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march 2014


2 & 3 (Friday & Saturday) Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay




19 & 20 (Friday & Saturday) Bacolod City


Special Guests Speakers: Reliv Asia Pacific Sales Manager Bernie Birch Double Platinum Ambassadors Linda & Richard Vance from California, USA


6 (Tuesday) Ascott Hotel Makati

21 to 23 (Thursday to Saturday) Baguio City


24 to 26 (Thursday - Saturday) Kansas City, USA

Save the date and start making plans to attend with your group! Let us make this another memorable and successful Reliv year!

09 (Tuesday) Manila and Cebu 11 (Thursday) Bacolod


Team Reliv Pilipinas is Ignited! Since we launched the Reliv Ignition Strategy in October 2013, our updated business and rewards program have helped more Distributors reach out to more prospects and achieve their business goals.

do you want to be first? Share your comments and thoughts on our social networks. Link us up with your prospects and customers and let’s get everyone excited about the Reliv opportunities:

Reliv Philippines

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The Ignition Strategy


Ignition Q & A


Fast Start


Reliv Preferred Customer Perks



Have You Enrolled in Autoship?

Editor-In-Chief Michelle Devnani

Lifestyle Philippines is published for and about independent Reliv Distributors.

Associate Editors Mark Murphy Mark Malott Shannon Jurenka Nina Lou Reyes

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Ignition Roadshow

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Healthy Living: Love Your Heart

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Let Your Light Shine Bright



Visit or call Distributor Relations for additional event information.

RELIV PHILIPPINES, INC. Ground Floor (Unit 1), DPC Place Bldg. 2322 Don Chino Roces Avenue Makati City 1231 Phone: (+632) 812-6889 Fax: (+632) 856-6355 Toll Free: 1-800-1073548 Email:


Dear Reliv Asia Pacific Distributor, Reliv Asia Pacific (RAP) is off to a fantastic start in 2014. We continue into this year with our Ignition Strategy, which is designed for you to build your business faster, enhancing the Reliv Opportunity to attract more people and to have fun. We not only want you to step it up this year to build a successful business, but to have fun on your journey to success and enjoy the perks along the way. With that said, we continue to bring you powerful Webinars, monthly and weekly promotions – created for you to earn quick cash, build “healthy” organizations and win great places to travel to! I am proud to announce that we have our Win Your Way to the USA winners! Generose and Willy Uy from the Philippines, Judy & Ian King and Lynn Culph of Australia have won an all-expense paid trip to attend the 2014 Reliv International Conference in Kansas City, USA this July! I congratulate them for their hard work and continued success in their businesses. The Uy’s and King’s are great examples of those Taking the Lead in RAP!

Scott Montgomery President Reliv Asia Pacific

Our long-term goal remains consistent for Reliv Asia Pacific US$1 million in sales per month for each market. When that happens, think about the kind of long term business success you will have if you take action today and every day. Sponsoring new Distributor’s and adding new Preferred Customers to you organization every day is the key! You are in the right place and NOW is the right time! It's your time to inspire; it's your time to shine; it's your turn to Take the Lead! This is the year for you to grow your Reliv Business. Who do you Know who can be introduced to Reliv in 2014? Sponsor, Promote & Advance! WHO DO YOU

Sponsor, Promote, Advance

HEALTH & FINANCIAL DISCLAIMER: The personal testimonials featured reflect individual experiences of Independent Reliv Distributors and are not necessarily typical of the results you may obtain. Reliv products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. As with any independent business, success as a Reliv Distributor requires a significant amount of hard work and dedication. The individuals featured in this material offer a glimpse into the lifestyle and economic benefits they are enjoying through the Reliv opportunity as a result of their own skills and personal effort. These stories are examples only and are not intended as averages or guarantees.

MEMBERSHIP CLASSIFICATION Preferred Customer or PC For those who want to regularly purchase products for personal consumption and enjoy a healthier lifestyle


STRATEGY The Reliv Asia Pacific Ignition Strategy is designed for business-builders like you to sponsor, expand your network, strengthen your group and enjoy more rewards!

Reliv Ignition makes it easier and faster for Distributors to grow their business and enjoy bigger rewards. Are you ready to take charge and ignite your group? TA K E T H E L E A D w i t h R E L I V ! TA K E T H E

P1,000 one-time lifetime membership f 20% discount on all Reliv products Option to upgrade to 25% discount leve upon enrollment in Reliv AutoShip or AS

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP The Ignition Strategy provides new PC and Distributors with Lifetime Membership - - no annual renewal fees! Master Affiliates need to requalify every year to maintain their 40% status.

Life No mo pay so we w



That’s right! Your Reliv products will be delivered to you at no additional cost. All product prices shown in our Product Order Form and online Shopping Cart are inclusive of 12% VAT for easy computation.


DISTRIBUTOR QUALIFICATION LEVELS Reliv Ignition makes it easier and faster for Distributors to grow their business and enjoy bigger rewards.



Distributor For those who want to build a Reliv business (part-time or full-time) and enjoy financial freedom

We wanted to try the products first before deciding on the business and signing up as Preferred Customers gave us a great option to become members of Reliv and enjoy 20% discount level right away.

P3,500 one-time lifetime membership fee Receive a Starter Kit with products and business tools Master Affiliates are required to be on a monthly minimum 50PV Autoship (AS50) to earn commission and qualify for incentive trips and cash bonuses


el S50

Jacqueline & Wilson Go Makati City


e will always be on Reliv and that's why we love the etime Membership program. ore risks of forgetting about and ying for annual renewal fees will always enjoy our profit level.

Pre-select your monthly Reliv products for personal consumption and automatically receive them on your specified date every month by enrolling in Reliv’s autoship program. No more worries that you’ll miss out on your products! Why enroll in Reliv Autoship?


Preferred Customers Upgrade to 25% discount on all your product purchases

Lumen Ong Quezon City

Enjoy the convenience of having your Reliv nutrition automatically delivered to your door every month. Master Affiliates Enrollment in Autoship is required to earn commissions and bonuses


Check out the new easy to navigate and information-packed Reliv website! Online Registration Sponsor or sign up as a PC or Distributor from the comfort of your home or even when you’re on a trip... anytime of the day! Just log in to the Reliv website and click the “Join Reliv” tab or go to

Shopping Cart Enjoy online shopping for your Reliv products and sales tools 24/7. Simply click the Shopping Cart logo at the upper right portion of the Reliv website. Standard 2-3 days delivery applies. You’ll need your RCN and password so don’t hesitate to contact the office if you don’t know it.

Fast Start

249 PGPV and below

250 - 499 PGPV

500 - 1499 PGPV


1500 - 2499 PGPV

2500 PGPV and above


35% Master Affiliate


20% 07




What is Autoship? Autoship is a convenient way to the have the Reliv products you consume automatically delivered to your door every month. Autoship is available to Retail Customers, Preferred Customers and Distributors. Preferred Customers enrolled for auto-ship receive an additional 5% discount for a total of 25%.


What is AS50? AS50 –is a minimum 50PV autoship order. Master Affiliates must enroll on AS50 to be eligible to earn a retail, wholesale, override or bonus payment from Reliv.


What are the payment options for autoship? • Credit Card – Reliv will charge your credit card every month for your autoship order. If you do not specify the date for the monthly delivery, it will be set on the same date of your enrollment. • Bank deposit – Reliv requires all bank deposits for autoship to be deposited on or before the 25th of the month. A copy of the deposit slip must be faxed or emailed to the Reliv office. Autoships which have not been paid by the 25th will be canceled.



Can I make an autoship order shipped to someone else? While we market the autoship as a “personal consumption” order, we can autoship to anywhere within the Philippines. We do not allow shipping to anyone outside the country.


Can we change or cancel autoship order? Yes, you can change the autoship order 5 business days before the due date of the next auto-ship.


Do we still have the 30-day money back guarantee for Preferred Customers? Yes, all Reliv customers have this privilege.


If a person doesn’t want to pay the Preferred Customer sign up fee, can he still buy products at full retail price? Yes, all Reliv customers have this privilege.


Does a 20% Distributor get an additional 5% discount for enrolling on autoship? No, the additional 5% for autoship only applies to Preferred Customers. Distributors’ discount/profit levels depend on the volume in their personal group.


If a 25% Distributor opts to become a Preferred Customer does he still get a 25% discount? A Distributor who opts to be a Preferred Customer will get only the 20% discount, but if he enrolls for autoship he will get the 25% discount.


If a Master Affiliate is not on AS50 can he still earn commissions? Master Affiliates are given 3 months grace period from the date of their MA qualification. When a Distributor qualifies for Master Affiliate, he can register for AS50 immediately, but he can set the first delivery date 4 months later. If he does not go on AS50 on the fourth month, he does not earn any income.




Is the AS50 counted as part of a Distributor’s 2000 PGPV maintenance? Yes.


Is the AS50 counted as part of 2500 PGPV Master Affiliate qualifying volume? Yes.


Can a Distributor’s autoship order be placed as PGPV (group volume)? No, AS50 orders must be placed as PV (Personal Volume) in the Distributor’s own Reliv account.


What is the basis of the lifetime renewal increase from P600 to P2000? This is a one-time payment that gives the Distributor Lifetime Membership (no other renewal fees will be applicable) and requires the person paying it to fully consider whether they wish to be a Preferred Customer or pay the extra and be a Distributor which will allow them to earn an income through their Reliv business. Reliv believes that this is a reasonable one-time investment for a lifetime business that could help you earn unlimited income.


I paid P600 renewal last May 2013. Do I have to pay P2,000 Lifetime Membership on Oct. 1, 2013? Yes. You may pay the Lifetime Membership on Oct. 1 or you may opt to pay on May 2014.


If a Distributor is at 20% and he has a Preferred Customer at 25%, how much will his discount level be? Will he be pushed up to 25% as well? No, he stays at 20% and does not earn on this customer. However, this Preferred Customer’s orders add up to his PGPV. Distributors’ discount/profit levels depend on the volume in their personal group.


If I have a Distributor currently on 25% discount who chooses to become a Preferred Customer and also chooses not to go on autoship, do they revert to a 20% discount? Yes. Our own Reliv statistics show that 80% of people who are currently signed up as Distributors are really wholesale customers who just want to buy at a discount. This is demonstrated by their activity and is one reason the Preferred Customer (PC) status has been introduced. Instead of these customers paying a yearly renewal fee of P600, they now pay P1,000 once only, and enjoy a 20% discount for life or a 25% discount if they are on the auto-ship.


Can a Preferred Customer Upgrade to a Distributor? Yes a PC can pay the difference between a PC membership and a Distributor membership and upgrade at any time.


Please contact our friendly Reliv Sales Development Officers: Joselle -, Nina – or call the office (02) 812-6889 loc. 115 or 116.



The Reliv Ignition strategy aims to help Distributors succeed in building, strengthening and growing their Reliv business. And with the Fast Start business option, Distributors can fast track their success!

What is Reliv Fast Start? With the Ignition strategy, the qualification for the different Distributor levels were - updated making it easier to advance to the highest profit level (40%) - Master Affiliate (MA). However, some Distributors may not be ready to go to the MA level yet but they want to commit to building the business. Advancing to the Fast Start level can be considered a practical option because they can already enjoy 30% profit with a lower investment and then work their way up to becoming an MA faster. Ready to go Fast Start? A volume of 500-1,499 points in a single month can already get you to 30% or Fast Start level! Depending on your product combination, you can easily move to Fast Start by sharing a minimum of Daily 3 product sets with five friends or the Dynamic Duo (Reliv Now + LRX capsule) set with four prospects:

Fast Start for Monthly Maintenance Master Affiliates can easily build their monthly maintenance volume (2,000PGPV) by building a downline of Fast Start volume! Work on signing up two new Fast Start Distributors and help at least two members of your downline to complete 500 points or Fast Start volume every month. By helping your downlines advance, you are creating your monthly maintenance and building momentum in your business! Go Fast Start Team Reliv!

For taed Limi e! Tim 10

Reliv offers a three-month installment program at 0% interest for Distributors advancing to Fast Start by using their BDO creditcard to purchase their order. Take advantage of this special promotion and get your downlines to go Fast Start today!




Preferred Customer or PC Pave the way for your loyal customers to enjoy a 20% discount with every product purchase, unparalleled priority service and other exciting treats with Reliv’s Preferred Customer Program! Encourage them to sign up as a Reliv Preferred Customer (PC) for only Php1,000 and let them get the most from their wellness partnership with Reliv with these exclusive benefits: 20% discount on Reliv products and lifetime membership Receive their own Record Control Number (RCN) and password, which gives them access to the Reliv website and allows them to purchase products through the online Shopping Cart Membership card, which serves as their Reliv identification and reminder for their RCN Monthly email updates about Reliv products and health tips

If your Preferred Customers enroll in Reliv's monthly Autoship (AS50), they'll never run out of their favorite Reliv products! Reliv will automatically deliver their selected product every month and they will get an additional 5% discount, which raises their product discount to 25%! Don’t wait! Call ALL your customers to sign up for the Reliv Preferred Customer Program, start growing your customer base and multiply your retail income now!

3 WAYS to REGISTER as Preferred Customer


Ask your customers to complete the Preferred Customer Application form online at


Download the Preferred Customer Application from the Reliv website, have your customer fill it in and send it to Reliv Office through fax at 856-6355. To download the form, just go to, log on to the Distributor portal and click on the Forms under the “My Business” tab.


Visit the Reliv office to register for the program and get to take home your preferred Reliv products right away!


Dynam Your nutritional fuel. With LunaRich plus complete and balanced array of protein, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and super powered antioxidants.

Tune up your body’s engine for o 12

mic Duo Your epigenetic accelerator. The most pure and concentrated form of bioactive lunasin available which works at the cellular level to promote optimal health.

optimal performance with Reliv! 13


The Reliv website has recently been updated to provide a whole new level of product awareness, online service and accessibility to Distributors and customers alike. We’ve redesigned the site to give it a fresh look and feel, as well as to help our website visitors accomplish any online transaction with just a few mouse clicks! If you haven’t tried these newly enhanced features yet, start exploring the new site and learn how to make them work for your daily health regimen or Reliv business!

shopping cart Designed to make your shopping experience simpler, easier and faster, Reliv’s newly improved shopping cart doesn’t just let you place online orders for Reliv products and business tools, it also enables you to make online donations to the Reliv Kalogris Foundation. If you’re on the guest site, you can access the shopping cart by: Under the Products tab, click “Quick Shop” (the shopping cart icon at the upper right portion) or Click the “shop/visit online store” window that you can find on the lower left part of the home page. These link buttons will lead you to the Distributor log-in page where you need to key in your Record Control Number (RCN) and password for access. Once you’re logged in, just go under the Shopping Cart and click on any option from the drop down menu to start shopping online!


online signup Whether you have built or are on the way to building your online presence, you will find the Online Signup feature of the new site very useful. Just direct your prospective Preferred Customer or Distributor to and guide them through the sign-up process via online chat (e.g. Skype, Google+ or Yahoo messenger) to easily start your health or business partnership with them. The Online Signup is highly recommended for Distributors who are always on the go or those with prospects residing in different parts of the country and the world.

distributor portal Log-on to the Distributor portal of the Reliv website and click on the My Business tab to download the updated forms, Policies & Procedures, Compensation Plan, and other key documents that you need in conducting your Reliv business. The Preferred Customer/Distributor Application Form has also been made readily available online at to help you with signing up new Preferred Customer and Distributors anytime you need, anywhere you want!

lifestyle magazine Your favorite prospecting tool has been made available online for easy access! Just go to the guest site of Philippine website and click on the Lifestyle Magazine tab for your FREE online copy to read and share with others! Filled with powerful real-life success stories and informative articles, it’s a great exposure tool that allows your downlines and prospects to view it electronically from their home computer or even by mobile phone. The digital edition of Reliv’s quarterly magazine is part of the company’s efforts to go green, as well as to make it available to more people. Check it out now!


becaus of




Estrella Arias, Bacolod City

Arlyn Hibionada, San Carlos City

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now, Innergize and FibRestore

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now and Innergize

A painful memory: I had been suffering from chronic gastritis since I was 10 years old. Getting around my daily schedule was difficult every time I had an attack. Stomach pains were unbearable. I needed to be hospitalized for at least five days for treatment and recovery. Worse, this long-term affliction had triggered a lot of other health issues when I reached menopause. In effect, I had been dependent on various kinds of maintenance medicines for years.

Sudden illness: I had fever for three days and experienced rashes all over my body including my face. I also felt weak and nauseous. I thought those symptoms meant nothing. But when my joints started to ache and felt swollen, I decided to see a doctor. After a series of blood tests, it was confirmed that I had contracted an insect-borne disease. I felt so worried about being confined to a hospital and becoming unproductive.

Taking charge of my health: I signed up as a Reliv Distributor in 2001 but lost track because of my review center business. After 11 years, I found my way back to Reliv. I wasted no time and started taking my two Reliv shakes every day. After one week on the products, my skin and appetite have improved, as well as my energy level. Today, I enjoy quality sleep and rarely experience gastritis attacks. With better health, I am able to accomplish more household chores in the morning and paper work at night. And did I mention that at the age of 63 I am also able to spare some time for community and volunteer work? Possibilities are truly never ending, thanks to Reliv!

Reliv to the rescue: I learned about Reliv from a church mate years ago but didn’t show any interest. I found the products a bit pricey. Another church mate shared Reliv sachets with me when I developed the debilitating viral disease and I immediately agreed to give it a try. The results were simply amazing! I started to enjoy quality sleep. My rashes and joint pain gradually disappeared. I continued taking Reliv and have experienced increased energy and better stamina. Reliv didn’t just help me recover from the disease, but also led me to a healthier lifestyle. I hope more and more people will discover and enjoy the benefits of the Reliv difference.

Ignited to share Reliv: Despite the heavy workload at the office I am able to do prospecting on the side. Whenever I’m free, I just share the wonderful health results I got from Reliv products with friends, clients and people I meet every day. Plus, I don’t usually have to convince them that the products work because they can see that I am glowing with health. That makes my job as a Distributor much easier!

Healthy future: My family and I are in great health because of Reliv. My advice to those who want the same thing for their family is to give Reliv a try and make it your partner as you trek towards a healthier future.



H IES Connie Cañada, Bacolod City

Jose Norilito Fruto, Quezon City

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now, Innergize and FibRestore

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now, Innergize, FibRestore and LunaRich X™

Difficult times: I am a sales representative who travels a lot and meets clients on a daily basis. My working day starts at 8AM and lasts until 10PM. Before Reliv, it was a great challenge for me to travel from one place to another because of constipation, chronic asthma, sinusitis, and hypertension. I used to experience chest tightness, shortness of breath, stuffy nose and headache every time I pushed myself to the limit. I always needed to take my maintenance medicines on time, otherwise an illness or two would knock me off and I would be confined to the hospital. Unexpected results: Someone recommended that I give Reliv products a try. I was hesitant at first but did as I was instructed. After consuming 10 sachets of Reliv Now, I noticed that my energy level has improved and I don’t feel exhausted even after a long, tiring day. My skin has also become smoother which makes me look younger and more beautiful. With these improvements, I was encouraged to add FibRestore and Innergize to my daily nutrition mix. After a few more weeks on Reliv products, I now rarely get sick and always have the energy to enjoy hobbies with friends such as ballroom dancing and Zumba. More time: With less time spent worrying about my health, I am able to accomplish more tasks each day without sacrificing quality time with my loved ones. I can’t imagine my life without Reliv!

Alarming health issues: I was diagnosed with leukemia in 2003 and relied heavily on alternative healing methods. Unfortunately, those options were not enough and my leukemia became acute in 2009. That time I was given 6 months to live if I failed to find a match for a bone marrow transplant of an AB+ blood type. I took a lot of supplements to help me fight my cancer but to no avail. I decided to come back to the Philippines simply to accept my fate. I was fortunate to be on a plane with two former Secretaries of Health because they advised me to try alternative healing. With their help, I was able to bring my cancer down to stage 1. In October 2012, I was confirmed with multiple sclerosis (MS), felt extremely weak and found myself on the brink of death again. I was hospitalized and prescribed with numerous medications and supplements, but it was through Reliv products that I was able to recuperate. I also developed a pancreatic tumor in July 2013. It seemed like I was bound to endure challenging illnesses and there was no chance for me to enjoy life. Dramatic results: I discovered Reliv products in 2011 and learned that it can help me battle the big C. With my doctor’s permission, I included Reliv Now, Innergize and FibRestore in my daily health regimen. After consistently taking my nutrition combo, I started to feel better and enjoyed high levels of energy. Since day 1 with Reliv, I also noticed that my stamina has improved, which has allowed me to get through every day without feeling exhausted and worn out. I added Provantage and Arthaffect into my nutrition mix when I was diagnosed with the debilitating MS. After a few weeks, I regained my strength and was able to sit on my bed, and on the fourth week, was able to stand and walk and eventually achieved full recovery. For my pancreatic tumor, I started to take 15 capsules of Lunarich X every day. After two weeks, my tumor decreased in size and after two more weeks, it was totally gone. Reliv products truly deliver fantastic results! The gift of optimal nutrition: Good nutrition is the key to better health. And Reliv can help you provide the most advanced nutrition that you can find in the market today. Give it a try to help prevent illnesses and start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle! 17



Reliv Ignition created excitement and momentum to business-builders all over the Philippines. The introduction of Lifetime Membership, Preferred Customers sparked interest to both new and existing Distributors and are helping them spo

Reliv Asia Pacific (RAP) region and most especially in s and Auto Ship are some of the new elements that onsor, promote and advance.

RAP Sales Manager Bernie Birch helped Distributors understand the new business strategy and here are the highlights of the Reliv Ignition roadshow events:


Love Your Heart artwork by: Jessica Hische

healthyliving Didyouknow... Heart disease is the single leading cause of death for both men and women in the country? Heart disease is a general term used for problems that affect one or more components of the heart. Among the most common conditions include coronary artery disease, cardiac arrest, heart attack, congestive heart failure and congenital heart disease. While family history counts as one of the factors for developing heart disease, the most significant risk factors are actually not inherited – obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and high blood cholesterol. Luckily we have more control than we previously thought:

Love and laugh!

A good laugh can send more blood pumping through your body by as much as 20 percent!

Yes, you can exercise!

If you can’t squeeze in a full 30-minute exercise during busy weekdays, then fit in three 10-minute intense workout sessions instead.

Load up on potassium!

Meals with bananas, potatoes, tomatoes and other potassium-rich foods can help lower blood pressure by 10 points.

Berry good for your heart!

A recent study shows that women who consume three or more bowls of berries like strawberries each week cut their risk of heart attack by 30 percent.

Schedule a date… with your doctor!

An annual doctor’s appointment will help you assess your condition and make necessary lifestyle adjustments.

Reliv FibRestore works! Each serving of this nutritious shake gives you 10 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber. Drink it by itself or add it to your daily Reliv shake. A diet rich in fiber does not only aid in digestion, it also makes you feel full (will help you cut down on excess food intake) and it is a powerful way to keep diseases at bay such as heart ailments, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer and obesity. Take control of your health. Love your heart! 20





Travel Date: July 24-26, 2014

We are proud to announce that the first Win Your Way promo winners from Reliv Asia Pacific are from the Philippines!

Let us give a big CONGRATULATIONS to:

Generose and Willy Uy

Reliv Ambassadors from Calbayog City, Samar They have earned 50 points and won free round-trip airfare and 4 days/3 nights hotel accommodations to Kansas City, USA to attend the 2014 Reliv International Conference. They will also enjoy meeting top Reliv executives, exchange success stories with Reliv leaders and Distributors worldwide and experience the thrill and excitement of attending their first ever Reliv International Conference – all expenses paid! With Reliv you can Win Your Way to success!


becaus of


BUSINES STORI Rizal and Brenda Pinlac, Cavite

Lourdline Geroso, Bacolod City

We get to share life-changing products with people

I have found another income stream

Rizal and Brenda Pinlac attended a Reliv shake party sometime in October 2013. They say it was one of the best decisions they made in this lifetime. “Our daughter Julia had speech delay and behavioral concerns. At 7, she finds it hard to utter complete sentences and has problems with paying attention. As soon as we heard the remarkable stories of children on Reliv products, we knew there was hope for our daughter.”

Beauty salon owner Lourdline Geroso had barely recovered from a liver infection when she signed up as Reliv Distributor and got to try Reliv products for the first time. “I wanted to consume the free sachet combo that came with my Reliv Starter kit right away and see what the Reliv difference is all about,” Lourdline admits. After a few weeks on the products, she got the positive results she was looking for.

This young and enthusiastic couple from Cavite has seen significant improvements since their daughter took Reliv Now for Kids. “I have noticed that Julia has become more articulate and her attention span has also improved. She now sings and interacts with people on her own. She is also able to keep still and enjoys watching movies in the theater for longer periods. Before Reliv, she gets easily distracted and would hop from one chair to another. We look forward to more improvements in her skills, thanks to Reliv!” Rizal shares. More than the positive health results of their daughter, Rizal and Brenda are thankful for the great opportunity to be of help to parents with developmentally challenged children. “We know how painful it is for parents to see their child not being able to realize their potential because of a health issue. Thankfully, Reliv has provided the optimal nutrition our kids need for a healthier future and we’re glad to share this great news with other parents,” Rizal adds.


“With complete nutrition, my skin has significantly improved, as well as my memory and energy level. But the greater news are the fantastic health improvements that have led me to share Reliv and build a thriving business.” With the salon earnings alone, it was always impossible for Lourdline to pay all the bills and have some money to put in the bank. But when she took advantage of the highest profit level in Reliv, Lourdline started to receive a steady paycheck that allows her to grow her savings. “I am happy that my Reliv earnings let me cover other salon expenses, as well as provide incentives to my well-deserving staff and faithful clients.” For Lourdline, Reliv is the most rewarding opportunity to invest in anytime. She sees herself benefitting from and sharing Reliv products for a long time. “Reliv lets me enjoy remarkable health and the lifestyle of my dreams. Wouldn’t you want the same perks?”



SS IES Rachel Sumiguin and Jarryl Subong, Iloilo City

Phillip Clemente, Cebu City

We enjoy a debt-free life

I live life on my own terms

As a former private tutor and administrator staff, Rachel’s earnings barely sufficed for the growing needs of her family, including costly medicines for her sickly parents. Jarryl, on the other hand, had to juggle office work, a technical job and furniture business for a bigger monthly take-home pay, but he still found it hard to make ends meet. Thankfully, they learned about Reliv. “We were hesitant at first to give the Reliv business a try, but because we knew that the products really work, we jumped at the opportunity!” Rachel says.

Philip Clemente used to work as a customer sales representative in a BPO company with a very rigid schedule. He had always wanted to travel but irregular work shifts prevented him from doing so. “I love to travel to different parts of the country and the world, but my constantly changing office schedule caused me too much stress and made me feel sick every time. It was sad that I couldn’t spend my hard-earned money to enjoy and celebrate life,” shares Philip.

Rachel and Jarryl were able to build a solid retail customer base in Bacolod and Iloilo and earned a huge income in less than a month. This achievement prompted them to sign up as Master Affiliates in October 2012 and seriously grow their business. “We didn’t want to lose the momentum. As they say, strike while the iron is hot!” shares Jarryl. At present, Rachel earns a lot from her full-time teaching job and doing the Reliv business part-time, while Jarryl receives a steady paycheck from Reliv and his other jobs. “Reliv eased our financial challenges. No more unpaid bills or debts to worry about. Moreover, we always have extra cash on hand to enjoy life’s simple pleasures on our own or with our loved ones. We keep sharing Reliv with more people so that they, too, can live a comfortable life,” Rachel concludes.

Philip decided to become a Reliv Distributor just like his mother Rita Caballero in 2011. He thought if his mom could change her life for the better with Reliv, he could certainly do the same. “Before Reliv, I was only earning minimum wage. I hopped from one company to another to find a job that comes with a bigger income, but always ended up with the same meager salary. That’s why when I started earning more than the minimum wage from just selling one product, I knew that Reliv was the answer to all my financial worries. Since then I have never stopped sharing Reliv!” shares Philip. With his steady Reliv income, Philip was encouraged to resign from the call center company and pursue the life he had always wanted. “Reliv has allowed me to give more time to the things that matter most – hobbies, travel and my loved ones. If not for this wonderful company, I would not be able to afford and have the time to prepare for my wedding with my wife Carmel. Also, without Reliv, the regular travels to various destinations would not be possible. Reliv truly helps us experience our dream lifestyle,” Philip concludes.



Beginning January 2014, note the new criteria in how you will earn a Dr. Theodore Kalogris Plaque and Dr. Theodore Kalogris Humanitarian Award. As part of our commitment to making things faster for you, here are the new qualifications:

Dr. Ted Plaque

break 4 frontline Master Affiliates (MAs) in the same calendar month

Dr. Ted Humanitarian Globe break 8 frontline MAs in the same calendar month

The Dr. Ted Awards are prestigious awards, and as you continue to build and advance in your business, we share in the excitement of rewarding your success.


Mini box of

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A V A I L A B L E !

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In early November of last year, the world saw how super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda devastated regions in the Philippines. Hundreds of thousands of our fellowmen struggled to survive and suffered loss of homes and loved ones. Our own Reliv Distributors from Leyte and Samar were not spared and most of them didn’t have enough safe water and food to eat for days, communication and power lines were cut off, houses were destroyed and some of them had to relocate because nothing else was left for them in what they used to call home. Amidst the heartbreaking situation at hand, people from all over the Philippines and around the world poured their love, support and assistance to the typhoon victims. And many from Team Reliv stood up to organize relief operations and reached out to those affected by the calamity. Here are some of them:


Team Reliv Cebu Reaches Out Master Director Maria Lyons of Cebu City was among the first to contact Reliv’s Kalogris Foundation (RKF) for some products that could be supplied to the typhoon victims. Team Reliv Cebu also requested that a major portion of the budget for their Reliv year-end event be used to purchase food and supplies for their relief operations. The group drove hours to bring the relief goods to North Cebu and distributed it to residents of Brgy. Kawit in Medellin and Nailon in Bago City. These coastal areas were severely affected and their food supplies depleted. Since most of the government relief efforts were directed towards Leyte and Samar, the food supply that Team Reliv Cebu brought and distributed was essential to the region’s relief efforts. When they returned to Cebu City, the group continued to provide Reliv products and hot meals to evacuation centers. After a couple of days, Maria and her group travelled to Ormoc via sea vessel to bring food and medicine that they were able to collect from family and friends. Each relief pack they shared brought hope to the typhoon victims.

Rebuilding and Empowering Ambassador Joy Villesenda of Ormoc and Key Director Judith Morales of Tacloban City, Leyte, were among the Reliv Distributors directly affected by the typhoon. They live in areas most affected by the devastation. Judith recalled how fast the flooding rose and how the evacuation centers where hundreds of families sought shelter in anticipation of the typhoon were destroyed and swept away together with the people in them. After the heavy rains and when the sun finally shone, what greeted them were corpses and debris all over the city.

With Love from Team Reliv Binondo

Sharing Hope in Samar Ambassadors Generose and Willy Uy of Calbayog City, Samar, conducted various relief operations and feeding activities in Eastern Samar which is one of the hardest hit regions. Together with their socio-civic group, Rotary International, the couple distributed food packs and served Reliv drinks from the RKF to families in different communities in Eastern Samar where the majority of houses were either partially or completely destroyed by the strong winds brought by the typhoon.

Though hundreds of miles away, Team Reliv Binondo felt the dire situation of the typhoon victims and they exerted every effort to collect resources like food, tents and clothes and sent it to identified individuals in Leyte and Samar. Presidential Bronze Ambassadors Dorothy and Sammy Tan also included cases of Reliv Now for Kids from the RKF in the packages that they sent. Aside from gathering donations, the group also personally arranged for the shipping of goods during the critical days when limited transportation was available. Director Alex Chao also coordinated with RKF and arranged for cases of Reliv products to be sent and distributed to affected residents, especially children, in Bohol. The said area suffered from a 7.2 intensity earthquake in October and while they were still struggling to rebuild, super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda hit them a month later.

Joy shared that while they didn’t suffer from heavy rains, their hometown experienced extremely strong winds that ripped off roofs of most of the houses and destroyed several commercial establishments. Up to this day, power has not been restored and residents are struggling to get daily sustenance. While Joy and Judith are busy rebuilding their homes and lives, they’ve also started helping people in their community through regular feeding programs with Reliv products from the RKF. As many families suffered and have lost their sources of income, Joy and Judith believe that providing Reliv products to help nourish the children in evacuation centers, hospitals and schools will help empower them and bring back hope in their hearts.

Immediately following the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan, the Reliv Kalogris Foundation donated $576,000 in nutritional products to areas hardest hit. By the end of December, all products have been distributed by Reliv distributors and through our partnership with international relief agencies. Additionally, as a result of a special fundraising campaign in November, Reliv distributors donated $25,000 in cash to be earmarked towards the ongoing relief and rehabilitation efforts in the Philippines.


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