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FIRST EDITION  -­‐  JUNE  2012    

Defeat the   stereotype   is   designed   to   educate   and   empower   young   Somali   people  and  those  living  within  and  around   Somali   communities   in   order   to   support   and   prevent   those   that   are   becoming   involved  in  violence  and  gangs.   Campaign   will   provide   mentors   with   vital   advice,   support,   guidance   and   mentoring   throughout   the   project   duration   and   activities   including   workshops,   forums,   presentations   and   awareness   sessions   to   discuss   issues   affecting   both   Somali   and  





To ensure  young  people   can  showcase  their   creativity  and  to   furthermore  develop  the   key  communication  skills.    

To assist  students  with   appropriate  academic   guidance  required  for  secure   employment  and  prosperous   future  prospects.        

To examine  incidence  of   gang  related  issues  in  the   Somalia  community  and   relevance  of  anti  social   behaviour.      

wider communities   in   order   to   create   common   solutions   to   tackle   barriers,   realise   individual   potential   and   create   opportunities   for   a   positive   future   in   the   UK.   Young   participants   will   develop   key   communication   skills   through   outreach   work,   discussions   and   interviews   with   a   variety   of   people   in   their   local   area   and   use   and   develop   their   creative   skills   to   collate   evidence   collected   into   produce   reports,   magazines   and   short   films   to  

discuss relevant   issues,   raise   awareness   and  share  information.     The   Somali   community   is   a   considerably   fast   growing   community   in   many   London   boroughs,   to   which   many   face   many   challenges   around   cohesive   integration   into  the  British  system  and  culture.  Many   in   the   Somali   community   feel   they   are   often   misunderstood   and   stereotyped   in   media;   our   unique   approach   will   enable   young  people  to  express  themselves.    

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FIRST EDITION  -­‐  JUNE  2012    

Relevant Somal  began  as  ten  week   piloted  project  at  Lampton  School,   Hounslow  to  mainly  help  pupils   with  homework.  We  included   second  element  of  teaching  the   young  people  Somali  cultures  and   histories  together  they  found   activities  benefiting  as  students   found  took  further  interest  in   running  workshops.    They  also   participants  hosted  assembly  to   address  their  discoveries.    

During the  project  planning  process   Relevant  Somal  engaged  with  ‘feedback   resource’  young  and  elder  Somali   community  members  and  found  that  in   many  cases  1st  generation  Somalis  felt   unable  to  integrate  into  British  society,   which  many  felt  was  due  to  lack  of   information,  guidance  and  access  to   appropriate  services.    Some  suggested   this  has  had  a  dramatic  impact  on  young   Somali's  who  face  many  challenges  as   they  try  to  adapt  to  the  British  system   often  without  any  parental  or  family   support.    It  became  clear  during   discussions  with  those  outside  the  Somali   community  that  lack  of  understanding  and   media  stories  which  often  portrayed   Somali  youth  as  particularly  violent  and   involved  in  a  number  of  gang-­‐related   murders  across  London,  that  work  needs   to  be  done  to  change  the  current   situation.      During  discussions  among   young  Somali's  they  said  that  information   is  often  not  channeled  to  them,  such  as   job  opportunities,  facilities  and  services   available  which  made  them  feel  worthless  

and excluded  from  the  local  community.     Others  felt  that  they  often  had  to  live  up   to  certain  stereotypes  created  in  the   media  just  so  other  groups  in  the  area   wouldn’t  target  them.    It  was  clear   through  all  the  meetings  &  discussions   held  that  the  Somali  community  is  greatly   misunderstood  by  general  society  and  in   order  to  integrate  successfully  and  create   a  strong  cohesive  community,  the   Relevant  Somal  project  is  needed  to  raise   awareness,  aspirations  and  create  long-­‐ term  opportunities  for  all  involved.   Relevant  Somal  Project  is  designed  to   engage  and  provide  opportunities  for   those  from  within  the  Somali  community   and  the  wider  local  community  in  an   attempt  to  empower  and  build   community  links.    The  project  will  enable   those  from  the  Somali  community  who   are  often  unable  to  access  current   services  to  benefit  from  a  project  which   aims  to  raise  awareness,  tackle  barriers,   provide  opportunities  and  support  in   order  to  assist  them  in  their  successful   transition  into  British  culture  and  ability  to  

integrate fully  with  the  local  community,   whilst  retaining  and  celebrating  their   Somali  culture  and  traditions.    Relevant   Somal  will  enable  both  younger  and  elder   members  of  the  Somali  community  and   the  wider  local  community  to  engage  and   work  together  to  create  relationships   which  will  directly  tackle  tensions  and   create  solutions  to  build  a  stronger   community  which.    Those  involved  in  the   project  will  be  given  valuable  access  and   support  from  a  wide  range  of  local   people,  groups  and  professions  to  enable   them  to  identify  and  create  opportunities,   which  will  inspire  them  and  allow  them  to   create  a  better  future  for  themselves  and  

I have always had a dream to ensure other Somali youth can share a media to express their views Mohamed Said Founder and Director of Relevant Somal


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FIRST EDITION  -­‐  JUNE  2012    

1. Somaliland: Independence day celebration th The 18   May   is   the   day   when   self   declared   Republic   of   Somaliland  the  northern  region  in   war   torn  nation  of  Somalia   celebrates   their   independence.   A   break   away   province   with   little   international   recognition   against   all   the   odds   has   managed  to   uphold  peace   and   stability   for   over  two  decades.   Once  a  British  proclaimed   state   the  cities  and  town  across  the   country   rejoice   day   with   thousands   of   people   coming   together   with   red,   white  and  green  colors.  Unlike  neighboring   nation  the  country  has  a  stable,  steady  growing  economy  with   new   global   investors   and   international   partners.   It   seems   Somaliland   has   number   of   reasons   to   celebrate   with   more   country  admiring  the  efforts  to  promote  democracy.  With  all   strengths   Somaliland   face   number   of   obstacle   with   piracy,   extremist   groups   and   unsettled   clan   relations   in   eastern   regions.     Furthering   the   recognition   has   allowed   whole   range   of   movements   to   oppose   the   state   and   observers   claim   reason   for   Somaliland   not   gain   full   recognition   is   because   little   dialogue   between   Sothern   leaders   in   Mogadishu.   Other   arguments   suggest   boarder   alterations   will   cause   regional   conflict   across   Africa,   countries   imply   displaced   populations   have   notified   African   Union.   Many   Somalilanders   feel   st optimistic   on   the   national   21   anniversary   on   keeping   up   progression  and  display  true  democracy.     2. End of the road for Transitional Federal Government rd The  recent  Somali  London  Conference  on  23  February  2012   has   confirmed   August   will   mean   the   transitional   factor   will   apply   for   current   TFG.   Heads   of   states   discussed   number   issues   regarding   development   in   Somalia.   However     there   has   been   emphasis   on   accountability   and   representative   should   be   implemented   from   newly   elected   Federal   Government.   There   have   been   various   outcomes   from   the   conference   a   central   point  was  raised   allowing  the  Somali   people   to  choose   a   viable   government   to   lead   Somalia   to   next   phase   of   establishing  peace  and  development.  Hilary  Clinton  Secretary  


of State   for   United   States   said   “In   particular   we   must   focus  on  two  dimensions,  accelerating  political  progress   and   continuing   security”.   Somalia’s   road   map   is   crucial   to   restore   calm   to   the   wider   society  as   proven  in   capital   Mogadishu   normal   population   rebuilding   their   livelihoods  after  extremist  group  Al-­‐Shabab  withdraws.     Chair   of   conference   and   British   prime   minster   David   Cameron   spoke   optimistically   of   encouraging   a   prosperous   Somali   in   foreseeable   future   he   mentioned   “Somalia,  I  believe  is  within  reach,  of  a  new  Somalia;  this   involves   all   Somali’s   and   ultimately   a   new   government,   truly   accountable   to   demand   and   properly   representative  to  all  Somali  region”  in  essence  the  new   path  to  help  Somalia  to  overcome  the  conflicts.  With  aid   efforts   from   African   Union   peace   keepers   managing   to   force   out   Al   Shabab   out   of   Mogadishu   to   bring   reestablish   civilization,  as  results  a   UN   resolution   passed   veto   to  increase  troop  from   12   000  to   17700  efforts  to   put   the   group   into   retreat.     Leaders   with   delegations   from   all   regions   of   Somalia   for   the   first   time   came   together   to   discuss   their   concerns   landmark   in   recent   past.   3. Greek Closure Fleeing   conflicts   to   seek   refuge   elsewhere   is   known   to   have   heavy   costs   to   migrants   but   the   worst   being   the   absence  of   Human  Rights.   Most  Somali   migrants  on  root   to   Europe   aim   to   end   up   mainland   Germany,   Netherlands   or   far   as   Sweden   and   Denmark   but   essentially   end   up   going   through   nations   like   Greece.   Greece   legislation   has   tough   immigration   policies,   an   issue   that   face   thousands   of   Somali   trapped   and   not   allowed  to  earn  a  living.  This  has  caused  Somali  Diaspora   globally  to   raise  concern  but   European   legislation  states   immigrants   must   remain   to   whom   the   nation   they   entered   as   Somali   community   struggles   in   Greece   new   pressure  groups  are  emerging.              

FIRST EDITION  -­‐  JUNE  2012    


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FIRST EDITION  -­‐  JUNE  2012    

Somali community have casted their concerns  regarding British political representation to contest on their behalf. Around 250,00 Somali’s live in Britain yet many complain they should have grater voice in national politics and to raise their matters likewise to promote and familiarize citizenship in Somali community. To take an in-depth understanding of the issues politician’s faces we spoke to youngest Somali Local Councilor, Cllr Awale Olad of London Borough of Camden. He gave us observation on why the Somali diaspora in Britain lack representation and what should be done to overcome these challenges. Cllr Awale Olad is the local councilor for Holborn and Covent Garden ward. He was elected 2010 at age of 25 year’s old. Making him one of the youngest councilors in Camden and the youngest councilor nationally of Somali origin. Once a student at King Collage he suggested one of the reasons why Somali lack increasing representation is the interest from younger candidates.      


What  does  it  mean  to  be  a  Local  Councilor?   ”The  job  of  local  councilor  is  to  set  strategic  direction  and   agenda’s  for  local  authorities  weather  its  environment,   planning,  community  safety  or  integrations  equalities  within  the   local  area.  Our  role  is  quite  varied  in  trying  to  determine  how  to   improve  the  lives  of  local  people.”       What  concerns  do  you  have  as  local  Councilor?       Well   one   of   the   main   concerns   I   share   and   contest   for   since   elected,   is   the   outrageous   cuts   we’ve   had   to   make   due   to   the   government   budget,   Nemours   cuts   in   local   funding   therefore   we   had   to   reduce   some   services.   This   leads   to   redeveloping   our   approach  in  council  and  looking  back  at  our  manifesto.  Putting   all  those  concerns  to  one  side,  I  realized  our   local   residence  had   been   impacted   directly   by   the   cut’s   Conservative   &   Liberal   Democrat  Parties  was  making.  We’ve  been  working  hard  to  do   our   part   for   struggling   families,   as   we   must   uphold   the   duties   we  owe  to  local  people.  

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  What   changes   have   you   implemented   regarding   Somali   community  in  your   local   area   weather   it   being   policing   making   or   campaigns?     “I   never   though   I   would   come   into   power   or  be   part   of  group   that  comes   into   power   in   the   local   authority   which   immediately   impacts  the  lives  of  the  Somali   community.   It’s   always   been   about   were   the   Somali   people   wants   to   be   and   I’ve   not   gone   to   community   groups   because   they   are   not   widely   representative   of   the   entire   people,   but   I’ve   actually   listen   to   what   the   local   people   have   to   say   and   I   understand   they   have   besic   requirements     such   to   provide   for   themselves   and   their   families.   Reason   why  Somali  community  is  misrepresented,   is   due   to   us   coming   from   refugee   backgrounds,  we  don’t  hold  much  stake  in   this   country   and   therefore   we   don’t   have   hardly  any  individuals  with  real  wealth  we   are   quite   new   community   which   means   naturally   we   would   be   bottom   of   the   ladder.   One   of   the   remarkable   aspects   of   our   community   is   that   we   want   to   do   better   for   ourselves,   we   want   to   achieve   better   and   in   saying   that   one   obstacles   is   integration.  If  there  is  lack  Integration  you   see  many  people  not  doing  well   in  society   yet   this   all  part   of   integration,  which   is   not   exclusive   to   the   Somali   community.   I’ve   been   approached   by   countless   Somali   people   wanting   partake   in   business   entrepreneurial   gene   and   a   lot   of   people   have   told   me   they   would   like   to   risk   new   business   ventures,   they   want   to   be   given   opportunity   so   they   can   become   net   contributors  to  the  economy.     Is   their   issue   with   Somali   community   regarding   culturally   integration   in   British   society?     “Well,   Our   Prime   Minster   believes   multiculturalism   is   failed,   I   personally   believe  integration  has  failed  and  we  have   to   bring   forth   policy’s   that   may   force  

FIRST EDITION  -­‐  JUNE  2012     people   into   integrating.   Although   this   goes   back   to   the   notion   of   what   does   multiculturalism   or   integration   imply?   With   Integration   it’s   more   about   understanding   how   society   works,   being   able   to   learn   how   different   people   and   being   able   to   apply   your   ethics   and   background   to  society.  Our   problem   is  not   that   we   don’t   particularly   integrate   but   fundamentally   we   don’t   know   how   to   integrate   which   Borough   of   Camden   recognizes.   I’m   not   sure   weather   they   have   succeeded   but   I’m   convinced   it’s   a   long-­‐term  process.”  

went from   being   a  community   that’s   hands   on   to   hands   off   attitude   because   parents   fear   authorities   such   social   service   disrupting   their   child’s   relationship.   I   always   say   it’s   easy   to   get   a   child   to   recognize   the   goals   you   envisage   for   them   but   what’s   harder   is   to   see   the   young   person   become   that   someone.   In   regards   to   that   young   person   being   employed   especially   from   the   Somali   can   be   challenging.   There   is   a   studies   saying   a   person   that’s   ethnically   black   is   six   times   less  likely   to   get  job  and  someone  who’s  a   Muslim   is  eighteen  times   less  likely  to   get   a   job   so   from   that   I’m   guessing   Somali’s   are   Why   does   Somali   community   lack   twenty   four   times   less   likely   to   earn   national   representation   such   as   Somali   themselves   a  job.   If   we  as   community  want   MP?             to   reach   those   goals   we   must   be   more   competitive  in  education  and  parents   must   “I  understand  its  parliament   role  to  reflect   invest  in  young  people.”   society   but   I   don’t   believe   we   should   solely   looks   after   the   interests   of   one   Are   their  any   signs   of   new   youthful   Somali   community.   If   MP   was   to   be   elected   advocate  in  Local  Councils?       correctly   you   must   look   serve   everyone   who   you   represent   in   the   constituency   “No   I   don’t,   unfortunately,   I   see   the   elder   but   shouldn’t   champion   one   cause   but   generation   want   to   become   more   involved.   however   there   should   be   a   MP   as   Speaking  as  the   youngest  councilor   from   a   respective  of   the   Somali   people  this   might   pool   of   five   councilors   throughout   the   UK.   allow   Somali   community   to   integrate   It’s   quite   astounding   that   today   how   we   further  and  prevent  being  marginalized  in   lack   in   British   politics   and   lack   of   young   society.   This   individual   must   be   Somali’s   taking   interest.   Recently   I’m   experience,   wise   and   fully   integrated   so   pleased   to   see   Rakhia   Ismail   to   be   the   they   can   understand   different   aspects   of   Labour   Party   candidate   for   Holloway   ward   British  society.  So  in  conclusion  he  or  she   at   Islington   which   will   make   her   the   first   needs   to   be   versatile   by   taking   wider   female   Somali   councilor   also   Tower   Hamlet   approach   on   issues   like   foreign   policy,   elected   Ahmed   Omer   became   first   Somali   economy  and  education.”   mayor   which   was   landmark   but   more   ceremonial   triumph,   so   there   is   signs   How  can  Local  Councilors  assist  Somali   emerging.   But   downfalls       exist   with   wider   Youth?   Somali   politicians   as   little,   in   fact   no   “What   we   as   can   do   as   local   councilors   communication   some   councilor       I   firmly   can   specifically   do  is   identify  those   issues   believe   there   is   need   for   more   interaction   and   we   understand   concerns   like   the   as   I   was   briefly   speaking   with   Dr   Abdullah   misuse   of   illegal   drugs.   I   think   we   can   Guiled   a   Councilor   at   Ealing   and   Ahmed   solve   such   problems   by   tacking   issues   Ibrahim   from   Southwark.   we   should   early   on   by   support   parents   taking   more   introduce  and   facilitate  a  Somali  councilors   authoritative   approach;   although   today   forum  which  can  benefit  wider  diaspora”         you  have  parents  being  less  involved.  We  


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FIRST EDITION  -­‐  JUNE  2012    

OVER   TWO  DECADES  HAVE  PAST,  Civil   destruction  befallen,   millions  died  and  lack   of  law  in   order  but  the  real   question   remains   for   Somali   people,   additionally   will   peace   and   development   resurface.   Somalia   has   witnessed   agony,   conflicts   and   tyrant   dictatorship.   Since   the   fall   of   ruler   Mohamed  Siad  Barra,  warlords  anguish  the  public,  new  pro   terrorism   groups   (Al-­‐Shabab)   take   command   of   large   districts   of   capital   Mogadishu,   AU   forces   now   function   to   restore   glimmer   of   stability.   Off   land   fishermen   turn   to   piracy   over   disputes   with   global   industries   using   coast   to   dump   waste.   All   key   factors   proving   for   Somalia   is   moving   towards   the   wrong   direction   to   be   a   sovereign   prosperous   nation.     Looking   at   the   short   conflicting   history   of   Somalia   there   seems   to   be   to   strict   leadership   up   against     blame   for   the   destruction   of   our   beloved   nation.   Former   Somali   Dictator   Mohamed   Siad   Barre,   he   established   nationalist   socialism   where   he   elected   a   Supreme   Council   and   worked   hard   to   produce   a   booming   Somali   elite   on   the   international   stage.   Along  the  road  he  made  horrific  errors  as  he  managed  to  run   an   intimidating   regime,   cause   conflicts   between   clans   and   disturb   Islamic   teaching   across   the   country.     He   may   have   made  a  significant  step  to  cause  tension  but  how  has  a  whole   country   not   distinguished   their   differences.   1993   Battle   of   Mogadishu   indicates   the   outcry   by   the   citizen’s   because   of   the  power  cage  Barre  built.           Artificial   borders   are   becoming   more   real   as   northern   regions   such   as   Somaliland   hope   to   gain   recognition.   Somaliland  has  a  stable  democracy  in  place,  mutual  relations   with   neighbouring   nations   and   effective   security.   Putland   has   political   objectives   to   defeat   piracy   as   it   rapidly  


escalating. Sheik   Sharif   Sheik   Ahmed   has   legislative   powers   at   transitional   federal   government   with   international   support.   These   current   substantial   progresses   have   had   little   impact   on   re-­‐promoting   peaceful   calm.   This   could   largely   be   due   to  lack   of   dialogue   between   regional   leaders.   The   geographical   separation   indicates   colonial   differences   but   social   barriers   do   also   exist.     International   interference   gave   war   criminals   the   excuses   to   commit   atrocities   and   worst   violence   on   streets   across   Somalia.   In   1974   the   Soviet   Union   gave   Somalia   an   estimated   $345,000,000   in   military   support.   This   encouraged   Barre   to   run   the   military   powerhouse   and   eventually  used  against  northern  movement  such  as  SNM.   This   investment   by   Soviet   Union   to   create   mutual   friendship   was   going   to   play   vital   tool   of   the   collapse   of   Mogadishu.       At   1993   the   UN   and   US   set   up   a   task   force,   ‘Restore   and   Hope’   to   aid  the  pandemic   famin   swept   across   Somali   but   more   importantly   Maguidushu.   Many   rebels   accused   the   US   of   wanting   steer   to   add   to   the   intensity   of   conflict   others   disagreed.   Particular   rebels   representing   General   Farah  Aidid  were  looting,  raping  and  fight  heavily.                              Along   with   regional   identity   and   clan   affiliation   becomes   embedded   culture.   Negative   impressions   can   be   visual   so   confusion   so   interior   relations   could   not   transpire.     Some   cultural   analysts   blame   tribalism   for   lack   of  innovation   in   Somalia.  Most  probably   social   and   physiological   influences   had  impact  but  didn’t  the  goodwill  between  fellow  national   men  endure.  How  could  political  oppression  of  Siad  Berra   indent  the  coherence  across  the  country?    

FIRST EDITION  -­‐  JUNE  2012    



FIRST EDITION  -­‐  JUNE  2012    


Many observers   suggest   a  weak   welfare  state   alongside  a  corrosion   of  family   life  in  Britain   has  taken   ambition   away.     Newly   adopted   legislation   wants   to  extend   age   of   school  leavers   to   18   and   have   asked   for   this   to   be   implemented  along   with  more   mentor  schemes,   which  ensure  students  reach  their  full  potential.  On  the  other  hand,  some  young  people  feel  they  don’t  have   the  essential  interview   skills  needed  as  they  have  never  been  taught  and  can  only  rely  on  partial  work  experience  obtained  in  secondary  school.       Ali   Hersi,   19   said   “The   two   week   experience   during   year   10   for   me   was   not   helpful,   yes   I   learned   to   trade   but   I   no   practical   employability   skills”   a   remark   shared   by   others.  Another   noteworthy   point   raised   by   Ali   was   the   fact   that   employability   skills   are   essential  for  all  workplaces.  As  new  policies  are  implemented,  the  government  acknowledges  that  the  international  market  for  jobs  is   highly  competitive  as  firms  are  globalizing  their  existing  brands.     In  addition   many   employers   from   emerging  global  markets   require  applicants  to  overcome   language  barriers;   as   a   result   schools   are   introducing  foreign  languages  as  a  key  subject  in  the  curriculum.     Teachers  are  having  to  relay  useful  information  to  students  in  order  for  them  to  benefit  when  they  get  start  to  work.  In  different  jobs,   many   employers  are   concerned   with  training   up   applicants   to   acquire   a   position   that   differs   between  private  and  public   sectors   as   it   is  well  documented  that  there  is  more  challenging  views  in  the  private  sector  as  employees  are  assessed  more  diligently.  However   employees  from  public  sector  are  judged  on  cooperation  that  has  become  obstacle  for  young  applicants  to  grasp.     A  whole  range   issues  are   obviously   occurring,  high  unemployment  rate  is   evidently  effecting  youth  in  Britain  but  more  importantly   the   government   is   taking   several   methods   to   raise   the   concern   as   a   financial   analyst   suggested   it   can   become   systemic   and   could   directly   effect  the  economy  in  years  to  come.  The  clear   link   in  endorsing  more  entrepreneurship  is   valuable   to   allow  young  people  to   display  their  key  skills       A   whole   range   issues   are   obviously   effect   unemployment   is   effecting   youth   in   Britain   but   more   importantly   government   is   taking   several   methods   to   raise   the   concern   as   financial   analyst  suggest  it  can  become  systemic   and   directly  effect   the   economy   in  years   to   come.  The  clear  link  in  endorsing  more  entrepreneurship  is  valuable  to  allow  young  people  to  display  innovative  products      


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FIRST EDITION  -­‐  JUNE  2012    

Donate  to  the  Mo  Farah   Foundation  recently  established   by  Mo  Farah.  The  foundation  is  in   the  process  of  building  10  water   wells  in  Southern  Somalia  An   inactive  set  up  by  Somali  born   athlete  to  give  back  to  his   homeland  during  2011  famine   that  has  killed  thousand  of  people   and  wildlife  across  Somalia.   For  more  information  visit  

Favorite long  distance  runner  Mo  Farah  is   tipped   to   secure   gold   for   Great   Britain   at   2012   London   Olympics.   He   has   elevated   his   performances   over   the   past   few   years   with   classy   and   determination   winning   records,   which   will   hopefully   result   in   uninterrupted   success   many   imply   culminating   in   a   gold   at   London   2012.   Unlike   most   athletes   he   was   born   in   war   torn   Somalia   and   migrated   to   the   United   Kingdom   at  the  tender  age  of   eight,   he  fled   the   conflict   and   tried   to   live   a   normal   life   here   in   Britain.   His   raw   potential   in   long   distance   running   was   discovered   by   sports  teacher   Alan  Watkinson  at   Feltham   Community   College   who   had   faith   in   him   and  his  abilities  from  the  very  begging.      

Culminating in   him   receiving   3rd   place   in   the   BBC   Sports   Personality   of   the   year   2011.   Not   only   grabbing   attention   within   the   Somali   Community   but   around   the   world.  

With a   whole   array   of   lucrative   sponsorship  deals   M o  is  always   portrayed   a   humbling   character   looking   to   improve,   to   add   to   his   achievement   some   analyst   say   new   coached   by   Alberto   Salazar   will   improve   performance   and   great   facilities   to   run   for   the   Nike   Oregon   Project.   Mo   Farah  has  become  an   advocate   for  British   sports,   which   allows   the   Somali   community   to   celebrate   his   achievements   and   hopefully   result   in   more   Somali   youths   with   potential   in   sports   to   follow   Mo’s  footsteps.  

Now living  in  Oregon,  United  States  having   previously   lived   in   west   London   Mo   has   become   a   star   of   international   stage.   During   his   busy   training   schedules   he   spends   large   amounts   of   his   yearly   calendar   in   high   altitude   training   conditions   at   Kenyan   mountains,   therefore   traveling   is   a   big   part   of   his   sporting  career.  Mo  is  a  committed  family   man   with   wife   Tania   and   daughter   Rihanna   whose   move   to   the   US   has   allowed   him   to   use   training   state   of   art   facility   whilst   spend   more   family   time.   Likewise   a   Somali   heritage   Mo   Farah   himself   has   realized   that   he   is   an   ambassador   for   millions   of   young   people   he  needs  to  support  his  homeland.  He  has   since   he   set   up   the   Mo   Farah   Foundation   to   provide   food   aid   to   needed   places   around  the  horn  of  Africa.            

Many praise   Mo   with   his   goals   of   improving   his   performance   and   stronger   mentality   to   win   and   achieve   the   better,   his   most   recent   milestone   was   achieving   the   gold   in   the   10,000-­‐meter   European   Athletics   Championship,   thus   highlighting   Mo’s   capability   to   perform   on   world   stage.  

As boy   from   Hounslow   to   international   sports   personality   it’s   obvious   he   will   become   a   role   model   for   Somali   youth   in   particular   as   sports   is   taken   seriously   compared   to   other   entities.   Earlier   this   year  he  received  an  award  from  President   Ahmed   Silanyo   from   Republic   of   Somaliland.   As   the   athlete   he   is   making   significant   progress   to   help   the   general   Somali   community   both   here   in   the   UK   and  back  in  Africa.2  


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FIRST EDITION  -­‐  JUNE  2012    

We have  created  an  online  platform  for  young   people  to  communicate  We  have  three  main   sources  of  online  communication  Facebook,   Twitter  Account  and  Website.  We    are  have   committed  team  working  to  update  these  online   platforms  so  join  our  online  community  use  this   facility  that’s  available  for  your  n eeds.    We  aim  to  


utilize new  media  and  connect  with  young  people   to  ensure  they  have  a  viable  platform  so  their  views   are  heard.    We  have  made  significant  strides  in   video  production  so  that  w e  can  interact  with  youth   our  Youtube  channel  will  promote  debates  and   open  discussions.    

FIRST EDITION  -­‐  JUNE  2012    



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