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Sudaporn (Toon)

Surgical procedures


n the surgery page. First of all, should consult a doctor before that. Surgery or other parts of it. The firm will be changed at any part of it. And would also have to drop down in a way. Because the page will bring you face tense up. But not everyone becomes a teen it. It depends on the condition of skin and muscle structure of the individual with The surgical procedure. Your doctor will start by opening the wound above the ear up to the temples. Through the skin behind the hair line. Into the front edge of the ear. And could be tucked up next to the ear a little protrusion. Tiegho then down to the bottom. Curve around the ear area to the rear Tiegho. The niche behind the ear. I was then dragged through it. To hide the incision in the scalp. It can be seen that the wound appeared to be out there. It occupies the front edge of the ear only. When the wound healed, it is often invisible. The other area. Doctors are well hidden along the hairline.

In der Operation zu sehen. Zunächst sollte ein Arzt vor, dass zu konsultieren. Chirurgie oder andere Teile davon. Die Firma wird in jedem Teil von ihm geändert werden. Und müsste auch Drop-Down in gewisser Weise. Da die Seite bringt Sie Gesicht verkrampfen. Aber nicht jeder wird ein Teenager ist. Es hängt vom Zustand von Haut und Muskulatur des Einzelnen mit dem chirurgischen Eingriff. Среди множества восхитительных особенностей «Страна улыбок», и ее пышные земля множество тропических и умеренных фруктов производится в Таиланде. С сезонным плодовых культур, таких как манго, дурианы и рамбутаны, на круглогодичное культур, включая ананасы, папайя, и джекфрута, тайские фрукты в изобилии в течение всего года.Обильные плоды промышленности по всему Таиланду является неотъемлемой частью экспортного сектора, что делает многих из этих деликатесов по всему миру.

ในการผ่าตั ดดึงหน้านั้ น ก่อนอื่ นควรจะปรึกษาแพทย์เสียก่อนว่า การผ่าตั ดดึ งหน้าหรือส่วนอื่ นๆนั้ น จะได้ผลเปลี่ ยนแปลงหรือเต่งตึงขึ้ นที่ ส่วนใดบ้าง แล ะส่วนไหนที่ ยั งจะมีการหย่อนลงเหลืออยู่บ้าง เพราะการดึงหน้านั้ นจะทำให้ คุ ณมีใบหน้าที่ ตึงขึ้ นได้ แต่ไม่ใช่ว่าจะกลายเป็นสาววั ยรุ ่นได้ทุกคน ทั้ งนี้ ต้อง ขึ้ นอยู่กับสภาพของผิวหนั งและโครงสร้างของกล้ามเนื้ อแต่ละบุ คคล

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Keeping Your Teeth Sparking… …And Your Appearance Sharp Is A Key Factor For Success First, we would like to inform you about how important it is for good hygiene and smart dental appearance. Most people think it’s not very important to visit the dentist regularly but let us give you some vital facts to illustrate the importance of good and timely dental care. Taking proper care of your teeth enriches and prolongs your healthy life span and also gives you a sexier image.

Having healthy and nice looking teeth can benefit you in multiple ways; so let us give you some examples just so you can get a clear view…

Keeping Healthy & Appealing Teeth Can Help You… t Have better relations with business associates t Feel good about yourself and boost your self esteem and confidence t Have an outstanding social life t Have a glamorous smile and fresh breath t mprove your career t Get better and easier jobs

Not Taking Care of Your Teeth Properly Can Lead To… t Tooth decay (which basically rotting of the teeth) t Bad breath t Plaque build up t Bad social and business interaction How using Dental Facilities in Thailand can be beneficial: Many Dental Clinics in Thailand give you top rate class products and services at reasonable prices!!!

Take a Look at Some Price Comparisons… DESCRIPTION


PRICES IN THAILAND USD (Bath) Approximately

Tooth extraction


11.80 (400 THB)

Laser teeth whitening


250 – 300 (10,000 THB)

Dental implant surgery

1,850 – 2,000

36 (1,500 THB)

Teeth cleaning


17 (600 THB)

In some cases, even if you included your travel expenses into the equation, the cost of dental treatment would still be cheaper. Come to Thailand enjoy the Land of Smiles and get a wonderful smile. We are looking forward to seeing you in our Thai clinics soon! And if you are already in Thailand then please make use of the high quality of our Dental Clinics... 10

Organic Oil Massage W

hen giving or receiving a massage it is important to use a product that is not too greasy. You want to ensure that the skin isn’t going to leave the recipient feeling like they rolled around in a vat of butter. Any oil you put onto the skin will be absorbed into the tissue which then goes into the blood stream. When chemicals are used to grow the ingredients, they are then transferred into the extracted oil. What goes onto your body is just as important as what you put into it. By using organic massage oils you are not only preventing harmful chemicals from entering the body, but you are introducing materials that are beneficial to you. Many organic products contain vitamins such as Vitamins A, D, and E as well as minerals. All of these are important ingredients to your health. Sweet almond oil is one of the best oils to use in massage. It has many properties that are highly beneficial to the skin. It is rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and E. It is also a great moisturizer and contains healing properties. Jojoba oil is great natural oil that also has a long shelf life. It is a great choice to those who have nut allergies or are prone to acne. It is similar to the natural oils in the skin. Using organic products is not only beneficial to you, but the environment as well. For a product to be considered organic, it also means that the production of the product reduces the impact on the planet. Some products have organic ingredients but are not considered organic because the company doesn’t reduce the negative impact on the Earth during production of the material.

Die Bio-Öle in den besten Massagen verwendet werden den Weg zu schädlichen Chemikalien in den Körper eindringen, während die Steigerung Ihrer Gesundheit zu verhindern. Органические масла, используемые в лучших массажах, могут быть успокаивающими, нежными и предельно чувственными, помогающими снять стресс и усталость мышц.

น้ ำมั นหอมระเหยที่ ใช้ในการนวดที่ ดีที่สุ ดเป็นวิธที ี่ จะป้องกั นไม่ให้สารเคมี อั นตรายเข้าสู่ร่างกายในขณะที่ การส่งเสริมการมีสุขภาพที่ ดีของคุ ณ 14

How to Look

Good I

s beauty only skin deep? Well, looking good is really how you choose to present yourself to other people rather than whether you are beautiful or handsome. Here are some hints.

Be Comfortable For Him


othing is more appealing and beautiful than your confidence and comfort in front of the person! So ensure that you look comfortable in whatever you’re wearing. Guys, you can keep things simple. Firstly, wear what you find is appropriate for your height and age. Most importantly, don’t make the error of mismatching your accessories which is a common mistake. For Her


o look cute and pretty, you must just ensure that you’re comfortable in your attire. Don’t overdo anything just to flaunt any assets and go easy on the makeup. That’s it! Simplicity is often sexier than an over-done make up!


Keep Basics in Mind For Him


en must ensure that they don’t appear in unkempt hair and disheveled clothing. Taking a regular bath and applying a good smelling deodorant makes you look cool and casts a good impression. No matter how lazy you feel, always take bath and wear neat and tidy clothes. For Her


emember, how to look good is not only about your face cut, body shape and other features. It’s also about make up, dressing style, subtle way of hiding flaws and flaunting assets and carrying accessories that match your dress. One of the best ways to look good is to be yourself, appear confident and carry a cheerful smile. Nothing is more contagious than a beautiful smile! Natural beauty is always the most appreciable form of beauty. Hopefully, these simple and much known tips on how to look good will help you to look better.

Ob Schönheit ist oberflächlich ist Ansichtssache, aber es gibt viele Schritte sowohl Männer als auch Frauen ergreifen können, um sicherzustellen, dass sie sehen immer in der Gesellschaft anderer gut.

Конечно красота кожи, это дело вкуса каждого, но существует много разных шагов, и для мужчин, и для женщин в целом, которые могут гарантировать, что вы всегда будете хорошо выглядеть в компании других людей.

ไม่ว่าจะเป็นความงามผิวลึกเป็นเรื่ องของความคิ ดเห็ น แต่มีหลายขั้ นตอนทั้ งชายและหญิ งสามา รถใช้เพื่ อให้แน่ใจว่าพวกเขามั กจะดู ดใี น บริษัท ของคนอื่ น ๆ

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Tips to lose weight in the office!

sedentary lifestyle in the office can add unwanted pounds to your body. But there’s no need to panic:

. Instead of emailing to your colleagues, it would be more beneficial if you walked those extra steps to the office. . Avoid high calorie snacks and tea or coffee from the office vending machine. Instead stack your drawer with healthy and nutritious snacks like raw veggies, fresh fruit, nuts etc.


. Use a wireless headset to receive phone calls. This way you can also take a walk around the office premises at the same time. Take a 5 minute brisk walk at regular intervals.

4 5

. One of the simplest ways to shed extra pounds while working in the office is to drink ice cold water. This will boost the metabolism rate of your body. . Yet another way to burn calories is to simply twirl a few times in your swivel chair. For every 60 rotations, you will burn about 50 calories. Always keep moving even when you are working at your desk.


. Instead of waiting for the elevator, use the stairs. Try to take double steps as this will force your muscles to work harder. You can also work your calf muscles by tip-toeing around the office.


. Instead of having a junk-food lunch, it would be better if you packed your meal at home. This way, not only will you be eating a healthy and well-balanced diet but you also save considerable amount of time and money. Mike Lombardy is a web publisher and fitness enthusiast. Don’t forget to get a 50 % discount code on the idiot proof diet at his website. With the idiot proof diet you can lose 9 lbs in 11 days. Get started today! Es gibt viele Dinge, die Sie tun, um Gewicht zu verlieren, auch wenn Sie eine sit-down Bürojob haben kann. Versuchen Sie, die Ausübung am Arbeitsplatz, essen vernünftig und zu Fuß statt per E-Mail Существует много разных способов, способствующих потере веса, которым вы можете следовать, даже если у вас сидячая офисная работа. Делайте специальные упражнения на рабочем месте, обедайте в разумном количестве и отдавайте предпочтение ходьбе, даже когда вам надо обсудить вопрос с сотрудниками, лучше пройдитесь к ним, а не пишите по электронной почте.

มีหลายสิ่ งที่ คุ ณสามารถทำเพื่ อลดน้ ำหนั กแม้ว่าคุ ณจะมีงานที่ สำนั กงานนั่ งลง เป็น ลองออกกำลั งกายในสถานที่ ทำงาน, การรั บประทานอาหารอย่างสมเหตุ สมผลและการเดินแทนที่ จะส่งอีเมล 18

Reversing the Effects of Aging with Chelation Therapy


helation therapy is the process of removing undesirable ionic material from the body by the use of compounds taken intravenously or orally to bind metals present in toxic concentrations so they can be excreted from the body. It can benefit people with coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, heavy smokers and alcoholics, and those with a high density of toxins in the body. HOW CHELATION WORKS Calcium passes through the damaged cell walls into the cells. If calcium gets deposited in arterial walls, it inhibits the enzyme activity which affects the production of energy. The cells become energy

starved and become acidic as a result. This can lead to premature aging, unbalanced calcium/ magnesium ratios, free radical activity, local toxicity, oxygen deficit, nutritional imbalance, etc. Chelation will help the cells to repair themselves, the production of energy increases and your body becomes healthier. REVERSING THE EFFECTS OF AGING The process of aging is what doctors call calcinosis, meaning calcium is pulled from the bones and deposited into soft tissue, settling in your arteries, joints and skin, causing arthritis and the pale, hard, wrinkled look of aging.

OTHER BENEFITS Other improvements are in the reduction of fatigue, neurological, cardiovascular symptoms, respiratory, gastrointestinal, genital and urinary symptoms. Call 038 411-190, 038 411-990 or visit Nicha Clinic at Pattaya 2nd Rd. for more information and FREE consultation. ‫«تشالشين» أو االستخالب يساعد الخاليا على‬ ‫اصالح نفسها وتزويد الجسم بالطاقة ويصبح الجسم‬ .‫أكثر صحة ويجعلك تبدو أصغر سنا‬


Horoscope Aries (March. 19 – April. 19) Your state of mind will depend on the way you relate to the others. As long as they stand by you and like you, you’ll feel great. Physically, you seem to be more exposed to toxins, infections and contaminations. Moreover, it’s high time you changed something about your lifestyle and got rid of bad habits.

Libra (Oct. 22 – Sep. 23 You’re in for several risky weeks that must be taken seriously. Listen to your body and don’t ignore any symptom, get a diagnosis and treatment for each! E.g. a medical check –up at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. If you suffer from any ailment, follow your medical prescriptions exactly! Don’t perform any experiments, don’t go on tough or untested diets or treatments (including cosmetic). Spare your heart, eyes, spine, nervous and respiratory systems.

Taurus (Apr. 20 – May. 20 This time of the year will be a rather stressful and tiring period. Your immunity will not be at its peak and your mood will be quite unsettled. Take care of yourself! Rest more, try to relax psychically and avoid excesses! A massage and beach walk with help!

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) It is a good time to make effort to improve your health, diet and life hygiene, and also to review and improve the way you look or dress. You may face some problems with your kidneys, ovaries, blood circulation (varix) or glycemia. Good balanced diet, exercise and relaxation will help you to regain your health and strength.

Gemini (May. 21 – June. 21) Currently you are enjoying vitality and a lot of dynamism. Beware, thought, because irritation, haste and imprudence still represent a danger! There will be a small risk of accidents, but also of inflection or inflammation. Be cautious and listen to your body!

Cancer (June 22 – July.22) As regards your physical shape there’s nothing in particular to complain about. The situation will much stay the same as it has been lately. But the intellectual and psychic stress will intensify so you’d better do something to strengthen your nervous system, Rest, take Magnesium supplements and avoid stimulants!

Leo (July. 23 – Aug. 22) Tension and stress will persist. Physically, a certain unwinding will install in the second half of this period. Psychically, you’ll find it difficult to relax and you might even be haunted by all kinds of fears, anxieties and phobias, real or imaginary. You could do with some traveling, meeting foreign people and enriching your culture. Don’t forget to visit a spa or to dine out!

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sep. 22) Exhaustion, over solicitation, tension! You need to spare yourself and take care of yourself, because you’ll have some difficult weeks ahead that will test the resistance of your body and nerves. During this period you’ll be vulnerable to infections and poisonings; and haste and carelessness can mean accidents. 20

Sagittarius (Nov. 20 – Dec. 21) Tension and stress. Even if you’re under the impression that there are no problems, inner tension exists, and it can lead to disputes, accidents, acute ailments or crises. Poorly taken-care-of-difficulties could relapse. Pay attention to the possible complications generated by a lifestyle rich in excesses! Release your stress with a spa treatment. Capricorn (Dec.22 – Jan. 19) You may feel a state of tension and dissatisfaction, a fall in your tonus and optimism. Currently you are in a most delicate period of time and it should send some signals about what you have to change in your lifestyle to be in shape. Treat yourself well take good friends to a fine dining restaurant. Aquarius (Jan.20 – Feb. 18) At this period you are vulnerable to infections, poisonings and accidents due to haste and carelessness. That’s why you should take care and be careful! There’s no problem regarding vitality and energy (you’ll have three times your need), but there’s a problem related to imprudence, excesses and careless actions. Pisces (Feb. 19 – March. 20) Until the end of spring stay away from gossip and intrigues that effect your good mood, but also from the wastes that could “pollute” your body (infections, toxins, alcohol etc.) In Sep you’ll benefit from more vitality, but there will be more physical risks (burns, cuts, falls, and various accidents). Beware!

Fashion Tips for Men Don’t Overdo Jewelry

Men’s jewelry, earrings, finger rings, cufflinks, bracelets and studs have become fashionable these days. However, overdoing them may not give you a great look. Personal Grooming

One of the other prominent fashion tips for men is personal hygiene. Even if you are well dressed, an unkempt beard or hairstyle can spoil your look. Properly trimmed beard or a shaved face are always better. Shoes Make the Man

In your wardrobe collection, a nice pair of clean or polished shoes is always a must. And they do get noticed by women as your shoes reflect your personal habits.


ale as well as female, dressing well and looking good are always advantageous for any person in today’s fast-moving world. Be wary of Brand Names If purchasing branded items, do check if they really suit you and you are not just buying them because they are so much in “trend” or “style”. Do they look good on you? Size Matters The size of T-shirts, shirts and other fashion clothing you wear must be according to your fitting. Skinny and lean men must wear comfortable clothing, not too large than their size as that will make them disappear in their own dress! Fat men, on the other hand, must not wear very tight clothes! Simplicity is Style Your wardrobe collection must not be something that appears overdone. Your wardrobe collection may include watches and wallets as well as shirts and trousers What you have to do is use all these fashion items to give you an imposing appearance. Sometimes the simpler the better!


Follow Your Style

Gradually, you will be able to understand your way of dressing and you will also improve in mixing colors and other minute details like supportive pieces such as stoles, scarves and ties). Männer müssen look and feel auch gut. Sorgfältig ausgewählte, aber einfachen und Kleidung können gute Körperpflege für den modernen Menschen in der heutigen schnelllebigen Welt zu verbessern.

Мужчинам нужно выглядеть и чувствовать себя хорошо тоже. Тщательно подобранная, но простая одежда и дополнения к ней могут способствовать повышению качества внешнего вида, что не мало важно для современного человека, идущего в ногу со временем в таком быстро меняющемся мире сегодня.

ผู้ชายต้องมองและความรู้สึกที่ ดีเกินไป เลือกอย่างระมั ดระวั ง แต่เสื้ อผ้าเครื่ องแต่งกายที่ เรียบง่ายและสามารถเพิ่ มประสิทธิภาพการกรูม มิ่ งส่วนบุ คคลที่ ดีสำหรั บคนทั นสมั ยในโลกเคลื่ อน ไหวเร็ววั นนี้



iva is the world’s leading destination for fashion accessories, launched in the UK in 2001. diva designers create unique ranges that are on-trend and highly aspirational, inspired by the latest catwalk and fashion shows in London, NY and Paris. Now diva is sold in more than 3,500 outlets across 27 countries worldwide and now open across Thailand! «Diva» занимает ледирующее место в мире модных аксессуаров, созданных в Великобритании в 2001 году. Дизайнеры создают уникальные аксессуары, которые находятся на пике моды, и в высшей степени являются желаемыми и успешными по последним показам на подиуме и на показах мод в Лондоне, Нью-Йорке и Париже. Сейчас дива продается в более чем 3500 магазинач в 27 странах по всему миру и в настоящее время магазины открыты по всему Таиланду!

diva เป็นแบนด์เครื่ องประดั บแฟชั่ นชั้ นนำของโลก ที่ เริ่ มมีมาตั้ งแต่ปี พศ. 2544 ในประเทศอั งกฤษ diva ดีไซน์เนอร์ได้รังสรรค์ เครื่ องประดั บแฟชั่ นที่ โด ดเด่นทั นสมั ย จนใครๆ อยากจะจั บจอง และได้แรงบั นดาลใจจากแฟชั่ นที่ ลอน ดอน นิวยอร์ก และปารีส ขณะนี้ diva มีร้านค้ามากกว่า 3,500 ร้านค้า ใน 27 ประเทศทั่ วโลก และขณะนี้ ได้เปิดแล้วทั่ วประเทศไทย


RELAX Community

The Whiffenpoofs Returned to Siam Bayshore Resort Siam Bayshore Resort and Spa Pattaya welcome back the world famous talented singing group, The Whiffenpoofs from the USA who are on a world tour, Pattaya and Bangkok was lucky to be part of their tour dates. The 14 talented young male students from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, performed their one off concert with their unique style of singing, before a packed audience at the ideal Greenery rotunda area of the recently revamped Siam Bayshore Resort. Made up of Baritones, Bass and Tenors, the young men wowed the crowd with renditions of popular songs from the past and present, especially a tribute to works by a past Whiff student, Cole Porter.

Meet The Trendiest Spot in Phuket @ Oasis Sky Breeze Spa, Kata … of the newest Oasis Spa located in Kata called Sky Breeze. Once the secret is out, we expect to be flooded with spa goers, both vacationers and residents. However, by acting quickly you can sneak behind the veil of secrecy to enjoy all the spa treatments that have made Oasis Spas famous at this new location. Sky Breeze features six individual treatment rooms, a rooftop swimming pool, shower, and herbal steam room, pyramid sun tents, and alcoves where you can lounge in the lavishly finished Thai modern décor. Call immediately and ask about our BUY 1 GET 1 FREE Grand Opening promotion and FREE TRANSPORTATION in Karon, Kata and Patong area. Call 076 33 7777.

Opening Ceremony of the Charity Peach Chocolate Cake & The Royal Project 42: Fresh from the Top of the Mountain at Central Center Pattaya Amari Orchid Pattaya General Manager Mr. David Cumming, (2nd from right) and Khun Khun Supichaya Suracupt, Director of Social Affairs & Publicity of Central Pattana Public Co., Ltd. (3rd from right) are both pictured at the launch of “Pattaya’s Annual Charity Peach Chocolate Cake Festival” which was made in conjunction with The Royal Project Foundation and “The Royal Project 42: Fresh from the Top of the Mountain”. HSH Prince Bhisatej Rajani, President of The Royal Project Foundation (middle) and Khun Itthiphon Khunpluem, Mayor of Pattaya City both very kindly presided over the opening ceremony, which this year was for a cake of 79 meters, in celebration of Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday. All money raised from the sales will be donated to both the Baht for A Better Life Foundation which helps and supports under privileged children, and to a number of local school projects in Pattaya City in order to assist in the development of education within the local area.

The German-Thai Chamber of Commerce Networking Night at Hilton Pattaya PATTAYA, Thailand – 8 July 2011 – The GermanThai Chamber of Commerce (GTCC) led by Prof. Dr. Alexander Paufler (1st left), Chamber President of German-Thai Chamber of Commerce, recently held ‘GTCC Networking Night’, to strengthen networking opportunities in Pattaya and the Eastern region, at Drift of Hilton Pattaya. They were extremely impressed with this 5-star hotel and its facilities in Pattaya! 24

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Sweet Chocolate Treats at Sheraton Pattaya Resort Treat yourself to some sweet fine chocolate at Sheraton Pattaya Resort with new blends and special creations. Let it slowly melt on the tongue, and feel it smooth, velvety, creamy, soft or gritty, all specially created this August by our award winning chef at Elements restaurant. Add a sweet touch to sumptuous desserts and create a wonderful experience you won’t forget! Choose any from the below and make it your favorite: Chocolate Mascarpone Tortelloni with Passion Fruit Sauce Trio Chocolate Mousse with Fruit Salsa Chocolate and Mascarpone Panna Cotta with Strawberry Salsa Chocolate Almond Cake with Caramelized Pear Each at Baht 250 (excluding tax & service charge) only! For more information please call 038 259888 or email:

The most glamorous beach party ever at Pullman Pattaya (August 2011) - Mr. Clinton Lovell General Manager of Pullman Pattaya Aisawan recently hosted the hotel’s monthly beach party - “White Sangria”. The party was attended by numerous white party fans from Bangkok and Pattaya all dressed up in sexy Latin white. Everyone enjoyed the ambiance of the Spanish theme night, music mixed by DJ Queen P from Pioneer and the friendly efficient service from the hotel party hosts.

Glitz and Glimmer at Havana Glam Prepare to join the night of shimmer and shine, glitz and glimmer at Havana Bar, Holiday Inn Pattaya. “Havana Glam” is on Saturday 3rd September 2011; all the ladies prepare your sexiest glam dress and dancing shoes and be ready to rock the dance floor with live entertainment by AB Band, DJ spinning Latin House, Modern Latin and Reggaeton tunes with the appearance of the celebrity singers “Jum Nareekrajang” and “Tang Parichat” from the famous band Be My Guest. An exciting dance shows by the glam dancers who will accompany you throughout the night. Best dressed prizes for ladies and many exciting lucky draw prizes. Ticket price at THB 800 per person including free flow drinks from 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. plus free snacks all night. All drinks at special price THB 100 each from 8:00 p.m. onwards.

Pattaya Hotelier on the Podium at Bangkok Triathlon Woodlands Hotel & Resort’s General Manager Stephane Bringer managed a first place in his age group and 4th overall among 200 athletes attending the recent Bangkok Triathlon. The event was organized as a celebration for the 84th Royal Anniversary of his Majesty the King. Competitors had to complete a 1,840 metre swim in the Chao Phraya River followed by a 55km bike course and ending with a spectacular 10km. run over the Rama 8 Bridge. 25


The attractions of Thai culture and traditions of the four regions of Thailand are here for you to visit when you are in Pattaya. You will enjoy the fascination of: Teakwood,


Паттайя Плавучий рынок - крупнейший в Таиланде - Шопинг-сувениры - Рестораны-Питье - Огромный спектр развлечений для всех - Телефон 0-6000-3-6000

Thai Style, Buildings

Boutiques, Shops & Souvenirs

Traditional Thai Performances & Music

Freshly Cooked Delicious Food

Traditional Thai Paddle Boats

‫السوق العائم باتايا‬

Fabulous Skywalker Sling

Woodcarving Museums

‫ األكبر في تايالند تسوق‬-

And many, many more attractions and entertainment for all ages and genders! Open every day from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and night bazaar! Located on Sukhumvit Road in Pattaya on the way to Sattahip. Telephone: 038-076802 Website: 32

‫ هدايا تذكارية‬‫ أكل وشرب‬‫ مجموعة كبيرة من الترفيه للجميع‬-

ตลาดน้ ำ ๔ ภาคพั ทยา ใหญ่ที่สุ ด ในประเทศไทย - ช้ อป ปิ้ง-ของ ที่ ระลึก - รั บประทาน-ดื่ ม - มโหฬาร ช่วง ของ ความ บั นเทิง See You at Pattaya Floating Market!

RELAX Announce

Their Prestigeous Top Ten Pattaya 2011 Restaurant Awards


and I have been restaurant reviewers in Pattaya for almost a decade and during that time we have written about hundreds of establishments; some have evaporated into the annals of gastro-history but many remain steadfastly surviving the vagaries of the economic climate and the caprices of food fashions. During this time we have been patronised, poisoned, pampered and abused (by email) all in the course of our duties but we still love the job. We have always loved to eat and cook and have always considered ourselves “foodies”. My background is advertising and journalism while Mick is a recognised author of a myriad of music books and a professional studio musician. We both love to eat plus I love to write and Mick loves to take the photographs accurately recording the dishes that we are served. We want people to share our enthusiasm for food and to spread the gastro-word. Now that we live in S.E. Asia our gamut of gastronomy is huge. Restaurants are a tricky business – they can debut with a splash but unless they resonate with what the paying customers want, the initial impact will be short term. We are always asked, “what makes a good restaurant?” and we always answer, “consistency”. If you enjoy a splendid dinner at your favourite restaurant and return to repeat the experience - the restaurant has to duplicate it down to the last French fry or else you will be disappointed and in all probability not return. For most people service also accounts for half the reason for repeat visits. Timing, demeanor and presentation, the three holy trinities to perfect service, are a tough feat but diners demand the best and the best restaurants supply it aplenty on a daily basis. This brings us neatly to the reason for this article: “The Relax Awards for Pattaya’s Top Ten Restaurants”. In further issues Relax magazine will be delighted to present to their readers in depth reviews of the pinnacle of Pattaya’s best tables. Extremely high standards prevail these days and Relax would like to showcase these gastronomic citadels, not only to inform its readers about Pattaya’s epicurean destinations but also to commend the restaurant and present it with a commemorative certificate. The first of our top table reviews will be the much-loved Mata Hari. This bastion of good eating has been a firm favourite on the Pattaya culinary scene since 1996. The awards that have been lavished upon

Mata Hari are legion: the annual Award of Business Excellence of the Netherlands/Thai and the Belgian/Luxumbourg/Thai Commerce, a member of the Chaine des Rotisseurs (Pattaya Balli for 5 years) and annually voted by Thailand Tatler readers as one of the best restaurants in Pattaya and included in its “Thailand Best Restaurants” guide. The footfall over the years at Mata Hari has been enormous and it is always mentioned when people in Pattaya talk of their favourite restaurant. Its sire and guiding light is Louis Noll who meets and greets with élan and panache while wife Jackie rules her kitchen dominion with deftness and dexterity. Mata Hari manages to combine the attributes of fine dining with fun dining; not an easy feat but one that this restaurant seamlessly achieves. Signature dishes include rock lobster tails and snow peas in vermouth cream sauce, slow cooked lamb shank and sticky date pudding with honey ice cream and caramel sauce. Read a detailed review of Mata Hari Restaurant in the next issue of Relax.


Location: Theppraya Road, In Nirvana Place Condo, Corner of Soi 15. Tel: (038) 259799 Food: International and Thai Open: Daily except Mondays Times: From 6.00 p, till 11.00 pm Bar Opens: 4.00 pm Credit Cards: Yes Parking: Yes Web: 34


next top table restaurant to be reviewed will be the inimitable Gian’s in Jomtien. Italian food fans can visit from noon. It provides the perfect venue in which to wile away an hour or two enjoying a languid lunch or settle onto the al fresco terrace to watch the world go by and enjoy one of Gian’s gourmet pizzas. This restaurant has become a solid favourite for ex pats, locals and visitors. It keeps its regulars coming back for more with its unswerving quality and passion for fresh, authentic contemporary Italian fare. Combining the pleasures of a pizzeria with the magnitude of gourmet Mediterranean cuisine, owner Guido Vietri has created a ristorante of great charm and appeal. The wine list offers exception Italian vintages plus superbly sourced bottles from New World vintners. Whether for a business or private lunch, a romatic dinner for two or a family celebration, Gian’s fits the bill. Signature dishes include ravioli porcini and black truffle, snow fish and their celebrated tiramisu.


Location: Pratamnak Hill, between Soi 5 and Soi 6. Tel: (038) 364 542 Food: French Open: 6.30 pm – 9.30 pm Closed: Tuesday and Wednesday Credit Cards: Yes Parking: Yes Web:



Location: Chateau Dale Plaza, Theppraya Road, (between Pattaya and Jomtien). Tel: (038) 364934 Food: Italian Open: Daily: Noon till 3.00 pm 5.00 pm till late Credit Cards: Yes Parking: Yes Web:


ten top tables in Pattaya would never be complete without including the indomitable Au Bon Coin restaurant. Nestled in the hinterland of Pratamnak Hill it is indeed a secluded location but once found it will, without a doubt, become a firm favourite and one that will have you returning time and time again. This boutique eatery is quintessentially French and just oozes with Gallic charm and ambiance. The patron/chef, Jose rules his roost with savoir faire and style putting his own signature onto family style French cuisine which will spin you back to 80’s holidays in France before gastropubs, celeb chefs and the supposedly “great food revolution”. Dishes such as the wonderful prawn filled cabbage rolls or the five-hour lamb with flageolet beans will have you mmming right through to desert. Do be aware that reservations at this perennially popular restaurant are “de rigeur” (and much sought after) and also that it is closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Au Bon Coin is one of those places that turn your head and you leave vowing to go back. A full review will follow in subsequent issues of Relax.

nother top table from Pattaya’s finest is Casa Pascal. It is another unshakable choice for the discerning diner and a must-visit destination restaurant for wine lovers in Pattaya. Chef Pascal and his charming wife, Kim, have been pushing the epicurean envelope for over ten years gaining a reputation for polished service and gourmet meals. Open for breakfast/brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner this life style gourmet milieu has it all. Located in the heart of Pattaya city it is a perfect locale to while away a few tranquil hours after shopping, the cinema or sightseeing. Their monthly changing gourmet set lunches and dinners offer value in the extreme and are always well patronised. Flamed rock lobster in tarragon and Cognac sauce is a definite must-try, as is the braised baby veal shank. For desert lovers, the uber-delicious ice creams and sorbets are made in house while the chocolate mousse with figs will take you straight to heaven. Read more in later issues about Casa Pascal and the other top restaurants in town.


Location: Off Pattaya Second Road. In the street opposite Marriott Resort. (Next to the Ruen Thai Restaurant). Tel: (038) 429 591 Food: International Open: Breakfast/Brunch: 08.00 am to 2.00 pm Cake and Sandwich Buffet: 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm Dinner: 6.00 pm to 11.00 pm Credit Cards: Yes Parking: Car Park with valet parking Web: 35


Thai Cuisine

hai food is renowned as one of the best cuisines in the world. Thai cuisine is typified by strong flavors that give Thai food its distinctive taste. Many dished are popular amongst foreigners such as Tom Yum soup with shrimps or

with their hands. The meal might consist of sticky rice, curries and Nam Phrik Ong (a sauce of minced pork, tomatoes and chilies). The taste of the north-eastern or Issan food is stronger, sourer and hotter than food of any other regions in Thailand. It is mainly influenced by Laos cooking. Plara (fermented fish) is a main ingredient in almost every dish of Issan food. Som Tam or spicy papaya salad, is

Thai southern foods are heavily influenced by Muslim cookery as is obviously seen in Kaeng Matsaman, a mild Indian-style curry seasoned with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon,

and meat with a spicy peanut sauce. Another well known dish is Kaeng Leung or yellow curry with fish, one of the spiciest Thai dishes. Pad Thai, which is stir friend noodles with dried or fresh shrimps. However, the most popular dish amongst Thai locals is Nam Prig, the general name for different chilli pastes eaten with fried fish or vegetables. Thai dishes can be classified into northern Thai food, northeastern (Isaan) Thai food, central Thai food, and southern Thai food. Thai northen foods are traditionally served on a Khan Toke which is a small circular table, around which guests sit and eat


considered to be the most popular north-eastern food and is usually eaten with sticky rice and grilled chicken. Dishes consist of meat, lemon juice, onion, and mint, such as Larb and Nam Tok, are also very popular among lssanian. Thai central foods utilize a variety of curries. The most popular foods are: Tom Yum Kung, the famous sour soup with prawns, lemongrass and galabgal; Tom Kha Kai, the spicy chicken soup in a rich galangal-flavored coconut stock with mushroom; Kaeng Phet (red curry) a spicy accents of lemongrass and kaffir lime.; Kaeng Keaw Waan (sweet green curry) is a coconut-based than the red one; Kaeng Som, the tamarind soup with vegetable and cut up omelets.

Surrounded by the sea, numerous Thai southern foods contain a verity of seafood. Coconut oil, coconut milk and bay coconut are also important ingredients for Thai southern foods. Thai-Küche gilt als eine der besten Küchen der Welt bekannt. Thai-Küche ist durch eine starke Aromen, die thailändische Küche ihren besonderen Geschmack verkörpert. Viele aufgetischt sind unter Ausländern wie Northern Essen, Nord-Ost Essen, Central and Southern Lebensmittel Lebensmittel beliebt. Тайская кухня славится как одна из лучших кухонь в мире. Тайская кухня характерна своими сильными ароматами, которые дают тайской еде свой своеобразный вкус. Многие блюда популярны среди иностранцев, такие, как кухня Северной провинции , Северовосточная кухня, Центральная кухня и Южная кухня.

อาหารไทยมีชอเสี ื่ ยงเป็นที่ หนึ่ งของบรรดา อาหาร ที่ ดีที่สุ ดในโลก อาหารไทยมีรสชาติ ที่ โดดเด่นและรสจั ดจ้าน และยั งมีหลายภาค เป็นที่ นิยมในหมู ่ชาวต่างชาติ เช่น อาหารเหนือ, อาหารภาคตะวั นออกเฉียงเหนือ, อาหารภาคกลางและอาหารภาคใต้

Fruit in A Season

mong the many delightful features of “The Land of Smiles,” and its lush land is the myriad of tropical and temperate fruit produced in Thailand. From seasonal fruit crops, such as mangoes, durians, and rambutans, to year-round crops including pineapples, papayas, and jackfruit, Thai fruits are plentiful throughout the entire year. The abundant fruit industry throughout Thailand is an integral part of the export sector, making many of these delicacies available worldwide.

POMELO or “Som O”

Peak season: November



Native to Thailand and Southeast Asia, pomelo is the Asian equivalent of grapefruit, but significantly larger in size. The green peel is aromatic.

MANGOSTEEN or “Mungkoot” Peak Season: May to August or September

Considered to be the “Queen of Tropical Fruits”, there are five or six small segments of white flesh contained within the hard, dark reddish purple outer shell. When ripe, the outer shell yields to slight pressure and cracks easily to reveal the soft, white flesh with a refreshing sweet and tangy taste. To avoid crushing the delicate flesh within, it best to make a continuous clean cut around the circumference by turning the mangosteen clockwise or counterclockwise through the dark beetroot-colored pith but without cutting through the flesh. 38

The sweet and juicy champagne pink flesh of Som O Thong Dee or Beilliant Gold Pomelo and the virtually translucent and srisper flesh of Som O Khao Hom or Fragrant Rice Pomelo are considered to be the best of Thai pomolo. Because of its light tangy flavor, Som O Khao Hom adds a delicate harmonious flavor to Thai salads or yam. LANGSAT Peak season: July to September The Oval-shaped Langsat is native to Thailand. Peel back the

light yellowish-brown skin to expose small, plump segments of translucent flesh. Some fruit contain seeds. Perfectly ripened plump langsat have a delicate refreshing sweet-and-sour taste and a fragrant aroma. Very young langsat tend to be very sour. Unter den vielen Kostbarkeiten „Das Land des Lächelns“, und seine üppige Land ist die Vielzahl der tropischen und gemäßigten Früchte in Thailand produziert. Von Obst der Saison Kulturen wie Mangos, Durian, Rambutan und, das ganze Jahr über Kulturpflanzen, darunter Ananas, Papayas und Jackfrüchte, sind Thai Früchte reichlich das ganze Jahr über. Die reiche Frucht Industrie in ganz Thailand ist ein integraler Bestandteil des Exportsektors, so dass viele dieser Köstlichkeiten weltweit verfügbar. Среди множества восхитительных особенностей «Страны улыбок», ее пышная земля, покрытая множеством тропических фруктов, производящихся здесь в Таиланде. Начиная с сезонных плодовых культур, таких как манго, дурианы и рамбутаны, и заканчивая круглогодичными культурами, такими как, ананасы, папайя, и джекфрут, тайские фрукты есть в огромном изобилии в течение всего года. Обилная плодовая промышленность по всему Таиланду является неотъемлемой частью экспортного сектора, что позволяет многим из этих деликатесов быть доступными по всему миру.

ในลั กษณะที่ สวยงามมากมายของ“ดินแดนแห่ง รอยยิ้ ม“และที่ ดินของเขียวชอุ ่มมากมายจากผลไม้ เขตร้อนและเย็นที่ ผลิตในประเทศไทยเป็น จาก พืชผลไม้ตามฤดู กาลเช่นมะม่วงทุ เรียนและเงาะ เพื่ อปลูกพืชตลอดทั้ งปีรวมทั้ งสั บปะรด, มะละกอ, และขนุ น, ผลไม้ไทยมีมากมายตลอดทั้ งปี อุ ตสาหกรรม ผลไม้มากมายทั่ วประเทศเป็นส่วนหนึ่ งของภาค การส่งออกทำให้หลายรสเหล่านี้ สามารถ ใช้ได้ท่ั วโลก


One year retirement

visa T

his is the easiest of the various one year visas to obtain at the local immigration office. You must be at least fifty years old and be able to demonstrate at least 800,000 baht, or its equivalent in foreign currency, held in a Thai bank account or proved as income in your home country. You prove income in your home country (eg salary, pension) by obtaining a letter of confirmation from your embassy or consulate. You must contact them in order to find out what accompanying documentation they require to see, if any.

If the embassy income letter or the Thai bank letter states less than 800,000 baht or equivalent, then you will need both an income letter and a Thai bank letter to make up the necessary amount. In this case, there is no minimum time deposit for the money.

You prove cash in a Thai bank by obtaining a letter from the bank indicating the total in the account on the day of your visit. Both baht and foreign currency accounts are acceptable.

It is a requirement for the retirement visa to have a valid non-immigrant visa on application. But it is possible for the immigration office to convert your tourist visa to non immigrant status for a small extra fee.

If the income confirmed by your embassy is at least 65,000 baht equivalent a month or 800,000 baht a year, then you do not need any Thai bank evidence. The letter from the embassy is sufficient.

Chonburi immigration’s contact number is 038 252750-4 and the call centre is 1178.

If your cash in the Thai bank is at least 800,000 baht, then you do not need to obtain a letter from your embassy provided that the bank cash has been on deposit for at least three months (two months in the first year of application).

A 1 Jahr Ruhestand Visum für Ausländer ab 50 Jahren, sofern sie Einkünfte in ihre erste Land oder Bargeld in einer thailändischen Bank von 800.000 Baht-Äquivalent pro Jahr haben. Dokumente erforderlich sind, eine Bestätigung der Einnahmen aus dem Fremden die Botschaft oder einen Brief von der thailändischen Bank über die Hinterlegung. Die detaillierten Informationen werden von der Ausländerbehörde zur Verfügung. Годовая пенсионная виза доступна для иностранцев в возрасте от 50-ти лет и старше, при ысловии, что у них есть доход в родной стране, или наличные в тайском банке на эквивалентной сумме 800 тысяч бат в год. Необходимые документы- это письмо-подтверждение дохода от иностранного посольства или письмо от тайского банка, подтверждающего депозит. Подробную информацию можно получить в местном офисе иммиграции.

วีซ่าเกษียณอายุ สำหรั บชาวต่างชาติ 1 ปีจาก 50 ปีถ้าหากพวกเขามีรายได้ ในประเทศเป็นครั้ งแรกในเงินสดหรือธนาคารของเทียบเท่ากั บเงินบาทไทย 800,000 ต่อปีเป็น เอกสารที่ จะต้องได้รับการยืนยั นของรายได้จากข้อความที่ คนแปลกหน้าหรือจดหมายจากธนาคารไทยของเงินฝาก ข้อมู ลรายละเอียดสา มารถใช้ได้จากสำนั กงานตรวจคนเข้าเมือง 40

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Hospitals Bangkok Hospital Pattaya 301 M. 6 Sukhumvit Road. 1 KM 143, Naklua, Pattaya City Tel: 038-259 999 Fax: 038-427 770 Hotline: Phyathai Sriracha General Hospital 90 Srirachanakorn 3 Rd. Sriracha Chonburi Tel: 038-770 200-8

Medical Clinics Медицинские центры Bangkok Mediplex Tel: 02-259 7566

Thiti Wat Clinic 519/101 Opposit Central Festival Pattaya Beach 8 Tel: 038 424824

Hanako Tokyo Tel: 038-236 012

Thonglor Clinic Thappraya Road Pattaya

Oman Business Travel and True Central Co., Ltd. Shisha House, Soi VC Tel : 038- 426486 Tel & Fax: 038 – 713130 E-Mail:


Opticians Оптика Euro Optic 215/56 Second Road, In Front Of Garden Plaza Tel/ Fax: 038-426 275 Mobile: 081-9966 060


Fascino Tel: 038-371 360-4

Holistic Medical Centre Tel: 02-640 8090

Medic Group Pharmacy At Tesco Lotus South Pattaya

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High Care Wellness & Beautiy Center Tel: 038 361 749-50

Mini Siam Tel: 0-3872-7333, 0-3872-7666 My Safe Tel: 038-374 181

Pattaya Aquatics Index Living Mall on Sukhumvit Rd. Tel: 038-719 079 12 Ripley`s Believe It Or Not 2nd Floor Royal Garden Plaza Tel: 038-710 294-8

Save Drug Pharmacy Tel: 038-488 304

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Spas SPA Amburaya Spa Tel: 038-259 888

Thai Alangkarn Theater Tel: 038-256 007

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Tiffany’s Show Tel: 038-421 700-5

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Villa Market The Avenue Pattaya Pattaya 2nd Rd. Tel.038-416 888

Aesthetic Clinics & Beauty Косметологические центры Apex Profound Beauty 1 St Floor Royal Garden Pattaya Tel: 038-710 043-6


Rasayana Retreat Tel: 038-253 894-5

Nicha Clinic 519-8-9-10 Moo.10 Pattaya 2nd Road, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi Tel: 038-411190 7 Website:

California Wow Experience Tel: 038-399 999

Rinrada Clinic 2nd Rd. near Bangkok Bank Tel: 038-362 310



Orchideya Spa & Beauty Complex Soi Pattaya Park Hotel Tel: 038-252 204-7

Meko Clinic Central Festival Pattaya Beach 4th Fl. Tel.: 038 003566 5


Nong Nooch Tropical Garden Pattaya Office: 038-429 321

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Dr. Olivier Clinic Tel: 038-723 600



Vimantaitalay Tel: 038-415 234 Underwater World Pattaya Tel: 038- 756 879

Hotels Отели Hotels (North) Север Паттаи  Aiyara Palace Tel: 038-416 800

Misc Развлечения

Amari Orchid Resort Tel: 038-428 161, 038-428 323

Diva On 1 Floor at Central Pattaya Beach


A-one The Royal Cruise Tel: 038-259 555 Bella Villa Tel: 038-415 410-12 Bella Villa Cabana Tel: 038-703 205-6


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Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya Tel: 038-301 234

All Seasons Pattaya Tel: 038-418 888

Tel: 038-211 650

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Dusit Resort Pattaya Tel: 038-425 611-7 Fairtex Sports Club & Hotel Tel: 038-253 888 Garden Cliff Resort & Spa Pattaya Tel: 038-259 333 Garden Lodge Tel: 038-429 109, 038- 421 220 Holiday Inn Pattaya Tel: 038-725 555 Long Beach Garden Resort & Spa Tel: 038-414 616-26 Mantra Pura Resort & Spa Tel: 038-416 555 Nantra De Boutique 436/8 Pattaya Beach Rd. Soi 1 North Pattaya 15 Tel: 038-414 696 Pullman Hotels and Resorts Tel: 038-411 940-8 Sandalay Resort Tel: 038-909 800-20 Sabai Inn Tel: 038-361 839-42 Sabai Lodge Tel: 038-361 836-8 Sabai Wing Tel: 038-361 110 Thai Pura Resort Tel: 038-489 307-9 The Cottage Tel: 038-425 650, 038-425 660 The Garden Resort Tel: 038-426 009 The Horse Shoe Point Club & Resort Tel: 038-253 500 The Zign Tel: 038-422 660-3 Woodland Hotel & Resort Tel: 038-421 707

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Montien Pattaya Tel: 038- 428 155-56 Nova Lodge Tel: 038-420 016-7 Sun Beam Hotel Tel: 038-427 120-9 Amari Nova Suites Tel: 038-489 488

Hotels (South) Юг Паттаи Camelot Hotel Tel: 038-426 063-4 Marrriott Resort & Spa Tel: 038-412 120 Mercure Hotel Pattaya Tel: 038-425 050 Baiyoke Pattaya Hotel Tel: 038-423 300-2 Dusit D2 Baraquda Pattaya Tel: 038-769 999 New Day-night Hotel Tel: 038-427 620-3 Siam Bayshore 16 Tel: 038-428 678-81 siambayshore@siamhotels. com Siam Bayview Tel: 038-423 871-9

Hotels (Jomtien ) Джомтиен Anantaya Resort Tel: 038-706 441-3 Ambassador City Jomtien Tel: 038-255 501- 40 Baramie Residence Tel: 038-255 696-9 Furama Jomtien Beach 457 Jomtien Beach Rd. Soi 13-14

Jomtien Boat House Tel: 038-756 143 Jomtien Palm Beach Tel: 038-231 350-67 Jomtien Thani Hotel Tel: 038-232 753-4 Natural Park Beach Resort Tel: 038-231 561-4 Rabbit Resort Tel: 038-303 303 Sarita Chalet & Spa Tel: 038-233 952-5 Sigma Resort Club and Hotel Tel: 038-231 226-34 Silver Sand Villa Tel: 038-231 288-9 Sugar Palm Beach Tel: 038-231 288, 038-231 889 The Jomtien Twelve Tel: 038-756 865-6 Welcome Jomtien Beach Hotel Tel: 038-232 716,

Hotels (Pratamnak Rd., Thappraya Rd.) Asia Pattaya Hotel Tel: 038-250 602-6 Best Western Premier Signature Pattaya 038-422 452 Beverly Plaza Hotel Tel: 038-421 278-9 Cabbages and Condoms Resort Tel: 038-250 035

Mountain Beach Hotel Tel: 038-250 502-4 Pattaya Hill Resort Tel: 306 333 Pattaya Park Beach Resort Tel: 364 110-20 Royal Cliff Beach Resort Tel: 038-250 421 Sugar Hut Resort & Restaurant Tel: 038-364 186 Royal Cliff Garden Tel: 038-250 421 Sheraton Pattaya Resort Tel: 038-259 888

Hotels (Najomtien)  mbassador City Jomtien A Tel: 038-255 501-40 Baan Nammao Resort Tel: 038-255 431 Botany Beach Resort Tel: 038-235 130-4 Isawanya Beach Boutique Resort Tel: 038 232 145 Ocean Marina Yacht Club Tel: 038-237 310-23 Pinnacle Jomtien Resort & Spa Tel: 038-259 100 Ravindra Beach Resort & Spa Tel: 038-235 777 Sea Sand Sun Resort & Spa Tel: 038-435 163 Sunset Park Tel: 038-235 565

Restaurants Рестораны Bar Italia by gie gie 2nd Floor at Central Festival Pattaya Beach Road 26 Tel: 038-043 557 Bruno’s Restaurant & Wine Bar Tel: 038-364 600-1


Cafe Chilli 2nd Floor at Central Festival, Pattaya Beach Tel: 038-043198 19

Cosy Beach Hotel Tel: 038-250 800-3

Cafe des Amis Thappraya Road, Soi 11 Tel: 038-364 327

Hillside Resort Pattaya Tel: 038-250637-8

Captain’s Corner Steak House Tel: 038-364 314

Manita Hotel Tel: 038-489 490-3

Casa Pascal Tel: 038-723 660


Gian’s Italian Restaurant 21 Tel: 038-364 934

Beauty & Nails Spa Салоны красоты

Jomtien Boathouse Tel: 038-756 146

Pattaya Nails Spa Tel: 081 423 0111

Manhattans Steakhouse 22 Tel: 038-259 790

20 Nailstudio The Avenue Pattaya, 3rd Floor Tel: 038-052015-6

Mantra Restaurant & Bar Tel: 038-429 591

Flower Shop Салон флористики

Mata Hari Tel: 038-259 799 Salotto Cafe Tel: 038-233 412 The Coffee Club Royal Garden Plaza G Fl. Tel:038-711 325


Zico’s Brazillian Grill & Bar Tel: 038-043 517 24

Restaurants (Oriental)

Pattaya Flower 198/72 M. 11 Thepprasit Rd. Mobile: 081 781 7727 12 Mobile: 080 619 7042

Art & Gallery/ Furniture Салоны мебели и декора

Abu Saeed Restaurant Tel: 038-710 277

Feeling Art & Decor Soi Siam Country Club 080 098 3009

Alibaba Indian Restaurant Tel: 038-361 620

Golf / Гольф клуб

Palace Restaurant Central Festival Pattaya Beach 4th Floor, Beach Front Tel: 038-043 221 Indian By Nature Tel: 038-364 656

Phoenix Golf & Country Club Tel: 038-239 391-6 Siam Country Club Old Course Siam Country Club Plantation Tel: 038-909 600