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Since 60's and 70's the monopoly of the major record companies over the music industry is being challenged every single day by many independent music artists and music promoters. Music industry is booming, and it has much to offer to those who are up to the challenge. Music promotion business might look daunting, but it certainly is not an impossible task for you to break the monopoly of the major label company and establish yourself as an important figure in the music industry. If you have decided that independent music is your career, then it is important that you gain complete knowledge on how the music industry operates. It is very important that you understand the basics required to survive in this highly competitive music industry. As an indie music promoter, you need to build a unique approach towards your audience. If you are the indie artist, then it is very important to realize how to promote your records, without having to sell out or going corporate. There are many ways by which one can promote their music independently. The first is by giving the audience the very best music. It is important to understand that the easiest way to get noticed is by quality. If you want to establish yourself in the music world, then it is necessary that your first record should not just be good, but should be outstanding. With the advent of internet, independent music promotion has become very easy. You can discover new talents with ease and also promote your records and reach a wide variety of the audience all over the world. Internet is also an easy way to increase your fan base, as you can reach a lot of people. There are many websites,for example TheQuietside Network online radio station which are already present on the internet promoting independent music.

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