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Sons of God

by Rebecca Ellen Kurtz


Rebecca Ellen Kurtz Rebecca Kurtz Sons of God Sons of Ellen God

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Rebecca Ellen Kurtz Rebecca Kurtz Sons of God Sons of Ellen God back down as if to whisper in his ear and then moved down to lay gentle kisses on his pounding jugular. Come to me. Take me. Don’t let me stop you. I want you more than anything else. Don’t let my fear stop me from knowing you. Jordan opened his eyes but could not see Raechev’s face. “Do you know who I am?” Clementia jerked upright surprised that he had awoken. Jordan pushed up onto his elbows throwing moonlight onto the tattoo on his sternum. Clementia quickly shifted her head to throw her hair over her face and dove down to bite his neck. Jordan twisted sideways knocking her off balance and tossing her off the bed. She redirected her flight in mid-air and flew straight back out of his tent. Jordan stared at the disappearing glowing amethyst eyes that never left his face as she flew straight back. He took in his surroundings. Howling wind. The tent flapped ferociously - demonic movement. So the spirits were out tonight, and who had she been? Raechev. They were after Raechev. Jordan jumped out of bed and grabbed a shirt as he ran out of his tent. How stupid of him. He knew better than this. He should have been guarding her like he did the first night. As he ran his mind scanned his memories. Who would be here and have amethyst eyes? Nimrod would know, but Nimrod would come later. First was Raechev.

Raechev stirred from her deep sleep. Was she dreaming? A nightmare? Something was wrong - it was almost palpable. Her stomach lurched lightly and she gulped. She didn’t want to wake up, she just wanted to forget this feeling and drift back into sleep. But something was approaching, slowly her uneasiness grew. Her breath


Sons of God began to quicken as the feeling intensified. She was having trouble breathing. Her inner being quaked. The uneasy feeling was so strong in her stomach, it was clenching on its own accord as if expelling something and still something was approaching, something evil. What should she do? This invading force seemed to be overwhelming her and she couldn’t seem to wake up. Why couldn’t she wake up? It’s okay. She told herself, it was okay. All she needed to do was...was...was to say Jesus Christ and it would be okay. Yes, that was it; she would just say Jesus Christ. No; the blood of Jesus Christ, yes, the blood of Jesus Christ. The evil was overwhelming, her stomach clenched tight as if trying to keep something out, for self-preservation. Just say the words, just say the words. Raechev opened her mouth to speak. “Bloo.....” Something was wrong. She could speak “Bloo...” Raechev breathed harder, her stomach clenched tighter. “Bloo.....” Alarm crept up her spine. Why couldn’t she speak? She tried again “Bloo....” What was wrong? The oppression was worse. Weights seemed to be crushing her lungs. She would say it no matter what. She couldn’t just think the words; she had to speak them out loud. Tears streamed down her eyes as she gasped in an attempt to speak the words out loud. “Blood of....” It felt like something was crushing her throat, her vocal chords. “Blood of Je...” Ugh. It hurt so much. Fear took over and adrenaline rushed through her body. She wasn’t asleep, was she? She was awake. Her eyes flew open. A large black unsubstantiated shadowy form loomed over her. It had hard angles, a somewhat boxy head and boxy back as if unfurled wings were being held tight to its body. Its arms were pushing down on her throat. No! No! This wasn’t going to happen to her. Her fear quadrupled. Was it trying to kill her, possess her, or just stop her from saying the words?


Rebecca Ellen Kurtz Rebecca Kurtz Sons of God Sons of Ellen God Just say it, say the words, death would be better than possession. She flung her hands up to her throat and couldn’t feel its hand, but she could see it and it was steadily increasing the pressure on her throat since she opened her eyes. “Blood of Jesu...” It put both hands on her throat and pushed. Raechev prayed for help, prayed for deliverance, prayed to say the words. She gasped for air, her arms flaying to the sides as she struggled for air. One more try. She could do one more try. She let out one more prayer as a tear ran down her cheek. This was death. This was how she was going to die. Her anger grew - she would not die by their hands. She put all her strength into one last try, her vocal chords couldn’t move. She didn’t know how she would get them to work, but she had to. “Blood of Jesus Christ.” All of a sudden, the pressure was gone. She gasped for air. She sat up and saw it in the corner. It hadn’t left. It spoke in one of the most beautiful voices she had ever heard. “Where is she? I will kill you if you do not tell me where she is. I was only one tonight, but there are many of us here now. Do you really think that you could stay alive long enough next time with all of us attacking you at once? Do you understand? You will be like us - a spirit roaming the earth to the end of days. Join with us. Elohim doesn’t care about you. Why else would He lie to you and make you suffer so much? Our kind can overpower these mortals, take back control of the world and alter the outcome of the final battle.” Raechev remembered the voice. “Og.” “Yes, it is I. Folly it is that these Christians cling to the hope that the final outcome will be in Elohim’s favor. The Norse knew better. No one knows the outcome. No one knows who will win. If good always overcame evil, why would fallen angels still exist? Think about this Raechev. Elohim had made Lucifer perfect and yet, sin was found


Sons of God in him because of his pride. Lucifer was Elohim’s best work, and yet that work turned on Him. Each angel created has a choice - just like each human has a choice. Any one of His creations can choose to go against Elohim, so why can’t more angels change sides or the offspring of the angels and humans overpower those who stand with Elohim? He gave free will to man. Why would He do that knowing man wouldn’t choose to obey? Why would He create beautiful angels, if their pride would cause their downfall? Elohim has set us up against Himself. He is a masochist, enjoying our pain. We are tempted and He watches for enjoyment to see what we will do. We are an experiment, entertainment, something to amuse Himself with. He Himself created our nature and then stands in judgment of it? If Elohim knew what was going to happen in the future, why would He create a self-destructive nature within us? Is it no wonder that with angels having a free will and humans having a free will, that we would choose to bond together? To intermarry? We should blame Elohim for creating us with flaws, and then condemning us for them.” “A masochist?” Raechev noted the movement of other evil spirits outside the tent and knew she had a limited time. “I hardly think that giving us free will is equal to the death and destruction by truly evil demons and people. Tell me, Og, why is it that when you approach, my whole soul strains to flee? Yet, when Elohim’s spirit approaches, I am filled with peace and joy? I am more a spiritual sadist by my attempts to flee His love than He is a masochist.” “He has wired us that way. He created us and still tries to control us even though we try to cut those power strings away. We can use Elohim’s nature against Him. He promised to never destroy the entire world with a flood again. So we can win. We can hurt Him by wiping out those He loves more than us.”


Rebecca Ellen Kurtz Rebecca Kurtz Sons of God Sons of Ellen God Raechev jumped in, “Those He loves more than us? Elohim doesn’t love humans more than He loves us. You’ve sealed your own fate. I haven’t. Elohim loves me and there is nothing you can say to change my mind. So get out of my tent and take your cronies flapping around here with you before I command you out.” “Elohim knows the evil lurking in you. That is why you can’t get into one of the cities. You are one of us, Raechev.” “In body, but not in spirit. Now get out before I say in the name of Jesus...” “Stop! I am leaving. Think on what I’ve said.” He turned and flew out. Raechev relaxed as the unnatural wind died down. She thought about what he had said. “Why else would He lie to you?... He promised to never destroy the world.... Why else would He lie to you? He promised, He lied, He promised...” It seemed odd to Raechev that he would swear to destroy Elohim by his nature of keeping his word, when he taunted her about Elohim lying to her. She lifted her hand and touched her neck where he had tried to crush her vocal chords. He had physically touched her, yet she could not feel the actual hand. She could feel the pressure of his form, yet not to touch him. He spoke audibly to her and not telepathically. He spoke audibly without having vocal chords. Her mind flew to that first encounter when she believed Elohim had answered her. He had spoken audibly to her, and she felt the pressure of a caress without seeing Him or being able to touch Him. He had said, “You do not have to kill her, to stop her.” How had she prayed? Out loud. She had prayed out loud, anyone or spirit could have heard her ask Elohim for an answer and someone, no, a spirit, had answered audibly and with physical pressure to ensure that she


Sons of God knew it was a supernatural message. Raechev slowly breathed as reality sunk in. They had deceived her. The Elder of Atlantis knew. He had questioned her on why Elohim would change His laws for only one. He questioned her on whether or not the answer was definitely from Elohim. They had traded Raechev’s soul for Ishtar’s life. But, she could change that, and she would. Raechev lifted the Menorah pendant on her necklace and kissed it. She had found the truth. Elohim’s love, peace and joy swamped her. “Thank you for setting me free.” She felt as though she would burst. She felt as if she was flying through the air with no one trying to tie her down. Her face already hurt from smiling too widely. She looked at her fingers to see if light was pouring out of every pore of her body. She was filled, filled with love, with acceptance, with joy, with peace. Brimming, she was brimming and her physical body could not hold it in. Love, acceptance, peace and joy streamed out of her and she reveled in it. This was priceless. This, she wouldn’t trade for the world. “Rachel, ‘tis not safe here. Come to my tent.” Jordan had popped his head into her tent and stood transfixed. She was beaming with happiness and a spiritual peace which made her look even more ethereal. Raechev was startled by Jordan’s archaic choice of words. He seemed stilted and off kilter. Her Jordan, he could probably sense the evil pervading the area. She was so happy; she couldn’t even try to be scared for his pride’s sake. “Are you scared?” Jordan’s eyes scanned the tent looking closely at the corners where the shadows were darkest. “For your safety; hence, I cannot sleep. Come and give me peace.”


Rebecca Ellen Kurtz Rebecca Kurtz Sons of God Sons of Ellen God Raechev chuckled, she couldn’t help the image of him studying cuneiform tablets and jumping if a breeze blew. That’s probably what happened to his speech. He’s starting to talk like the ancient writings. Jordan strove into the tent. “Come.” He was getting bossy. Raechev thought that he could sleep here, but then his tent had those nice cushions plus the double bed. She remembered how he slept at her door the first night. Like her warrior, her protector. Well, she was the warrior and protector, more powerful than he would ever know. Raechev’s smile vanished when she thought how Og and the others would attack Jordan if they ever figured out how fond she was of him. “Alright, but only if you sleep on your bed and let me sleep on the cushions.” She needed to be closer to the entrance to sense if any Nephelim approached. “You can have the bed. I’ll take the cushions.” “No, you take the bed or it’s a no deal.” Jordan hesitated and then nodded his head. She smiled at him and led the way to his tent. “Sleeping, we’re only sleeping. No talking allowed. I’m tired.”


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This excerpt from the novel Sons of God was based on one of the author's own personal experiences when she was physically assaulted by a dem...

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