Bill Desautels 802-861-6217


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It’s a well-known maxim at RE/MAX: When you learn more, you earn more.

RE/MAX Technology Just imagine...a marketing center at your fingertips twenty-four hours a day...tons of professionally designed marketing pieces that are completely customizable... an extensive online and in-office training platform with courses and quick tips available anywhere...a national network real estate site that consistantly ranks number one. That’s what you get with RE/MAX.

Design Center:

This online marketing center allows you to create and fully customize a multitude of pieces to advertise you or your listings. With options such as fully hosted web commercials, flyers and

announcements, you can instantly create professional pieces that will WOW your sellers and grab the attention of buyers. Also available to help you keep in touch with past clients, and get new ones, are things like newsletters (both pre-done and customizable), special occasion cards, selfpromotion web commercials and more. Design Center also allows you to download and print your marketing pieces right at your home or office, or utilize one of their professional printing suppliers.


R.U. RE/MAX University, our multimedia, state-of-the-art training service, supports thousands of agents in doing their job better every day.

RE/MAX North Professionals


Through the online Agent Training On Demand feature, or through ROKU (a digital device that streams training on demand at the RE/MAX North Professionals office), agents have 24/7 access to hundreds of streaming videos, podcasts and other resources. This training deals with timely businessbuilding topics such as negotiation, buyer agency, marketing ideas, working with sellers in a changing market, social media, business planning, time management, presentations, and touch market topics such as the REO niche, short sales and cost-effective marketing. You’re able to see exactly what other agents are doing to shift strategies and keep generating business. Along with training on numerous topics, agents can take classes leading to designations such as ABR, CCIM, CLHMS, CRS, SRES and CDPE, all in the comfort of their home or office. continued on page 5...


Call Bill Desautels today at 861-6217 for a confidenital discussion on how the RE/MAX Concept can work for you.

The RE/MAX Concept RE/MAX Sales Associates keep more of their hardearned commission dollars - one reason why, in tough times, you should make a careful comparison between what you earn now and what you would earn with RE/MAX.

You can also visit www. for an easy and informative look at what RE/MAX has to offer and how your business can change for the better.

LEADS Always Free. No Referral Fees. None. All of your listing inquiries go to you, not to a floor person. By Phone Online Sign Calls

But the RE/MAX concept is much more than a commission structure alone. • Our network represents freedom, and the opportunity to soar as high as your ability and ambition allow. • RE/MAX Associates control their own advertising budgets, they set their own goals and they negotiate their own commissions. • The calls that RE/MAX agents generate go to them, with no company referral fees! • RE/MAX Associates personally select agents for their referrals and deal directly with those agents, no company referral fees!



With more than 2 million unique visitors monthly, is the leading real estate franchise website and consistantly ranks in the top 10 home search http:// websites. Visit workingforyou.remax. com to see a live hotmap of current searches. Any consumer who requests more information on a listing - whether or not it belongs to a RE/MAX agent - becomes a lead for a RE/MAX office

RE/MAX North Professionals


or agent, with no referral fee to RE/MAX International. Along with this powerful website, RE/MAX also gives it’s agents an accompanying lead-management system, known as LeadStreet, to help nurture these leads and ultimately turn them into closed transactions. LeadStreet allows you to track leads you receive, set them up for automatic emails via a drip campaign and gauge how often they are searching for property and their motivation level.

Interview With An Agent: Jan Battaline

The best way to discover how joining RE/MAX can impact your life and business? Ask an agent who’s done it. Question: How long have you been a REALTOR®? Jan: Since May of 1983. Question: How long have you been an agent at RE/ MAX North Professionals? Jan: I’ve been here since this new building opened in 2006.

Question: How has your perspective on that been changed? Jan: Totally 180 degrees. Can I answer a question that I don’t know if you’re going to ask me later? My answer to the question “Do you have any regrets about coming to RE/MAX?” What I always tell people is that my only regret is that I didn’t come here sooner. Question: How has being at RE/MAX North impacted your business? Jan: It has been very positive. Personally I just feel happy, it’s a great place to be. Financially, when I started here it was good but of course then the market did what it did. But again, working with the different splits and everything, it’s worked out much better financially, even with the market doing what it did over the last few years.

Question: Do you feel you have anough supoprt? Jan: If you ever need anything ask any of the agents, I can go around and ask anybody anything anytime. What is your favorite part about being a part of this office? Jan: Being a part of the people in this office.

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The monthly, prime-time “RE/ MAX Coaching Hall of Fame” series features industry legends such as Howard Brinton (Star Power), Brian Buffini, Judy LaDeur, Dave Liniger and Richard Robbins. They provide solid, resultsoriented ideas that you can immediately integrate into your own business.

Question: What company were you working with prior to joining RE/MAX North? Jan: I was with Lang. Question: What is the biggest misconception you had prior to joining RE/MAX North? Jan: It was going to cost me a lot of money to be here.

RE/MAX North Professionals




to caring

RE/MAX agents who participate in the Miracle Home® program, miracles continue to happen every day at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Here’s to reaching the first $100 million in donations – and aiming for the next.



RE/MAX North Professionals


The RE/MAX North Family The best part of being a part of our office? The wonderful people and space we surround ourselves with.

Calendar of Events Anytime ABR - Buyer Agency ABR - Marketing If you’d like to take one of these classes here at our office please call me at 861-6217 Anytime CRS - 200 CRS - 204 If you’d like to take one of these classes here at our office please call me at 861-6217 Office Holiday Party December 15th, 6pm

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Have More Questions? Contact Bill Desautels at 861-6217 for a conďŹ dential conversation about how RE/MAX North Professionals can help launch your real estate career to new heights.

Who's Moving Now? Fall 2010  

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