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Relyco ID & Membership Card Solutions How to Select the Right Card Relyco’s ID and Membership cards are available in a range of styles, sizes, and materials. Simply choose the ID card that meets the quality, durability and cost requirements of your unique project. Unsure how to choose the best solution? We will help you make the right selection for your application. Here are some things to think about… Types of cards available When choosing the right ID or membership card for your application and budget, there are a number of factors to consider.

Die-cut laser ID and membership cards are created by perforating or die-cutting the carrier sheet. A user simply punches out the card. Die-cut laser cards can be either paper or poly, depending on the specific application and budget of your project.

Integrated laser ID and membership cards use a carrier sheet with a plastic “patch,” which is positioned at the back of the card, enabling the card to peel away from the carrier. Since the back of the card is laminated, removal is easy, and lamination gives the card added durability. In-laid poly ID and membership cards are made of 7-mil polyester affixed to a paper carrier sheet with a “debossed well” in which the card sits. Extremely durable, these ID and membership cards are heat, tear and water resistant, as well as toner and ball-point pen receptive.

Non-laser plastic cards are available in sizes from 7 to 30 mil and can incorporate magnetic stripes, signature panels, bar codes and other personalization options.

What is the application? How the card will be used is one of the best indicators of which type of card to choose. Will a paper card will be satisfactory or will you need a more durable poly or plastic card. How long will the card need to last? Is the card for one-time use, or will it be re-used over and over again? Or, will it need to be long lasting even if it isn’t used on a regular basis? Answering questions like this will help you determine whether a plain paper, laminated paper, poly, or plastic card should be used. What type of laser printer is being used? Some cards are more compatible than others with certain types of equipment. No matter which card you think is best suited to your application, it is always best that you test the card on the equipment that will be used to print it.

ID and Membership Card Applications Here are just a few of the applications for Relyco laser ID and membership cards: • Insurance — vehicle/boat, health, prescription, dental and vision cards • Education — college and universities, libraries, alumni groups, student activity and sporting event ID and membership cards


Magnetic & Repositional Cards

Non-Laser Plastic Cards

Laser ID Bracelets

Pressure Seal Laser Cards

Custom Cards

• Healthcare — hospital, clinic, HMO, pharmacy and blood bank membership cards • Association — auto club, professional, political, union and industry membership cards • Financial — bank, credit union, finance company, brokerage firm and mutual fund ID card • Travel — hotel and resort, casino, airline, zoo and museum membership card • Recreation — health club, community pool, ice skating member cards • Manufacturing — bin tags, part tags and warranty cards • Direct Mail — fundraising, catalog inserts, direct marketing and affinity program cards • Government — voter ID cards, vehicle registration cards, state park IDs, pesticide license, hunting license

Great For Hotels and Guest Services!

Relyco EZ-Card

Laser-compatible, easy-to-use identification & membership products

Features and Benefits

Designed to be laser compatible and easy to use, Relyco’s laser ID cards are available in a wide range of materials (paper, laminate, polyester) to meet the requirements of your unique application.

• Paper, laminate, and polyester (up to 13 mil) card types available

EZ-Card In-Laid Poly Laser Cards

• Poly cards waterproof, durable, and tear resistant

Relyco’s in-laid plastic ID and membership cards are made of 7-mil plastic affixed to a paper carrier sheet with a “debossed well” in which the card sits – making the overall document coplanar. This construction enables the ID/membership cards to smoothly run through a laser/ digital printer for jam-free personalization.

EZ-Card Integrated Laser Cards Paper, laminate, or poly cards are integrated on the carrier sheet with a plastic “patch,” which is positioned at the back of the card, enabling the card to peel away from the carrier. This also enables the cards to be fully laser and digital printer compatible.

EZ-Card Die-Cut Laser Cards Unlike Relyco’s in-laid poly cards, which are affixed to a carrier sheet, die-cut Laser cards are created by perforating or die-cutting the carrier sheet. A user simply punches out the card. Die Cut Laser Membership Cards can be either paper or polyester, depending on the specific application and budget of your project.

• Card formats are available with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 cards per sheet • Sheet sizes include 8 ½” x 10 7/8”, 8 ½” x 11”, 8 ½” x 13 7/8”, 8 1/2” x 14”, 11” x 17”, and 12” x 18” • Card types include standard, snowman, butterfly, and caterpillar • Simplex and duplex printing options available

Great For Amusement Parks and Outdoor Venues!

Features and Benefits • Laser compatible magnetic cards • White and clear repositional and durable laser compatible polyester cards • Custom shapes and sizes available • Repositional Cards can also be coupled with poly-based ID/membership cards on the same sheet • Great fro marketing and direct mail campaigns

Repositional Poly Cards

Great For Parking Passes!

These unique repositional polyester cards have a special cling adhesive which will stick and restick to virtually any type of surface including stainless steel, aluminum, glass, plastic, wood, and even clothing without leaving residue. The poly-based repositional cards are cost effective options over ordinary magnets and are available in any custom size, shape, or position. It is also available in clear for use as a weather resistant window decal. Poly-based repositional cards can also be coupled with poly-based ID/membership cards on the same sheet.

Magnetic Cards Relyco magnetic cards are a special magnetic media designed for imaging and personalization on laser and digital printers. The standard magnetic card is a 3 3/8” x 2 1/8” magnet integrated into an 8 ½” x 11” document. The integration of magnet with carrier sheet provides you with a one-of-a-kind application that can be used to promote your business, as appointment reminders, gifts for customers, and much more.

Great For Reminders and Promotions!

Relyco Non-Laser Plastic Cards Relyco’s non-laser plastic cards address identification, marketing and promotional requirements across all industries, including retail, insurance and hospitality. Choose from a broad range of options including full process color to create a unique marketing piece to enhance your organization’s brand. Incorporate magnetic stripes, signature panels, bar codes and other personalization options to collect valuable data. Magnetic stripes are typically not available for laser applications since cards that are rigid enough to support a magnetic stripe are too thick to pass through a laser printer. Available in sizes from 7 mil to 30 mil, you can choose the thickness that best suits your application. For example, 10 mil is ideal for a business card, while 20 mil is better for a phone card and 30 mil is best for a key card

Great for Gift Cards!

Features and Benefits • Customizable design • High-quality print allows for a better company image • Incorporate magnetic stripes, signature panels or bar codes to collect valuable data

• Available in a range of thicknesses • From 7 mil to 30-mil • Use the thickness that best suits application and budget requirements

• Security capabilities • • • • • •

Chip card manufacturing equipment Guilloche pattern Watermark technology Embedded holograms Micro-fine printing DNA matrix

Pressure Seal Laser Cards By combining an integrated ID/membership card with a pressure seal self mailer form, Relyco offers a great solution for the imaging and mailing of ID/membership cards for secure mailings and direct mail applications. In one solution, you can easily create a unique self mailer with a personalized ID/membership card. Pressure seal laser cards are an affordable way to deliver cards – saving you time and mailing costs.

Great For Membership Card Mailers!

Features and Benefits • One piece self mailer form with integrated card • Security liner lamination for anti-fraud applications • Ready to fold and mail application reduces material costs • Reduced processing time and labor costs by eliminating hand-folding and envelope stuffing

Laser ID Bracelets Self-laminating, laser-printer generated patient ID bracelets Designed for hospitals and medical clinics, LaserBand® is a self-laminating, laser-printer generated, patient ID bracelet with admission labels printed on a single sheet. LaserBand is available in two options—the Original LaserBand and LaserBand2®—with a range of wristband/ label combinations to meet the unique requirements of your healthcare organization.

Original LaserBand and LaserBand2

Features and Benefits • Prints on a standard laser printer; no need for special printer trays—available in a standard 8 ½” x 11” size • Prints laser identification bracelet and labels on a single sheet to ensure accuracy and meet security and confidentiality requirements; identification bracelet and 20 labels can be imaged and bar coded simultaneously • Large image space allows for printing of large fonts and bar codes for improved patient identification • Clear film overlay protects imaged information and provides a moisture barrier • Size flexibility ensures that LaserBand wristbands will fit small, medium and large wrists

Custom Cards If a stock item does not meet your needs or you have a unique application, Relyco can work with you to design a custom ID/membership card solution just for you. Whether it’s to incorporate and highlight your organization’s brand, distinguish yourself with full color, or to create a specific design to meet your specific requirements, Relyco can create a custom product that will meet your needs. Some examples include:

• Integrated card with a carbonless laser form • Special die-cut polyester cards • Affixed cards on any type of form Talk to a Relyco ID/membership card expert today to get started.

To find out more To order, call your Relyco representative at 1-800-777-7359, visit us online at, or email

About Relyco Relyco is the leading provider of innovative laser and digital substrate products, electronic and traditional payment solutions, and pressure seal forms and equipment. Understanding and meeting our clients’ needs is always our first priority.

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Laser-compatible, easy-to-use identification & membership products.