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The Race That Stops The Nation

The Melbourne Cup has a long and detailed history that has produced over 150 years’ worth of interesting facts, statistics and stories.

Here are some interesting facts about the race that stops the nation. The first Melbourne Cup race was held in 1861, with a crowd of just 4,000 spectators.

Rumour has it that the first ever cup winner, Archer, walked to Melbourne from his stables in Nowra, NSW – a distance of 800km. The race was run on a Tuesday for the first time in 1875, previously it was run on a Thursday. Horse racing was the first sport to be broadcast live on Australian radio. One of Australia’s favourite ever racehorses, Phar Lap, captured the public’s imagination during the Great Depression. He won the Melbourne Cup at record low odds (8-11 or $1.73) in 1930, cementing his place in history. Only five horses have won the Cup multiple times, Archer (1861 and 1962), Peter Pan (1932 and 1924), Rain Lover (1968 and 1969), Think Big (1974 and 1975) and Makybe Diva (2003, 2003 and 2004). World Wars I and II stopped most major sports in Australia, but not the Melbourne Cup. Trainer Bart Cummings has coached the most horses to victory in the Melbourne Cup, with a whopping 12 wins.

“The Cup” was initially a two-mile event but this distance was reduced to 3.2 kilometres (1.988 miles), in 1972 when the metric system was introduced into Australia.

The saddlecloth numbers 4 and 12 have proved the luckiest, with the riders of those numbers winning the race 11 times each. The greatest winning margin in a Melbourne Cup is eight lengths, with the record being held by both Archer (1862) and Rain Lover (1968).

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Living: How do you think the Melbourne


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Mario: To me all clients are equal, l listen, I care and I deliver to them the service they expect and that guarantees me repeat business.

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Mario: Challenging.

Living: How did you get into the Real Estate

Living: What is the future for the property


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Mario: My first taste of real estate was part

Mario: To be honest, not sure how the market will

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Living: Do you have any nick names around the office / throughout the industry?

Living: Where did it all begin?

Mario: The silver fox.

Mario: In 1974. I was posted at the Thornbury office and occasionally the East Melbourne office

Living: Thanks for your time.

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