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Thai Central Bank the economic growth forecast for 2010 to 7.5%, revised upwards from the previous 4.3% to 5.8%. The main reasons are healthy export performance, and the deterioration in the political situation was not as great as feared. The Thai Ministry of Commerce has announced an increased consumer price index marking ten consecutive months of positive growth. The Thai Board of Investment (BOI) reported increased investment applications by foreign capitalized firms in the period January to June, 2010 (up 33.5%, compared to the same period last year). The Thai economy is remarkably, robust with exports and other indices continuing to perform strongly. After a turbulent first half, a strong recovery appears under way. A brighter outlook is expected for 2011. Real estate demand and low interest rates will activate the residential market and foreign buyers will return to the scene. The worst is over . . . for now. Get prepared for 2011 … Its time to invest, the markets are inviting you. Мы желаем вам магического времени в Таиланде. Вы работали, а теперь заслужили комфорт и радость. Благодарим Вас за посещение Таиланда. ‫ « إقرأ مجلة‬Property & Investment Magazine by RELAX « ‫العقار واإلستثمار لتحصل على المعلومات‬ ‫الوافرة عن سوق العقارات هنا في باتايا وتايالند‬.

อ่านวารสาร Property Investment ชี้ แจ้งและนำเสนอโครงการที่ มีคุณภาพของคุ ณเพื่ อนำสู่ตลาดและเพื่ อผลกำไร Publisher Sudaporn Changthong

Motivate Yourself and Get the Power H

ow can you motivate yourself to stick with our goals and keep following what you want, when life feels like it is working against you? Nothing is ever easy – you come across blockages and challenges all of the time that seem to make achieving these things in life difficult! You need to be able to motivate yourself, no matter what circumstances come your way. There are five simple steps:

1. Keep Focused – know what you want and dedicate an allocated amount of time to work out the steps to achieve what you want. The target can be a simple goal or it can be a longer term one; whichever it is, it still needs planning. 2. Keep Visualizing – imagine how it will feel to achieve your goal, how it feels to be a winner and have everything that you want. Make your subconscious mind understand how it feels to win and you will start to do things subconsciously to get there. 10

3. Keep Monitoring – assign some time each week to write down what steps you have been making to achieve your goal. Keep note of progress made and see what methods bring you closer to your target and what does not. This way you can allocate your time really efficiently. 4. Reward yourself – give yourself little treats when you reach each target. It could be some time off, a bag of crisps or a glass of your favourite tipple.

контроль, поощрение и разговор об этом. ‫لتحفيز نفسك وتكون قادرة على تحقيق األهداف‬ ‫ حافظ‬: 5 ‫التي تريد تحقيقها فقط اتبع الخطوات‬ ‫ رصد والثواب ونقاش‬، ‫ تصور‬، ‫على مركزة‬ ‫حول هذا الموضوع‬

วิธกี ารกระตุ ้นให้ตัวเองสามารถบรรลุ เป้าหมายที่ ต้องการเพียงทำ ตามขั้ นตอน ทั้ ง 5 : ก็จะให้คุณ พั ฒนาตั วเองให้ดขี ึ้ นในระดั บหนึ่ ง

5. Talk about your plans – once you tell someone you trust about what you want to achieve, you know that this person will bring it up again at a later date so you will want to keep striving for your goal.

Чтобы мотивировать себя и быть в состоянии достичь целей, которые вы хотите достичь следуйте 5 шагам: фокусирование, визуализация,

JEAN-MARC LOUIS Contemporary Art


orn in 1959, Jean-Marc Louis travelled a lot and he absorbed light, which will illuminate all of his artwork.

His long stay in Africa has immersed him into ochre and brown and these colours constitute the background of his paintings. Ancient canvas, cartons or sometimes the wood, will be the framework of material and as much heterogeneous as obsolete maps, media coverage removed from, old newspapers (we fancy to Read them) or plenty of tousled thread. Collages of diverse and varied materials are treated with lots of care, revealing to us timeless colours with patina, a little like Braque’s way. Compositions are always structured to a spatial burst, never random; we are in an organized mess, in Miro’s manner. Event frames themselves take part in the party with the cycle “Thung na” which intensifies some points or red spots. The aerial and special character can also be found in the sculpted artwork with the cycles of “Formes”, “birds” or “Sankasii” where oxidized metal offers us softened pigmentation with singular nuances.

Jean-Marc-Louis remains an original artist, outside any current fashion. In fact, Jean-Marc Louis restores this warm atmosphere that we do know from Braque or Miro. According to this view, his work constitutes an absolute contribution to the history of contemporary art.

Мы можем чувствовать огромный дух свободы, необходимой для реализации выполненного произведения искусства. Эта работа отличного качества, которая сможет найти основное место как на международном рынке произведений искусства, так и как великая декорация для отражения элегантности и роскоши пространства. .‫يمكن أن نشعر بروح كبيرة من الحرية الالزمة لتنفيذ األعمال المنفذة للفن‬ ‫ والتي يمكن البحث عن مكان عمله‬، ‫هذا العمل هو من نوعية ممتازة‬ ‫ فضال عن مناسبات كبيرة‬، ‫الرئيسي على حد سواء في سوق الفن الدولية‬ .‫لتعكس األناقة والرفاهية للفضاء‬

งานของฌอน มาร์ค ลูอสิ เป็นผลงานวิจัยที่ ต่อเนื่ อง ได้รับอิทธิพลอย่าง สูงจากประสบการณ์และความทรงจำของเขา สิ่ งที่ เป็นแรงบั นดาลใจสิ่ ง แรกของเขามาจากแอฟริกา (บ้านเกิดของเขา) มือสมั ครเล่ยด้านศิลปะโดย ทั่ วไปและโดยเฉพาะอย่างยิ่ งศิลปะชนเผ่า เขาได้นำสิ่ งที่ พบเห็ นจากการ เดินทางมาประกอบเป็นคอลเล็คชั่ นชิ้ นแรกของเขา ความเรียบง่าย ของรูปร่าง ความลงตั วของสีสัน การผสมผสานของวั ตถุ สามารถเยิ่ ยม ชมผลงานของฌอนได้ที่แกลเลอรี่ Feeling Art & Deco ซอย สยามคั ลทรี่ คลั บ


Real Estate Investment Strategies There are three factors to consider when you are thinking to invest in property: 1. Investment objectives, longterm income or quick profit and gain Purpose: Who are the target tenant or buyers? Tourists, business people etc? Thailand offers for tourists looking for sunny and warm climate best location as well as for business with the profound industrial real eate such as the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estates. 2. Time Frame Short-term: 1 ½ to 2 years  Flip Strategy Medium-term: 3 to 5 years  Buy and Hold – Sell Strategy Long-term: > 5years  Buy and Hold – Sell Strategy 3. Risks: Market, economical, and political Experienced investors are used to to look at portfolio investments

possibly disbursed across different regions and/or countries in order to diversify the investment risk and achieve a balanced return. Investment Project Essentials which should be consider

t Type of Project: Residential / Commercial ?

in progressively rising which indicates a healthy economy.

t Competitive Market Analysis - Are there competitive projects/ properties in the region?


t Similar Projects Under Construction: Number of new similar projects which are currently under construction and its impact t Current trends of the region? Are prices trending upward or downward? Economy The economic condition such as export and tourism of the country should be taken into account. A country like Thailand and specifically Pattaya that relies more heavily on tourism will be prepared to invest more into the infrastructure of the area to promote construction and tourism. And the demand will be increasing steadily. The Thai stock market

A consistent and stable political environment will lead to continual support of economic policies and investment, perhaps even encouraging foreign investment through tax advantages. This is hoped that Thai politician now realizing this important factor for the development of the country. Facilities & Infrastructure To be attractive the area must offer the needed facilities and infrastructure, easy to access, roads airports, public transportation, high quality health services, shopping schools etc! In summary Thailand offers very good investment opportunities for residential or commercial and short term as well as medium or long-term investment strategies.


Fee-Free Northpoint For a limited time only, buyers of pre-selected units at Northpoint Pattaya>s finest beachfront condominium will be exempt from paying interest, principal installments, common area, sinking fund and transfer fees. Kasikornbank will also be offering fast-track approval allowing you to move in to your units in a hassle-free manner. For more information, contact the sales office via email at or call 02-651-9600.

Grand Opening New Look of Mezzanine Floor As the auspicious day 09/09/2010 Sofitel Centara Grand Bangkok organized the Grand Opening New Look of Mezzanine Floor, which newly completed as part of the second phase of the hotel’s renovation after has embarked on a massive Bt 800 million programme to renovate all of its guestrooms and suites as well as to extend and upgrade its restaurants and other facilities, consolidating its position as one of Bangkok’s leading business and leisure hotels, and one of the city’s prime events venues.

Hua Hin Vintage Car Parade 2010 On Wednesday 20th October 2010 Sofitel Centara Grand Bangkok took press conference of Hua Hin Vintage Car Parade 2010 at Vibhavadhi Ballroom A, this year will be held during December 17 – 19, 2010 by starting the journey from Sofitel Centara Grand Bangkok, the parade will stop along the way in local attractions in Nakhon Pratom to the destination at Sofitel Centara Grand Resort & Villas Hua Hin for more information please contact 02-5411234 or 032-512035

Crystal Design Center and The Crystal


Crystal Design Center and The Crystal will celebrate this coming Greeting’s Season with Sparkling Winter Celebration by transforming Ekkamai – Ramintra Road to be a chic hangout place with decorating of colorful lights and a giant Christmas tree made of World Class Branded Furniture, you will be entertained with weekly exclusive live bands to chill out at beer park and wine garden during November 12, 2010 – January 15, 2011 for more information please call 02-1015999