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Relocating employees is a complex business... Whether you’re moving people within the UK or internationally, whether you’re new to relocation or a seasoned professional, this guide covers all the key information you need to operate successfully. Even with the shortest overseas business trip or commuter assignment, there are risks to be considered – risks you can’t afford to ignore, as we explain on page 6. But don’t worry – we’re here to help! Our quarterly magazine and monthly e-newsletter keep you in touch with the latest trends. The Re:locate website provides in-depth coverage, plus a growing series of downloadable factsheets on essential topics. And Smart Move, our new employee support website, saves you time and trouble by answering a host of relocation-related questions on your behalf (see page 14).

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Risk Areas

Property & Moving

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Risk areas Did You Know...? Today, employers regularly send their staff to work in another country, whether for a few days or for several years. Many are aware of the risks associated with cross-border working. But, as globalisation increases and businesses rush to compete for opportunities, priorities are often not focused on the relevant risk areas. The four areas of highest risk for international assignments and cross-border working are the ones

managers tend to consider least: • • • •

Immigration Personal income tax Corporate income tax Social security

It is easy to assume that someone working in one European country is able to work in another; to assume that employees are not liable to personal income tax in their host location if they are paid by their home payroll; to assume

“In today’s economic climate, tax authorities around the world are becoming more vigilant.” someone else in the organisation is making the necessary corporate tax and finance arrangements for the project or assignment. And it is easy to forget about social security altogether! Such assumptions and omissions could result in significant financial, employment and reputational damage to the employer, as well as personal cost and disruption to the employee, director or partner. In today’s economic climate, tax authorities around the world are becoming more vigilant over

foreign workers and foreign companies undertaking business in their jurisdiction. Where the authorities discover tax or social security avoidance, or where immigration formalities have been ignored, penalties – both financial and for the continuation of the business – can be severe. The good news is that, providing we know about the cross-border workers, there are steps that can be taken to mitigate the costs, avoid the penalties and ensure the employer is compliant with all relevant legislation.

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Be Aware And Take Action Immigration Almost every country requires a foreign national undertaking productive work in that country to have permission to do so. Regulations vary, and it is vital to check before starting a project, an assignment or – in some places – even a business trip. While the EEA promotes the free movement of labour, this does not mean that a US employee with a work permit for France may also work in Italy or the UK. Make sure all your cross-border workers have the correct work permission. Personal income tax Individuals can become liable to a foreign income tax if they spend time in another country, and many regular visits can pose the same risk as one long stay. Many countries now have a ‘double tax treaty’ with other countries, and, providing certain

conditions are met, the individual will only pay tax on the same income in one jurisdiction. However, that jurisdiction might be one with a higher tax rate, and the employee will generally expect reimbursement. Make sure you take professional advice and monitor the international movements of all your staff, from the CEO down. Corporate income tax Specialist tax advice is required by employers with employees working in another country, as the risks of creating a ‘permanent establishment’ if no secondment agreement is in place are high. Businesses should also consider the implications of transfer pricing and cross-border valueadded or sales taxes. Setting up processes to manage these issues might seem costly, but it is money well spent and a sound investment for future international working. Make sure your finance and tax teams know about the project, assignment and any cross-border business activity.

Four risk areas

Social security Working in a country with a state social security scheme generally means social security is payable, both by the employer and by the worker. In some countries, this can be expensive, and a certificate of coverage (available across the EEA and some other countries with a legal agreement) exempts the individual from host-country social security payments while continuing contributions to the home scheme. But, where social security is payable, costs for the employer could have a significant impact on budgets, and fines for non-payment can be severe. Make sure you know who is working where, and for how long, and that you apply for (and obtain) any applicable certificates. Additional elements for consideration International working is a complex area, and there are many more elements than these to consider; will family members be included, will tax equalisation apply, how will pension contributions or share plans be treated, what allowances will be paid, to name but a few.

Cross-border working It is important that all companies conducting any kind of international business are aware of the risks associated with crossborder working. Cross-border workers may include: • • • • •

Business travellers International commuters Cross-border project workers ‘Stealth expats’ Those on short- or long-term assignments

To find out more, see the International Assignments section on our website at Stepping stones Follow the streams highlighted on our website for step-bystep guidance on managing international relocation: Business travellers and commuters Short-term assignments Long-term assignments – ‘lite’ Long-term assignments – ‘full’ Employee support – Smart Move

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Do we need a relocation policy? The simple answer is yes, you do. A relocation policy – whether for international or domestic relocations and assignments - is needed in the same way as a policy on grievance procedures, absence or any other HR issue. It brings consistency to an otherwise very fluid area, helps to reduce unexpected and unbudgeted costs, and gives prospective assignees – as well as those managing them – the guidance they need in

understanding the terms, benefits and obligations of the relocation. A policy will tell the employee and the business how the relocation, assignment or transfer will work. It will explain the benefits and entitlements available, and how taxable benefits will be treated, and describe the services to be provided to assist with relocation. It should also outline, for those undertaking an international relocation, how payroll, income tax, social security and pension will be managed, plans for the individual at the

end of their assignment, and the process for ending any assignment early. Employees, managers and HR all need to know and understand these points and their implications. Having a comprehensive policy ensures there are no surprises and that everyone, whoever they are in the organisation and wherever they are relocating, is treated in the same way. It, and an accompanying letter confirming specific terms and conditions relating to the relocation, is also vital from a legal perspective, ensuring that – if applicable – home-country employment is maintained throughout an international assignment, that expenses are anticipated and budgeted, that a secondment agreement is in place to mitigate the risk of a corporate tax exposure, and that confidentiality is maintained, both internally and with external service providers. Without a policy, employees will negotiate their own terms. This can lead to spiralling costs, the inability to budget or plan, inconsistency and low morale in the workforce, and potentially difficult repatriation

discussions. Those responsible for administering domestic and international mobility without a policy framework will struggle to determine appropriate terms, to negotiate with demanding individuals, and to be fair to the undemanding, to ensure corporate compliance, and to monitor and manage costs. Having a policy and making it widely and publicly available should mean that managers will seek guidance and support at an early stage and not wait until there is a problem, either with an employee or with the authorities in a host location. Finally, see our website for the latest thinking on flexible policies.

In-depth coverage of key topics in UK and international relocation and how to manage mobility

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How to write your relocation policy Our Re:locate Factsheets series is aimed at everyone managing relocation, whether they are experienced or new to the role. We have two relocation policy factsheets, which will guide you through the process of writing a policy or assist you in evaluating your own policy to check it meets today’s fast-changing requirements. Domestic Relocation Policy There are a variety of reasons for domestic relocation in the UK. Relocation may be required when an employee’s job moves or they

are needed to fill a vacancy or take up a promotion in another part of the country. An organisation may also move office location for cost reasons, expansion, or perhaps as a result of a takeover or merger. Many companies also use relocation to support recruitment. Whether you are relocating individuals or conducting a group move, it is essential to have a relocation policy in place. Our Domestic Relocation Policy Factsheet gives practical guidance on covering all the bases and delivering an effective strategy.

International Relocation Policy International assignments are required to meet three key objectives: strategic, operational and developmental. Expatriates are needed to provide strategic direction and focus within overseas subsidiaries, to fill skills gaps, complete projects and address operational requirements, to train and develop local people, and to undertake professional and personal development themselves as part of the talent management process. Our International Relocation Policy Factsheet provides practical guidance on all the issues that need to be considered when you are compiling or reviewing your strategy, in respect of individuals and their families. Download your FREE relocation policy factsheets NOW at factsheets Further titles to follow throughout 2012. Build your knowledge with factsheets thoughout the year!

Repatriation Repatriation is one of the four key HR elements of successful international assignments, alongside personnel selection, pre-arrival preparation and support in post. A recent survey revealed that 38 per cent of employees leave their company within one year of repatriation. Companies simply can’t afford to see talent walk out of the door at the end of an international assignment. Find out on our website how you can help expatriates weather the repatriation storm and beat the attrition rate. Useful advice is provided for repatriating families via Smart Move. Employee Support Find out in the next section how to support your relocating employees, their partners and families to ensure a successful relocation, retain talent and grow your organisation. Keep up to date with the latest thinking at, and refer your employees to

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Smart Move

Introduction The importance of employee support in managing successful relocations and international assignments cannot be overestimated. Smart Move is Re:locate’s dedicated free website for relocating employees and their families. This invaluable resource, combined with the expert advice given in the pages of Re:locate magazine and on our website, www.relocatemagazine. com, will make life easier for

HR, line managers and global project teams. Wherever you are moving employees and their families, into or around the UK or internationally, refer them to for reassurance, practical help and advice from a trusted source. Relocation is an ongoing process, so you can be sure that, wherever your assignees are in the cycle, there will be something for them – from planning their move to the practicalities of partner

support, from settling in and making friends to repatriation. Here are some of the key areas to consider as a starting point. Property It is always hard for individuals and families to uproot themselves. Finding the right property, in the right place, affects the whole family, and so is fundamental to the success of a relocation. There are many factors to be taken into account when choosing a property, whether for purchase or rental. Number one is location. For most assignees, ease of commuting is vital, together with access to transport, good schools, shopping facilities and leisure amenities. Finding a suitable property within budget is often quite a challenge. Relocation management companies can help with Guaranteed Sales Price schemes, whereby the employee can move to the new area and has a guaranteed price for the old home to purchase the new one. Serviced Accommodation This is a really neat solution for relocation, with provision growing rapidly around the

world. It is ideal as a short-term measure for expatriates waiting to go into longer-term rented property, employees on short-term assignments, domestic movers waiting to move into their new home, and business commuters working away on a project. Furniture Rental No need to worry if a shipment is late or your employee can only find an unfurnished property. Furniture rental companies can provide furniture for a whole house, top-up items for an additional room, and even kitchen, linen or bathroom packs for those essential household items. Removals Planning is the key to a successful move. If you select a removals company that specialises in corporate relocation, their experience should pay dividends, because whatever country you are moving employees to, they’ll have the experience in their network to deal with customs, security and timescale issues. When negotiating the price, be clear what your priorities are regarding weight, storage and transit time. Take advantage of

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the wealth of experience on offer from the professionals before making snap decisions based solely on price. Schools Choosing a school is a major concern for relocatiing parents, whether they are moving within the UK or on an international assignment. Many international families prefer to send their children to an international school, or to an independent school offering the International Baccalaureate, so highlight these schools in your area. Boarding is another option for global families on the move. If you are relocating employees from other parts of the UK, it is a good idea to inform them of the state and private school open days or evenings. Consider whether it would it be valuable for someone from your HR department to attend, so that they are more informed when the questions come. Education consultants will help individual families, and relocation agents often offer school search and school appointments as part of their service. There are also regional school shows, where you can see a

range of schools exhibiting, all in one place. The state education sector is changing rapidly, and can be very confusing. Keep up to date with the latest developments, at www. Settling In The sooner your relocatee and their family are happily settled, the better, both for the individuals and, ultimately, for the success of the assignment. If the relocation is to an overseas destination, culture shock may well be an issue. Predeparture cultural and language briefings, for both the assignee and the family, can go a long way towards mitigating this. Those relocating within the UK may also experience a degree of culture shock, and will need time to adjust, plus plenty of area information – on everything from doctors’ practices to theatres, health clubs and sports facilities. Partner’s Job Don’t underestimate the importance of career support for the trailing partner or spouse. Though dealing with the upheaval and personal change that relocation necessitates is a

challenge, it is also an opportunity, perhaps for a career change. Careers advice, CV writing, analysis of transferable skills and interview preparation assistance, plus career development strategies and knowledge of how to get a handle on the local job market, are critical to ensuring that the relocating partner’s career stays on track. A careers consultant can offer help with all these areas. If working isn’t feasible overseas owing to local restrictions, help can be given with further education and training options or creating a virtual working environment. See our new website resource, Fast Track Careers, specially

designed to support career change and transition for partners accompanying an employee on a relocation or international assignment, www. Location and Area Guides Make sure everyone relocating has access to up-to-date information about the area they are moving to. This provides reassurance, saves you time, and ensures the relocatee can prepare for their move and settle in well. See the free series of UK online guides on Smart Move, and look for overseas alternatives.

New free website for your employees

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Welcome to the 2012 Supplier and Contacts Directory from Re:locate. Here, you’ll find details of a host of organisations that can make your job easier – all in one place. Re:locate, the leading magazine for HR professionals and relocation specialists, covers every aspect of UK and international relocation, from policy, financial, property and legal matters to managing international assignments, recruitment and immigration, as well as the full raft of employee support. A digital version, ideal for international readers and colleagues in overseas offices, is available via the website. Keep up to date with news and views between issues with our free monthly e-newsletter, Re:locate Extra. To subscribe, visit But Re:locate is more than a magazine: we run seminars and webinars, plus the prestigious Re:locate Awards. Our website is established as the top resource for HR and relocation professionals – a one-stop shop packed with practical advice, how-to features and other resources to support international and UK relocation, as well as a comprehensive directory of suppliers. If you have ideas for topics you would like to see covered in the magazine or on the website, please let us know. Call 01892 891334, or email Fiona Murchie Managing Editor

19th Floor (Maildrop 19-62) Citigroup Centre 2 25 Canada Square Canary Wharf London E14 5LB Contact: Darren Hooker, Business Development Manager T: +44 (0)20 7500 3467 E: W:

Eastwood House Glebe Road Chelmsford Essex CM1 1RS Contact: Karen Pearse T: +44 (0)1245 355628 E: W:


NatWest Global Employee Banking

NatWest Global Employee Banking (NWGEB) is a specialised department within NatWest, working with Company HR functions and Relocation Agencies, offering a streamlined account opening service for relocating employees. NWGEB, established 18 years ago, has long standing relationships with many multinational organisations, including many blue chip corporations. The organisation does not have to bank with NatWest to use the NWGEB service.


Citi At Work

Citi At Work partner over 400 corporates in the UK, simplifying the bank account opening process, for employees either relocating to or from the UK. We offer a wide range of wealth management and international banking services and provide a dedicated corporate Relationship Manager for your company. As a global bank, we have a world of experience in providing services that support the international banking requirements for employees.

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Destination Service Providers

Thinking Relocation? Think Interdean.

Interdean Relocation Services Central Way Park Royal London NW10 7XW

Destination Service Providers

Contact: Barrie Gilmour T: +44 (0)20 8961 4141 E: W:

Whether looking to expand into new territories or to leverage your human capital in core international markets, Interdean has the relocation service to support the needs of your business and your relocating employees. Interdean is conveniently located in 50 countries with 120 offices globally and offers holistic relocation solutions to support businesses and relocating employees. London’s finest apartments and dedicated management team.

Pegasi Management Company Ltd. 207 Sloane Street London SW1X 9QX Contact: Sarah Terry T: +44 (0)20 7245 4500 E: W:

We offer a large selection of luxurious properties in prime locations around Hyde Park, all providing light, spacious and comfortable accommodation in the heart of London. PEGASI’s discerning clients benefit from exceptional accommodation and the peace of mind that comes from our unfaltering and ongoing commitment to meet their expectations.

Profile Locations Spray Hill, Hastings Road Lamberhurst Tunbridge Wells TN3 8JB Contact: Vanessa McConnell T: +44 (0)1892 891334 E: W:

With over 20 years’ experience, we offer a comprehensive relocation service, including home search, schooling assistance, career counselling for partners and cross cultural support. We are the leading supplier of area guides available online and in a variety of printed formats.

Their friendly and professional team advise and assist on all aspects Kalewa of the relocation process, The Warren, Caversham with services including Reading, Berkshire Orientations, Home RG4 7TQ Searches, School Searches, Tenancy Agreements and Contact: Jenny Hogan Repatriation Advice. T: +44 (0)118 947 0029 E: Each project is tailor-made W: to meet the needs of the individual, their family and their Company. The Relocation Consultancy

Destination Service Providers

TRC is a highly regarded, privately-owned company that has been in existence for over 30 years.

Destination Service Providers

Profile Locations is unique in combining relocation and location knowledge with professional expertise and coaching.

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Furniture Rental Cullum Design Company Ltd. 33 Battersea Church Road London SW11 3LY

Furniture Rental

Contact: Natalie Roscoe T: +44 (0)7866 453 831 E: W:

Roomservice by CORT 28 Barwell Business Park Leatherhead Road Chessington Surrey KT9 2NY Contact: Karen Counterman T: +44 (0)20 8397 9344 E: W:

Cullum Design supplies both contemporary and traditional furniture. Each project is individually tailored according to the brief - we do not work with packages, we work with clients’ personal lifestyle requirements and offer a bespoke service. With experience of working with high profile clients and top end properties, we work to tight deadlines and provide an exceptional interiors service.

Roomservice by CORT is the UK’s leading furniture solutions company, working to meet the needs of the relocation industry for more than 25 years. With an expert team of dedicated consultants, experienced at assisting assignees and their families to organise the right furniture, on time and within budget, Roomservice by CORT help to make your transition a smooth, stress-free experience.

Health Insurance

groan... Overseas employees need health care?


at a specialist hospital, really quickly.

When you’ve got employees working abroad, you want to know that if they have an accident or become ill, help will be available straight away. So our international medical insurance will quickly give them access to the expert care and treatment they need, complete with free over-the-phone interpretation, emergency evacuation and 24-hour helplines, whenever, wherever they need it. Which means they’ll get better that bit faster, and be back on their feet – and back to work – as soon as possible. Wherever your employees are, we’ll connect them to the right medical expertise 24/7. +44 (0)1892 707984

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D1884_SME_24-7_92x133_RelocateCIPD.indd 1

05/10/2011 18:30


Your UK Immigration Specialists.

Smith Stone Walters Title House 33-39 Elmfield Road Bromley, Kent BR1 1LT

Languages & Cross Cultural Training

Contact: James Walters T: +44 (0)20 8461 6660 E: W:

Robertson Languages International Robertson House 57-59 High Street Twyford Berkshire RG10 9AJ Contact: Ósk Daníelsdóttir T: +44 (0)118 934 6000 E: W:

With offices in New York, London and Hong Kong, Smith Stone Walters delivers fast and effective UK immigration and Right to Work solutions. Our team of qualified staff are on hand to provide your company with a professional and personalised UK immigration service dedicated to the speedy transfer of your UK inbound workforce.

We make the relocation process smoother and settling in period shorter by offering tailored language and cultural solutions to assignees before and after the move. - Worldwide reach with offices in 9 countries - Wide range cross-cultural programmes - Face-to-face, online and blended solutions in all languages - Over 20 years’ experience


MPI is a recruitment and interim management solutions provider dedicated exclusively to the global mobility arena. As befits such a specialist recruitment company, MPI is the only service provider staffed exclusively with people from within the industry who really understand the roles and structures of the mobility world, and the very special types of people who excel in this demanding sector.

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Red Recruit Ltd The Bower Langford Hall Witham Road Maldon Essex CM9 4ST

Relocation Management

Contact: Amie Cutts T: +44 (0)1621 840 600 E: W:

Beswick Relocation Services Ltd The Square 20a London Road Holmes Chapel Cheshire CW4 7AJ Contact: Oliver Beswick

T: +44 (0) 1477 533533 E: W:

Specialist agency dealing with Global Mobility and Relocation recruitment. We supply experienced professionals for some of the leading relocation suppliers throughout the world as well as large corporate companies. Positions we recruit for include: Mobility Consultant, International Assignment Consultant/Manager, Account Managers, Immigration, Home Search, Tax Consultants, Team Leaders & Management.

An award winning independent Relocation Management Company offering unbeatable assistance with a full range of personalised & flexible services. Success speaks for itself with a host of blue chip companies already enjoying the advantages of working with an organisation that combines competency with complete care.

Connells Relocation Services Ltd James House 27–35 London Road Newbury Berkshire RG14 1JL Contact: Simon Robins T: +44 (0)1635 271271 E: W:

Connells Relocation has been trading since 2002 and provides a complete menu of UK domestic relocation and international assignment services to our blue chip clients, which include leading PLCs in the banking, energy, retail, telecoms and defence sectors + HMG. We appreciate that both cost and risk reduction are key drivers in employee relocation today.

Interdean Relocation Services Central Way Park Royal London NW10 7XW Contact: Barrie Gilmour T: +44 (0)20 8961 4141 E: W:

Whether looking to expand into new territories or to leverage your human capital in core international markets, Interdean has the relocation service to support the needs of your business and your relocating employees. Interdean is conveniently located in 50 countries with 120 offices globally and offers holistic relocation solutions to support businesses and relocating employees.

Relocation Management

Thinking Relocation? Think Interdean.

Relocation Management

Connells – sensitive to people – sensitive to costs

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Relocation Management

Expanding Our Reach Extending Yours ...with new branches in France, the Benelux and China t t t t t t t t

Global Mobility Consulting Services Domestic Relocation Services International Relocation Services Global Assignment Services Worldwide Destination Services Group Move Management Mortgage Services Visa and Immigration Services

Services Worldwide EMEA APAC The Americas t: +353.1.811.6630 t: +852.2907.5880 t: +1.972.819.5100 w: e: PR201-100511-Relocate

PO Box 38 Whitchurch Shropshire SY13 2WA Contact: Peter Grayburn T: +44 (0)1948 710759 E: W:

Britannia Movers International 1 Pegasus Road Croydon CR0 4RN Contact: Gavin McCarthy T: +44 (0)20 8256 1744 E: gavin.mccarthy@ W:

Our group of 45 UK offices and network of overseas partners allows Britannia to provide national and international moves with the professional Britannia imprint, from start to finish.

Removals & Storage

Britannia Movers provides a professional range of corporate moving and storage services to companies all over the world.

Relocation Management


Specialist services designed to ‘fit’ with existing relocation management arrangements and include: • Housing cost differential assessment for Stamp Duty/Additional Mortgage or Rental allowances • Extremely tax efficient ‘Outright Purchase’with 100% of property value to employee and no financial risk to Company • Vacant Property inspection and marketing/disposal recommendations • Tailored ‘Field Staff’ services including Family Home Visits

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Removals & Storage

Doree Bonner International International House 19 Kennet Road Dartford Kent DA1 4QN Contact: Stephen Bonner T: 0800 542 7743 E: W:

Doree Bonner International are firmly established as one of the UK’s leading moving companies and have a national network of branches. Doree Bonner works closely with relocation companies to provide an exceptional service to people moving domestically and internationally to anywhere in the world, as well as offering corporate moving services and storage. Doree Bonner are members of FIDI, FEDEMAC, BAR as well as the ARP, and their global network of worldwide agents are also FIDI members, ensuring the highest possible service in every corner of the globe. In addition, Doree Bonner also holds quality standards ISO 9001 for Office and Commercial, ISO 14001 for Enviromental Management Systems, BS 8522 for Business Moving, BS EN 12522 for Domestic Moving and BS EN 14873 for Storage. There is an experienced dedicated corporate team in place to assist both relocation and blue chip companies alike, facilitating a professional and efficient process.

Fox International Moving and Storage 10 Somerset Road Cwmbran NP44 1QX Contact: Steve Blackmore T: +44 (0)1633 488100 E: W:

Fox has 40 years of experience in removals and is FIDI accredited, with several locations around the UK. With trusted agents in most countries, rest assured that all your moving assignments will be handled with care, whether throughout the UK, Europe or Worldwide.

Harrow Green Global Moving Solutions Unit Q1 Queen Elizabeth Industrial Park Purfleet Bypass West Thurrock RM19 1NA Contact: Steve Wilkins T: +44 (0)1708 892 960 E: W:

With 30 years of experience we provide a range of move management solutions through our network of owned offices and global partners. Harrow Green is accredited to FIDI FAIMISO, the highest level of the worldwide industry governing body’s quality programme therefore quality and security is assured.

Removals & Storage

Harrow Green Global Moving Solutions offers moving and relocation services to clients relocating globally.

Removals & Storage

Fox offers you and your employees a single point of contact and named coordinators for all your moving assignments.

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Removals & Storage

ICM Gerson specialises in the provision of corporate relocation solutions.

ICM Gerson Brinkworth House Brinkworth Swindon Wiltshire SN15 5DF

Removals & Storage

Contact: Damon Ward T: +44 (0)170 764 8535 E: W:

Covering international and domestic (UK) relocation management, local destination services and international moving services, ICM Gerson has developed a reputation for the delivery of high-quality services and support programmes for nearly 50 years.

Thinking Relocation? Think Interdean.

Interdean Relocation Services Central Way Park Royal London NW10 7XW Contact: Barrie Gilmour T: +44 (0)20 8961 4141 E: W:

Whether looking to expand into new territories or to leverage your human capital in core international markets, Interdean has the relocation service to support the needs of your business and your relocating employees. Interdean is conveniently located in 50 countries with 120 offices globally and offers holistic relocation solutions to support businesses and relocating employees.

Locations in Aylesbury, North London, Carlisle, Gloucestershire, and Belfast, Northern Ireland Contact: Tony Jarvis, Sales Director T: +44 (0)7823 775833 E: W:

Nuffield Way Abingdon Oxfordshire OX14 1TN Contact: Alistair Murray T: +44 (0)1256 859 412 E: W:

Removals & Storage

Robinsons Relocation Ltd

Robinsons Relocation has firmly established itself as a forward thinking, trustworthy innovator which has used its considerable knowledge and expertise to break into uncharted territory, breaking moving industry tradition and challenging industry perceptions.

Removals & Storage

Momentous, Moving Excellence

• International & Domestic Removals • European Service on our own vehicles • Storage Facilities at all locations throughout the UK • Corporate, Relocation, and Private Clients welcome • 5 Locations in UK Mainland and Ireland • Fine Art Packing and Shipping Service • FIDI-FAIM, ISO 9001-2008 accredited • Members of FIDI, IAM, BAR and EuRA

We believe our desire to challenge convention leads to continual development in delivering a better service to our clients.

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Removals & Storage

White & Company Corporate Managed Services Hillsons Rd Botley Southhampton SO30 2DY


Contact: Louis Spies T: +44 (0)1489 774 907 E: W:

ACS International Schools Heywood Portsmouth Road Cobham Surrey KT11 1BL Contact: Lucy Porteous T: +44 (0)1932 869729 E: W:

White & Company has been helping people move and relocate for 140 years. Now White Corporate Managed Services provides a complete relocation solution with a whole new range of services. Solutions are tailored to individual requirements, recognising that every move is unique for the individuals and their families. Companies can select the services they need, or hand the whole process to us to take the strain off busy HR departments. ACS International Schools enrolls over 2,900 students aged between 2 and 18, from over 70 countries, at three London area campuses in the UK, and at ACS Doha, Qatar, our newest campus. The schools are non-sectarian and co-educational, with both day and boarding available. Student-centred educational programmes are based on American and internationally recognised academic principles and educational practices, and include the IB and Advanced Placement within the UK.

88 Woodside Park Road London N12 8SH Contact: Mrs Nadine Huseyin T: +44 (0)20 8920 0665 E: W:

The curriculum is designed using the British National Curriculum to IGCSE and is enhanced by our social skills and life skills programme.

Canterbury Kent CT2 9DT Contact: Jayne Simpson T: +44 (0)1227 813931 E: W:


This vibrant, independent, co-educational day and boarding school offers excellence in a wide variety of fields. The school is proud of its strong pastoral tradition and has a reputation as a particularly friendly and welcoming school.

Kent College


The Holmewood School London

THSL specialises in meeting the needs of students aged 7-18 with speech, language and social communication difficulties, Asperger’s syndrome, high functioning autism, ADHD and those difficulties associated with specific learning difficulties.

The school’s excellent academic record is reflected in continuing success at GCSE and A level. The International Baccalaureate is offered alongside A levels in the sixth form.

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The ISL Schools in London and Surrey, UK and Doha, Qatar, provide international primary and secondary education with an important addition: modern language learning from an early age integrated into the curriculum.

The result is that our London IB graduates achieved over twice the world average of bilingual diplomas. ISL Schools are co-educational day schools with a friendly, family environment. International School of London Group of Schools Old Woking Road, Woking, Surrey GU22 8HY Contact: Heather Mulkey T: +44 (0)1483 750 409 E: W:


Catholic Day and Boarding School for girls aged 11 to 18

• • • • • • • •

Experience teaching the IB Diploma for 31 years! Exclusive pre-IB Middle Years Programme Nurture and support: girls gain excellent results Places achieved at top Universities worldwide Scholarships and bursaries available Multilingualism: up to 9 languages taught All faiths welcome Internationalism: over 46 nationalities, yet one shared mission

Please contact: Tel: 020 8949 0571 George Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT2 7PE.

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The North London International School 6 Friern Barnet Lane London N11 3LX


Contact: Mrs Ali Miley T: +44 (0) 20 8920 0634 E: W:

Serving a cosmopolitan and diverse North London community, great importance is attached to respect, understanding and empathy with everyone’s cultures, religions and backgrounds. Students follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, starting at age three with the Primary Years Programme, moving onto the Middle Years Programme at age 11 and the IB Diploma Programme at age 16.

Located on a beautiful 46-acre campus close to London, TASIS England fosters academic and personal growth in a welcoming community for students from 50 nations. TASIS The American School in England Coldharbour Lane, Thorpe Surrey TW20 8TE Contact: Karen House T: +44 (0)1932 582316 E: W:

The School offers the IB Diploma, the American High School Diploma with Advanced Placement courses, and an ESL programme to co-ed day (ages 3-18) and boarding (ages 14-18) students. Graduates progress to top universities worldwide.

UK Head Office: 7–21 Goswell Road London EC1M 7AH Contact: Steve Thorne T: +44 (0)20 3119 3400 E: W:

The Ascott team in London would be pleased to discuss your requirements for any location.

Our choice of one, two and three bedroom apartments in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and more recently Manchester are available Contact: Nick Chaffaut for short and long-term T: +44 (0)845 226 0232 stays. Ideal for relocation E: purposes, business travel W: and corporate housing. Each spacious apartment is fully equipped to be a home from home. 4 Woodside Place Glasgow G3 7QF

Serviced Accommodation

Dreamhouse Serviced Apartments have been developed to provide the highest standard of luxury accommodation. Dreamhouse Apartments

Serviced Accommodation

The Ascott Limited - Serviced Residences and Apart’hotels worldwide

Through its internationally renowned brands of Ascott The Residence, Citadines Apart’hotel and Somerset Serviced Residence, The Ascott Limited (Ascott) offers more than 28,000 serviced apartments in over 70 cities across 20 countries in Europe, the Gulf region, Asia and Australia.

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Serviced Accommodation

Frasers Hospitality UK Limited 81 Cromwell Road London SW7 5BW

Frasers Hospitality has an impressive portfolio of 52 (and growing) serviced residences spread across 29 gateway cities in Europe, the Middle-East and Asia-Pacific - and is well recognised as one of the leading luxury serviced apartment providers in the extended stay market.

Serviced Accommodation

Contact: Sin-Han Thiede Frasers offers a wide T: +44 (0)20 7341 5599 E: coverage of serviced residences, and has assisted W: companies of all sizes with both their short and long term housing needs. MAX Apartments are a UK wide provider of single block serviced apartments in key city centre locations. We now operate over 350 apartments across 10 locations with onsite MAX Serviced Apartments receptions, fully equipped MAX House kitchens, spacious living 2 Victoria Road areas and free Wi-Fi. Farnborough Destinations where we can GU14 7RE assist your relocation needs are Brighton, Cardiff, Contact: Murad Vassib Croydon, Farnborough, T: +44 (0)1252 419320 Glasgow, London, E: enquiries@ Manchester, Norwich W: and Reading.

Staybridge Suites Oak Court Dudley Road Brierley Hill West Midlands DY5 1LG Contact: Liz Devaney T: +44 (0)1384 890 908 E: W:

Staybridge Suites offers the perfect temporary accommodation solution in Liverpool, Newcastle, Abu Dhabi, Cairo and new for 2012 - London and Beirut. Perfect for short and long stays, Staybridge Suites really is a home from home. Including complimentary services such as free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, laundry room, on-site shop, exercise room and evening social receptions.

Serviced Accommodation

More home than hotel.

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The Pocket Guide to Relocation, 2012  

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