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global developments “Exciting across our media ”


ith the conference season upon us we thought this was a good opportunity to share with our readers across print, digital and website the exciting global developments across our media.

We know how difficult it is to keep up with trends, manage global teams and address the challenges of a busy job. We hope the developments we have made across the Re:locate media will enable you to keep ahead and enjoy being part of the fast paced world of global mobility.

Our website has a sophisticated new design with clearer layout, easier navigation, and increased social interactivity. Through this exciting new global resource already reaching 145 countries, and a range of digital innovations coming on stream, we’ll help organisations of all sizes to manage and retain talent successfully in any location, across every stage – from starting up in a new location, to planning and preparing for the relocation, to managing the assignment. We’ll continue to cover the full range of mobility issues, hard and soft, in one place, and there’ll be plenty to interest not only HR professionals but also CEOs, project managers and financial leaders involved in growing their businesses overseas, particularly in emerging markets, complex jurisdictions and relocation hotspots. Please keep in touch and share with us what is happening in your region of the world. Let us know what industry sectors you would like us to cover, what challenges you face and your burning issues.

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There is no denying that today’s graduates and school-leavers are entering a truly global jobs market. Expectations of graduates are higher than ever before, and the skills that are demanded of new recruits are evolving fast to compete in this ‘boundary-less’ business world. Rebecca Marriage looks at how international schools around the world are preparing the next generation of global citizens for the challenges that lie ahead.


hile children of parents making an international move might find the upheaval and change of school unsettling, experts suggest that the internationalmindedness and cultural agility that naturally follow a successful international relocation could help to equip them with the skills required to succeed in a global business world. “I think we’re starting to see a particular generation where they think of themselves as, quite literally, world citizens,” a spokesperson from Prudential said in the report Global Graduates into Global Leaders by the Council for Industry and Higher Education. “I don’t mean conceptually. I mean they see the world as boundary-less: that they are able to move, shift, work anywhere, and do anything.” One of the most popular options for families when relocating with children is to find a place in an international school teaching either the curriculum of their home country or an international curriculum such as the International Baccalaureate (IB), owing to the ease of transition and international transferability of the learning programmes on offer. Speaking at this year’s Council of British International Schools (COBIS) annual conference, Mick Waters, professor of education at the University of Wolverhampton, spoke about his belief that international schools had the right skills and philosophy to help develop true global citizens. “Across

the globe, international schools deliver that ‘rounded’ school experience,” he said. “They are really good at the things that are often left out of state schools across the world – how you use contacts, network, develop the etiquette to take you across new thresholds and help you cope with new experiences.” Chancellor of Dwight School New York City Stephen Spahn has also observed how the IB provides international students with a greater understanding of the world around them, enabling them to live and work in a rapidly globalising marketplace. “The IB measures students around the world against the same universal benchmarks, and inspires them to become well-rounded, culturally agile, respectful, and internationally minded citizens of the world.” What international schools have in common is the ability to expose students to different cultures, promoting the international understanding that is becoming a requirement of the evolving global jobs market. As Mr Spahn says of the families that pass though the doors of his New York international school, “Dwight families have for some time understood – and embraced – the concept of preparing their children to be internationally minded and equipped with a rich skillset that will enable them to be successful in the global marketplace. IB graduates are well-prepared to succeed as global leaders.”

Support families and aid retention with knowledge gleaned from our extensive education coverage | 3



400 ARRESTS IN MOSCOW RACE RIOT Concerns about immigration are dominating headlines in several European capitals, in the week in which Italy announced that it would hold state funerals for the victims of the Lampedusa shipwreck, says Ray Furlong, who presents The Newsroom on the BBC World Service, and has reported extensively from Russia and Eastern Europe.


here was a heightened police presence in a south Moscow suburb on Monday following a night of rioting that led to around 400 arrests. The riots began on Sunday afternoon as a peaceful demonstration calling for justice following the killing of a local man on 10 October, which has been widely blamed on an immigrant from the Caucasus although nobody has been apprehended. Thousands of people took to the streets, but as night fell the protest turned violent – with groups of shavenhaired nationalists attacking a marketplace where many immigrants from the Caucasus and Central Asia have stalls. Some protesters used steel rubbish-bins to make barricades. But OMON special forces, in black riot helmets and body armour, restored order. Eight people, including two policemen, are in hospital. This was Moscow’s worst race riot since 2010, when Caucasian immigrants were beaten up by skinheads in the very centre of town, as thousands protested outside

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the Kremlin following the killing of a Spartak Moscow football fan. There are around ten million migrants in Russia, while in Moscow it’s estimated there are several hundred thousand illegal migrants from Central Asia and the Caucasus. During the capital’s mayoral election in September, nearly every candidate promised to reduce migrant numbers. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has taken a more nuanced position. He said earlier this month that Russia’s construction industry needs migrant labour – but that numbers of immigrants could be reduced in other sectors such as small traders. In the summer, OMON forces carried out a series of raids on markets across the country and arrested hundreds of allegedly illegal migrants. In the Autumn 2013 issue of Re:locate magazine, Ray Furlong examines the challenges and rewards for global organisations doing business in Russia.




he German Interior Minister, Hans-Peter Friedrich, warned that freedom of movement within the EU was being abused. German media reported that social benefits claims from Bulgarians and Romanians had risen dramatically over the last year in several cities: 38 per cent in Berlin, 60 per cent in Munich. ‘Freedom of movement only gives people the right to come here to study, work and pay taxes. It does not mean the freedom to change country for higher benefits,’ said Mr Friedrich. The comments were an echo of debate in the UK, ahead of transitional restrictions on the freedom of movement of Bulgarians and Romanians being lifted in 2014. Similar sentiments were voiced by a former French interior minister, Laurent Wauquiez, who said: ‘I think the Schengen area is not working, and one needs to seriously consider leaving it.’ The comments were made shortly after an opinion poll showing the National Front as the strongest single party for the first time ever. The British government announced a mixture of new policies on migrants, such as making landlords check tenants’ immigration status and foreign students contribute towards the National Health Service. But at a meeting of EU interior ministers in Brussels this week, all these issues were put in the shade by the

Lampedusa tragedy - in which at least 311 people were killed after the boat taking them to Italy sank. The pattern here is that there are two separate issues which are often conflated, but which seem to require opposite responses. On the one hand, many European politicians have voiced anger or concerns about migration within the EU by citizens of member states – and are calling for EU-wide regulation to pass back into the hands of national governments. On the other, there are the growing calls for member states to work together to deal with illegal migrants and asylum seekers from outside the EU. On the first point, no progress has really been made beyond the rhetoric. On the second, there has been action. The European Parliament voted yesterday to launch an EU maritime surveillance system, to prevent further disasters like Lampedusa. And on Wednesday the European Commission approved 30 million euros of aid to Italy to help it cope with the refugee influx. No one has responded to Italian calls for refugees to be spread around the EU, however, rather than the first country they pitch up in. On the other hand, countries like Sweden, Germany and Austria can point out that they are already accepting far more asylum claims per head of population than ‘point-of-entry’ countries like Italy and Greece.

Those responsible for relocating employees to, or within, Europe will be hoping that any tightening of immigration regulations does not adversely affect their organisations’ ability to move key personnel as business needs dictate. | 5


WHY GO FOR GONGS? Introduced in 2007 to reward good practice and celebrate the contribution of relocation to business success, the Re:locate Awards are now of global stature, attracting more entries every year, from both UK-based and international organisations. It’s now time to launch this year’s awards.


s economic recovery continues in many parts of the world, companies across the globe are seeking to stay ahead of the competition by recruiting and retaining top talent, winning new customers and investors, and enhancing their business planning. If yours is among them, you should be entering the Re:locate Awards! These awards are for teams and individuals, as well as organisations. With a choice of categories, covering HR and service providers, there’s sure to be one that’s right for you.

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For HR, this is the perfect opportunity to show your top management how you and your team have been rising creatively to challenges. Previous supplier-side winners have found that, as well as providing welcome recognition of a job well done, their award has been a terrific sales and PR tool which has raised their profile and brought new contacts and business. Entering is also a great way of motivating your team, boosting morale, and increasing your personal success.

NEW FOR 2013/14 This year, in response to demand, we’ll be holding an invitation-only, high-level facilitated masterclass for Re:locate Awards sponsors and their guests on the afternoon of the Gala Awards Dinner. Further details coming soon.

HOW TO ENTER Entry is easy, and free. Visit the brand new Awards section of for full details, and to INTE RNA sign up for our series of ENTRTIONAL W awards webinars and ELCOIES ME subscribe to our online awards newsletter.











KEY DATES AWARDS WEBINARS November 2013 onwards ENTRY DEADLINE Friday 28 Februar y 2014 GALA AWARDS DINNER May 2014 | 7




We are thrilled to share with readers the benefits of our website’s exciting global growth.


ith our improved website and a range of digital innovations coming on stream, we can help organisations of all sizes to manage and retain talent successfully in any location, across every stage – from starting up in a new location, to planning and preparing for the relocation, to managing the assignment. Says Re:locate’s managing editor, Fiona Murchie, “Part of our success and popularity, both in the magazine and on the website, is covering the full range of mobility issues in one place. It is important to our readers and site users that we cover not only the ‘hard’ issues around policy, strategy and compliance but also the ‘soft’ ones which HR and relocation professionals must understand if they are to manage relocating employees and their families successfully, such as property, schools, finance and health.

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“Over the years, our audience has become increasingly international. We are now truly global; the Re:locate website currently reaches 145 countries per month.” Our international reputation has enabled us to attract a growing team of talented foreign correspondents, journalists, writers and experts in a range of specialisms (see p14). You will be able to track their comments and views by subject and by country. And there will be plenty of interest for not only HR professionals but also CEOs, project managers and financial leaders involved in growing their businesses overseas, particularly in emerging markets, complex jurisdictions and relocation hotspots.


Enhanced country sections will feature political, economic, cultural and lifestyle background on global relocation destinations, and there will be improved delivery of news, practical advice, expert knowledge, and features and articles delivering thought leadership. “Our ultimate vision,” says Fiona Murchie, “is to be the leading source globally of market intelligence, tracking global movement and growth across our media.” We hope you will find the new site clearer in layout, easier to navigate, and faster to load, with more social interactivity. Improved functionality makes it easier for sponsors and advertisers to recall statistics, measure ROI, capture data, and conduct surveys.

The new website offers: • Improved delivery of news, practical advice, in-depth features and expert knowledge • Enhanced country sections featuring political, economic, cultural and lifestyle background on global relocation destinations • The latest management and leadership thinking from around the world • Support for your professional development, and to enable HR to be increasingly strategic •C  utting-edge tools and technology • Webinars, podcasts and video films • Communities to connect those managing globally mobile people and those setting up operations in countries new to them with experts, suppliers and commentators around the world, for exchange of ideas and benchmarking • A comprehensive directory of quality suppliers, accessible via mobile devices

Make your job easier! Log on to and share the good news with colleagues around the world. | 9




The Re:locate family of media brings together the readability of a specialist publication, supported by electronic media and professional events to keep HR, global managers and relocation professionals informed and connected – wherever they are in the world.


Re:locate is published quarterly and available in digital format via the website. Special industry focus and country supplements will be introduced in print and digital format. Re:locate GLOBAL regional editions will be available via the website.


Our new global website for HR, global managers and relocation professionals, (see p8), is visited by international decision-makers and professionals from across the spectrum of HR, global and domestic mobility, and relocation. Don’t miss our specialist jobs board for relocation professionals. Coming soon: Exclusive new Members’ Area

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To be launched in 2014, our new global website for relocating employees and their families, Smart Move (, will offer reassurance and practical advice on topics from property and schools to lifestyle and partners’ career options.

If you’re looking to buy relocation-related products or services, our online Suppliers Directory should be your first port of call. Fully interactive, it integrates with all major social networking sites through easy ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons. You can add the directory to your home screen as an app, and there’s a timesaving click-to-call function on mobile listings.



Our online newsletter, Re:locate Extra, keeps readers in touch with top stories, news and events. Every issue includes listings of the latest relocationrelated jobs. Subject-specific e-newsletters, covering property, education, and international assignment trends, will be introduced in 2014.

Our mobile app gives readers the latest relocation news at their fingertips. Look out for our new range of apps and mobile websites, launching in 2014.


New series 2014 | 11


Our experts and contributors Meet the team...


Ray is a freelance news presenter, writer and reporter. He spent 16 years at the BBC, covering a range of UK and international stories for radio, television and online. He presents The Newsroom on the BBC World Service, and has reported extensively from Russia and Eastern Europe.


Ruth has written for Re:locate for seven years, having joined from The Work Foundation’s editorial and publishing team. She focuses primarily on the HR aspect of global mobility, writing articles on talent management, pay and benefits, and the intergenerational workforce. Her interest in international HR also regularly sees her following emerging economy developments in Asia and Africa.


Fiona Murchie is Re:locate’s publisher and managing editor. She has over 25 years experience working in management and HR publishing, and global mobility. From this unique perspective she contributes features to both the magazine and website and commissions content across the media.


David Sapsted is a former chief reporter on The Times, news editor and New York correspondent on The Daily Telegraph. He was UK correspondent of The National, an English-language daily in the UAE.



Mark E. Johnson is a writer and journalist who has been covering the rapidly growing videogames industry for the last six years. He also writes about technology and business. He contributes to a range of blogs including The Guardian and Athletics Weekly.


Rebecca is Re:locate’s education editor, and has worked in education publishing and communications for more than 15 years, including at the Department for Education. She writes regularly on international education considerations and school choices for globally mobile families.

12 | Re:locate GLOBAL

Louise is a writer, editor and journalist with a background in book and magazine publishing, marketing and PR. As well as editing Re:locate magazine, she contributes news and articles on a range of subjects to the magazine and its website, specialising in property and related fields.


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Summer 2014

• Managing global people special • Serviced accommodation – worldwide developments and trends • Technology – innovations supporting relocation and international assignments • Long-term assignments – what might 2014 hold for policy and pay? • Education - choosing a new school • Education - appealing for a school place: the new rules • Partner support – jobfinding and careers advice • Banking – issues for globally mobile employees • Talent management – highlights from CIPD Annual Conference • Leadership around the world – cultural insights into the management ‘talent gap’ • Emerging markets – latest trends • Re:locate Awards 2013/14 – shortlist announced

• Re:locate Awards 2013/14 – special supplement • Asia Pacific – hotspots and new regions • International health – issues for employers and employees • Regional focus – Europe • Education - relocating with children with special educational needs • Education - Asia Pacific: everything parents need to know about debentures • Worldwide conference roundup – including EuRA, WERC APAC Summit and Emerging Markets HR Summit_ • UK property – the lettings market • Online recruitment tools and social media – filling talent gaps in new and emerging markets

COMING IN 2014 Re:locate Autumn 2014

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• Culture and languages • Country Profile – USA • Tax – issues for international assignees • Recruitment – jobs-market update • Business travel – making life easier • Reward and recognition schemes – how global companies can get best value • Education - making the move to a new school in the US • Education - new school admissions and applications • Talent management – supporting graduate recruits • Re:locate Awards 2014/15 – the launch

• Pensions – issues for relocating employees • Regional focus – Middle East • Conference update and survey roundup • Country Profile – Brazil • Education - Middle East: international school boom • Education - preparing for school entrance exams and interviews • Property market – looking into 2015 • Immigration update • Re:locate Awards 2014/15 – call for entries

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Supporting global moves


Pro-Link GLOBAL PO Box 15056 Bradenton FL 34280 USA Contact: Cassandra Spalding T: +1 941 962 8131 E: W:

Pro-Link GLOBALTM takes a different approach to corporate global immigration. Our dedication to innovation drives our client’s success. We can help you plan and implement global transfers of employees and their families as well as provide on-site assistance to your company and employees around the globe. 1600+ immigration professionals, 140+ service locations, one common goal, YOU.

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T: +44 (0)1793 756000

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LUXURY HOTEL RESIDENCES ON PARK LANE ACS International Schools Heywood Portsmouth Road Cobham Surrey KT11 1BL Contact: Fergus Rose T: +44 (0)1932 869 729 E: W:

Located in the heart of Mayfair, Grosvenor House Apartments by Jumeirah Living is the epitome of British design chic, where home is nothing less than an elegant and refined experience.

Cartus provides trusted guidance to organisations of all types and sizes who require global relocation solutions. We apply our more than half a century of experience to help our clients with their mobility, outsourcing, consulting, and language and intercultural training needs. To find out how our greater experience, reach, and hands-on guidance can help your company, visit www.; or read our blog at ACS International Schools serves the educational needs of international and local families at four wonderful campuses: ACS Cobham, ACS Egham and ACS Hillingdon in the Surrey and London area, and ACS Doha in Qatar. ACS schools are co-educational, and we accept students aged 2 to 18. We offer both American and IB programmes.

Whether for an extended business trip or as a temporary home for a relocating employee, we offer the services of a luxury five star hotel, with the discretion, comfort and security of a private Mayfair Residence. Please call +44 (0)20 7518 4444 or email to discuss your requirements or arrange a tour. Visit for more information.

Bennett Schoolplacement Worldwide Box 425 Fort Washington P.A., 19034 USA Contact: Elizabeth Sawyer T: +1 (0)215 554 1656 E: elizabeth.sawyer W:

Provides education placement services, in conjunction with long-range education planning, to relocating families. Highly experienced educators, Bennett consultants offer education expertise in an extremely personalized service. Bennett also provides customized corporate consulting on a range of issues: public vs. private school assessments, education policy, group move advisement, remote location solutions etc.

Extend Your Reach with Paragon Through our commitment and dedication to global corporate relocation, we have grown to become the premier partner of choice for many corporations throughout the world. In leveraging our 26 year heritage of expertise, Paragon delivers superior relocation experiences to everyone we serve. Renowned as The Best Thinking in Relocation™, Paragon is a trusted leader in the design and management of domestic and international relocation and global assignment services in 150 countries. Services Worldwide EMEA APAC The Americas t: +353.1.811.6630 t: +852.2907.5880 t: +1.972.819.5100 w: e:


Catholic Day and Boarding School for girls aged 11 to 18

• Experience teaching the IB Diploma for more than 30 years! • Exclusive pre-IB Middle Years Programme • Nurture and support: girls gain excellent results • Places achieved at top Universities worldwide • Scholarships and bursaries available • Multilingualism: up to 9 languages taught • Internationalism: over 40 nationalities, yet one shared mission • All faiths welcome Please contact: Tel: 020 8949 0571 George Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT2 7PE.

International School of London Group of Schools Old Woking Road, Woking, Surrey GU22 8HY Contact: Heather Mulkey T: +44 (0)1483 750 409 E: W:

Celebrating 40 years of excellence, the ISL Schools in London and Surrey, UK and Doha, Qatar, provide international primary and secondary education with an important addition: modern language learning from an early age integrated into the curriculum.

TASIS The American School in England

The result is that our London IB graduates achieve over twice the world average of bilingual diplomas. ISL Schools are co-educational day schools with a friendly, family environment.

Contact: Karen House T: +44 (0)1932 582 316 E: W:

Located on a beautiful 46-acre campus close to London, TASIS England fosters academic and personal growth in a welcoming community for students from 50 nations.

Coldharbour Lane, Thorpe Surrey TW20 8TE

Your UK Immigration Specialists.

Smith Stone Walters Title House 33-39 Elmfield Road Bromley, Kent BR1 1LT Contact: James Walters T: +44 (0)20 8461 6660 E: W:

With offices in London, New York, Hong Kong and Mumbai, Smith Stone Walters delivers fast and effective UK immigration and Right to Work solutions. Our team of qualified staff are on hand to provide your company with a professional and personalised UK immigration service dedicated to the speedy transfer of your UK inbound workforce.

The School offers the IB Diploma, the American High School Diploma with Advanced Placement courses, and an ESL programme to co-ed day (ages 3-18) and boarding (ages 14-18) students. Graduates progress to top universities worldwide. More home than hotel.

Staybridge Suites UK Head Office: IHG Plc Oak Court Dudley Road Brierley Hill West Midlands DY5 1LG Contact: Liz Devaney T: +44 (0)1384 890 908 E: W:

Staybridge Suites offers the perfect temporary accommodation solution now in Liverpool, Newcastle, Abu Dhabi, Cairo, St Petersburg, London and opening in Q4 2013 – Birmingham. Perfect for short term assignments and long stay relocations including free daily breakfast, free internet access, laundry room, exercise room, 24/7 shop and great evening social receptions in all locations.

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