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in this issue The statements contained in this material have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The personal testimonials shared reflect individual experiences of Independent Relìv Distributors and are not necessarily typical of the results you may obtain. Relìv products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. As with any independent business, success as a Relìv Distributor requires a significant amount of hard work and dedication. The individuals featured in this material offer a glimpse into the lifestyle and economic benefits they are enjoying through the Relìv opportunity as a result of their own skills and personal effort. These stories are examples only and are not intended as averages or guarantees.

Dear Distributor Spring is here! The weather is warming, the flowers are blooming and all of nature is experiencing new life. Sounds a little like your Relìv business these days, don’t you think? Enthusiasm around Relìv is heating up, and with new life breathed into organizations across the country, individual businesses are starting to blossom. To carry this spring metaphor a little further, think of every new person you sponsor as a seed. The more seeds you plant and cultivate, the more blooms will appear. And before you know it, you’ll be reaping a bountiful harvest! That’s why this issue of Lifestyle is loaded with exciting new initiatives all geared toward one central goal: helping you reach more new people with Relìv. Want to tap into the fast-rising market of physically active, healthconscious adults? Then take a look at Team Relìv. Interested in using technology and new ways of communicating to explode your list of prospects? Our new social media campaign is the perfect fit. How about giving a fresh new look and feel to the proven business-building approaches you already use? Then get ready for our all-new presentation materials. And the best part is that these new initiatives build perfectly onto what have always been the cornerstones of Relìv success: high-quality products — including the latest additions to the Relìvables line (see page 15), a rewarding business opportunity and a proven Success System. And with so many people now looking for what we can offer, the timing couldn’t be better.

R. Scott Montgomery Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

As I write this message, I am preparing to travel to the Philippines and Malaysia with those Distributors who earned their place on the Relìv Mission Trip. Although you won’t be visiting our Kalogris Foundation feeding centers personally, please know that we are indeed taking all of you with us. It is the work you do every day to grow your business that makes our mission to Nourish Our World possible. So keep planting those seeds, and rest assured we will continue to do everything possible at the corporate office to support your efforts. It’s springtime at Relìv — get ready to grow!


Team Relìv Triumphs at Conference


t’s Super Bowl weekend and the excitement in the air is electric. The music starts and the crowd roars as their team takes center stage. But this isn’t the Super Bowl; it’s the Relìv National Conference. And it isn’t the Colts or the Saints they’re cheering for, but Team Relìv — the exciting new program focused on promoting a healthy, active lifestyle and building brand awareness among the growing market of healthconscious adults. A central component of the Team Relìv program is to sponsor local 5K and 10K races in 2010. As Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales Ryan Montgomery explains, these local races provide an ideal opportunity to capitalize on the Team Relìv initiative. “Running events are very social and community-oriented, bringing together people who are athletic and conscious of what they put in their bodies,” Ryan states. “They’re interested in increasing their endurance, improving their recovery time and preventing injury, which makes them a perfect match for Relìv.”


How Team Relìv Event Sponsorship Works: o You identify a 5K or 10K running event in your area that you

think would be a good fit for Relìv sponsorship. o You work with other Distributors in your area to create a

sponsorship plan. o You complete and submit the application form to the Relìv

corporate office. Just select “Team Relìv” under the “Events” tab on the Distributor portal to download the form. o Then just wait for us to contact you. If selected, you’ll work

hand-in-hand with members of our corporate staff in determining the best sponsorship strategy for your event. Our corporate Team Relìv committee will evaluate applications and allocate resources based on a variety of factors, such as current business activity in the area, the number of participants committed to working and participating in the event and the Distributors’ plan for promoting the event.

Depending on how they meet the criteria, approved applications may receive some or all of the following items from Relìv: o o o o o o

o o o

Monetary support for sponsorship fee Team Relìv banners Team Relìv table covers Canopy for booth/tent Innergize!® for sampling Logoed stickers for coolers (when Innergize!® can be served) Logoed paper cups Giveaway raffle item (e.g. a sports watch) Flyer support (We’ll supply a master you can print locally.)

Area Distributors supply: o Team Relìv runner’s shirts and Team Relìv t-shirts for

event volunteers (available for purchase at Relìv Company Store) o Runners/walkers and staff for booth o Tables for booth o Coolers (if Innergize! is to be distributed) o Innergize! o Copies of flyers and drawing entries o Local promotion o Photos/video from event (to post on website and be used in other corporate promotional opportunities) o Results report and sponsorship summary — general description of event, number of actual run participants, number of leads, etc. “It’s time we let the world know what we have to offer — superior products designed to keep people healthy, active and performing at their best,” Ryan notes. “And Team Relìv is a great new way to make that happen!”

Relìv Finishes Strong at Local Races Like all the best ideas at Relìv, the concept for the Team Relìv event sponsorship program originated from our leaders in the field. Bronze Ambassadors Chris Toriello and Mark Gauger, along with other Distributors in their organization, have been sponsoring sporting events on their own since last summer and are generating a lot of awareness and excitement as a result. “Our first event was our local rotary club’s annual 5K/10K race,” Chris reports. “We had a Relìv hydration station at the finish line, where we served cups of lemon and orange Innergize!® to 124 participating runners, along with their friends and family and everyone else involved in the race. Even with the cold and rainy weather, we went through 17 gallons of product. People kept coming back for more, and to ask questions and pick up literature. “By sponsoring these events, we’re gaining a whole new level of visibility and credibility among people who want to improve their performance — from the busy mom to the professional athlete, and everyone in between,” Chris says. “Our goal is to make Relìv a household name,” Mark adds. “And Team Relìv is a tremendous step in that direction!”

What’s Your Team Relìv Goal for 2010? You don’t have to sponsor a run to be a part of Team Relìv — all you need is a desire to be healthy and the willingness to get active! Team Relìv’s goal is to get the entire Relìv community moving, whether it be running, walking, playing racquetball or playing with the kids. Tell us your Team Relìv fitness goal and follow corporate and Distributor participants trying to reach their own goals on the new Team Relìv Facebook Fan Page: Then get ready for the Relìv Running Club coming this spring. The club, which is open to all Relìv Distributors, will include an online tool to track your progress and will use the Team Relìv Fan Page to exchange tips and share stories. Those who run an average of at least one mile per day from the start of the program through July 31, 2010, will earn a Team Relìv t-shirt and will lead off the Walk for the Mission at International Conference. 5

Now Presenting…



elìv’s presentation tools have a brand-new, updated look, one that will make it even easier for Distributors to share the company’s powerful, life-changing message. “It’s important for all Distributors to get your hands on these new presentation tools as quickly as possible,” says Senior Vice President of International Sales Don Gibbons. “If you are a Distributor already trained in doing presentations, the strength of these revamped tools will leap right out at you. They are an obvious upgrade from what you’ve had before. There is a consistency in the look and feel of each component. What this means is, no matter what the situation — if you are one-on-one, maybe four or five people in a kitchen or talking to a large group at a hotel — you are walking people through the same incredible story.” President’s Team members and Presidential Double Platinum Ambassadors Raul and Aurora Paredes agree. “These updated tools make it even easier to convey to people what makes Relìv different,” says Raul. “By incorporating Relìv’s Four Pillars —Mission, Company, Products and Opportunity — consistently throughout the presentation, we’ve noticed that it changes the atmosphere of the room. People get very excited! It’s important to remember that we’re still Relìv, we’re still telling the same great story we’ve always told, but now we’ve just given ourselves a fresh, new look.” “It’s like changing from a hand saw to an electric saw,” Don adds. “These new tools will help you do the same job, only you’ll be more effective and efficient.”


Opportunity Presentation Slides

It’s like changing from a hand saw to an electric saw. These new tools will help you do the same job, only you’ll be more effective and efficient. Don Gibbons Senior VIce President of International Sales

o New color photos and graphics o Updated information and statistics o Arranged in a new order, incorporating

Relìv’s Four Pillars For PowerPoint users… the slides are available for free via download by selecting “Sales & Presentation Tools” under the “My Business” tab on the Distributor portal and can be purchased as a CD from the Company Store. As a bonus feature, the new slides are animated to fill in the comp plan numbers as you click through them. You can also download a new walk-in slideshow that automatically cycles through a series of Distributor photos and motivational quotes as you gather for your meeting — very cool! “We really appreciate the new, more streamlined order of the slide presentation,” says Raul. “And Aurora is very happy with the step-by-step approach to the compensation plan.” “For people who struggle to understand numbers, this new method of presenting the compensation plan is much easier to grasp,” Aurora says. “I think this is a big improvement.”

Presentation Book & Workbook o Updated look, with information

organized around the Four Pillars o Inspiring health and opportunity stories o Your choice of the Presentation Book,

which comes with the numbers filled in on the comp plan pages, or the Presentation Workbook, which allows you to customize your presentation with your own names and numbers

The updated information and design of the books are an obvious upgrade from the former “PA” Workbook. Plus, the addition of testimonials allows Distributors to point out real stories at the first meeting, even before they have a chance to connect a prospect to the Relìv Success System. The books are ideal for one-on-one meetings and also serve as an effective leave-behind. “These new presentation materials are a welcome breath of fresh air,” says Presidential Platinum Ambassador Jim Schaben. “The new book, all of it, really helps to bring

Relìv to life. We’ve always had leading-edge products, and now we have the leading-edge presentation materials to match. It’s going to make an enormous difference.”

Presentation Flip Charts o Same updated presentation as the new

opportunity slides o Presenter notes on the back of each page

with talking points on every topic o Easy-to-carry, portable binder with handle o Simple set-up for table-top presentation o Comes with Opportunity

Presentation CD Now you can give a full Relìv opportunity presentation anywhere, anytime. Just find a table, set it down and start sharing Relìv. “These new flipcharts have a professional look and feel that your prospects will notice right away,” says Presidential Four-Time Platinum Ambassador Tom Pinnock. “You get the same powerful presentation developed for Tuesday night in a format you can use anywhere. I think they are going to help a whole lot of people discover Relìv in the coming years.”

“Four Pillars” Videos o A powerful, informative introduction to

Relìv’s four pillars — company, products, mission and opportunity o An engaging, easy-to-understand explanation of Relìv’s compensation plan o Commentary from Relìv executives and top business builders o Real-life health and business success stories The videos offer the flexibility to begin your presentation with whatever aspect of Relìv interests your prospect most, and the question-and-answer format speaks directly to prospects and provides natural breaks for you to share personal stories. “Relìv will always be about building relationships person-to-person,” says Presidential Four-Time Platinum Ambassador Joe Felger. “But a tool like this can serve as a great first-step introduction. When you have something that lights a fire under people like these videos, you have to take advantage of it.” 7

The New Fan Page: Relìv’s Online Coffee Shop


hink about the feeling you get when you run into a friend you haven’t seen in a long time. Renewing a friendship or beginning a new one is filled with possibilities. Now, multiply that chance meeting by hundreds and you begin to get the idea of the power of social media. “Social media, like Facebook, gives you access to relationships on an unlimited scale,” says Senior Vice President of North American Sales Steve Hastings. “Used effectively as part of the Relìv System, it can open doors, keep them open and help you build relationships across town and around the world.” And, with the newly launched Relìv Facebook Fan Page, we’re making it simpler and more fun.

Create Raving Fans After months of due diligence to get it right, Relìv’s Fan Page will serve as an online gathering place for those connected to or learning about Relìv. Think neighborhood coffee shop on a global scale. “Our Fan Page allows us to showcase, in a fun and dynamic way, the excitement and passion that Relìv inspires in people,” Steve says. “We’re soliciting Distributor videos and photos to keep the page fresh and provide a forum for your enthusiasm.” 8

Polls, quizzes, the latest Relìv news and recognition, and a trunk full of surprises — all in bite-sized chunks — will make you a daily visitor and entice you to invite others to visit. “You can find Relìv’s Fan Page through a Google search, or click the icon on the home page of our website,” Steve says. “Information will change daily so you’ll want to bookmark the page and return often.”

Join The Conversation Steve advises those new to using social media to take time to look around and listen to others’ conversations. “It’s important to get a feel for how people converse online,” he says. “Read your friends’ Facebook pages and get used to the flow of conversation. Then, after you’ve spent time getting better acquainted, take the conversation offline to a phone call or face-to-face meeting and introduce people to Relìv based on their needs.” Next, plug them into the Relìv System. “Recognize that social media isn’t for selling Relìv,” Steve cautions. “To really learn the heart of what our opportunity and products offer, you have to link people to stories and use everything the Relìv System offers. He adds, “Social media doesn’t change how you build your Relìv business, but it can make it more efficient — and fun — to find new people.”


Get The Word Out

Join The Facebook Party

Heather Forrester of San Francisco, CA, uses Facebook and sometimes Twitter to build relationships which ultimately allow her to introduce Relìv. “I post stories on my Facebook page, and on others’ pages, and identify people in groups online dealing with issues that I care about, such as autism,” she says. “Facebook allows me to develop relationships all over the world. My most recent success story is when my best friend’s grandmother saw her grandson’s results in the Facebook posts and ordered product for her other two grandchildren. They’re all getting great results!”

Think of a huge party in which, every time you turn a corner, you’re meeting new people or catching up with old friends. That’s how Marco Riolo of Grand Rapids, MI, describes Facebook. “It is the hub of what my life is about,” he says. “I update my page daily and take time to keep up with others’ posts to establish relationships.” Marco says that Facebook should be viewed as a complement to the Relìv system: “I keep it simple, keep it real and am always on the lookout for ways to help others.”

Building on the Add Friends, Add Referrals

Adding two to four posts a day to his Facebook page keeps it fresh and keeps people current on Aaron Amato’s activities. The Grand Rapids, MI, native also focuses on consistently adding friends. “Think of adding friends like getting referrals,” he explains. “You have to broaden the audience for the information you’re posting. I use Facebook as another tool to build relationships and help set appointments.” Keeping up with others’ posts, creating events and tapping into online groups enables Aaron to set from two to four appointments a week. “Facebook has been better for my business than anything else I’ve done.”

Network From Home Heather Rogers has added several Distributors, even more customers and a Master Affiliate through social media. “I just post things from my life that people might find interesting,” she explains. “Many online conversations naturally lead to Relìv, and I can then point them to my personal website for more information. My recent posts about losing 15 pounds, for example, led to three new Slimplicity® customers.” Heather says Relìv’s new fan page has made it even easier to share Relìv. “It gives us something tangible to refer people to on Facebook,” she notes. “Even better, Distributors are now creating a social community to network, build relationships and share ideas with one another. I’m excited to see where social media will take us.”

Lifestyle Plus On the following four pages, you will find our second installment of Lifestyle Plus, a new kind of prospecting piece from Relìv. As you can see, this time we’re focusing on the benefits of Relìv products for a healthy, active lifestyle — it’s the ideal support piece for the new Team Relìv initiative. Hand out this entire magazine — with all of its feature articles, success stories and latest happenings around Relìv — and direct new people to this center spread. Or order 10-packs of this special section alone through the Company Store. (Look on the “Sales Tools” page under the “Shopping” tab on the Distributor portal.) This issue, as well as last issue’s look at how Relìv products stand above other nutritional

Enhance Your Performance With Relìv

People today are focusing more on healthier living and understanding the value of exercise. With running, powerwalking and biking as a familiar part of life, it’s important to give your body the fuel it needs to perform at its peak. ProVantage® and Innergize!®, Relìv’s targeted sports formulas, help optimize performance and speed recovery with the nutrients your body craves. Relìv Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Carl W. Hastings notes that ProVantage contains a balance of nutrients scientifically designed to improve performance, endurance, recovery and repair. “ProVantage includes 13 grams of soy protein, which is clini-

supplements, is now available to order. In This Issue… Proper diet and exercise are the foundation for good health. The next step is adding high-quality nutritional supplements. And no other supplements available today support your active life quite like Relìv products. The following pages demonstrate how just two Relìv shakes a day can help you increase energy, improve stamina, reduce recovery time and so much more. The section concludes with an enlightening Q&A with Dr. Clare Hasler, who discusses why supplements, and Relìv products in particular, are the perfect complement to a healthy, active lifestyle.

cally shown to increase muscle mass and function, reduce fatigue and burn excess body fat,” he explains. “ProVantage is also the first protein performance formula to include potent antioxidants that protect cells. It’s an ideal formula for athletes.” In general, soy is a good source of many nutrients such as Bvitamins, niacin, copper and magnesium, and easy-to-absorb calcium. ProVantage also contains a unique array of high performance ingredients, including L-glutamine, CLS, ALA and MCT. Patented Innergize! sports drink includes an advanced blend of ingredients specifically designed to enhance recovery. “Innergize! replenishes the body with essential vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates,” Dr. Carl says. “It works synergistically with ProVantage for optimum performance.”

Get up, get moving and get fit with RelĂŹv

Supplement your active lifestyle

Supplementing gives you a healthy edge Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly are the foundation for good health. The next step is adding high-quality nutritional supplements to your active, healthy lifestyle. “Supplements are an excellent means to assure proper daily intake of nutrients,” says Relìv Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Carl Hastings. “Combined with diet and exercise, they provide the basis for good health.” When you’re active, your body’s need for micronutrients increases. You also need energy to fuel your activity and protein for building and repairing muscle tissue. Supplementing with the proper nutrients can improve your stamina, endurance, recovery and help protect you from injury. Here’s a look at just some of the nutrients you need to keep your body functioning its best and stay active:

Protein Protein needs increase during strenuous activity. Your body needs high-quality protein as a source of energy as well as to repair tissue and build muscles.

Iron Athletes use more iron stores than inactive people. Low iron can lead to more frequent injuries and slower recovery time after exercise. Supplementing with iron can significantly improve your endurance levels.

Antioxidants When you exercise strenuously, your body produces more free radicals, which can damage cells and lead to tissue damage, slower recovery times and lower energy production. Antioxidants counter this effect and maintain iron levels. In fact, a study shows an antioxidant combo of vitamin E, beta-carotene and vitamin C may help athletic performance. Research also shows athletes who consume more vitamin E have less cell damage.

B Vitamins B vitamins are essential for active lifestyles, too. Experts say athletes involved in heavy training may need more of several vitamins, such as thiamin, riboflavin and B-6 because they are involved in energy production. B-1 (thiamin), B-2 (riboflavin), niacin, B-6 and biotin work together for energy metabolism and muscle function.

Creatine Creatine helps rebuild muscles and increase energy. Creatine studies done on younger athletes in their 20s and 30s show benefits such as an increase in muscular efficiency and strength and an increase in the ability of the muscles to work longer.

Glutamine/Amino Acids Glutamine, an amino acid, helps restore and rebuild tired muscles. A 2006 study shows supplementing with amino acids resulted in a quicker recovery from muscle fatigue. The oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood also improved.

Relìv is the Right Fit for Your Active Lifestyle Relìv nutritional supplements are excellent sources of essential nutrients to support your active lifestyle. “Physical activity requires adequate nutrient intake to ward off stress, maintain overall health and reduce the risk of disease and injury,” says Dr. Hastings. “Relìv products are the perfect fit for active lifestyles because they contain high-quality nutrients that work synergistically to provide many benefits.” For example, FibRestore®, Relìv Classic® and Relìv Now® all contain the enzymes bromelain and papain, which help reduce inflammation and aid muscle recovery. These products also include a host of antioxidants and other nutrients. Innergize!® contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, chromium, zinc and carbohydrates to provide added energy, promote oxygen absorption and boost the immune system. Another Relìv product designed for active lifestyles is ProVantage®. It’s formulated to improve performance, endurance, recovery and repair with 13 grams of muscle-building soy protein and other advanced ingredients, such as creatine, CoQ10 and amino acids. “Relìv products are easy to use and consume as liquids,” Dr. Carl says. “You don’t have to try to figure out the right balance of nutrients because we’ve already done it — through advanced formulas based on good science. Just two Relìv shakes a day and you’ll know your body is benefiting from optimal nutrition.”

The statements contained in this material have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The personal testimonials shared reflect individual experiences of Independent Relìv Distributors and are not necessarily typical of the results you may obtain. Relìv products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Good Nutrition Packs a Punch

Six-foot-tall Relìv Distributor Sheena Glover, of Omaha, Nebraska, is pairing an intense, twice-daily training schedule with Relìv products to get in fighting shape for the Golden Gloves amateur boxing tournament. Using ProVantage, Slimplicity® and Innergize!, Sheena has already lost 6 pounds and 2½ inches from her waist in just two weeks as she works toward her fighting weight of 165 pounds. “With Relìv, I have tons of extra energy so I can push longer and train harder,” Sheena says. “I’ve tried other supplements before, but I like that Relìv products have all the essential nutrients I need in one shake — I don’t need a cabinet full of pills.”

Discovering an Athlete’s Secret Weapon Kayak instructor and Relìv Ambassador Kevin Hinds of Bath, Maine, says ProVantage is an “athlete’s secret weapon.” “I’ve supplemented before but never saw results I could point to,” the 36-year-old says. “But with ProVantage, my workouts are smoother, I have more stamina and I recover quickly. In my job, I carry a number of 60-pound kayaks down a 565-foot dock several times a day. I work with people younger than me and perform as well or better than them thanks to Relìv products.”

Running in Fast Forward

After 22 years of distance running, the past year has been the best for 32-year-old Relìv Master Affiliate Kurt Musgrave of Enid, Oklahoma. That’s because a year ago, he started supplementing with Relìv nutrition, including Relìv Classic, Innergize! and FibRestore. “The difference is like night and day,” Kurt says. “My endurance is 100 percent greater and I run the 5K faster than I ever have. My recovery is quicker and I don’t even get tired.”

Qa &

Q a

with Dr. Hasler

What is your role on Relìv’s Scientific Advisory Board?

I’ve known Dr. Carl Hastings for many years and we worked together through the Functional Foods for Health Program at the University of Illinois, Chicago and Urbana-Champaign campuses. Relìv was an industry member of that program. It has been a pleasure and honor to serve with him on Relìv’s Scientific Advisory Board. Relìv is an exciting company. Part of my role on the board is to keep up with the research done at top-tier research facilities and pass along this information to Carl to benefit Relìv products.

Q a

What does your healthy, active lifestyle look like?

I’ve been athletic all my life in various activities such as Tae Kwon Do, biking, swimming and running. I try to eat a plant-based diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. I also eat probiotics every day, along with fish oil for Omega3 and vitamin D. I shop the perimeter of the grocery store for the healthiest food choices.

Q a

How do supplements fit into a what nutrients people need and creates the right balance of these in its products healthy, active lifestyle? for optimal health. A healthy diet should be the underpinning for everyone’s lifestyle. To be successful in the crowded marketEating lots of fruits and vegetables is place, products also have to taste good. very important along with eating enough Relìv products certainly do. I love the new snack bars. They taste terrific and have a whole grains and fiber. good mix of nutrients. The protein in the In the area of nutrition, we now realize snack bar leaves me feeling satisfied and that diet can have a transformative effect it’s convenient and portable. Plus I love on health and well-being. This should chocolate! come as no surprise. After all, it was Hippocrates, the father of medicine, who linked the critical relationship between Dr. Clare Hasler is an internationally recognized diet and health more than 2,500 years expert in the areas of functional foods and ago when he said “Let food be thy medinutraceuticals. She is founding executive director of cine and medicine be thy food.” the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science at the University of California, Davis, and Appropriate diet and lifestyle choices can she is a distinguished lecturer for the Institute of Food prevent a large percentage of the chronic Technologists. She serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Nutraceuticals, Functional Foods and disease that we face today. But suppleMedical Foods and the Journal of the American Nutramenting is good nutritional insurance for ceutical Association, among other editorial positions. those who don’t eat the way they should — which includes many people. Hasler was the founding director of the Functional Foods for Health Program, a joint effort between What advantage do Relìv the University of Illinois at Chicago and University products have over other of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has written supplements on the market extensively on functional foods and other health to support an active lifestyle? related issues. Dr. Hasler earned a dual Ph.D. in Human Nutrition and Environmental Toxicology Relìv products are based on good from Michigan State University. science. That’s a very important foun. dation. With so many nutritional products on the market, people trust Relìv products because they’re scientifically based on the latest research. We need more than one nutrient in our diet. So Relìv figures out

Q a

The latest advances in skin science and technology in a potent corrective formula. Nowhere on the market will you find a single bodycare lotion this advanced or this complete. Improves firmness and tone Fades age spots Reduces fine lines and crepiness Reduces redness Improves the look of rough, dimpled skin o Reduces appearance of cellulite o o o o o

Soy Nuts The many benefits of soy, such as bone health, menopause relief and overall wellness, in snack form. o No trans fats (hydrogenated oils) o Dry roasted rather than fried in oil o Excellent source of fiber and

complete protein o Low sodium o Cholesterol-free o Non-GMO (genetically modified

organism) soybeans

Healthy Snack Bars Two great-tasting flavors, cranberry granola and chocolate-coated granola, packed with both fiber and protein — most snack bars have one or the other.

As part of a new strategic initiative to make more product and nutrition information available to Distributors and customers, Relìv has instituted a new monthly “Product Call.” Taking place on the second Monday of every month, this new series of calls will focus on the science behind Relìv products and other nutrition and health topics. They occur at the same time and use the same numbers as Monday night opportunity calls. Select “conference calls” under “The System” tab at for details. You’ll hear from experts from throughout the Relìv community, including Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Carl Hastings, members of the Relìv Scientific Advisory Board and other medical and industry professionals. They’ll discuss those health issues that affect you most and the role nutrition plays in addressing them. We’ll also feature inspiring stories of people whose lives have been changed through Relìv products.

ews you can use

r body revitalizing moisture +

Dial in for Product Info


Relìvables Expands for Better Skin, Better Snacks

Relìv Product Call Topics: Spring 2010 March 8: Relìv Nutrition: The Perfect Fit for an Active, Healthy Lifestyle April 12: Antioxidants May 10: Pycnogenol® Please Note: All Monday night calls are archived and available for download under the “Training Calls” tab at Relìv U (

o No trans fats o No cholesterol o Excellent source of fiber, healthy soy

protein and whole grains o Includes Pycnogenol®, a powerful




ealth stories

Slim and Active With Relìv Colene Hotmer, of Spirit Lake, Idaho, has become very good at listening to her body. “I came downstairs the other day to the pantry, looking for something to eat, but nothing looked good to me,” she says. “What really sounded good was a Relìv shake. My body felt balanced and energized right after drinking it!” A longtime believer in the Relìv products, Colene started on the Slimplicity® Weight Loss System in March 2007, wanting to look fabulous for her wedding to husband Andy. By the time she walked down the aisle six months later, she looked and felt amazing. “Even my tummy from having four babies is flat,” says Colene, who is thrilled to be maintaining her weight loss, while still enjoying an occasional treat, like ice cream and cookies. “I also don’t have the anxiety attacks or the back pain that kept me down,” she continues. “Plus, I have the extra energy and mental clarity I need to keep up with my active family. I’m home schooling, coaching cross country and soccer, riding horses, and even taking part in an occasional snowboarding adventure!” Colene says Relìv has been a blessing. “When you have good health, it spills into all other aspects of your life.”

Hotmer family of Spirit Lake, Idaho.


Smith family of Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

Enjoying the Full Flavor of Life Kip Smith and his wife Katie, Master Affiliates from Rhinelander, Wisconsin, believe that they found out about Relìv at the perfect time. Both dreamed that Katie, a former nurse, would be able to stay home once they had children, but they knew they would still need some extra income to supplement Kip’s pay as a physical therapist. Today, with Relìv, they have an extra income and Katie stays home with their baby son, Stephan, a healthy 11-month-old. The two became even more firm in their resolve about Relìv after getting phenomenal health results. Katie found relief from painful headaches, and Kip has been released from a limited diet and is seeing great improvements in his digestive health. By 2007, Kip’s difficulties with irritable bowel syndrome meant that he could only eat a handful of foods: rice, plain bread and ham sandwiches and yogurt. Anything else gave him terrible cramps and caused other digestive issues. “Katie tried hard to prepare meals that I could eat, but my stomach couldn’t handle much at all,” says Kip. “I felt very lethargic, and she started to notice that I had a malnourished look.” After six weeks taking Relìv’s basic nutrition, Kip found his digestive health improving to the point he could handle once-forbidden foods: Mexican dishes, pizza and even ice cream. “Now I’m free to live like I want to,” says Kip.

The statements contained in this material have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The personal testimonials shared reflect individual experiences of Independent Relìv Distributors and are not necessarily typical of the results you may obtain. Relìv products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. As with any independent business, success as a Relìv Distributor requires a significant amount of hard work and dedication. The individuals featured in this material offer a glimpse into the lifestyle and economic benefits they are enjoying through the Relìv opportunity as a result of their own skills and personal effort. These stories are examples only and are not intended as averages or guarantees.

No Pain, All Gain With Relìv

Tracy Hanna Foye of Pawleys Island, South Carolina.

After suffering a car accident in July 2009, Tracy Hanna Foye, a Master Affiliate in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, became concerned that the injuries to her hand were affecting her ability to perform at her job. “I’m an artist and designer, so I need my hand in order to make a living,” Tracy states. Tracy started taking Relìv in September 2009 and quickly saw results. “After a short period of time I was back to work creating up a storm!” she says. “The longer I’m on these products, the more results I continue to see,” she continues. “My general aches and pains, along with the pain in my back and legs, have greatly

Ordinary Is Extraordinary for ‘Tween’ Girl While such behaviors as wearing the latest fashions, texting friends and dreaming of having a family one day are considered typical of a girl in her “tween” years, for Cyndie Siegel’s 11-yr-old daughter, Brianna, they are brand new adventures. “Brianna was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder, a mild form of autism, characterized by delays in the development of multiple basic functions including socialization and communication,” Cyndie, a Master Affiliate in Montclair, New Jersey, explains. Cyndie wasn’t expecting much when she and her daughter started on the Relìv products last August. “After years of trying

a lot of other products without any success, I’d become a little jaded,” she recalls. It was around two months later that Cyndie’s skepticism turned to astonishment and then utter elation. “One day, Brianna came home from school and started chattering nonstop about her day,” she says. “She’s continued to blossom, taking a whole new interest in the people around her,” Cyndie continues. “Her overall wellbeing has given us a new hope.” Brianna’s study habits and grades at school have improved, as well. “I recently asked her whether she’s noticed a difference since taking Relìv,” Cyndie states. “And she immediately replied, ‘Yeah, I’m smarter’!”

improved. Also, my digestion issues have cleared up, my skin is more beautiful than ever and my energy level is through the roof! “What’s so wonderful and unique about these products is how they work synergistically, giving your body all the right nutrition in perfect balance,” Tracy adds. “I’m functioning like I’m 20 again — and it’s as simple as taking two shakes a day, every day!”

Tell Us for a T-Shirt! Relìv is a business built on stories. Whether it’s a life changed through better health or a dream realized through financial freedom, people are inspired to join Relìv by the remarkable stories shared throughout the Relìv world. And we want to hear yours! Send us your story, and if we use it in one of our publications or post it online, we’ll send you a FREE Relìv T-shirt. Not only do they look great, they’re also a great way to promote your business. Tell us for a t-shirt today! Submit your health and/or business story to:

17 25


pportunity stories

Making Dreams Come True Presidential Bronze Ambassador Carla Pence from Harper, Kansas, saw an opportunity to do something special for a little girl, and thanks to her Relìv business, was able to make it happen. “My niece Cadrien, lost her dad — my younger brother — last year,” Carla explains. “She’s such a wonderful girl. She gets off the school bus, does chores on the family ranch in Nebraska, cares for her two little sisters and gets her schoolwork done. It’s a lot of responsibility for an 11-year-old.” When Relìv announced a Disney cruise promotion in December, Carla decided it would be the perfect way to celebrate Cadrien’s 12th birthday in March. “I called my upline, told her what I wanted and why, and she said, ‘Let’s do it!’” Carla continues. “I got to work and my personal group volume really picked up. Cadrien was great motivation, and it seemed the epitome of what Relìv is all about — doing for someone else. Carla called her sister-in-law in January and asked if she could spare her daughter for four days. “She was excited and told Cadrien herself that very day,” Carla says. “Since then, Cadrien and I have had a great time planning her cruise adventure. And I’ve been reminded that Relìv does make dreams come true — just ask a little 11- year-old ranch kid from Nebraska!” Pictured left: Cadrien with her sisters. Pictured right: Carla & Quinn Pence of Kansas.


Peachie Elsas of Pensacola, Florida, with her mother.

Relìv: ‘The Greatest Gift’ Key Director Peachie Elsas of Pensacola, Florida, joined Relìv in 1999, shortly after her 82-year-old mother suffered a heart attack while visiting Peachie. Following surgery, her mother was so weak that she feared she would not make it back alive to the Philippines. “But with the help of Relìv nutrition,” Peachie says, “Mother’s health improved and she grew strong enough to return home.” Her mother went on to enjoy 10 more quality years, consistently using Relìv products, until she passed away last May at age 92. Thanks to the freedom her Relìv business has provided her, Peachie was able to spend the last 60 days with her mother. She recalls her mother telling her one day, “Kaysarap ang alaga ng mga anak.” Translation: “It feels good to have your children care for you.” “Relìv has blessed my family — with good health, financial security, time freedom — and was the greatest gift I ever gave my mother,” she says. “I cherish the time I was able to spend with her in her final days, and I am forever grateful to the Relìv opportunity for making it possible. “Now I’m looking forward to continued good health myself,” she continues, “and to continue to serve and help change lives, one person at a time.”

Send your health and business testimonials to: Testimonials, Relìv International, c/o Melanie Wolff, P.O. Box 405, Chesterfield, MO 63006-0405 Or submit them online at:

new distributor A Clear Vision for Success Gilbert Matsuoka is an eye doctor in Pleasant Hill, California. He started his Relìv business last October after experiencing quick results using the products himself with allergies, acid reflux, sleep apnea and aches and pains. He went through his first Master Affiliate order in a month. Surprised by that success, the next month Gilbert started working Relìv more deliberately — doubling his business. The third month his business doubled again. “After December I became a Key Director, qualified for extra bonuses, and earned the Walt Disney Bahamas cruise and a Kalogris Foundation plaque,” says Gilbert. “I placed seventh in the nation and earned over $6,000 that month!”

At first, Gilbert admits to “trying to reinvent the wheel and do it my way.” It was only after he started listening to the advice of and modeling his upline that his business began to take off. “I introduced people to my upline and they did all the work,” he says. “And then I got the credit and recognition. The way Relìv is set up is amazing!” After being tied to his optometry practice for 30 years, Gilbert now sees options for the future. “I always assumed that’s what I would do until the day I die,” he says. “Now that this business is growing, I can imagine myself retiring early and pursuing my real passion and calling of missions ministry. Now I have hope for the future and can see a way out.”

Matsuoka family of Pleasant Hill, California.

Building a Foundation in Toronto

Annette Wells of Toronto.

Three years ago, Annette Wells moved to suburban Toronto from Michigan for her husband David’s work assignment. “I came to a country where I didn’t know a single person,” says Annette. At the time, Annette, an interior designer by profession who is now a Key Director and calls Relìv her “full-time part-time job,” had been working her Relìv business for just over a year. After Annette arrived in Toronto, she discovered that, with Toronto traffic, the nearest Foundation City was too far away to efficiently bring people to Opportunity Meetings. Annette, who loves the flexibility offered by Relìv to “work wherever I go,” took matters into her own hands. “I got the names of

local Distributors and started calling people,” she remembers. “We began by conducting our meetings in Alla Yumshtyk’s home, then moved to the YMCA, and then into a hotel as we became a Foundation City. It has been so rewarding to see Relìv grow in the Toronto area.” As a frequent traveler, Annette often shares Relìv’s health benefits and business opportunities while “on the road.” She recently shared Relìv with the person sitting next to her on each leg of a roundtrip flight — as well as with the waiter at lunch in the airport terminal! “It’s just a passion in my heart,” she says. “I want to make a difference in people’s lives.”



r presidential directors New PDs Igniting Passion in Canada Winter in St. Clements, Ontario, Canada, is typically frigid. So Gary and Laura Lynn Martin are thrilled to be escaping their hometown next February to go to Maui, Hawaii, as new Relìv Presidential Directors. And it only took them four years to get there. “Reaching the Presidential Director level in Relìv is an honor and a blessing,” Gary says. “It represents a lot of people’s lives being changed, which is what Relìv is truly all about.” The Martins started their Relìv business in 2006 as a way to supplement Gary’s income as a ministry director. Their initial goal was to earn $1,000 a month. They achieved that in their first year. “Then we went to our first Relìv conference in St. Louis and saw the bigger picture,” Gary says. “We started sharing Relìv more purposefully after that.” By their second year, the Martin’s Relìv income tripled. “Our income has steadily grown and has been an absolute blessing to our family. We’re not living paycheck to paycheck any more. In September, we were able to take our three children to Atlantis, Bahamas, on an incredible Relìv Ambassador trip. We find it hard to believe that we are now going to Maui! 20

A place like Hawaii in February is welcoming news for us Canadians.” To offer support to area Relìv Distributors, the Martins helped start a Foundation City in Waterloo. “Relìv is growing in Canada because so many committed Distributors are sharing the company’s vision,” Gary says. “Excitement is building and more Canadians are attending the Relìv conferences, which helps people experience the heart of Relìv.” He continues: “We’re excited to continue to work with our friends to help them be successful in Relìv. By sharing this opportunity with others and offering them hope, even more lives can be changed. We thank God for Relìv, and are committed to helping others discover what we’ve found.” Relìv Canada has experienced explosive growth in recent months — with volume around 50% higher than this same time last year! Find out what’s behind this growing momentum and how you can follow their example in the next issue of Lifestyle.

US/Canada November 2009 Master Director Pedro & Teresa Colima, IA

Key Directors Jovita & Alfredo Colima, NE Socorro & Juan Dominguez, TX Tommie Harris, TN Albert & Barbara Shrock, OH

Directors Ellen B. Adler, NY Tamara J. & Jason W. Artz, SD Jeffrey L. Attaway, VA Christina & Marc Avallone, PA Roxana N. Barba-Angel, IA Margot Barbato & Richard Wendt, IL Joseph Bauer, MN Carole A. Benson, IA Darlene E. Blazek, NE Rebecca Boltz, ND Wendy Brown & Raul Baeza, TX Harold R. & Leona B. Buller, OK Bertha Canchari Lucar & Carlos A. Lucar Flore, NE Gina M. Cavallo, FL Jose Cepeda, NY Jessica R. Chandler & Mark D. Renko, IL Jose Cisneros, NE Guadalupe Coria & Diego Tadeo, NE Judith M. Davis, KS Marianne B. Day, FL Ron G. & Carmen M. Delceg, WA Dawn D. Driskill, TN Jo B. Fletcher, NM Ray Fujino, CA Jim C. & Dixie C. Gann, GA Phyllis Gemar, MT Jerry R. & Loraine M. Gerovac, AZ Margarita & Lorenzo Gomez, CA Cheryl C. Goodspeed, ME Beverly D. Hale, GA Renee L. & Daniel L. Harbaugh, PA Edward M. & Kathleen B. Heath III, FL Melvida S. Hercules, CA G. Matt & Joan C. Howard III, IN

Juan Iniguez, IA Denise A. Joiner, GA Courtney R. Kirchoff, WA Laurie A. Kosloske, VA Harold R. Kreider, PA Deanna Kwan, NJ Becky J. Layman, IL Maryann Luiso, PA Gerald M. & Brenda M. Martin, ONT, CAN Nancy Martin, ON, CAN Myrna Martinez, CA Manny Mendez, CA Beverly H. Miller, GA Lisa & Dave Moore, WA Christina L. & Trevor L. Murnock, PA Alberto Olmos & Perla Gomez, CO Silvia Orpinel, GA Garry L. & Calvina E. Osburn, OK Kim & Robert Oster, MT Teri & Lane Ownby, TN Jana Parkman, WA Eugene Pertee, WV John Pisanchik, NJ Steve B. & Darlene B. Poteet, TN Terry Priddy, MO Rodolfo U. Rafada, MS Shirley A. Robison, OH Helen J. Ruffcorn, IL Diane Shambley, CA Roxanne Sisneros, IA Jake & Lorraine Slegers, CA Kadie Sorenson, ND Rosalie B. Stark, IA Donnis M. & Richard R. Stradley, CA Martha Sullivan, NC Andrew D. & Augila M. Tode, MT Ladonna M. Umbarger, KS Angel A. & Martha A. Valadez, TX Wally Varnell, TN Darrell D. Walker, MD Grant L. Willes, TX Mami Yamajo, CA Rachel Young, WA

Top 10 PGPV 1. Clayton & Stephanie Diltz, CA 2. Aurora & Raul Paredes, TX 3. Jovita & Alfredo Colima, NE 4. Socorro & Juan Dominguez, TX 5. Angie Snow, TN 6. Dave & Betty Blazic, KS 7. Florence & Elo Sauder, CAN 8. Darnly Motter, CO 9. Kevin & Miran Terry, WA 10. Lang & Sokha Tang, AR Places 1-9 are Dr. Ted Plaque winners

Mission Trip Winners 1. Florence & Elo Sauder, ON, CAN 2. Vivienne & Crismon Lewis, OR 3. Katherine Tennihan, SC 4. Mindy Jones, GA 5. Aurora & Raul Paredes, TX 6. Lou Ann & Michael Pecorelli, UT

Master Plan Bonus Winners:

New Master Affiliates from October / November 2009 who sponsored 3 Distributors and broke a Master Affiliate: Liliam Henderson, TX Cameron & Helen Hudson, AR Alice & John Klitz, NE Cristobal Ortiz, NE New Master Affiliates from October/November 2009 who broke a Master Affiliate: Lorenzo Aguilar, CA Nadine Anderson, OR Wanda & Jack Bailey, MN Mechelle Brooks, MD Maria Capetillo, TX Carol Carbone, PA Jose Carlos, IA Angela Carrasquillo, MA Norie Collins, FL Gregorio Diaz, MN Clio Draper, ME Julie Elliott, SD James & Bridgette Hays, CA Maria Ibarra, IA Elizabeth Jones, NE Alicia Jordan, ME Diane Marpe, AR James Marsh, ME Miranda Meyer, WI Robert & Lori Mulrenin, MO

Anne O’Grady, MA Sandra Ottley, CO Brenda Piazza, TN Edgar Reist, ON, Canada Amy Richer, SD Maria & Roberto Villanueva, NE Marcia Wrablik, ID Deborah Zaleski, SC Wes Zaun, TX New Master Affiliates from October/November who sponsored 3 Distributors: Renee & Roger Atwood, IL Rael Bloom, KS Margaret Barbato & Richard Wendt, IL Armando Diaz, TX Christie Hainje, SD Maria Hynes, MA Mireya Licea, NE Spoemenka Stanic – Miller & Craig Miller, CA Eugene Pertee, WV Jiel Rubio, CA Simeon & Mollie Stoltzfus, MD Joyce Whitaker, IL

Canada Top 5 PGPV 1. Florence & Elo Sauder, ON 2. Maria & Doug Weber, ON 3. Ann Patton, PQ 4. Annette & David Wells, ON 5. Martha Loewen, ON

Top Sponsoring Distributors 1. Madel & James Cavlovic, NE 2. Albert & Barbara Shrock, OH Julie Chmelik, ID Gloria & Candido Lopez, IL (tied) 5. Andrelyn Young, ONT Sarah & John Thoenen, MO Kimberly Burns, MI Graciela & Antonio Nieto, TX Kaela & Barbara Schachtschneider, WA Camilo Ramirez, IA Milton Clark, MT Marion Watlington, Bermuda Phyllis Dangora, MA Houston McKell III & Leona Newson, NE Melissa Boe, MT Aimee Richmond, OH Irlanda Rivas, AZ Jiel Rubio, CA Vidal Mercado, NE Thelma Lamar, CA Liliam Henderson, TX Jack & Mary Jane Daniels, AZ (tied)

Top Ten States California Illinois Kansas Texas Nebraska Michigan Ohio Missouri Pennsylvania Florida


US/Canada December 2009 Senior Directors Fannie & Vernon Kinsinger, MO

Key Directors Madel & James Cavlovic, NE Cynthia Costello, NE Jerry & Loraine Gerovac, AZ Gilbert Matsuoka, CA Slavko & Cecilia Miskic, CA Michael & Rita Sargis, FL Robert & Maureen Vehar, AZ

Directors Lorenzo Aguilar, CA Tom Aitchison, KS Teddy R. Alvarez, CA Nadine F. Anderson, OR Deborah A. Andrews, IN Emily P. Arend, WA Wanda K. & Jack W. Bailey, MN Misty N. Baker, KS Silvia & Carlos Bazquez, NE Lindsay M. Bert, PA Mechelle S. Brooks, MD Michele Brown, WI Carol Carbone, PA Roger Carbonneau, ME Jose Carlos, IA Isaac L. & Nancy C. Carmickle, WA Renee H. & Michael H. Carter, MI Norie Collins, FL Maria H. Curiel Iglesias, IA Arlene J. Dicus, OH Alice S. Dow, NY Clio Draper, ME Julie L. Elliott, SD Nancy M. Gagliano, CT Charles E. & Mary J. Gerlach, OH James & Bridgette Hays, CA Jose Hernandez, TX Diane E. & James S. Honn, WY Cameron & Helen D. Hudson, AR Maria M. Ibarra, IA David G. & Ronda L. James, C Joy L. Jansonius, KS Elizabeth A. Jones, NE Alice & John Klitz, NE Diane Marpe, AR James Marsh, ME Harvey & Beverly Matarasso, IL Gilbert Matsuoka, CA Miranda L. Meyer, WI 22

Robert A. & Lori A. Mulrenin, MO Eva R. Munguia, IA Joaquin Nunez, MA Anne B. O’Grady, MA Cristobal Ortiz, NE Sandra P. Ottley, CO Ann C. Patton, PQ, CAN Donna W. Pethtel, WY Brenda Piazza, TN Paul & Lydia Ann Reist, ON, CAN Amy J. Richer, SD Aimee Richmond, OH Kathryn Subrize, SC Greg A. & Taris V. Tellman, MO Sam A. & Elizabeth Troyer, OH Maria S. & Roberto Villanueva, NE Caroline & Danny L. Williams, OK Marcia L. Wrablik, ID Deborah Zaleski, SC Wes Zaun, TX

Disney Cruise Winners

Top 3 PGPV from Mexico: 1. Guadalupe Ibarra Rodriguez & Efrain Haro Ortiz 2. Felipe De Jesus Gutierrez Campos & Gabriela Villanueva Reynoso 3. Juana Maria Ramos Reyes & Rafael Castro Rojas Top 3 PGPV from Canada: 1. Annette & David Wells 2. Angella Hylton 3. Ken & Rosemary Martin Top 40 PGPV from US: 1. Karen & Ron Turner, UT *** 2. Deborah Bridwell, IA 3. Crismon & Vivienne Lewis, OR 4. Linda & Richard Vance, CA 5. Christy Sundstrom, MN 6. Jerry & Loraine Gerovac, AZ 7. Gilbert Matsuoka, CA 8. Madel & James Cavlovic, NE 9. Kathy Tennihan, SC 10. Robert & Jean Benna, PA 11. Mair Hill, IL 12. Sue Lippens Brusa, NH 13. Norma & Peter Carlozzi, CA 14. Albert & Barbara Shrock, OH 15. Spomenka Stanic – Miller & Craig Miller, CA 16. Jim & Sandy Schaben, NE 17. Zak & Kara Grosfield, MT 18. Nita & William Pangas, PA 19. Dave & Betty Blazic, KS 20. Doug & Julie Stout, MT 21. Valerie & Steve Weide, CO

22. Prescila & Marion Elsas, FL 23. Rosario & Xavier De La Garza, TX 24. Misty & Jud Jensen, AZ 25. Rosemary Bell, MO 26. Annette & David Wells, CAN 27. Graham Mocklow & Angelena Middleton, Bermuda 28. John & Jacque Hayes, AZ 29. Jenifer & Doug Latawiec, MN 30. Vidal Mercado, NE 31. Missy & Scott McCabe, PA 32. Steve & Joyce Holthaus, IL 33. Lisa Cozzi, CT 34. Stephanie & Paul Collins, NH 35. Chris Toriello & Mark Gauger, ME 36. Carla & Quinn Pence, KS 37. Shar & Gene Dukart, ND 38. Bill & Nina Jean Guilford, GA 39. Sherri Selman, GA 40. Michelle & Donald Manseau, NJ * places 1-5 receive $1000 spending money * places 6-10 receive $500 spending money *** denotes Dr. Ted Humanitarian Award winner Places 1 – 28 are Dr. Ted plaque winners


Top 10 PGPV of all Presidential Directors from Jan 2009 to Dec 2009: 1. Jim & Sandy Schaben, NE 2. Aurora & Raul Paredes, TX 3. Dave & Bettty Blazic, KS 4. Trish & Doug Fischer, CO 5. Steve & Joyce Holthaus, IL 6. John & Jacque Hayes, AZ 7. Rosemary Bell, MO 8. Harlan Humphrey, SD 9. Sandie & Al Sopko, AZ 10. RoseMary & Albert Blancaflor, PHL Advancing to Presidential Director in 2009: Francis Barrientos & Jaime Lozano, MEX Luz Maria Dueñas & Guillermo Guajardo, MEX Yolanda & Alberto Garcia, MEX Rebecca Jacob, AUS Ron & Lori Moore, WA Anne Underwood, AUS Marie Smith, AUS

Sponsored new Presidential Director: Nora Islas & Eloy Gonzalez, MEX

Master Plan Bonus Winners:

New Master Affiliates from November/ December 2009 who sponsored 3 new Distributors: Teresa & Isidro Baltazar, IA Maria Capetillo, TX Bonnie & Katie Cornell, PA Diane & Jeff Doughty, VA Sandy Edmiston, TN Jaime Figueroa, MA Fidelita Freedman, CA James & Bridgette Hays, CA George Jordan, MI Ella Kim, GA Maria & Martin Lombera, CA Juana Carlos Lopez, CA Dorcas Maling, FL Adolph & Elda Mills, FL William Morgan & Karen Dillard, CA Barbara Pelish, MI Brenda Piazza, TN Eric Young, FL Mary Lea Yseth, SD Jack Zaun, TX New Master Affiliates from November / December 2009 who broke a Master Affiliate: Patricia Baptista-Reis, RI Walter Baptista, MA Sharon Clemmo, WA Gwen Dyquiangco, ON, CAN Leah & Andres Dyquiangco, ON, CAN Bertha Iniguez, IA Lori Jones, KS Bradley Koch, CO Maria Ledezma, CA Robert & Ria Mastenbrook, NJ Donald Starr, RI New Master Affiliates from November / December 2009 who broke a Master Affiliate and sposored 3 New Distributors: Stephen Krumm, OR Marcela & Bernardino Navarro, OK Kristine Ulik, WI Marbella Zarate, TX

Canada Top 3 PGPV Canada and Disney Cruise Winners:

1. Annette & David Wells, CAN 2. Angella Hylton, Etobicoke 3. Ken & Rosemary Martin

Canada Top 4 & 5 PGPV Canada Winners 4. Annette & John Stegenga 5. Allan & Laurene Martin

Canada Master Plan Promotion:

Leah & Andres Dyquiangco, Markham, ON Gwen Dyquiangco, Markham, ON

Top Sponsoring Distributors

1. Liliana Arzapalo & Miguel Carrillo, MN 2. Hugo Moreno, GA 3. Christy Sundstrom, MN 4. Michelle & Donald Manseau Jr, NJ Joe & Mary Rogers, GA (tied) 6. Bonnie & Katie Cornell, PA 7. Socorro & Juan Dominguez, TX Diane & Jeff Doughty, VA Ivan & Linda R. Miller, OH (tied) 10. Crismon & Vivienne Lewis, OR Prescila & Marion Elsas Jr., FL Kimberly Burns, MI Anali Mendoza & Miguel Torres, NM Christine Meade-Oswalt, MI Marion Watlington, Bermuda C. J. Janitorial, ME Mary Lea Yseth, SD Barbara Shrock, OH Juan Iniguez, IA Zelma Carr, SC Brenda Piazza, TN Ella Kim, GA Maria & Martin Lombera, CA Marcela Navarro, OK (tied)

Top Ten States California Illinois Kansas Texas Ohio Missouri Florida Michigan Nebraska Arizona

US/Canada January 2010 Presidential Directors Gary & Laura Lynn Martin, ON, CAN

Master Directors Nikki & Doug Bernard, MN Patricia & Mearl Clayton, NE Ron & DeAnn Miller, MI Florence & Elo Sauder, ON, CAN James & Debra Schnefke, KS

Senior Directors Terry & Joy French, MI Yost & Edna Miller, IA Nancy & Greg Orne, MN

Key Directors Aganetha Bergen, ON, CAN Roger & Lajean Broberg, UT Julie Chmelik, ID Wade & Maranda Collins, KS Guadalupe Coria & Diego Tadeo, NE Margarete Gust, MI Tilman & Fern Martin, ON, CAN Tami & Jack Nystrom, MT Mario & Oliva Ortiz, NE Kaela & Barbara Schachtschneider, WA Eileen & James Tesch, MI Houng & Toan Tran, NC

Directors Mary M. Amrhein, ME Liliana Arzapalo & Miguel A. Carrillo, MN Walter M. & Norma Baptista, MA Patricia D. Baptista-Reis, RI Julie M. & Rick L. Bodenhamer, KS Barbara & Jonathan Brown, GA Ricardo Canseco Diaz, AZ Maria Capetillo, TX Madel R. & James S. Cavlovic, NE Sharon M. Clemmo, WA Tom Duncan, UT Andres Dyquiangco, ONT, CAN Gwen Dyquiangco, ON, CAN Ashley M. & Christian D. Fawcett, TN Samuel K. Fisher, PA Basilisa L. Gonzaga, CA Tina Heit, WA Bertha Y. Iniguez, IA Lori A. Jones, KS

Bradley D. Koch, CO Stephen Krumm, OR Maria D. Ledezma, CA Tracie A. & Brandon C. Littlejohn, FL Allan S. & Laurene M. Martin, ONT, CAN Tilman Martin, Linwood, ON, CAN Delfina Anali Mendoza & Miguel Torres, NM Vidal Mercado, NE Aganetha Bergen, Millverton, ON, CAN Marcela R. Navarro, OK Samuel & Dian Prince, ON, CAN April Salisbury, TX Spoemenka Stanic-Miller & Craig Miller, CA Donald W. & Catherine M. Starr, RI Bora Tep & Thida Pheng, MA Lisa R. Turner, VA Kristine L. Ulik, WI Faye J. & Erik P. Verret, FL

Top 10 PGPV 1. Pedro & Teresa Colima, IA* 2. Albert & Barbara Shrock, OH 3. Harlan Humphrey, SD 4. Mario & Oliva Ortiz, NE 5. Tami & Jack Nystrom,MT 6. Dave & Betty Blazic, KS 7. Rachel Kendall, WA 8. Sherri Selman, GA 9. Julie Moeller, CA 10. Jane & Jim Hallford, TX * denotes Dr. Ted Humanitarian Award winners All above are Dr. Ted plaque winners

Master Plan Bonus Winners:

New Master Affiliates from December/January who sponsored 3 new Distributors: Walter & Norma Baptista, MA Emigdio Becerra, IA Mario Calles, MN Karina Cortes, MN Gregory & Maria Dehart, AK Elena & Hermilo Espinoza, GA Kimberly Johnson, GA Steven & Angela King, AR Gloria & Candido Lopez, IL Ashleigh & Thomas Massingill, TN Ivan & Linda Miller, OH Luanne & Thomas Paterik, MO Carol Schilleman, FL Rosa Velasco, WA Marcia & David Wranek, SD New Master Affiliates from December/January 2009 who sponsored a New Master Affiliate: Glenn & Susan Brinkman, SD Gail Brown, UT Kenneth Davis, CO Basilisa Gonzaga, CA Maria Gonzalez, IA Grace Gordon, IL Winifred Hackel & Robert Myrick, KS Blanca Hernandez, TX George Jordan, MI Mark Kudlik, PA Bee Lor, OK Michele Luccketta, CA Wesley Moore, ID Michelle Nivert, NY Kristi Parrotte, MT James Showalter, NM Rose Samuels, IL Louise Stewart, MI Ge Vang, MN Kee Yang, GA Joshua Yoder, OH New Master Affiliates from December/January who sponsored 3 new Distributors and a MA: Bruce Crockett, MI Roxana & Thomas Groves, CA Alejo & Francisco Jimenez, IA Rachel Kendall, WA Ana Rojas, IA

Canada Top 5 PGPV 1. Elmer & Erla Sauder, Newton, ON 2. Ken & Rosemary Martin, Drayton, ON 3. Alla & Gennady Yumshtyk, Maple, ON 4. Nelson & Lizzie Riest, Elmira, ON 5. Maria & Doug Weber, Stratford, ON

Canada Master Plan Promotion

New Master Affiliates who sponsored 3 new Distributors: Barbara & Harvey Jantzi, ON Medy Yanos, ON Andrelyn Young, ON Master Affiliates who sponsored a new Master Affiliate: Lucinda Martin, Elmira, ON Minerva Martin, St Clements, ON Elmer & Erla Sauder, Newton, ON

Top Sponsoring Distributors 1. Rosa Velasco, WA Niurka Alvarez & Esther Leon, FL (tied) 3. Eileen & David Leeds, FL Crismon & Vivienne Lewis, OR Tami & Jack Nystrom, MT (tied) 6. Andrelyn Young, ONT Norma & Peter Carlozzi, CA Hunter Johnson, ME Lynn & Sung Lee, CA Graciela & Antonio Nieto, TX Maria Angelica Garza, TX Jovita & Alfredo Colima, NE Ying Yang, NC Marcia Wierwille, OH Mario Calles, MN (tied)

Top Ten States California Illinois Kansas Texas Michigan Missouri Nebraska Ohio Florida Arizona


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