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RE/MAX! Results from the J.D. Power and Associates 2011 Home Buyer/Seller Study, recognize RE/MAX for providing the highest overall consumer satisfaction for both home buyers and home sellers. In last year’s study, two different companies ranked the highest in each category, but this year home buyers and sellers both rated RE/MAX the highest. “It all comes down to professionalism and a commitment to a premier level of customer service,” said RE/MAX Chairman and Co-Founder Dave Liniger. “Because RE/MAX agents average more experience and training than other agents, they are better prepared to deal with home buyers and sellers in any kind of market. And, consumer preferences tell the story . . . nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX.” This is the fourth annual study of home buyer and seller satisfaction with the largest national real estate companies, conducted by J.D. Power and Associates. For the home buying experience, three factors were considered: agent/ salesperson, office and a variety of additional services. Four factors were examined for the home-selling experience: agent/salesperson, marketing, office and a variety of additional services. Details from the study indicate that on a scale of 1,000, homebuyer respondents ranked RE/MAX with a score of 805 and home sellers put RE/MAX on top at 791. The 2011 study includes more than 4,200 evaluations from 3,680 respondents who bought or sold a home in the U.S. between March 2010 and April 2011. In two other 2011 industry surveys of the country’s top real estate brokerages, RE/MAX agents averaged more transaction sides than agents at the other national franchises. The RIS Media Power Broker Survey and the REAL Trends 500 both showed that RE/MAX agents averaged over 14 transactions sides, more than double the average of many competitors. The success of RE/MAX agents is the result of its comprehensive educational platform, RE/MAX University, which offers over 1,100 educational programs on-demand, and available online, on television, on smart phones and in classrooms around the world. (More information and marketing tools pertaining to this prestigious award can be found at


LETS FINISH STRONG! With summer over, and the heat getting back to “normal”, its time to concentrate how to wrap up what can best be described as a “very remarkable year”. I continue to marvel at the creativeness and resiliency of our associates in our challenging times. You are truly an example of why RE/MAX is noted for having the BEST AGENTS IN REAL ESTATE. We are stepping up the offering of tools to help you continue to succeed. You are being provided with marketing and education tools that are second to none in the industry. As you are completing 2011 and preparing for 2012, make a goal to open your mind to the changes we are asking you to look at. The “moving target” of real estate will never change. It’s our goal to provide you with the leadership and the best tools. Lets look at some of the “changing markets”. For some of you longing for the “old days” of luxury sales opportunities……they have returned! Excalibur has had a development program underway since July, examining our entry opportunities in the luxury market. With the help of our Luxury Home Advisory Group, I think you will be stunned and excited to see the Luxury Marketing Tool Box that we are preparing for you. There is a huge market share out there looking for a fresh approach marketing. By being a part of Excalibur you will have the opportunity to create some serious sales by using the RE/MAX Collection, powered by RE/MAX Excalibur! Stay tuned for full announcements soon. Our management team is working hard to bring you training and social media advances prior to the end of the year. Considering the end of the Real Estate Year is November 1st, the time is NOW to FINISH STRONG and put together plans for 2011.

Howard Lein, Owner



RELATIONSHIPS Congratulations! By the time you read this newsletter, we should all have survived the long hot summer. In evaluating some of the troublesome calls I have received this summer, it occurred to me there are obviously some ways to cut them down or eliminate them completely.

When you have a difficult transaction, stop and ask yourself how much of the problem are you causing? It is often easy to blame the other agent, the client, the title agent, the lender or someone else. It can sometimes be easy to lose sight of the goal (get the deal closed) and get too caught up in the problems. Try to remember our job is to solve problems, not create them. Often times, human nature makes us react to criticism with a less than desirable response. Try keeping your cool, and I would bet some of the problem gets smaller. It takes many players to complete a transaction successfully and the more relationship building you can do, the easier your next deal will be. I’m sure you’re saying to yourself, “I have no idea what you’re talking about”. However, when I listen to some of the calls I receive, it is evident that sometimes things get completely out of control. All that is needed is a little more patience, understanding and listening harder at the beginning and the results could turn out more positive. Thanks to all of you for all your cooperation to help make the Company the superior quality it is today. Keep up the good work and FINISH STRONG.

Rol Johnson, Designated Broker


PLAN YOUR WORK, AND WORK YOUR PLAN We all have an expression, a rule, or a saying that our parents taught us growing up that they used to help us mature into successful adults. My dad’s favorite expression was “plan your work and work your plan”. For many years I thought he invented this saying. It wasn’t until recently that I was reading an article about Vince Lombardi, the famous Green Bay Packer football coach, and in the article that saying was attributed to him. I am not surprised that my dad borrowed this expression from Coach Lombardi, as we lived in Wisconsin for almost 10 years. You can’t be from Wisconsin and not be a Packer fan. 2011 is quickly coming to an end and it is time to put pen to paper and commit to your action plan for 2012. I want to offer to meet with each of you and give you ideas and suggestions that you can include in your 2012 business plan. The first thing you need to do before starting your new plan is to evaluate where your business came from in 2011. For example, in 2011 you did 20 open houses, sent monthly mailers to your past clients and sphere and spent a few thousand dollars on an internet strategy. In looking at your closings for 2011 you notice that five buyers came from open houses, 10 listings came from your database (sphere) which resulted in 9 sales and 8 great buyer leads from VoicePad. You had very little luck with your internet strategy. In looking at 2012, it would be my suggestion that you increase your open houses, set a strategy to increase your contacts with your sphere of influence and totally revise your internet strategy. These are the types of things we will discuss in our one on one business planning sessions. I would like to suggest that if you are looking to increase your business in 2012 you seriously consider enrolling in Tom Ferry’s Sales Power program. It is well documented that if you get involved in a training program specializing in teaching you how to generate more leads and the program has a strong accountability component, you have a much better chance at success than trying to increase your production on your own. Look for details on my next Tom Ferry class starting in early October. RE/MAX feels so strongly about the content of this program, it will be announcing very shortly a sales contest with great prizes that will run from October 1 and end December 31, 2011. I was fortunate to hear a presentation from Steve Murray recently. As many of you know, Steve is the editor of Real Trends. He talks with successful agents and broker/owners every day. He talked about an agent from Chicago that has closed over 100 transactions so far in 2011. Steve asked the agent to discuss the reasons he has been so successful. Would it surprise you to learn that the number one thing he attributed his success to was “answering his phone”? I will be happy to share with you what else this agent does to generate business in our planning meetings but, his marketing is geared to make his phone ring. He told Steve that if he did not answer his phone, these leads would go to an agent that did answer their phone. I call recruits every day and I am always amazed to get messages like “I return my calls between 5 and 7 PM weekdays and from 10 to 11 AM on Saturdays”. I don’t know about you but when I hear those kinds of messages, my first thought is that the sales person is not focused on customer service. I guarantee you that if in 2012 you answer every phone call whenever possible, you will add two or three sales without doing anything differently in your marketing. In conclusion, let’s make 2012 the year of planning your work and working your plan! I hope you will call me soon to arrange a time we can get together to get a great start on 2012. I am never too busy for your referrals of great agents you feel would be an asset to Excalibur!! Best regards, Gary Brown, Vice President & Director of Career Development 4


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BREAD AND BUTTER (and we're not talkin' margarine) 2011 is rapidly coming to a close and it has been a good year for our agents in Tucson. The Tucson office, as of August 31st, has sold more homes than we did in all of 2010. Homes are selling and RE/MAX Excalibur is showing the rest of the real estate community that 'WE ARE HERE" and we're here to stay! We are seeing good homes that are priced right being sold in a matter of a few days. Many of these homes are entertaining multiple offers, following closely at the heels of the trends in Phoenix. The old methods of selling real estate are once again, the way to get it done. I had a discussion with an agent just this week about open houses and how many agents feel they are a “waste of time�. NOT IN TODAY'S MARKET! Buyers are wandering around looking for the "deal of the century" without agents - they don't think they need agents yet because they are just exploring the great opportunities that are available. That buyer might also have a home to sell. Some feel they can do it alone and some think they can do it without us (until we communicate the great value and the reasons to use an agent and the best brand in real estate history!). Part of your strategy with open houses is choosing WHAT to hold open. In Tucson, 60% of the market is selling under $150,000. That is where you should be. Back "in the day" we used to call this type of sale the "bread and butter deal". Start thinking of what you used to have to do, to make deals happen. It's not only the open houses, it's cold calling and being pro-active when you see an opportunity in front of you. How about the guy out riding his bike who stops to take a flyer out of a flyer box in front of a property for sale? Stop and introduce yourself and give him your card - you NEVER know if that could be a real live buyer. You could have them in your car that day! Be awake - be aware. In the words of Ralph Marston - "Get over your reluctance, get past your resistance, and get to work on getting it done. Ramp up your determination, make the commitment and DIVE IN!" Put on your thinking caps and brace yourself for a highly successful 2012 - get back to BREAD and BUTTER! Chip Rock, Manager


USING SOCIAL MEDIA TO STAY UP-TO-DATE There is a lot of buzz in our industry talking about how to use social media to build your business by marketing to clients and retain your current customers. These points are very valid, however, you can utilize social media in another fashion, to stay on top of current news, trends and events. Twitter has become a tremendous source of news. When a big event occurs, Twitter explodes with activity. Just about every news outlet and magazine has a social media account where articles and news are posted numerous times throughout the day. By “following” or “liking” a lot of these sources, you stay on the leading edge of current events, but you can also take that information and re-brand it to yourself on your social media pages. This is also known as Re-Tweeting (Twitter) or Sharing (FaceBook). While creating your own content will generate the most interaction and buzz, the general public really just wants good, credible information. However, and wherever, you acquire that information is up to you. Here are some good media sources to follow that are relevant to the real estate industry. All of them are on both Facebook and Twitter. Inman News - @InmanNews RE/MAX Excalibur - @REMAXExcalibur - @BankRate RIS Media - @RISMediaUpdates Fortune Magazine - @FortuneMagazine RE/MAX - @remax

GOVERNMENT REGULATION As the nation battles to overcome mounting debt and challenging economic woes, there are movements afoot to seriously change many of the housing policies that have made real estate a fine investment vehicle over the years. Among those are the reduction or removal of the mortgage interest deduction to help close the federal budget gap. If you think about this proposal, it becomes readily apparent that without the MID, homes values would fall further and a real estate recovery would be further harmed. Another proposal is to eliminate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with the impact of the loss of the thirty-year fixed rate loan. Many countries of the world do not have a thirty-year fixed rate loan and as they do not have a viable secondary mortgage market provided by Fannie and Freddie. Another proposal is the Dodd-Frank act which will require a 20% down payment to acquire a mortgage and further provides serious capital retention penalties to lenders who make loans with less than 20% down. As REALTORS, we face a legislative fight to stop these onerous infringements on traditional real estate policies and NAR has drawn a line in the sand to fight these changes. Anything we as practitioners can do to assist in this fight would be most welcome. It is incumbent upon us to inform our clients on a regular basis and to solicit their assistance in stopping these changes from becoming law. Most of our clients are unaware of these developments and they need to be informed to become politically active in objecting to these changes. David Johnson, Director Of Training 7

There are tons of tools to help you properly market your high-end, luxury listings ($750k+). Check these out! • RE/MAX Design Center - (custom flyers, postcards, etc) • Merrill Corporation - (presentation materials, note cards, etc) • Dee Sign Company - (open house / yard signs) Get discounted pricing on advertising in major publications like The Wall Street Journal, DuPont Registry and Unique Fine Homes Contact for more details about this program.


Cool Investor Tool Here is a great and inexpensive tool to present to your investors, the investment potential of any property. Realytical is an online program that provides you with a form to input important criteria, such as rent rates, vacancy rates, and other variables for a specific property. The system then generates a summary report (PDF) that can be e-mailed to anyone you desire. You can also add property photos and the company logo as well to make the report appear more refined. The 2-page executive summary report contains: • Property information, including description • Income & Expenses • Mortgage Payment • Investment ratios: CAP Rate, Cash-on-Cash, Net Income, Expense ratios etc. • Rent-Roll with lease details, income, lease expirations, unit size, etc. This would be a great tool for creating your “Investment of the Week” to e-mail to ALL of your investor clients. The cost is only $20/yr! To sign up, or for more information, visit

On November, 11, 2011, the Sentinels of Freedom, AZ scholarship foundation hosts the WELCOME HOME event for their newest Sentinel, Sergeant First Class, Gabriel Garcia. The event acts as a bridge for the wounded soldier between leaving the military life and re-joining society. WHERE: Camelback Inn (5402 E. Lincoln Dr) from 3:00pm - 6:30pm. COST: $75/person, $125/couple, $500/corporate sponsor RSVP: ABOUT OUR HERO On January 8, 2009 Gabriel and his platoon were on a dismounted patrol in a market area in Helmand Province. Near the end of the patrol they were struck by a suicide bomber. Two of Gabriel's fellow soldiers were killed and 10 civilians. Fifteen soldiers of his platoon were injured including Gabriel. Gabriel was the most severely wounded. He sustained multiple life threatening injuries to include: right arm amputation, right lung collapse, right hip and knee fractures, large through and through shrapnel wounds to his thighs, right vision loss and small shrapnel to the body. During his first year of recovery Gabriel endured numerous surgeries and also many complications. Nonetheless, Gabriel has been extremely positive during his recovery. Setting a positive example to others. Gabriel's recovery included a year and a half of physical therapy and 2 years of occupational therapy. Gabriel has several prosthetic arms that he uses on a daily basis. Today, he is completely independent and ready to move on to the next chapter in his life.


WHY DID I JOIN RE/MAX? I joined Remax Excalibur in the fall of 2008. Previously I had been with a small company specializing in high end properties. It was a great company to be with when all was rosy in the real estate business. Then everything changed and it became apparent to me that if I were going to survive in this business, I would have to associate myself with a branded company that could offer my current and future clients the best that the real estate world had to offer. What I didn't realize at the time was what Remax and Remax Excalibur in particular, could provide me as an agent! Pioneering the CDPE and CIAS initially was huge for me in separating myself from the average realtor. But I have to say, the major impact along with the previous mentioned accreditations would be the value added classes available most Thursday mornings. - Tom Pelliteri, ABR, CDPE, CIAS, SFR Joining RE/MAX Excalibur and the Melanie Sanders Team is one of the best career decisions I have ever made. Over and above being proud to work with RE/MAX Excalibur, the level of support, tools provided and training assistance has been, by far, the best I have ever experienced. Everyone here has been welcoming and they have gone above and beyond to make sure I have everything I need to be successful; the rest is up to me. I look forward to a long and successful future with RE/MAX Excalibur and the Melanie Sanders Team. - Nancy Banchik, PLLC, GRI, ABR, CRS, CDPE, CNE, CSSN, Green

REASONS TO USE THE EXCALIBUR HOME HOTLINE 1. No monthly fees! Just buy a rider for $6 and put it on your sign or just use the phone number as the primary number on your sign. You decide. 2. You can track EVERY call that comes in off of your sign on your listing and provide your sellers with a report. 3. Give the number to friends/family/clients so they can get information about ANY listing ANY time, without having to speak to the listing agent (assuming they answer your phone) 4. Register YOURSELF as a buyer, and you too can get information about any listing at any time. 5. Track the properties your buyers are calling on. Do they really want to be in Scottsdale if they are calling on properties in Mesa? 6. We have received over 7,000 calls this year from UN-REGISTERED callers, aka LEADS! 7. The system now offers the caller a text message with a link to our mobile site which will provide them with YOUR information (if they are calling on your listing or if they are your buyer) and photos of the property. 8. Enhance your listings with a recorded message asking the caller if they have a home to sell before buying and how you can help. If you have questions about how to use the Excalibur Home Hotline, contact: Tyler Lein at 480-389-5346 or 10

EXCALIBUR HOME HOTLINE MOBILE SITES RE/MAX Excalibur is proud to announce the addition of AGENT mobile websites that connect to the Excalibur Home Hotline service. This enhancement is a tremendous tool for those that are utilizing the hotline and want to provide an enhanced and user friendly experience for their clients. When someone calls the hotline requesting information on your listing, the caller is given the option to receive a link to the agent’s mobile site, with information about the property while retaining the agent branding. The caller then can bookmark the site and use it to search for other homes without losing connection to the Excalibur agent. By using this service, you will also have access to your own QR code that can be put on your signs or other marketing materials, directing the consumer to your mobile website. Here are some of the features of the mobile site: • QUICK SEARCH by Address, Street Name or MLS ID • LOCATION BASED BROWSING. (GPS must be enabled on the mobile phone to find homes based on the user’s physical location) • LIVE AUDIO STREAMING! – Auto-updating bilingual audio presentation on each property (Presentations are automatically created and updated from your listing data and delivered in both English and Spanish; just like your VoicePad phone platform!) • IMAGE CAROUSEL – Click on thumbnail photo to view in large window. Select and view photos independent of the audio presentation for reliable and instant viewing. •

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The cost of this service is only $12.50/mo. We are now taking reservations, and seats are LIMITED! Contact: Tyler Lein at 480-389-5346 or to reserve your spot TODAY!


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