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Welcome to Relyco Michael Steinberg President

“If we don’t take care of our clients, someone else will.”

We are a leading supplier of value added business printing solutions. For over twenty years, we have prided ourselves on providing the highest level of consultation, customer service and innovative quality products to our customers. At Relyco, success is measured by the contribution we are able to make in helping you grow your business. This is the cornerstone of our organization and you will find it reflected in everything we do; from the very first interface with your personal sales consultant, to the timely delivery of your latest order. We recognize that if we don’t take care of our clients, someone else will. That is why we always strive to ensure that you receive the unsurpassed level of expertise, personal attention and service that your business deserves. I personally invite you to learn more about Relyco. I am certain that you will find we offer many quality products that will help enable you to grow your business. Whether within our Laser Check Printing Solutions, Innovative Laser & Digital Forms, or Self Mailer Pressure Seal Forms product groups, we offer a solution to meet virtually any business printing need. However, our greatest asset is the knowledgeable and personal sales consultant engaged with your business. Each of our sales consultants is an expert in business printing solutions and offers a wealth of industry knowledge. Regardless of the challenge, you will find that your sales consultant is ready to assist you with every facet of the solution, whether it is product or process oriented.  Welcome to Relyco, we look forward to serving your business printing needs for many years to come. Sincerely,

Michael R. Steinberg President

Laser Check Printing Solutions

Our Products

++Stock & Custom Laser Checks ++Business Envelopes ++Laser MICR Printers & Toners ++Check Writing Software ++Substitute Checks/IRDs ++Paper Processing Equipment ++Tax Forms

We are committed to the advancement of value added business printing solutions. As a result, we continuously strive to perfect the latest technologies and bring them to our clients with each product offering. Our continuous research into fraud prevention strategies and new form technologies allows us to provide the very best in secure forms at a reasonable price. Since its

Self Mailer Pressure Seal Solutions

inception in 1989, Relyco has been an active member of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) ASC

++Stock & Custom Pressure Seal Checks ++Stock & Custom Pressure Seal Forms ++Pressure Seal Processing Equipment ++Pressure Seal Tax Forms

X9.B committee. The ASC X9.B committee oversees the standardization of image interchange, electronic check exchange, and paper based inter-financial institution payments and payment documents. As a result, Relyco  is a recognized industry pioneer at the forefront of new forms technologies.

Innovative Laser & Digital Solutions

Within all three of our primary product groups (Laser Check Printing Solutions, Self Mailer Pressure Seal Forms,

++REIMAGE™ Carbonless Paper ++REVLAR™ Waterproof Paper ++Laser ID Cards ++Digital & Laser Labels ++Print Conversion Software ++Stock & Custom Forms ++Mailing & Processing Fulfillment

and Innovative Laser & Digital Forms) you will find product lines that offer your business the ultimate quality and performance at the very best possible price. Whether a custom or stock item fits you best, we will work with you to create an outstanding solution for your business printing needs.

“We strive to ensure that the quality of our products meets the highest of expectations.”


RELYCO CUSTOMERS SAVE THROUGH INNOVATION State of New Hampshire The State of New Hampshire was printing unemployment checks using preprinted checks on dot-matrix printers. This process was both expensive and time consuming, with a number of pitfalls experienced in each check run. To streamline this process, Relyco installed a full pressure seal solution. Check data is imported into Relyco’s check printing software, which reformats the data onto less expensive blank pressure seal checks. The checks are then printed on high speed MICR printers, which print everything on the checks including the MICR line and signatures. Finally, the checks are sealed with a Relyco pressure seal machine. Using this improved system, the State of New Hampshire has been able to lower its costs for checks, convert from continuous to laser printing and cut down the processing time to a fraction of what it was before. In fact, in recent times when the amount of unemployment checks has increased, Relyco’s system has enabled them to print four times the number of checks per week as before at a fraction of the cost.

“Providing excellent customer service is our reason for being here.”



J.Jill A Relyco core value is innovative leadership, a belief best expressed by the breadth and quality of our state of the art product platform. To highlight this, we look to the example of J.Jill, a women’s catalog apparel retailer, which reached out to Relyco for a solution to the problems it was having with its shipping process. During an on-site visit, a Relyco print consultant examined the workflow and forms involved during their fulfillment procedure and uncovered a laborious, multi-step system.


The process used three different forms and a variety of different labels, which too often, caused headaches. J.Jill employees found that forms from different product shipments were frequently combined, which resulted in customers not receiving orders. The shipping labels used at the warehouse were difficult for employees to peel,


creating an unnecessary waste of labels. The two types of return labels included in the product shipments (prepaid

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

and postage due) were not visually distinguishable at a glance by Post Office employees, causing more frustration and delay with a valued J.Jill service provider. With Relyco’s expertise, the product was combined into one custom, multi-function form with integrated labels.


This new form not only cut down the number of time consuming steps in the shipping process, it eliminated the possibility of mismatched forms. With an easy-peel

+ We are industry leaders

“thumb notch” patterned adhesive, employees were able

Our experience and expertise has allowed us to be at the innovative forefront of our industry. If someone hasn’t created it yet, we will.

to efficiently use the shipping labels. By color-coding the return labels, the post office could now clearly identify the different labels.

+ We guide you Our consultative approach to all of our clients provides over 20 years of experience and knowledge to each project.

This innovative form has saved J.Jill thousands of dollars annually. Its use has cut down the number of forms used, made employees’ jobs easier, reduced the number of product returns, improved relations with the Post Office and improved J.Jill’s corporate image. The careful analysis of the problem and the innovative approach to the solution are further evidence of Relyco’s trademark commitment to quality.


+ We answer your call

+ We save you money

No matter what the issue may be, we are here for you. A live representative will be here for your call to help resolve any type of problem.

We understand that money is a driving factor in most decisions that a business can make. We work hard to find the money saving solutions for you.

“Our Mission is to become an invaluable partner to our clients by enabling them to achieve excellence within their respective industries.� Relyco Vision: To become the foremost provider of unequalled value added business printing solutions.

Service: We believe that we are at our best when we are

Communication: Relyco will always strive to exceed the

serving others, and this principle holds true in business and

expectations of our clients, co-workers and community

life. At Relyco we strive to treat others as we would like to

stakeholders through proactive and honest communication. 

be treated. We feel that this principle can be defined by one

We recognize that everyone deserves some news, whether

word: care.

good news, bad news, or no news.

We will demonstrate care for our clients, co-workers, and community through respect, integrity, and superior service.

Community Service: Relyco recognizes that enriching the lives and welfare of the individuals within our communities

Innovation: Change is the one constant. At Relyco we

is not a moral obligation, but an honor and privilege. 

not only embrace change, but actively pursue it through

We embrace our role as a corporate citizen and will continue to actively engage in philanthropic activities to promote the general

innovative leadership. We are committed to making a positive impact within our industry through the continuous introduction of new products

well being of our community stakeholders. Teamwork: At Relyco we believe that there is no challenge

and services.

that cannot be successfully overcome through the effective Excellence: Relyco acknowledges that a commitment to

utilization of our collective strengths. 

excellence is an essential element to positive personal and

We promote the concept of teamwork and strive to maintain an atmosphere of collaboration and partnership.

organizational growth. As a result, we are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in all our endeavors and actively pursue opportunities to challenge ourselves.  We believe that there is always room for improvement and opportunities for development as business partners, co-workers and human beings.


“Understanding and meeting our clients’ needs is always our first priority.”

Clients Proudly Served Adobe McDonald’s American Bankers Association Merrill Lynch Amica Mutual Insurance Microsoft Corporation Bacardi Midas International Blue Cross Blue Shield National Basketball Association (NBA) Neutrogena Schweppes US Navy Seals Oracle Corporation Caesars Palace Casino PC Connection Dow Jones & Company Pepsi Cola Savings Bank Life Insurance Easter Seals Sesame Workshop Eddie Bauer Sig Sauer E Trade

(to name a few...) Skechers Fidelity Investments State of North Carolina St. Jude Children’s Research GE Capital Corporation T-Mobile Girl Scouts of America Toshiba Goodrich Google USA Today Harvard University University of Connecticut Land O’ Lakes Wells Fargo Bank Lindt and Sprungli Wilson Sporting Goods Samsung J.Jill United States Mint Acom Solutions Shoreline Business Solutions FEDCAP Rehabilitation Peregrine Solutions National Firemen Association

Our Service As the Printing Specialist of a $2.5 million dollar per year budget for the United States Mint, choosing a vendor to handle our entire printing forms needs is no small task. Having had a long-standing association with Relyco since July 2001, they have continuously reaffirmed our expectations of receiving an excellent array of forms and providing outstanding customer service. Relyco has proven to the United States Mint that they are both reliable and responsive, and we will continue to use them for our consumable items. As I have done a number of times in the past, it is my pleasure to recommend Relyco to other organizations. I am confident that they will support your organization in the same professional manner in which they have supported The United States Mint. Sincerely, Thomas Adams United States Mint Office of Sales & Marketing Printing Specialist Washington, DC 20220

Laser Check Printing Solutions Stock & Custom Laser Checks Business Envelopes Laser MICR Printers & Toners Check Writing Software Substitute Checks/IRDs Paper Processing Equipment Tax Forms

Self Mailer Pressure Seal Solutions

Innovative Laser & Digital Solutions

Ultraseal® Pressure Seal Checks & Forms Custom Pressure Seal Checks & Forms Pressure Seal Processing Equipment Pressure Seal Tax Forms

REIMAGE™ Carbonless Paper REVLAR™ Waterproof Paper Laser ID Cards Digital & Laser Labels Print Conversion Software Stock & Custom Forms Mailing & Processing Fulfillment

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We are a leading supplier of value added business printing solutions. For over twenty years, we have prided ourselves on providing the highe...

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