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he New Year 2011 has started and the recovery of the global economy has resulted in the continuing expansion of Thai exports. Impacts from the domestic political turmoil are limited and tourism shows signs of recovery. The Bank of Thailand upgrades growth projection to 6.5-7.5%. And as soon as the political situation is stabilized, this will benefit tourism and build the confidence of investors and the public that Thailand’s situation has returned to normal. The economic indicators for Thailand are promising and this will drive and boost the property market and businesses.

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10 12 13 15 16 The global housing recovery will continue in 2011. If you are thinking of investing or buying property in Thailand, then it is a good time to do it now before the prices go up again as it is observed in many countries and especially in the neighboring ones such as Singapore and Hong Kong where property prices rose rapidly. This is also expected Thailand in the near future. For now, we from Property & Investment Team wish you a Happy 2011, great and successful business and investments throughout the year and beyond.

Publisher Sudaporn Changthong

PPA Holdings Co., Ltd. Quality Project Management PPA Holdings Co., Ltd is part of a group of companies formed to promote the Project Management of differing professional disciplines on behalf of our Clients. PPA draws on its collective experience, expertise and its network of marketing connections the group has built up over several years. Based in Thailand PPA’s offices are in Pattaya and Koh Samui, and they have projects in other areas of the country; Chiang Mai, and Hua Hin. They have also associates in Australia, UK, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. Their aim is to successfully deliver solutions and long-term partnerships and help the clients to obtain attractive investments with attractive yields and strong capital growth. The Group of Companies comprises: v PPA Holdings Co., Ltd located in Pattaya main emphasis on selling villas, condos, business and land in the Eastern Seaboard region. v PPA Samui Co., Ltd located in Bophut area of Koh Samui main emphasis on selling villas, condos, business and land in Koh Samui and surrounding Islands. v Modubuild Thailand Co., Ltd a Project Management and Construction company with contracts in Koh Samui, Hua Hin and Pattaya. v Mongkut Gardens Co., Ltd a Development Company developing 20 houses known as Mayfair Mews in Soi 5 Pratamnak, directly behind the Princess Palace in Pratamnak The key professional management team include: v Norman Gibson Agnew, Managing Director with international expertise and a wealth of experience, he is a great advisor to his clients v Khun Natwara Amatyakul (Lex) Sales and Marketing Manager (PPA Holdings) with more than 15 years of professional experience

v Khun A (Modubuild Thailand) Senior Site Manager with over 15 years experience in building houses throughout Thailand Modubuild Thailand Co., Ltd. offers a variety of services including design, architectural drawings, project management, building, alterations, as well as decorating and general property maintenance. The Company is also now active in the Hua Hin area and currently involved in building for UK and Russian Clients. PPAHoldings Co., Ltd. ist eine Qualitätsprojektmanagement Organisation und gehört zu einer Gruppe von Unternehmen mit dem Ziel, die Kunden zu attraktiven Investitionen mit attraktiven Renditen und starke Kapitalwachstum zu erzielen. ‫ ذات جودة عالية في إدارة‬.‫ مؤسسة قابضة محدودة‬PPA ‫بي بي أي‬ ‫ وهي تنتمي إلى مجموعة من الشركات وهدفها مساعدة العمالء‬،‫المشاريع‬ .‫للحصول على استثمارات جذابة مع أرباح جذابة و نمو قوي لرأس المال‬

Foreigner Landownership in Thailand!

C this?

an a foreigner own land in Thailand? If not, are there any ways around

Answer: A foreigner (i.e. a foreign person or a foreign juristic person) cannot legally own land in Thailand, except for a few rare exceptions. These rare exceptions are: (1) Land ownership by a foreign company promoted by the Board of Investment; (2) Land ownership by a foreign company in an industrial estate of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand; (3) Land ownership by a foreign oil company satisfying requirements of the Petroleum Act B.E. 2514(1971) and other specific laws; and (4) Exceptional cases according to the Land Code B.E. 2497 (1954).


As a result, this gives rise to the need for many foreigners to look for alternative ways to own land in Thailand. There are a few ways being used:

registration if the foreign lessee is a company, a partnership or any other kind of juristic person; (3) Ownership title of land is held by a company;

(1) A foreigner leased a plot of land from a Thai person or a Thai juristic person, for example, a company limited for thirty years. The lease of land contract signed by the lessor and the lessee is registered at the district Land Office. This allows a foreigner to possess (not own) the land and to use the land for thirty years. The registered thirty years lease is binding on any third party (i.e. Any other person besides the Thai person or Thai juristic entity and the foreigner);

(4) A Thai woman who is legally married to a foreigner can purchase land with her own money and have ownership title over the land. The Thai woman will have to make a declaration before a government official that the money used to purchase the land is her own money.

(2) A foreigner leases the plot of land for his or her lifetime and this lifetime lease is registered at the Land Office. Thereafter, this registered lease is binding on any third party. Note: The Land Office cannot proceed with the lease

This is an excerpt from the new book “Businessman meets Lawyer” by David Tan (Available at Kinokuniya and Asiabooks from December 2010). David is also the author of “A Primer of Thai Business Law (Second Edition).” David is a counselor and a Lecturer of Business Law at Asian University. Any questions should be e-mailed to:

Business Success Tips for the New Year


s we begin the New Year 2011, it is time to revive your business brand and present a new you to your target customers. Using the tips below, you can present a new image to prospective customers and clients while increasing your credibility and developing your expertise.


New outfit. Upgrade your business appearance for you and that of your employees. As a business owner, you want to present a polished and professional appearance.


A new face for your office. Improve the look of your office and the clients’ waiting room. If your office is daily frequented by customers then think of providing a table with refreshments such as soft drinks, hot drinks, water and snacks. But it should always looks clean and tidy.


Review your marketing materials. Now is the time to review your marketing materials and replace any items that have an incorrect mailing address, phone number or email address.


Refresh your content. Review your website content and your marketing materials. Does it still reflect your mission and vision for your business?


Update your copyright dates. Business owners need to make time to review their websites to ensure the copyright date is current. If any material is outdated, customers see the business as outdated. Attention to the small things is important for you and your business to succeed.


Update your online business listings. Review your existing listings online to ensure they are correct.


Remove holiday images and greetings. Remember to remove the holiday greetings, videos, or pictures from your website before the end of January. When business owners make time to follow these tips, they will present their business in a positive manner for the New Year. This will enhance the business owners credibility so they are seen as professionals, which will result in increased in business revenue.


Decorating Your Condominium


espite the fact that condos are valued for their convenience and easiness of maintenance, the limited space and compact floor plans can make decorating a challenge. Here are some excellent tips to decorate a condominium.

3. Pick lighter, more neutral colours for walls and flooring if your condo is fairly small. A coordinating colour palette that transits from roomto-room will open up the space, rather than making it feel jerky. Lighter colours will also visually maximise your space.

1. Determine the layout of the condo. Even knocking out a wall can make a huge difference in the space and flow of a condo.

4. Go for furniture that «floats» (recessed toe kicks, no sofa skirts, blank space at foot) it will create the illusion of more floor space. Sofas with low profiles and slim arms are a brilliant choice. Floating wall shelves are also very attractive and do not take up precious floor space.

2. Limit clutter when arranging furniture. Pick a limited number of pieces of furniture and choose sizes that complement the rooms. A large piece may not be ideal if it overwhelms your living room. Likewise, a king-size bed may not fit in a smaller bedroom. Get rid of any pieces that are unnecessary in your condo.

5. Incorporate storage ideas wherever possible in your floor plan. Use stacked crates, shelving and bookcases as decorative visual elements that also serve as a place to keep your things. 6. Use glass top tables or acrylics instead of solid wood. Since the glass is «see-thru» it will give the appearance of space.

7. The use of colours. Colour can be a significant way to add depth and dimension to space, especially smaller spaces offered by some condos. Walls and furniture and rugs should harmonize in the colors.

Вы можете прочитать эту статью несколько практических идей для украшения вашей квартиры в отношении компоновки, цветов и мебели. ‫يمكنك أن تقرأ هذا المقال بعض األفكار العملية‬ ‫لتزيين الشقة الخاص في ما يتعلق من األلوان‬ .‫والتصميم واألثاث‬

Sie können in diesem Artikel einige praktische Ideen für die Dekoration Ihrer Wohnung in Bezug auf Layout, Farben und Möbel lesen.

คุ ณสามารถอ่านบทความนี้ และสรา้งความคิดใน ทางปฏิบัติบางอย่างสำหรั บการตกแต่งของคอน โดของคุ ณในเรื่ องของสีและรูปแบบเฟอร์นิเจอร์


Modus – Thank You Party Ajarn Joop and his Modus Team invited Friends, current owners, agents and media representatives to a festive cocktail party at the Modus site on Wong Amat Beach, Pattaya. The guests enjoyed finger food, canapÊs and plenty of drinks designed by J hotel. The highlight of the evening were the warm voices of Mr. Paul & Miss Som. O with their classic Italian songs and easy listening music. Modus is located in an absolutely cool location and is one of the best condos in Pattaya with its fabulous and functional interior designs , created by the famous Architect and Professor, Joop, using only the best construction materials for the project. It is certainly one of the best choices for investment or living!

The Cove Pre Christmas Party

Khun Itthi Chavalittamrong and his team invited property agents to a Pre Christmas Party to update the agents and give them the chance to view the completed 6 Star Condominium Project with its magnificent gardens, swimming pool, ambience and a tremendous location in Pattaya. The friendly and well informed team guided the guests around the fabulous showrooms. Khun Itthi himself designed the beautiful Thai-style interior of one of the showrooms, which is available, and the buyer will also get all the fixtures and fittings: what you see is what you get. Most of the media representatives from Pattaya and the surrounding areas as well as Bangkok were present and were very interested to gain information firsthand about this exciting project. Khun Itthi gave an ad hoc press conference and updated guests about this unique project which offers UNPARALLELED LIFESTYLE in Pattaya. The guests also enjoyed live music, singing, belly dancing and fabulous catering by Amari. 16