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14th - 20th September 2017


Whether you are preparing your home for sale, or just wanting to create a warm feel, here are five simple styling tricks to try this weekend. 1. Warm up with a rug Adding a rug immediately adds warmth to a space, particularly if your space features timber, tile or concrete flooring. In addition, rugs can significantly reduce background noise, and create a more enjoyable environment for your family and guests. Today we favour large open plan living and dividing up this space can be tricky; it is easy for furniture to be lost and have no anchor. Adding a rug is a great way to define seating, eating and relaxation zones within a large room. When selecting a rug, the easiest mistake is to go too small. Generally, rugs in open plan living spaces should be large enough to sit under sofas and chairs. In dining spaces, the rug should allow for chairs to be pulled out and not catch the edges. 2. Feature the ceiling In period homes it is easy to highlight ceiling features such as roses, pressed tin, decorative cornice or exposed beams with considered paint colours and feature lighting to draw the eye up. But if your home is contemporary and lacks decorative architectural features, consider using colour to add depth and strength to the ceiling. A dark colour can create a warm enclosing environment, and perfectly complements an open fire.

3. Create personality with artwork Your choice of artwork expresses your personality and is an easy way to add individual character to a room. Artwork doesn’t need to be expensive and can be your own creation. Consider using art gallery postcards or beautiful magazine images to create a studio style ‘mood board’. Take photos of children’s artwork, print them out at a thumbnail size and have them mounted in a large frame. 4. Accessorise with colour Many of us favour neutral colours for our walls and large furniture pieces, so it’s easy to end up ‘beige’. By adding colour with throw rugs and scatter cushions on sofas and beds, you can inject a pop of colour and texture to create interest and focus. Accessories can be changed with the seasons and is an easy way to move between a light summer feel and a warm winter atmosphere. It can be worth a seeking professional styling advice to ensure accessories are the finishing touch for your home. 5. Paper your walls Add life and interest to your walls with carefully selected wallpaper. Adding character to bedrooms and dressing rooms, wall paper can look fantastic lining the back of shelving, cabinetry and armoires. Use sisal paper to add texture with solid colour and geometric designs for a classic yet contemporary look that stands the test of time.

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Jellis Craig Property Journal Edition 175 2017  
Jellis Craig Property Journal Edition 175 2017