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Realty Review September-October 2014 From the

Chairmans' Desk

‘Recognition' is one of the greatest motivator; and it's even better when you are recognized by your own Industry. For the sixth consecutive year, RE/MAX LLC has been ranked as the leading Real Estate Franchise in the 2014 Franchise Times Top 200. It is definitely a proud moment for all those associated with RE/MAX across the globe and motivates us to continuously strive for excellence. Even RE/MAX India won 'Realtor of the Year' at the Realty Excellence Awards 2014 by Realty Plus. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the affiliates of RE/MAX in India for their valuable contribution which helps us to achieve such awards and laurels. It was a pleasure to connect with most of the Regional Owners/Directors at the 'Regional Owners Review Meet' in September. The Energy & Enthusiasm of the new Regional Owners with the Experience and Knowledge of the Veterans helped everyone take away a lot of learning's from this meet. The month of October saw some great development in the RE/MAX network with Mr. Debashis Majumdar taking over the regional ownership of RE/MAX West Bengal! I would like to thank him for taking up this opportunity which will surely take their business group to the next level. In RE/MAX, your growth opportunities truly know no boundaries and this development is a testimony of that! As the year 2014 is approaching towards an end, I would like to wish success and good luck to all of you. Cheers! Sam Chopra

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September-October 2014

From the

Vice Chairmans' Desk I hope that all of had a great Diwali and are looking forward to end the year with positivity, success and accomplishments. Every single time that RE/MAX expands into a new Territory or State, it gives me great happiness as we are about to paint the entire country Red, White and Blue pretty soon. In September, the network of RE/MAX has further strengthened with Mr. Debashis Majumdar being awarded as the

Master Franchise for the state of West Bengal. I wish him great success in his journey with RE/MAX.The Regional Owners Review Meet in the month of September showed a lot of solidarity with new & veteran Regional Owners bonding so well and sharing ideas and experiences. It was a packed event with a lot of knowledge and fun at the same time. We are looking forward to meeting everyone once again during the next Regional Owners Review Meet. The teams at Delhi NCR, Haryana and Rajasthan participated in the FRO 2014 at Pragati Maidan where they guided and helped a lot of people to know more details about the business opportunity available with RE/MAX. The business concept of RE/MAX has changed life's of millions across the globe and we are happy get an opportunity to do the same in India as well. Lastly, I would like to congratulate all the awards winners and team members at RE/MAX India who have taken new additional roles and responsibilities. Have a great month ahead!

Saloni Chopra

September-October 2014

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September-October 2014

News from RE/MAX India

Here we grow again! RE/MAX India adds another region to its network, thus taking the number of regions appointed this year to 7, cheers to many more!

We would like to welcome Mr. Debashis Majumdar to the RE/MAX India family as the Regional Owner of RE/MAX West Bengal. With his extensive experience in various verticals, RE/MAX India truly believes that we have found a strong leader for successfully leading the region of RE/MAX West Bengal to new heights. We would like to wish him all the very best for his journey with RE/MAX and we will be looking forward to working with him to make the region reach a new height of success in the near future!

Regional Owners Retreat, September 2014

RE/MAX India organized its Q3 Regional Owners Retreat at Tree House Resort, Neemrana, from the 19th to 21st of September '14. The meet was attended by Sam Chopra, Saloni Chopra, Manpreet Grewal, Puneet Verma, Sahil Kapoor, Anmol Aggarwal, Parul Choudhary, Shikha Abrol, Amarjeet Chawla, Arun Dubey, Manish Patni, Monika Patni, Subrahmanyam Koneru, Srinivas Raju, AdluriShailaja, Thumiki Dilip, Kantham Raju, Movva Prasad, Manish Patni and CK Taneja.

The venue and scheduling of the Regional Owners Retreat was intended to maximize networking, learning and fun!

Fun in the Sun and the match was a draw‌ At RE/MAX EVERYBODY truly WINS!

September-October 2014

And the retreat continues at the pool side!

Regional Owners speak

Sharing of best practices

Some memories to cherish‌

The Regional Owners Retreat was concluded by the Chairman by laying emphasis on networking, team building, collaborating and building positivity to breed profitability. RE/MAX India would like to thank all the Regional Owners for joining us for the retreat and hopes that even they had as much fun attending it as RE/MAX India had organizing it for them!

September-October 2014

FRO Participation 2014

RE/MAX India along with RE/MAX Delhi NCR, RE/MAX Haryana, RE/MAX Rajasthan 1, Rajasthan 2, Rajasthan 3 and Rajasthan 4 participated in the FRO on the 11th and 12th of October '14 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. In the FRO, the Regional Owners and the Regional teams ensured that they met a good number of prospects for Franchise Sales and Agent Opportunities. We wish the conversions!




Our new Regional Owners getting trained Franchise sales workshop at the RE/MAX India Headquarters

With a strong belief in the fact that the more you learn, the more you can earn, RE/MAX India organized a Regional Owners Management Training to equip our new Regional Owners with the requisite skill set and knowledge to kick - start their region. The training sessions not only trained them on the success mantras for Franchise Sales but also gave them an overview of the best practices to successfully run a region. RE/MAX India would like to wish them all the very best for their new journey with RE/MAX!




September-October 2014

Franchise sales workshop With a very strong business model that RE/MAX offers in the franchising business, the Franchise Sales Workshop at the National Headquarters ensures that the Franchise Sales team of our regions gains an expertise on the core competencies for effective sales. With a blend of the theoretical and practical training that helps them in developing the targeted competencies, the training brings all the individuals together providing them opportunities to learn not only from the veterans in RE/MAX but also from their peers. RE/MAX India would like to wish all the very best to the regional teams of RE/MAX Rajasthan1, RE/MAX Punjab, RE/MAX Kerala and RE/MAX West Bengal who got trained at the National Headquarters and hopes that the newly learned skills will be put into practice and reap impactful results!



-Zig Ziglar

September-October 2014

Bringing Joy, Positivity, Happiness & Prosperity to Workplace

To make the festival of lights full of delight, the RE/MAX India family got together for Diwali celebrations at the National Headquarters. The team along with the Chairman and the ViceChairman celebrated the occasion with puja followed by a small get together. With food, crackers and Diwali gifts being the fabulous ways of celebrating Diwali everyone at the Headquarters enjoyed the festivity of the occasion!

National level partnership with WTC It is with immense pleasure that we formally announce the Association of RE/MAX India with WTC (World Trade Center), Gift City, Gujarat. RE/MAX India has signed up a National Level MOU with WTC which will enable all RE/MAX India affiliates to market their projects. For more details about the project, you can get in touch with Mr. Vikas Tawar, Network Acquisition and Development Manager, RE/MAX Delhi/NCR at + 91 7042698817.

Wishing them the very best for this partnership!

September-October 2014

Veterans in RE/MAX India team taking new Roles & Responsibilities Additional Responsibilities taken by Puneet Verma and Manpreet Grewal Puneet Verma (Vice President, Sales) will also be a National Sales Coach for all our regions across the country and will be available to guide, mentor and coach all our regions across the country in Sales. Manpreet Grewal (Regional Director, RE/MAX India) will also be a National Development Coach for all the regions across the country and will be available to guide, mentor and coach all our regions across the country for business development.

Sahil Kapoor takes up the role of Asst. Regional Director at RE/MAX India We are pleased to share the good news of Sahil Kapoor being promoted to the position of Asst. Regional Director – RE/MAX India. Sahil has been a member of the pioneering team that started RE/MAX in India. He has been responsible for various roles and responsibilities which have included Franchise Sales, Training, Franchise Development, Developers Relations, National and International Property Shows in the US and Canada etc. For the last two years, he has been successfully running the region of Delhi NCR as an independent entity. Under his able leadership, RE/MAX Delhi NCR has won two International Awards for Net Office Gain and Net Agent Gain namely at the RE/MAX International Convention in Las Vegas in 2014. Sahil has also been the face of RE/MAX for its PR Activities and has appeared on various Property Shows on different National Television Channels.

Anmol Aggarwal takes up the role of Asst. Regional Director – RE/MAX Delhi NCR We are also pleased to share the good news of Anmol Aggarwal being promoted to the position of. Anmol has been a member of the pioneering team at RE/MAX India and has been instrumental in helping new regions kick start in terms of Franchise Sales & Franchise Development. He has been an integral part of the RE/MAX Delhi NCR team along with Sahil Kapoor in the capacity of Head – Franchise Sales wherein he was recognized as the best Franchise Sales person nationally for two consecutive years. He has also been recognized by RE/MAX International on various occasions for doing the highest number of Franchise Sales in their monthly recognitions. In his last role as National Manager – Regional Sales at RE/MAX India, he has been instrumental in successfully selling 6 regions in this financial year under the leadership and guidance of Puneet Verma (Vice President, Sales).

Parul Choudhary takes up the role of National Manager – Network Development We are pleased to share with you the good news of Parul Choudhary being promoted to the position of National Manager – Network Development. Parul has been with RE/MAX India for around two years and has been responsible for a variety of roles which have included transaction reporting and audits, franchise development, training and franchise sales.

September-October 2014

Sahil Sharma takes up the role of Head – Online Marketing & Technology It is with immense pleasure that we share with you the good news of Sahil Sharma being promoted to the position of Head – Online Marketing & Technology. Sahil has been with RE/MAX India for the past three years and has been responsible for managing the technology platform, managing marketing platforms, training and graphic & web designing. He has been instrumental in helping the Regional & Broker Office Franchises plus the Agents in understanding and using the biggest tool of RE/MAX – Technology.

Welcome our new members in the RE/MAX India family

Gaganpreet Jain has joined us as Head HR & Administration With more than 7 years of insightful experience in Human Resource Management, Gagan is a MBA in HR with special focus on Manpower planning, Talent Acquisition & Talent Management.

Vinyas Vashisht has joined us as Manager Legal & Administration Armed with a B.A LL.B (Hons.) and MBA, Vinyas has over 3 years of insightful experience in legal affairs, compliance and administration. He brings with him effective analytical and logical thinking abilities and we are very sure that he will be a great value addition to the team.

Priyesh Upadhyay has joined as a Graphic Designer With an AASP diploma from Arena Multimedia, Priyesh has around 2 years of experience in Graphic Designing. He will be a part of the Online Marketing & technology team and will be a one stop solution for all your marketing needs.

RE/MAX India would like you to join us in wishing each one of them all the very best for their new job roles. We are confident that these new promotions and additions will go a long way in strengthening the support and mentoring system at RE/MAX India & RE/MAX Delhi NCR.

September-October 2014

Know your Team at RE/MAX India Samir (Sam) Chopra

Saloni Chopra

Sandeep Kumar

Chairman & Founder

Vice Chairman &

Advisor - Corporate

Co - Founder


Manpreet Grewal

Sahil Kapoor

Puneet Verma

Regional Director

Asst. Regional Director

Vice President - Sales

Parul Chaudhary

Pankaj Giri

Sahil Sharma

National Manager

Sr. Network Acquisition &

Head - Online


Marketing & Technology


Shikha Abrol

Yogesh Khemani

Poulami Ghosh

Network Acquisition &

Network Acquisition &

Network Acquisition &







Aman Raj

Priyesh Upadhyay

Pramod Kumar

Network Acquisition &

Graphic Designer

Marketing & Operations




Nitin Agrawal

Ashish Singh

Vinyas Vashisht

Head - Accounts & Finance

Accounts and Finance

Manager - Legal &



Anil Kumar Behura

Gaganpreet Jain

Manager - Technology

Manager - Human Resources

September-October 2014

The Chairman under the spotlight! Another feather in the cap… RE/MAX India won the “Realtor of the Year” at the Realty Plus Conclave and Excellence Awards 2014, a platform which recognizes the contributions made in the Real Estate panorama by Individuals, Realtors, Developers, IPCS / Brokers, Architects / Town Planners, Interior Designers etc. RE/MAX India would like to thank all its Affiliates across the country who have been and will always be the reason for the growth of RE/MAX in India!

It is with great pleasure that we would like to share with you that the Chairman was invited as a moderator, keynote speaker and a guest of honor at a number of realty award shows. With a very appealing energy that the audience shows and the very interesting topics like Industry Expectations, Property Buyer/End-User Issues as experienced by Brokers/Channel Partners, India as a super power by 2030 etc. that are lined up in these award shows, the viewpoints of RE/MAX India are surely being looked up to as the change makers in the current real estate market.

September-October 2014

Update on Franchise Sales Activities

RE/MAX India RE/MAX India continued with the “RE/MAX Sales Success Webinar Series” which was initiated exclusively for the regional sales and development teams across the country. The session was hosted by Mr. Sahil Kapoor and Mr. Anmol Aggarwal addressing the queries that our Franchise Sales team had across the country. Keep a sharp eye on the training calender shared by the RE/MAX Academy of Real Estate to know about the next webinar dates and make the most of it!


Delhi NCR

The regional team of RE/MAX Delhi NCR conducted a “60 Minutes with RE/MAX” exclusively for stock brokers presenting Franchise and Agent opportunities. The session was taken by Mr. Vikas Tawar, Network Acquisition and Development Consultant, RE/MAX Delhi NCR which was continued by a series of one on one meetings by the other members of the regional team. In the month of October, the region also participated with RE/MAX India at the FRO in Pragati Maidan and ensured that the team met a good number of prospects and conducted one on one meetings with the potential prospects. RE/MAX India would like to wish the region all the very best for their continued efforts for franchise sales!


North and South Gujarat The regional team conducted a series of seminars in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Rajkot and Surat (3 sessions conducted) on topics like “Changing Trends in Real Estate Brokerage” and “Be a Change Maker in Real Estate Brokerage”. The sessions were taken by the Regional Owner Mr. Manan Choksi and had a good footfall for each of the seminar. With a good pipeline of prospects for Franchise opportunities from these seminars, RE/MAX India would like to wish the region all the very best for conversions from these leads.

September-October 2014

RE/MAX Punjab B The regional team of RE/MAX Punjab B conducted a “60 Minutes with RE/MAX” in Bhatinda. The session was taken by Mr. Arun Dubey, Regional Manager, RE/MAX Punjab and the team ensured that they met good prospects for Franchise Sales and Agent recruitment. In the month of October, RE/MAX Punjab B conducted multiple activities like “ 60 Minutes with RE/MAX” in Bhatinda , session on “Why RE/MAX” along with some local property dealers and educational seminars in a college both in Ludhiana. RE/MAX India would like to wish the region all the very best for their continued efforts and hopes that the region flourishes with an increased number of offices and agents in the days to come.

RE/MAX Hyderabad

RE/MAX Hyderabad participated in TREDA Property Exhibition in Hyderabad wherein the team had a series of one on one meetings with a good number of prospects that visited their stall in the exhibition.

RE/MAX Chhattisgarh

The regional team of RE/MAX Chhattisgarh conducted a Roadshow in Bilaspur. With an average footfall of around 150 people, the team ensured that they conducted one on one meetings with a series of prospects sharing the business opportunities with RE/MAX both for the Broker Owners and Broker Associates. The Roadshow had presentations by the Regional Owner, Mr. Manish Tikariha and a motivational session by Dr. Ujjwal Patni as a guest speaker. RE/MAX India would like to wish the regional team all the very best!

September-October 2014

RE/MAX Haryana The regional team of RE/MAX Haryana along with the Regional Owner Mr. CK Taneja conducted a series of 60 Minutes with RE/MAX followed by one on one meetings in Kundli, Rohtak, Karnal, Panipat & Bahadurgarh. In the month of October, the regional team also participated with RE/MAX India in FRO at Pragati Maidan on the 11th and 12th of October '14. RE/MAX India would like to wish the region all the very best for their continued prospecting!

RE/MAX Bangalore To increase the franchise sales and agent recruitment the region, the regional team of RE/MAX Bangalore along with the Regional Owner, Mr. Siva Kyasa had been working closely with their Broker Offices and conducting a lot of one to one meetings with prospects. The regional team also had some new members join in and RE/MAX India is very sure that these continued efforts will surely reap good results.

September-October 2014

News from the RE/MAX Academy of Real Estate RE/MAX Academy of Real Estate launches its first batch of Certified Real Estate Training Committed to ensuring the creation of a pool of professional and talented Real Estate experts to the Indian Realty market, the RE/MAX Academy of Real Estate certified its first batch of young and enthusiastic professionals under the Certified Real Estate Specialist Training at the National Headquarters in Gurgaon. RE/MAX Academy of Real Estate is proud to see the idea of professionalizing the Real Estate sector take shape in the form of this training course. With a composition of professionals from varied fields and verticals, the training proved to be an enriching experience and we hope that the trainees will put the knowledge to great use in their onfield projects.

We would also like to thank all the attendees and feel that their great enthusiasm and learning spirit helped us in making the training sessions both productive and fun. The second batch of CREST will be from 24th to 28th of November ‘14 and the registrations for the same are open.

September-October 2014

The RE/MAX Academy of Real Estate certifies its fifth batch of the Broker Associates Management Training! The trainings at the RE/MAX Academy of Real Estate are aimed to not only educate our affiliates about the best practices of the industry but also give them an insight of the myriad of tools that they can use to become successful entrepreneurs. The Broker Associates Management Training at the National Headquarters is one such training aimed to nurture productivity and profitability in our Associates by educating them with specialized knowledge on documentation, marketing and lead generation, technology and social media, exclusive mandates and so on‌

So keep a sharp eye on the Monthly Calendar for the dates of the next training session and complete your certification with the RE/MAX Academy of Real Estate. For more information on various trainings by the RE/MAX Academy of Real Estate write to us at or call us at 7042698815

September-October 2014

Online series of the Agents training

To make the training available to our Affiliates all over the country, RE/MAX Academy of Real Estate has started online webinar series of the “Agents Training Program”. The month of September and October had webinars was on the “Job Roles of a Broker Associate” and “Basics in Real Estate “ that were hosted by Mr. Vikas Tawar, Network Acquisition and Development Head, RE/MAX Delhi NCR. The webinar proved to be a very interactive session with discussions on time management, building up of your business, how to qualify your clients, networking, transaction execution etc. Block your calendar for our next webinar on the 20th of November '14 and make the most out of it!

HOW TO DISTINGUISH YOURSELF! Know your niche: Earn attention by becoming a local expert and getting specific with your industry focus. Use technology: Simplify your job and enrich your customer's experience. Follow up: Be Persistent. Be Smart. Be Remembered Promote yourself: All the technology and expertise in the world won't matter unless you're putting yourself on display. Continue your education: Never stop learning. Never stop growing

SO GET TO WORK... Real estate is a tough business and being successful in this business will require perseverance and a lot of hard work. So make use of these tips and tools and the right attitude and get CRACKING!

September-October 2014

Testimonials The training overall session was satisfactory. The trainers are helpful and have good insights about market. The practical examples given were interesting and cleared lot of misconceptions. My best learning was from the session on common mistakes by sales person. Mr Nikhil Agrawal

The training is a great learning for beginners and I will be looking forward to the practical sessions. It was a real life experience mated with methodology. I would like to see some more live demonstrations and video based learning in the future sessions. Mr Nikhil Chandrakar

The training was very helpful. Overall everything was very good and very useful and I will be looking forward to the practical portion of the training. The training covered all the relevant topics in Real Estate and the trainers were well versed in subject knowledge and content delivery. Mr Karan Khattar

The trainers at the RE/MAX academy of Real Estate were very good and very influential as well. I have learnt from the training that for Real Estate sales patience reaps good results.

Mr Vivek Singh Yadav

September-October 2014

Check Out What's New in Marketing and Social Media at RE/MAX India Making workplace fun!

RE/MAX India organized #SELFIEATREMAXCONTEST at our Facebook Page( wherein we had invited selfies with RE/MAX in the background and the one with maximum number of likes would be the RE/MAX Selfie Star and will win a gift hamper from RE/MAX! We got a positive response with a lot of selfies being posted on our timeline and we will be very thrilled to organize more of such fun events on our page on a regular basis now.


RE/MAX India would like to thank everyone who participated in the RE/MAX Selfie Contest. Mr. Nirav Vakharia, Broker Owner RE/MAX Realty Solutions won the contest by getting 87 likes on his RE/MAX Selfie.

Congratulations to the RE/MAX Selfie

STAR Nirav Vakharia Nirav, Broker Owner RE/MAX Realty Solutions won the contest with 87 likes on his RE/MAX selfie.

Congratulations Nirav...

We will be looking forward for your suggestions and ideas for such activities for our page. So KEEP POSTING and keep sending us your suggestions at with ideas to promote RE/MAX and also make your work more fun!

Grow your social network through Facebook Facebook has now become like a virtual word-of-mouth and it's something every business should take advantage of. Having a strong Facebook presence does not only provide a venue for your customers to publicly recommend your brand but also a platform to further connect you to a network of other like-minded people! So make the best use of this social media resource in giving you the upper hand in marketing your business and generating a strong, dedicated following.

September-October 2014

Some of our Broker Owners are very effectively making use of this platform and do a lot of promotion of their office, associates as well as their listings through their office Facebook Page. RE/MAX India would like to share with all the top Broker Office Facebook pages that have been selected on the basis of the frequency of the posts on their pages.

RE/MAX Realty Solutions, RE/MAX North Gujarat

RE/MAX Highrise Realty, RE/MAX Delhi NCR

RE/MAX Plus, RE/MAX Hyderabad

September-October 2014

Weekly update on inventory available across the network! In order to work towards achieving our aim of helping you make your “Network your Net worth” (which was also the theme of the last convention), RE/MAX India now shares the New Listings from across the network with all the Affiliates on a weekly basis so that you are up to date on the latest inventory available within the network.

More listings – More Showings – Faster SOLD listings More Satisfied Clients – More Referrals – More Sales MORE MONEY! It all starts from LISTINGS and MORE LISTINGS! So let's work together towards increasing the number of listings and connect with your Regional Administrators to get trained on LISTING. You can also mail directly to Mr. Sahil Sharma at for all your queries regarding the same. Happy Listing!

September-October 2014

Press Buzz – RE/MAX in the News!

PUBLICATION: Real Estate Observer, September Edition

PUBLICATION: The Hindu Business Line

September-October 2014

PUBLICATION: Times of India

September-October 2014

News From the Regions


West Bengal To learn the best practices of running a RE/MAX Broker office, Mr. Debashis Majumdar, the Regional Owner of RE/MAX West Bengal visited RE/MAX Highrise Realty, one of the Broker Offices of RE/MAX Delhi NCR. With some great conversations starting from the current trends in Real Estate to discussions on the political scenario of the country, there was surely a lot of learning in this cross – pollination of thoughts. Also, making use of the national level tie-up of RE/MAX India and Godrej and with a motive to showcase the Real Estate opportunities to the NRI’s living in Africa, Mr. Jaydip Mehta, Broker Owner RE/MAX Realty Solutions , RE/MAX West Bengal participated in one of their property shows in Uganda, Africa. RE/MAX India would like to wish the region all the very best for all their initiatives and hopes that under the new leadership of Debashis, the region will soon see a lot happening in terms of Franchise Sales!


North and South Gujarat

In addition to a lot of initiatives taken for the franchise sales in the region, the development team of RE/MAX North and South Gujarat ensured the up-skilling of their Affiliates through a series of webinars conducted in the month. With webinars on topics like“ Selling More of Your Own Listings” and “ Home Buyers have Changed … Have you” by Mr. Pranav Pandya, Franchise Development Manager, RE/MAX North and South Gujarat , RE/MAX India is very sure that all these initiatives will prove fruitful in sharing the best practices with the Associates in their region.



RE/MAX Punjab has taken a new initiative of launching their regional newspaper “Punjab Realty Fortune” wherein in addition to covering some of the major highlights on the real estate market in the region, the newspaper also promotes the franchising opportunities with RE/MAX Punjab and various properties that are available in the region for sale. RE/MAX India would like to wish all the very best to the region for all their innovative method of constant prospecting!

September-October 2014

News from RE/MAX LLC

2015 R4

Las Vegas (2nd - 5th March)

Peyton Manning. Steven Tyler. Thousands of your closest colleagues, mentors and coaches. And, most importantly, you. That’s who will be at the 2015 R4 in Las Vegas, March 2-5. (But seriously, Peyton Manning and Steven Tyler?!) Register for the 2015 RE/MAX R4 today! By doing so, you’ll secure your spot for the event of the year with exclusive pricing of $525. But hurry – Early-Bird Registration lasts only through Jan. 14, 2015 Sneak peek There’s plenty to see and do – and learn! – while you’re at R4. Want a sneak peek into who you’ll be seeing and learning from? Here it is: • Mitch Albom: If you’ve read Tuesdays with Morrie, the all-time best-selling memoir, you’re familiar with Mitch Albom’s work. Hear insights directly from the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association Hall of Fame member during Tuesday’s Morning Super Session. • Kevin Carroll: It’s all about play for Kevin Carroll. The former athletic trainer and consultant for Nike will help inspire you to turn creative ideas into reality – just as he’s done for ESPN, Starbucks and the Walt Disney Company. • Shawn Achor: He’s smart, he’s funny and he’s an expert on the correlation between happiness and success. The Harvard Teaching Fellow’s observations are sure to make you think, laugh and take action. • Peyton Manning, presented by Bank of America Home Loans: The NFL’s only five-time MVP, and current Denver Broncos quarterback, has found the keys to success both on and off the football field. He shares them to help you take your career to the top. • Darren Hardy: You loved him last year, and now he’s back by popular demand. Darren Hardy, publisher and founding director of Success magazine, weaves his personal experiences together as he shares the secrets behind extremely successful businesspeople. • Steven Tyler: Is there anything else that needs to be said? (But just in case: The Aerosmith front man and former American Idol judge promises to truly rock the Party With a Purpose on Thursday, March 5.) Download the 2015 R4 brochure to discover what else you can expect from this year’s R4. Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino All convention events, including sessions, social gatherings and meetings, will be held at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. Reserve your room with special $209/night R4 pricing (and discounted $20/night resort fee) before the hotel sells out! Contact EDR Travel – which can also help you secure discounted rates for airfare, car rentals and other travel arrangements – or book your room online


September-October 2014


Ranked as #1 Real Estate Franchise Recognized as Leading Franchise for 6th Consecutive Year

DENVER – For the sixth consecutive year, RE/MAX,

RE/MAX reported 2013 year-end performance:

LLC has been ranked as the leading real estate


Net gain of 4,220 agents, a 5% increase


11 countries added to international footprint



franchise in the 2014 Franchise Times Top 200. The exhaustive annual survey is based upon 2013 worldwide sales and growth and includes franchisors


In the 2014 Franchise Times Top 200:






consecutive year

from a wide variety of business sectors.



Revenue up 11% over 2012

RE/MAX ranked #12 overall. The closest real

For the second consecutive year, RE/MAX was also

estate franchises were ranked #28 and #45.


RE/MAX gained two places over its standing in 2013.





estate 2014

brokerage Franchise



RE/MAX was named on Entrepreneur's FastestGrowing and Low-Cost franchise lists and received


RE/MAX also ranked #2 in the “Top 10 Sales Growth” category.

Overall, four of the top five spots in the rankings were claimed by fast food franchises, including No. 1 McDonald's, No. 3 KFC, No. 4 SUBWAY and No. 5 Burger King.

the highest global ranking among real estate brokerage franchises. Founded in 1973, RE/MAX completed a successful public offering one year ago, and trades under the ticker symbol RMAX on the New York Stock Exchange.






“Our philosophy at RE/MAX has always been very

innovations, RE/MAX continues to adapt and change

simple,” said Margaret Kelly, RE/MAX CEO. “Attract

with the real estate market and expand around the

new franchisees by providing support services and


competitive advantages that help them succeed. It's why we continue to grow, innovate and evolve.”

September-October 2014

RE/MAX Anniversaries Anniversaries for the Month of September

The World’s No. 1 Real Estate Franchise Network

North & South Gujarat





RE/MAX North and South Gujarat Complete Glorious Years with RE/MAX India

Nobody in the world sells more Real Estate than RE/MAX


Name of the Region

Broker Office Name

Broker Owner's Name

Number of Years

RE/MAX North Gujarat

RE/MAX Kunvarji

Payal Shah


RE/MAX Rest of Tamil Nadu

RE/MAX Assets ID

B G Gayathri


Anniversaries for the Month of October Name of the Region

Broker Office Name

Broker Owner's Name

Number of Years

RE/MAX North Gujarat

RE/MAX Advantage

Anand Choksi


RE/MAX Chattisgarh

RE/MAX Corporate Services

Pravin Tikariha


RE/MAX South Gujarat

RE/MAX Property Clinic

Hardik Nayak


September-October 2014

Heroes of the Month

Top Listors

for the Month of September & October

Jigar Pandya Sandeep Pandya RE/MAX Corporate Services RE/MAX Dreamz RE/MAX North Gujarat RE/MAX North Gujarat

Top Transactor

Vishal M Wadhwani RE/MAX Metro RE/MAX Mumbai

P Nishanth Kumar RE/MAX Real Estate Consultant RE/MAX Hyderabad

Bijoy Vincent Masih RE/MAX Stonebridge RE/MAX Karnataka

for the Month of September & October

SUCCESS doesn’t just come AND FIND YOU,

you have to go out andGET


September-October 2014

Top Listings

Description: 1 BHK FLAT on rent at sukh shanti apartments, six lane highway touch, changodar located at sarkhej- changodar road, 5-6 kms from sarkhej ujala circle with all amenities like, 4 hours professional security system Parking facility. Broker Associate: Jigar Pandya Broker Office: RE/MAX Corporate Services Region: RE/MAX North Gujarat

Description: Office for rent at Siddhivinayak near divyabhaskar Commercial office space is available for rent at Ahmedabad near prahladnagar corporate road with all the facility and good connectivity, excellent surroundings and good infrastructural support. Broker Associate: Sandeep Pandya Broker Office: RE/MAX Dreamz Region: RE/MAX North Gujarat

Description: Price includes One Covered Car Parking, Lift, Manjeera Drinking Water, Borewell (24 Water Supply) and Rainwater Harvesting Near Mount Litera Zee School, Gopal Reddy Colony, Kapra Muncipality Road. Broker Associate: P Nishanth Kumar Broker Office: RE/MAX Real Estate Consultant Region: RE/MAX Hyderabad

Description: This is a penthouse for rent in prime richomd road for monthly rent. Building is emaculate and very well kept , the flat is 2500 sqft with terrace bar, artificial waterfall etc , this meant for ppl with fine taste and desiring of a luxurious life with adequate open spaces. Broker Associate: Bijoy Vincent Masih Broker Office: RE/MAX Stonebridge Region: RE/MAX Karnataka

September-October 2014

Realty Bytes Govt relaxes FDI norms for construction, real estate sector In a boost to cash-starved real estate industry, government today relaxed rules for FDI in the construction sector by reducing minimum built-up area as well as capital requirement and easing the exit norms. The proposal to amend the FDI policy in construction development sector was approved by the Union Cabinet. In view of depleting FDI inflow in construction and real estate sector in last couple of years, the Cabinet decided to reduce the minimum floor area to 20,000 sq mt from the earlier 50,000 sq mt. It also brought down the minimum capital requirement to USD 5 million from USD 10 million. In case of development of serviced plots, the condition of minimum land of 10 hectares has been completely removed, an official statement said. Although 100 percent foreign direct investment was allowed in townships, housing and built-up infrastructure and construction developments since 2005, the government had imposed certain conditions. "These measures are expected to result in enhanced inflows into the construction development sector... It is likely to attract investments in new areas and encourage development of plots for serviced housing given the shortage of land in and around urban agglomerations as well as the high cost of land. "The measure is also expected to result in creation of much needed low cost affordable housing in the country and development of smart cities," the statement said. Although the Cabinet has not reduced the 3-year lock-in period, it has permitted foreign investors to exit on project completion or 3 years from the date of final investment subject to the development of trunk infrastructure. The government said the relaxation was necessary as FDI inflows in the sector, which witnessed a steady rise during 2006-07 and 2009-10, have started declining. "To step up investment in construction development with its backward and forward linkages for many other sectors of the economy, it is felt that some liberalisation and rationalisation of the FDI policy...Could be the necessary catalyst to give a boost to the sector," it added. Between April 2000 and August 2014, the construction sector received FDI worth USD 23.75 billion or 10 per cent of the total FDI attracted by India during the period. Realtors apex body CREDAI president C Shekar Reddy said it would help developers get an alternative route of funding for their projects.

September-October 2014

$20 Billion Property Trusts in India Delayed by Tax Rules The Indian government has announced rules for setting up real estate investment trusts, vehicles that may spur $20 billion of property development. None of the money will be spent unless the country’s tax code is revised. “REITs cannot take off in India until changes are made in the tax regime,” Anshuman Magazine, chairman of CBRE South Asia Pvt., said in a telephone interview from New Delhi. “Until these issues are resolved, there isn’t much incentive for developers to take the trust route.” REITs will provide a new source of funds to debt-laden Indian developers to construct malls and office buildings, bolstering Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to revive Asia’s No.3 economy. Tax rules that make it unattractive to sell a security in less than three years and concerns about levies to be paid by builders may prolong the wait for greater transparency in a sector where asset pricing often is opaque. The Securities and Exchange Board of India, the country’s market regulator, released rules for establishing REITs Sept. 26, giving investors the ability to participate in the country’s property market without investing directly. The trusts will have to own assets valued at least 5 billion rupees ($82 million) and investors must put in a minimum of 200,000 rupees, the regulator said. SEBI doesn’t oversee India’s tax regulations, though, and for now those remain a deterrent to creating or investing in REITs, Magazine said. Tax Hurdles The tax bill for starting a REIT would be higher than for raising money through an initial share sale, Bhairav Dalal, associate director for tax and regulatory practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Mumbai, said in an e-mail. “Until a finance bill is passed to change certain rules, the tax cost might impact the returns offered to investors.” Investors are disadvantaged by REITs because under existing rules shares in them must be held for three years before they are exempt from capital gains tax, unlike investments in “listed securities,” which gain the exemption after one year, Dalal said. There is also a lack of clarity on whether the developer setting up the trust would have to pay the so-called minimum alternative tax.

SEBI is in discussions with the finance ministry to resolve tax issues that may be hindering the listing of REITs, SEBI Chairman U.K. Sinha said in Mumbai on Oct. 8. He didn’t give a timeframe for when the code will be changed. March 2016 Changes to the tax regulations aren’t likely to be announced before the presentation of the next Indian government budget in February, CBRE’s Magazine said. The first REITs aren’t likely to be listed until late in the Indian fiscal year that ends in March 2016, said Anubhav Gupta, a Mumbai-based real estate analyst at Kim Eng Securities Pvt. The property trusts pool investor money to buy real estate such as shopping malls, office buildings and rental housing. REIT-funded assets may reach $20 billion by 2020, according to an estimate from propertybroker Cushman & Wakefield, of which as much as $12 billion could be raised in the first three to five years. India has plenty of assets ready to be packaged into trusts. Asia’s third-largest economy has been in the top five global office markets for at least seven years, with average annual net demand of more than 30 million square feet (2.8 million square meters), according to Cushman & Wakefield. Developer Debts DLF Ltd. (DLFU), India’s largest developer by value with about 28 million square feet (2.6 million square meters) of operational rental assets; Prestige Estates Projects Ltd., a Bengaluru-based developer; Phoenix Mills Ltd. (PHNX), a Mumbai-based mall operator and Oberoi Realty Ltd. are among developers that will benefit listing REITs, Gupta said by phone on Oct. 7. DLF yesterday was barred from raising funds in the market for three years by SEBI for failing to disclose information during its initial public offering. The combined debt of the six largest Indian developers climbed to a record 394 billion rupees in the 12 months through March 31, more than double the 158.8 billion rupees in 2007, according to data compiled by broker IIFL Ltd. India has the highest borrowing costs among major Asian economies.

September-October 2014

RE/MAX India Welcomes its New Broker Associates (September) Region Name

Office Name



RE/MAX Realty Investmart

Karan Khattar

RE/MAX North Gujarat

RE/MAX Advantage

Hardik Panchal

RE/MAX North Gujarat

RE/MAX Advantage

Shankar Bhalawat

RE/MAX North Gujarat

RE/MAX Advantage

Shivkumar Masand

RE/MAX North Gujarat

RE/MAX Advantage

Vikram Bhavsar

RE/MAX North Gujarat

RE/MAX Propkonnect

Ketan Barevadia

RE/MAX Madhya Pradesh 1

RE/MAX Property Services

Mr. Naresh Kushwah

RE/MAX Bangalore

RE/MAX Stonebridge

Bijoy Vincent Masih

RE/MAX Bangalore

RE/MAX Home Care

Suresh Reddy

RE/MAX Hyderabad

RE/MAX Real Estate Consultants

Vrajesh Kumar


RE/MAX Galaxy Realty

Ujjwal Shorewal

RE/MAX Chennai

RE/MAX Winners LPC

AV. Mohan Rajj

RE/MAX Chennai

RE/MAX Winners LPC

V.Udaya banu

RE/MAX Haryana

RE/MAX Corporate Services

Roop Narain

RE/MAX India Welcomes its New Broker Associates (October) Region Name

Office Name


RE/MAX Greater Vishakha


Venkatesh Ravi

RE/MAX Gujarat

RE/MAX Advantage

Dr. Jayendra Barad

RE/MAX Gujarat

RE/MAX Advantage

Harshil Shah

RE/MAX Bangalore

RE/MAX Stonebridge

Nageshwar Narayana

RE/MAX Delhi

RE/MAX Solution Specialists

Shubham Makhija

RE/MAX Delhi

RE/MAX Realty Investmart

Nikhil Chandrakar

RE/MAX Delhi

Remax Highrise Realty

Gavita giroh

RE/MAX Mumbai

RE/MAX Matrix

Punit D Thakkar

September-October 2014

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RE/MAX Realty Review September - October '14  

RE/MAX Realty Review September - October '14

RE/MAX Realty Review September - October '14  

RE/MAX Realty Review September - October '14