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Tennis Skirts Offer Comfort And Fashion On The Court The classic and traditional sportswear for women’s tennis is usually a skirt and top. Tennis skirts are iconic for tennis games, particularly for tournaments, and are an essential item for any tennis lover’s wardrobe. In fact, ladies have been playing tennis in skirts for 150 years. When playing tennis, the ladies wore whatever was in style for that time, which was long skirts and sleeves and a hat. It wasn't before the 1920's that the short skirts began appearing on the courts. Hemlines continued to get shorter following World War II, and the miniskirt was making an appearance on the tennis courts by the 1960's. These days, the skirts are short enough that different clothing designers are making them with built-in shorts or panties, so it isn't necessary to wear undergarments. These days, fashion is just as important as the function. When you shop for a skirt for tennis, evaluate the fabrics they're made of and also the design features that can affect how wearable it is. A lot of women still prefer to wear skirts for various reasons, although shorts or skirts are both acceptable for tennis. Compared to shorts, which may be restrictive, there is a greater range of movement in skirts. A lot of the skirts will be well-ventilated and some can accommodate room for another tennis ball. Ever since running skirts started becoming popular, a lot of women find that tennis skirts are comparable in style and comfort and therefore are using them for running. They also will be a good choice for kayaking or hiking since they provide comfort and a range of motion for just about any activity. With regards to women’s clothing, aesthetics will probably always be a pivotal aspect. Some women admit they love to wear a skirt for sports since they feel both athletic and feminine at the same time. There are many colors and styles to choose from for your skirt. Many will offer built-in shorts, and some will have built-in panties and some are just skirts. For carefree comfort while playing, those skirts with no undergarment can be worn with extra shorts. Skirt style is your personal buying decision, and as you choose, there are many elements to think about. The cut of the skirt is the first choice to make a decision on. Each cut has its own advantages and you may choose from pleated, A-line and straight, which will be the most popular cuts. A-line skirts are flattering and don’t cling to the legs. The classic tennis skirt is a pleated one and it offers a lot of room to move in. Straight skirts do have a tendency to cling but have slits in them for further freedom to move. Fabrics have continued to advance and high-performance fabrics made from polyester help in keeping the active athlete cool and dry. Some skirts can be found in cotton but the preferred option for many women is polyester because it stretches, is cooling and dries quickly. White tends to do an adequate job of hiding sweat marks, making it a classic color for tennis players. The most preferred color is still "tennis whites" and Wimbledon's dress code still requires them. But, tennis skirts have become available in many colors and are accepted on the court.

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Tennis Skirts Offer Comfort And Fashion On The Court Tennis skirts have come a considerable ways through the decades and are still the garment of choice on the court. The skirts are comfortable, cool and colorful, which adds style and a relaxed versatility that can add further enjoyment for the game. The classic and traditional sportswear for women’s tennis is usually a skirt and top. Tennis skirts are iconic for tenni...

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Tennis Skirts Offer Comfort And Fashion On The Court