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Fall 2010 Newsletter Times Are Changing in Tucson

We would like to introduce the most productive group of REALTORS in all of Tucson. In July, RE/MAX Excalibur hired 12 associates for the Tucson office brining the total number of licensed professionals to 35. The most impressive statistics about this group? They average over 12 transactions a year and over $3,000,000 in volume! With so many productive and professional associates, the Tucson office is poised to threaten the competition for major market share. It is all just a matter of time. The RE/MAX brand is going to grow and thrive thanks to all of these incredible individuals.

Are You Protecting Your  Are You Protecting Your    Client’s Privacy? Client’s Privacy?   I’ve recently attended two risk management seminars (the more I go, the more scared I get) and one of the big topics is protecting our clients’ privacy. Under the Gramm-Leach-Biley Act, we are required to protect any and all information we collect for financial and real estate settlement purposes.

Rol Johnson Broker RE/MAX Excalibur

In 2009, 350 real estate agents and brokers were arrested and convicted for failing to properly protect this information. When you stop to think about the information we acquire, it ranges from social security numbers, checks with account and routing numbers, credit card numbers, addresses (past and present), credit reports, dates of birth, and on and on it goes. If I were to pop open your car trunks, I wonder how many crates and boxes of files I would find there chucked full of client information. Do you leave your office door unlocked with unlocked file cabinets? Do you have client files in your home office that are easily accessible? Do you leave your briefcase or laptop open while you run for a cup of coffee? Do you work online at Starbucks with this info easily available to someone who is looking for an easy mark? Do you leave clients alone in your car or office where other clients information is available? Are your digital records and information encrypted? Just ask yourself how easy it would be to gather this information from you or from a fellow agent. All of this is intended to get us all to think about how we handle this information. Hopefully, by the time you read this article or soon thereafter, we will publish the new RE/MAX Excalibur privacy policy and agreement. This has been an extraordinary summer for difficult problem solving. Hardly a day goes by when one of you says “you won’t believe what just happened on my transaction”. Believe me, you are not alone with the crazy happenings on almost every transaction. None of us have ever experienced some of the things that occur. All I can advise you to do is call me or talk to your fellow associates and you’ll learn it’s not just you. Finish the summer strong, we don't have far to go now.


RE/MAX Continues to Deliver RE/MAX Continues to Deliver   One of the things that Tyler and I look forward every year to is the Annual Broker/ Owner convention sponsored by RE/MAX. This year the event was held in Denver, CO, a great place to get away from the desert sun.

Howard Lein Owner RE/MAX Excalibur

The content of the convention is absolutely off the charts and allows us to give you continuing support for your sales activity as Excalibur associates. Some of the best ideas have come from our networking and friendships established. Please allow me to point out some of the programs introduced this year that we will be delivering to you to help you grow your business. National Real Estate Investors Association. Because for the next 3 to 5 years, investors will be at least 25% of our business. The NREIA is a 32,000-member trade group that will develop certification classes and other programming with RE/MAX University beginning this fall. These resources will provide real-time tips and tools that will be vital to your success when it comes to dealing with investors in our marketplace. Real Property Management. RE/MAX has established a property management contract with the largest property management company in the nation. They are also the property management company used by close to 200 asset managers as well as Freddie and Fannie. They will send listing leads to RE/MAX associates when, for instance, clients express interest in selling their rental properties. RPM will also pay referral fees when RE/MAX associates bring new tenants or new property management clients into its system. Those referrals remain connected to the associate, so that when the tenant is ready to buy or the investor is ready to sell, the lead is returned to the original source. A special portal to facilitate each type of referral will go live in September. More information will be released soon. The leadership of the RE/MAX organization is one of the most forward thinking groups of leaders in the industry. The alliances they form and the products and services they produce are always on the cutting edge and produced with one goal in mind, PUTTING MORE MONEY IN THE ASSOCIATES’ POCKET. I have one last “bonus” item to share with you. Because of our attendance at the RE/MAX Broker/ Owner convention, ALL of the associates at RE/MAX Excalibur will be able to attend next year’s Annual Convention at HALF-PRICE. Lets finish the year strong!


The NACA Program and  What it Means to  YOU  What it Means to YOU YOU  David Johnson

Today’s topic for discussion contains information that you have never heard presented in Sales Manager/Coach your entire real estate career. “The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America is a RE/MAX Excalibur nonprofit mortgage lending organization founded in 1988 and is dedicated to making loans to people who have not been able to obtain a home loan from conventional sources". Another way of stating this is to say that an entire class of borrowers has become available to us that we have never been able to help before. Previously unqualified buyers. NACA prevailed in a law suit against the Fleet Bank of Boston involving predatory lending and the award they received involves making funds available to NACA customers to the tune of $10 Billion Dollars! They have made thousands of loans on the east coast and have opened an office in Phoenix as of April of this year. Down and dirty, here is the deal. NO MONEY DOWN, no closing costs, no prepayment penalty, no balloon payments, no origination fees!! The current interest rate on NACA loans is 4.25% with no limit on seller contribution to buy down the rate a 1/4 per one point discount. The seller or the buyer can buy the rate down to 1/8% if they wish. The closing costs are paid by the lender. The buyer contribution at closing will be 14 months insurance, two to three months taxes, a home inspection, and home warranty (negotiable). The first closing was a RE/MAX Excalibur client whose total contribution on a $147,000 sale was only $965. The loans are made on the buyer’s net income, not gross income. The loans are made by BofA and Citi Bank. NACA is not concerned with FICO score nor is there an income limit. The default rate of BofA loans to qualified buyers is 2 1/2%. The NACA default rate is 1%!! There is a very good reason for this. NACA has a full time staff who counsels the buyers from the day they walk in the door through closing and beyond. They are taught how to handle their finances, how to work with REALTORS, how to interface with the lender, and how to keep their payments current based upon their net income. Self employed buyers income is determined by bank statement of income and expenses, not the tax return. Properties that can be financed include single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, condos, and manufactured homes on land. The REALTOR registers with NACA on their website, and refers their clients online. The REALTOR is protected when the buyer qualifies. Ask yourself this question, “Do I have a client who failed to qualify for a loan?” If so, they should be referred to NACA immediately to begin the process. Classes are held every other week on a Saturday morning, then an appointment is made with the NACA loan officer and the process begins. Your pipeline exists as the buyers are approved for their loan and you find them a home to buy. Difficult markets produce creative techniques to accomplish sales. Here is an opportunity that can turn your career around. If you are struggling, this is the answer.


Get “The Cromford Report”  for FREE!!!!! for FREE!!!!!   “The Cromford Report” widely known as the most detailed reporting system for the Phoenix real estate market is now available for FREE through your membership to ARMLS. The report compiles Phoenix market information DAILY to provide you with the most recent and relevant market data available today. This information can be incredibly valuable to both you as you are helping your clients with their real estate transactions. The information is great for your websites, blogs and social media pages as well. Here is how you sign up. • Go to • Click on the “Statistics” tab and then on “The Cromford Report” • Click on “Sign up for the Cromford report using your ARMLS password” • Click on the “ARMLS Subscription” link • Enter in your MLS ID into the “Submit Query” box and click the “Submit Query” button • Click the link that is in the middle of the page that says “To proceed with your sign-up, please click here” • On the next page you DO NOT need to submit any payment information, just enter in a password of your choice and then go to the bottom of the page and click “Continue” Once you complete the registration, you will have access to the report at

Discounted CE Credits Now Available On-Line Get 20% Off Your On-Line Continuing Education Here is how…. • Visit • You must use the discount code RMAX for any purchase of a single class or package. The system will automatically reduce the price once the code is inserted in the shopping cart. • No refunds will be provided if the you fail to use the code. • If you experience any problems in the site, logging in, etc, call Desert Sage Seminars at 602-377 -6207.


From the Desk of the  “Talent Scout” “Talent Scout”   Three Feet from Gold

Gary Brown Director of Career Development RE/MAX Excalibur

I have read many motivational books over the years. I read them for two reasons. The first reason is to look for new ideas to share in my coaching sessions to help each of you develop and execute a winning business strategy. The second reason I read these books is because I enjoy them and I believe you are the sum total of what you read and who you associate with. I get to associate myself with the best REALTORS on the planet here at Excalibur, so that part is easy. The books help me stay positive and stay focused on the idea that what the mind can conceive and believe can be achieved.

The best book I could recommend for each of you to read is Three Feet from Gold. The book shares with the reader the common threads that help truly successful business leaders get to the top. The book chronicles the journey Greg Reid embarked on to find his real purpose in life. With the input from many of today’s most successful entrepreneurs, Greg developed his formula (success equation) for success. The formula looks like something straight out of a calculus book. ((P+T) x A x A) + F = your success. Passion combined with Talent, times Association times Action plus Faith equals your success formula. The following is a direct quote from the book: “Combine passion, something that makes your heart sing, with talent, something you excel in, multiply it by the right association, successful people or organizations, and action, concrete steps you take toward your goal, and then add your faith, the unwavering belief in yourself, and you have your own unique success equation.” I am so lucky to be able to watch so many of you each day execute your own success equations, maybe without even knowing that you are following the principles discussed above. If I can help any of you on your journey to become even more successful I want you to know I am here for you. Many of the agents you work with from other companies on cross sales are missing one key ingredient to their success formula. That ingredient is association. They are not surrounded by passionate and talented agents at their present company. When you come across a talented agent from another company that you think can benefit from working with the best, please send them my direction. It is my pleasure to welcome the following real estate professionals to Excalibur:

Valerie Carey - Tucson Jeff Collins - Tucson Bill Gaul - Tucson Dan Gebhart - Tucson Penny Gebhart - Tucson Myrna Grammar - Tucson Tom Halden - Ridge Susan Herlong - Tucson P6

Dianna Lebrecht - Tucson Lindsay Liffengren - Tucson Laura Loman - Tucson Sandra Maloney - Tucson Mark McGrew - Ridge Jacinda Mosley - Fulton Bob Nachman - Tucson Malinda Odle - Ridge

David Oesterle - Shea Tom Sloyan - Tucson Chris Thurber - Ridge Kimberly Wang - Shea Cathy Whalen - Tucson

AUGUST Tom Sloyan Nancy Eris Tom Marchant Carla Boring Randi Christel Griffin Hall Judy Houston Brian Borneman

20 years 7 years 7 years 5 years 3 years 3 years 3 years 1 year

SEPTEMBER Gary Greenacre Michelle Kenny Rol Johnson Rita McVay Polly Reed JR Reed Dan Gonen Sherry Olnhausen David Van Omen Lucy Barraza Mark Barraza Dean Selvey Robyn Viktor Louisa Ward Brian Hutchinson Tom Tischer Valerie Carey Tom Pelliteri Dianna Van Zandt Mike Domer Kelly Schaub Donna Watson

22 years 22 years 20 years 14 years 12 years 12 years 11 years 10 years 10 years 8 years 8 years 8 years 8 years 8 years 6 years 6 years 2 years 2 years 2 years 1 year 1 year 1 year

OCTOBER Julie Grahmann Gail Yancey Ellen Bett Kline Susan Salamone Gary Horton Kris Anderson Tom Henbest Steve Mora Erin O’Connor Paula Solomon Gina Burton Frances Iobst Susan Mierau Terry Bishop Maria Esquer

21 years 15 years 12 years 12 years 9 years 7 years 3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years 2 years 2 years 2 years 1 year 1 year

RE/MAX Excalibur Listings Now On HGTV’s We are proud to announce that the public can now find all of RE/MAX Excalibur’s listings on the new real estate search site which is provided by the Home and Garden Television Network. The site is designed to provide visitors with access to MLS inventory, but also neighborhood and market information necessary to making a smart buying or selling decision. By providing our listings to the site, all of our agents’ and their listings are receiving more exposure than ever before! P7

AUGUST Scott Marlow Donna Watson Cindy Davis Gina Burton Bob Laferty Kim Martin Richard Troxell Tom Sloyan Tom Marchant Sherry Olnhausen Melanie Sanders Michelle Alcorn Jane Wofford Stephanie Kaufman Erin O’Conner Rosalie Barley Tim Preiss Michelle Kenny Howard Lein Ellen Blum Bob Dickinson Bill Gaul Tooraj Bakhtiari

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Pete Castiglia Greg Rezac Jan Green Claudia Jordan Dick Surgess Richard Conner Suandra Maloney Roseann Marchetti Marilynn Carberry Mark McGrew Marti White Bonnie Burke Dan Mullarkey Andrew Gelatt Frances Rimsza Greg Remmers Myrna Grammar Vic Jordeth Mark Mashal Kristine Remmers Randy Shaw

9/3 9/3 9/5 9/5 9/6 9/6 9/13 9/14 9/19 9/19 9/19 9/22 9/22 9/23 9/23 9/24 9/24 9/26 9/27 9.28 9/29

OCTOBER Beth Steil Gladys Lopatofsky Julie Sommerfeld Lynette Messick Melissa Surges Barbara London David Van Omen Angela Higgins Julie Hillebrand Gail Yancey Steve Mora Andrew Bernal Lindsay Liffengren Leslie Maeser

10/1 10/4 10/6 10/8 10/12 10/14 10/14 10/14 10/16 10/16 10/20 10/23 10/23 10/25

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What Our Agents Are Saying….. What Our Agents Are Saying…..   “When the RE/MAX office I was with for 13 years closed recently, I viewed it as an opportunity to explore all of my options. I interviewed, and spoke with, many companies, inside and outside the RE/MAX network. After evaluating the various companies and franchises, it was clear that RE/MAX Excalibur Bob Nachman stood head-and-shoulders “above the crowd”. The incredible Shea Office management support offered… the technology tools available to the agents… the state-of-the-art offices… and the financial stability of the company, were the key factors in my joining RE/MAX Excalibur. I am looking forward to a long, mutually beneficial relationship with the company.” “I am happy to say that I have been extremely fortunate in my real estate career to have worked at Keller Williams. The environment was nurturing and felt like family. I am excited to be working at RE/MAX Excalibur and RAISING THE BAR in my business. RE/MAX is truly above the crowd in Kimberly Wang education, marketing, & national exposure. The level of support and Ridge Office service provided to agents in helping grow their business from lead generation to call capture systems is encouraging in this and ANY market. RE/MAX knows it takes a village to make a successful Brokerage. I LOVE THAT!” “When it was announced that my office was closing there was never a question in my mind that I would join another RE/MAX office. I chose RE/MAX EXCALIBUR after viewing all the programs, support and synergy they had to provide. RE/MAX takes care of their agents so they can provide the best Bill Gaul Tucson Office service for their clients. “

See the Latest Properties Magazine ON-LINE at We are pleased to announce that we now have a webbased version of the Properties Magazine. You can send the website link to ANY of your clients, put it into your e-mail signature and you can even embed the magazine right into your own website (see image to the left). For more information and ideas on how to utilize this incredible enhancement, please contact Tyler Lein at or 480-389-5346 P9

RE/MAX Is STILL #1 In Phoenix! RE/MAX Is STILL #1 In Phoenix!  

This graph is available for download at and P 10

Two Unique Lending Products,  Two Common Threads Two Common Threads   Dan White For the past month and a half we have heard David Johnson in his training class extolling the virtues of CMG Mortgage the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) loan. At the same time CMG Mortgage 602-339-4341 and my staff have been talking with many of you regarding the Home Ownership Accelerator (HOA) Mortgage. They are two separate and distinctly different mortgage products aimed at very different segments of the market. NACA’s primary target is consumers who cannot access credit. NACA has a fantastic lending product that allows borrowers to get a phenomenal no money down product with eased qualification guidelines. There is simply no other product like it on the market. Similarly, CMG’s Home Ownership Accelerator loan allows borrowers with excellent cash flow and down payment to save thousands of dollars in interest. The target market is financially savvy borrowers, who can access credit, but choose to maximize their use of money in order to save substantially on their mortgage.

Interestingly enough both loans, as different as they are, share 2 aspects that prove both their validity and niche in the market place. First of all, there is no doubt that both loans have excellent performance statistics. Even the typical NACA borrower cannot access credit through traditional sources, the actual default ratio is less than .50 percent. That is a phenomenal record when you consider what the economy has on the average borrower that NACA caters to. There are 2 main reasons for this performance history. First, NACA teaches borrowers how to buy a home and how to plan for expenses after the purchase. They take into account repairs that need to be made to the property and how to prepare for future family needs. The education process is a key ingredient because it is key information that most people never receive before purchasing a home. Secondly, NACA will not allow a borrower to buy more home than they can afford and they take all of the buyer’s individual needs into account. For example, a larger family has more expense and those expenses are taken into account in qualifying for the NACA loan. Similarly, the homeownership accelerator has less than a .50% default ratio. The reason again is in qualification. The average credit line on the HOA loan is $450,000 and the average net worth is over $1M. While the credit criteria allows for borrowers with much lower net worth, we really only suggest and qualify the loan for the proper borrowers. It is just not the right loan for everyone, but those who do take advantage of the product, save thousands of dollars, while experiencing little or no change to their spending habits. The performance statistics on both products prove that when responsible lending practices are followed, for the right borrowers, default rates go down and mortgage loans get paid back as agreed. Hard lessons learned over the past several years. The second aspect shared by both products is even more important. Both loans are consumer advocacy lending products. NACA offers borrowers credit and affordable home ownership where there was none in the past. Few if any products in my 15 year career can boast that while still educating the borrower and giving them a road map for success. The Home Ownership Accelerator, in similar fashion is consumer advocacy in a different way. You may not realize, but on the average amortized 30 year loan, 25% of the total interest bill is paid back in the first 5 years of the loan. In addition, the average mortgage only stays in place for 5 to 7 years. If you were to calculate the actual APR on a loan that paid off in 5 years, it would be closer to 14 to 15% because of all of the front loaded interest. Because of the mechanics of the HOA loan, borrowers start saving on day 1. That savings only picks up steam over time, so in the end… borrowers save tens of thousands of dollars. I can think of no better example of consumer advocacy. The biggest impediment to wealth building in America is a large mortgage payment. Helping borrowers eliminate that altogether is our mission. When responsible lending is combined with innovation, loans get paid back as agreed and banks stay happy. The final result? A satisfied borrower and client for you. Each NACA borrower is required to promote and advertise the product because NACA is a not for profit entity. Most NACA borrowers do so enthusiastically because of the incredible product NACA offers. Similarly, the average HOA borrower refers 6 clients because of the incredible advantages that the lending product offers. Two loans, two opposite markets, two common aspects and one common result – client satisfaction.

If you have any questions regarding this article or if you have any other lending questions, please contact: Dan White 602-339-4341 P 11

Check Out the NEW Check Out the NEW  

Here are the latest enhancements to the new site: • MAP SEARCH • Links to the company social networking pages • Digital edition of our Properties Magazine is right on the homepage • Better placement of the Excalibur Home Hotline phone number (aka VoicePad) • Enhanced property search system that will search both the ARMLS and TARMLS databases (no more separate Tucson and Phoenix search buttons). P 12

VoicePad Training Webinars VoicePad Training Webinars   You’ll learn: • How to activate Client/Customer to use the Excalibur Home Hotline • New buyer activation, including activating on the go at • Callback scripts & best practices • VoicePad Google map • Registered Buyer Report • What the Lead Manager Report Means • Call Details, Call Duration, Notes • Lead follow-up, including downloading data to Excel • How to Take Advantage of our New Presentation Features and Audio Upgrades • In listing presentations • For personal agent marketing • For listings not automated from your MLS • What You Can Learn from Quick Stats • How to Track the Effectiveness of Your Media Ads with Code & Code Optional Features RESERVE YOUR WEBINAR SEAT BY VISITING ONE OF THE LINKS BELOW Wed, Sep 1, 2010 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM PST - Thu, Oct 7, 2010 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM PST - Wed, Nov 10, 2010 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM MST - Thu, Dec 2, 2010 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM MST -

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar. Don’t have enough time or the technical expertise to enhance your listings in VoicePad or to get proper signage placed on your properties? We have a fantastic service for you! For a small fee, our staff can now enhance your listings FOR YOU, and if you would like, order a sign rider to be put on your yard sign as well. There is still NO cost to you to use the VoicePad system or enhance your listings on your own time. Our new services simply take the responsibility out of your hands, freeing you up to do more with your day. For more information, contact: Carie Ault (Tucson) 520-461-1255 / Julia Keller (Phoenix) 480-355-3500 /

P 13

Imagine…. Our soldiers in the field can recharge their iPhones, iPods, Blackberrys and laptops…. ALL WITHOUT PLUGGING INTO A WALL! The Objective…. Provide 50,000 solar charges to our troops abroad AND create a fund raising tool for our foundation Delivery…. Sentinels of Freedom, AZ volunteers will package and ship the units to the soldiers. Donation…. $49.95 provides a solar charger for a soldier AND includes a donation to the foundation. Individuals will also be given the option of purchasing solar chargers for personal use. Our Goal…. $750,000 income to assist our goal of mentoring and assisting 10 more severely disable solders and provide 50,000 solar chargers to our troops! Who to Contact…. Howard Lein, Team Leader Sentinels of Freedom, AZ 480-346-5353

Search with New Mobile Browser The newly optimized website makes it easy for you and consumers to search millions of properties from any mobile device. identifies consumers searching from a mobile device and automatically displays web pages that are optimized for mobile viewing. Download the Mobile Flyer for more information. Visitors can access the site whenever and wherever they are. They can search millions of properties by area or address, and request more information, all from their mobile device.* This allows consumers to take advantage of the brand-new address search feature. This feature gives prospective buyers the opportunity to look up listing information on the spot by entering the property address into Try out the new mobile browser today and let your contacts know it's up and running. *Platforms currently supported include; iPhones, Androids, and BlackBerrys running OS 5.0 or newer. Older BlackBerrys and Windows Mobile devices will be supported by early September 2010. © 2010 RE/MAX, LLC. RE/MAX Affiliates may share this article, provided they do not charge for it and this notice is included. All other rights reserved.

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Smart Talk Smart Talk   For achieving your potential ~Lou Tice SIX REASONS TO SET GOALS: •

• • • • •

Allyn Barnum Manager - Fulton Ranch RE/MAX Excalibur

If we don’t set any goals or ideals – if we don’t’ have anything to keep us looking forward, with positive expectancy, to the future – we can waste away, self-destruct, or die. We all need targets; otherwise, just like missiles without targets, we will fizzle out and self-destruct. If you don’t deliberately give yourself a goal for survival, you recreate the one you’ve got. If you don’t set your own new goals, you adopt the agendas and suggestions other people have for you. By having goals and affirmations, you build resiliency to set-backs. Another reason to set goals is to create cognitive dissonance and its positive byproducts – creative energy, motivation, drive and direction.


Prepare your mind before taking action. Remember: All meaningful and lasting change starts on the inside first, and works its way out. Change your internal image of reality. Avoid flattening out by setting goals through, not up to. Make extraordinary ordinary. Take the chance, and don’t leave yourself out. Choose what’s good enough for you. Grow into the goal. Don’t’ worry about the resources.

4 Month Snapshot of Sales from ARMLS

P 15


TROON 10458 E Jomax Rd #100 Scottsdale, AZ 85262

Phone: 480-344-4400 Fax: 480-344-4500 CHANDLER

SCOTTSDALE RIDGE 21803 N Scottsdale Rd #100 Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Phone: 480-850-5000 Fax: 480-850-5005

SHEA 8510 E Shea Blvd #100 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 TUCSON

Phone: 480-355-3500 Fax: 480-355-3505

FULTON RANCH 4921 S Alma School Rd Chandler, AZ 85248

Phone: 480-883-9800 Fax: 480-883-9804

ORO VALLEY/TUCSON 11115 N. La Canada Dr #155 Tucson, AZ 85737

Phone: 520-461-1255 Fax: 520-461-1256

P 16

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