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MEDIA pack and its environment digital magazine

In January 2012, A Digital magazine - ‘Managing Water & its environment’ was launched, in association with the Managing Water is targeted at the contractors, consultants and product/service users. It is a bimonthly magazine and free to recieve. Managing Water Magazine, provides: • organisations with an opportunity to showcase their projects and promote events, • manufacturers and suppliers with the media to promote their products and services • site visitors and magazine readers with a useful source of news and information.

The aim of ‘Managing Water’ is to: • become important sources of news and information • provide suppliers with a targeted audience • offer low cost promotion and publicity

Telephone: 0845 2 575 575


MEDIA pack The bi-monthly, digital magazine for the water management industry Each edition has four main sections: Flood Risk and Drainage - flood defence, property protection, surface-water management, SuDS, etc Channel/lake restoration and management - erosion control, restoration projects, vegetation management, dredging etc Water level Management - water control structures, pumping, monitoring, etc Climate and the Environment - climatic impacts, wetlands and habitats, fish passes, conservation, invasive species management, polution control etc

Publication & deadlines

Targeted Marketing


Managing Water is marketed across the FADS website, the Managing Water website as well as several 3rd party sites. The link is also sent out to our subscriber database of approximately 1000 and growing. It is then forwarded on through numerous companies and organisations by contacts that we have generated.

Jan/Feb: (Submissions by 10th feb) Mar/Apr (Submissions by 10th April) May/Jun - (Submissions by 10th June) Jul/Aug - (Submissions by 10th August) Sept/Oct - (Submissions by 10th October) Nov/Dec - (Submissions by 10th December)

What does it cover? Flood alleviation Flood risk assessment Sustainable drainage systems Property protection Land drainage Water level management Channel Management River & coastal erosion Slope stabilisation River restoration Silt removal & dredging Hard & soft engineering landscaping Bioengineering Vegetation management Invasive species management Watercourse, lake & pond construction Water storage & Irrigation Conservation & the environment Habitat & wetland creation name but a few.

We invite subscriptions to the magazine (which is free) so that we know it is being sent only to individuals and companies who have an interest in the content and the products and services advertised. We won't buy mailing lists and claim that they are readers - it is in our interest and yours to ensure that the magazine is aimed at and read by the right people.

Who does it go to? Civil Engineering Contractors Civil Engineering Consultants Land Drainage Contractors Local Authoritiy Engineers and Planners Waterways Authorities Conservation organisations Flood Risk Consultants Aquatic Consultants/Engineers Channel maintenance contrcators Environmental consultants Bioengineering consultants Water resource consultants Fluivial engineers Land management organisations Property owners Land owners RFCC members Internal Drainage Board Engineers and members Wildlife authorities

MEDIA pack Discounts

Advertising Rates

For multiple bookings. 3 editions: 10% - 6 editions: 20%

1/4 page advert per issue: £125 + vat

Companies listed in the FADS directory recieve an additional 20%

90 x 135 (Portrait) 135 x 90 (Landscape)

(For FADS subscribers, a years 1/4 page advertising costs just £450 + vat)

1/2 page advert per issue: £175 + vat

File formats:

185 x 135 (Landscape) 95 x 270 (Portrait)


For FADS subscribers, a years 1/2 page advertising costs just £630 + vat)

VIDEOS: FLV or you tube link address

Full page advert per issue: £250 + vat

HYPERLINKS from articles: Please supply the full hyperlink starting with http:// and a description of where it is to be embedded.

Full A4 210 x 297 For FADS subscribers, a years full page advertising costs just £900 + vat)

ARTICLES: Text documents, .doc.txt

First page advertising plus full page: £500 + vat


This is the first page viewed when the magazine is opened. Left of the front cover. Also included is a further full page advert within the magazine body.

Our Promise We offer low cost, effective advertising.and will always do so.

2-page profile spread : £300 + vat We will create a a 2 page spread for your company. It can include a profile, product news, project news, case study etc. We will also produce a separate pdf for yor your own use and also promote it from the FADS website and newsletter.

The magazine is free to access and will always remain so. Back copies will also always be available for free download.



4-page profile spread : £500 + vat We will create a a 4 page spread for your company. It will include a profile, product news, project news, case study etc. We will also produce a separate pdf for yor your own use. As well as the pdf we will create and host the pages as a 4 page interactive document which we will promote from the FADS website and newsletter. We will host the booklet for as long as you want us to.

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The FADS Directory and Managing Water Magazine are produced by Relbon Publishing, who have had over 20 years experience working and publishing within the water management industry Relbon House 3,Peate Close Godmanchester Huntingdon Cambs, PE29 2DX, UK

Managing Water Magazine Media Pack 2013  

Media pack for Managing Water Magazine 2013

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