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Vendors on warpath Valeska Abreu

Confused and angry illegal street vendors try to negotiate with the Tshwane metro police.

Artists want justice done Natashia Slabbert Roughly a quarter of confiscated goods, taken by Tshwane metro police and a metro team in an illegal raid in December last year, were returned to their rightful owners last week. This followed after serious allegations, including corruption and theft, were levelled at the metro police and the metro’s rapid response team by a group of artists after the raid. Rekord reported on the situation in February when Zelda Hancke, art dealer and spokesperson for the group of Zimbabwean artists, explained how metro officers seized the artists’ goods, valued at R208 000, from a private property in Montana, without any official documents. Hancke, whose art shop sold these art works and had to close down due to a lack of stock, laid a charge at the metro police’s anti-corruption unit a few weeks ago. The artists have since received back

some of their art after a truck, accompanied by metro workers, offloaded the stock last Tuesday. However, only a quarter of the goods were returned and many of the items were damaged. According to Hancke, there had been talks of the metro compensating the group for their damages, however, the group felt it was not enough. The artists feel strongly about justice taking its course and want to see the guilty parties held accountable. “On the one hand we are happy to see that someone is listening and that something is happening, but corrupt officials cannot just get away and think ‘the metro will pay for our mistakes’,� Hancke said. According to Nick Calogero, spokesperson for the metro police’s anti-corruption unit, the docket had been moved to a docket discussion panel. “The panel will decide whether there is a case against anyone. As soon as we receive this feedback, we will proceed,� Calogero said.

Photo: Ron Sibiya

The Tshwane metro embarked on a clean-up campaign that left hundreds of hawkers furious. Last week Thursday Rekord received a frantic call from a hawker notifying Rekord about the happenings in the inner city. Rekord arrived at the scene to find two metro trucks loaded with all the equipment and food, cooked and uncooked, from hawkers who set up shop in the open veld on the corner of Bloed and Paul Kruger streets. According to the angry crowd that gathered, the metro police approached them and confiscated all their goods. “What they are doing is not right. The president said we must create jobs for ourselves and this is what we are doing,� said Khotso Naire. “What are they going to do with all our food? It is all going to rot and they are not going to reimburse us,� said Delicious Marupeng. According to a police source at the scene, this was part of a clean-up campaign that will continue throughout the city. Rekord could not reach the metro at the time of going to print for a formal comment.



Fanfare at Tuks’ rag queen competition Natalie Grobler Eighteen of the most beautiful women at the University of Pretoria (Tuks) showed their mettle last Thursday when they competed in the Tuks Rag Queen 2012 competition. Petroné Snyman, the Tuks Rag Queen for 2011, graciously stepped down and embraced her successor. Snyman said she hoped that Mudinda Dinga g will trulyy make a differ-

ence in her community. Dinga was crowned queen, with Cecile Brits as first princes and Leanda Els as second princess. Eloise Cupido, Simba Mhere, Gerrit Pienaar, George Kasongo, Bonang Matheba, Hannon Bothma, Anneline Kriel en Bennet Koen were the celebrity judges for the evening.

Makhubele Bongani, Alistar Mayo and Dineo Molewa.

Melissa Wicht Wicht, second princess 2011, 2011 Gerrit Pienaar from Claris and Petroné Snyman, Tuks Rag Queen 2011.

A Anneline li K Kriel, i l a fformer Mi Miss W World, ld came all the way from Mauritius to crown Mudinda Dinga as the newly elected Tuks Rag Queen 2012.

Neighbours are valued anew Suzette van Huyssteen A rich legacy is taking shape in Centurion, where residents of Heritage Hill will be inspired to create a community of communal care. “A true friend and neighbour inspires and challenges you to live bigger, to respect your purest motives and to reach your most important dreams. This is something the pastor at Crossroads Community Church, Dan Reiland, said and it explains the core purpose of Market in the Village,” René van der Merwe, co-ordinator of Market in the Village said. According to Van der Merwe, the people of Heritage Hill, the location of the market, thought it wise to host a Market in the Village, with the aim to inspire one another and showcase the hidden talents of fellow residents, friends, families and others.

•NOTICE• The Hospice Association Gauteng will be hosting their very first event on

“We trust that it will turn the current residents into a closer knit family,” Van der Merwe said. According to Van der Merwe, they went back to the fundamentals of village life which included respecting families, communities and nature, as strong communities stick together and look out for one another. “The bond of a community is regulated by the way the people within the community care about others who live next to them and take pride in their surroundings,” Van der Merwe said. A different type of Market in the Village, Heritage Hill Mountain Bike Relay, takes place on March 3 at Heritage Hill, Centurion. To enter the mountain bike relay visit www.heritagehillmtb. Market in the Village invites the community to join in the fun. Enquiries: René van der Merwe on 071-493-1932.

March 17 at Lynnridge Mall in Lynnwood Road. Take part in the Lynnridge Mall and Rekord Run/Walk in support of the Hospice Association Gauteng. It starts at 07:00. The aim is not only to raise money, but to create awareness of all hospices in the Gauteng region. For those who want to take part, there are various distances depending on fitness levels, 5km at R30 or 10km at R40. All money will go towards providing quality palliative care to patients living with life limiting illnesses such as cancer and HIV/Aids, support to their families as well as support to orphans and vulnerable children in the Gauteng province. To enter, log on to www.enteronline. or simply register on the day. Registration opens at 05:30. Enquiries: Sungardens hospice on 012348-1934.

Palesa Sekele, Sibongile Masuku and Zintle Ngollo.

Abandoned baby with no limbs finds refuge Valeska Abreu For most of us it is impossible to imagine only having one limb, but for Susan it will be a lifelong battle. This 8-month-old baby girl was diagnosed with Amelia at birth. Amelia is the complete absence of the skeletal parts of the upper or lower limbs with no bony structure distal to the defect. Susan has total Amelia, as she has none of the four limbs. To make matters worse, her mother abandoned her at birth, but thankfully she is now in a safe and loving home environment at the Tshwane Place of Safety Association. Housemother and mother to 15 other foster children, Karen Bruyere, cares for Susan. Bruyere’s hopes for Susan is that she lives as normal a life as possible despite her disability, but the place of safety is solely run on donations and with no government subsidy for any of the children, there is only so much she can do for her daughter. “Susan is at the age where she is starting to get inquisitive about her surroundings and I don’t feel she should be deprived of this. That’s why we are hoping that she can get a prosthetic arm attached to her one limb,” she said. Bruyere and Susan have started visiting various doctors to determine the possibility of this. “We are not yet sure of the costs involved but we can only imagine what it will be, but that doesn’t bring us down in any way because we will try as hard as we can to get the money for it. I believe each child deserves quality of life, not quantity of life,” said Bruyere. The hope is that with one arm Susan will be able to move around more easily and later on in life when she gets an electric

L’loyd Cele and Donnalee Roberts (7de Laan) with baby Susan at the Menlyn shopping centre Play Park.

wheelchair, she will be able to commute herself. According to Susan’s paediatrician, Dr Elize van Rooyen, she suffers no other disability. “As far as we can tell at this stage she has no other illness. She can see, hear and is very intelligent and she will do well with at least one limb just to get her going,” she said. So far Susan’s future has not been decided, but Bruyere vows that she will not let her be institutionalised. “I will care for her for as long as I can and when I’m gone, she has many brothers and sisters who will maybe take her in. I am also confident that the home will continue.” Bruyere said they would continue doing everything possible to raise money for the procedure and believe where there is a will there is a way.


CPF hopes for a better relationship Ron Sibiya The Sunnyside community police forum (CPF) expects changes in the way police do their work following a meeting held at the police station on Saturday. According to CPF executive member, Dr Jan Picard, since the station commander, Brigadier Papile Kekana, left the station late last year, the community experienced lots of uncertainties. Picard said Kekana was transferred to the province and it is not clear who is in charge now. “Some sector meetings were not attended by police sector commanders, and they didn’t offer apologies,� he said. He said it had been reported at the meeting that residents were disappointed with the lack of policing. Residents said they pay tax for proper crime prevention, but it seemed security companies were costing them money due to the police’s failure to do their job. Picard said after discussions, the CPF and the police reached an agreement to resolve the problem at the station. The CPF would be notified as soon as possible who the new station commander will be.

CPF executive member, Dr Jan Picard.

Sunnyside police covers six sectors. Sector 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 are most problematic. According to the CPF report in sector 1, prostitutes operate on Beckett Street and in Venning Park. The area also experiences smash and grabs on the corner of Pretorius and Hilda streets, Schoeman and Hilda streets, Hilda and Arcadia streets and Church and Duncan streets. In sector 2 some flats are overcrowded and there are drug dealing going on. There are also theft of motor vehicles and robberies. Sector 3 reported it has experienced robberies. In sector 5 there are theft out of motor vehicles and in sector 6 there are a number of smash and grabs. At the time of going to print the station had not commented.

SPCA denies cruelty claims Natalie Grobler and Suzette van Huyssteen Two animal rights organisations are at loggerheads following allegations of what borders on animal cruelty against the SPCA. Activist group Animal Awareness, came forward last week with what they deem to be undeniable proof of animals being left to bleed to death following blood donations and animal euthanasia, without waiting the required seven days. The ‘proof’ includes the testimonies of former SPCA employees. The SPCA, however, rejects the allegations and claims numerous requests to provide more information for them to properly investigate Animal Awareness’ allegations, fell on deaf ears and until such information is brought forward, the allegations remain exactly that. According to Karin Smit from Animal Awareness, what should be a safe haven for animals, is fast becoming a death camp. “Our mission isn’t to close the doors of the SPCA, but we are forced to expose what is really happening.� According to the NSPCA operational manual, animals donating blood should be healthy and already identified to be euthanised. It seems, however, this policy is not being properly enforced. According to a former SPCA employee who wishes to remain anonymous, animals are allegedly picked at random to donate blood and are then ‘left to bleed to death’. “Some inspectors usually do not confirm that the dogs they select are earmarked for euthanasia and

they usually pick the larger breeds as they provide more blood.� The source said in terms of the policy, dogs are supposed to return to the SPCA after two days but this never happens. Korky Levanon, spokesperson for the Tshwane SPCA, strongly rejected the claims and said they do not bleed animals to death. “It is accepted that from time to time, SPCA branches will be called upon to provide blood donors for local veterinarians. The selected animal must be a healthy animal but already identified to be euthanised.� She confirmed that the animal must be euthanised after blood has been taken and the carcass returned to the SPCA. “The animal must not be bled to death and it may not stay at the clinic for longer than two days.� Levanon said that according to the Animal Protection Act No. 71 of 1962, it is an offence to cause unnecessary suffering to any animal. Smit and a colleague, CherylAnne Squires, also claim that the SPCA is in breach of its own policy regarding euthanasia. According to them, animals are being ‘put down’ within 24 hours after being admitted to the SPCA, instead of the required seven days. “In some cases animals are put to sleep as soon as they come through the doors,� said Smit. Smit is in possession of a voice recording of a telephone conversation between, who she claims is an ex-Tshwane SPCA employee and San-Marie Jacobs from Animal

Awareness. The conversation revolves around a bizarre tale of how a dog owner had been tricked into believing his dog, that was euthanised on the same day it was admitted to the Tshwane SPCA, was still alive but already adopted. The owner allegedly received confirmation from the SPCA that his lost dog was taken in, but was brought under the impression that the dog had been adopted. According to what the ex-employee told Jacobs, a photo was staged of the ‘new owner’ and the dog, using the stiff carcass. The ex-SPCA employee confirmed, however, that this was done without the knowledge of SPCA management. Rekord is in possession of a copy of the recording. Managing director of the Tshwane SPCA, Rick Allan, strongly reacted to the claim on Monday and challenged Animal Awareness to come forward with all information pertaining to the alleged incident for him to launch a full investigation. “We consider the allegations in a very serious light,� he said. Levanon rejected the claims about premature euthanasia and said stray animals are kept for a minimum of seven days before being labelled unwanted, while signed over animals are assessed as soon as possible after admission. She added that the decision to euthanise an animal is not easy and never taken lightly. “The decision to euthanise depends on several factors such as age, health, aggression and stress levels.�

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DA-lede verset teen speaker Koukusleier wéér uit raadsaal gegooi het die Vryheidsfront Plus se lede hierdie keer bly sit. Ben Chapman van die DA het Vrydag sterk op die gebeure reageer. “Die DA se klagstaat teen Mosupyoe, wat volgens die riglyne van die raadsvergadering bespreek moes word, behels onder meer dat die speaker verskeie versoeke van opposisielede om haar beslissing teen Topham se spreekbeurt, na die Reëls en Etiese Komitee te verwys, geïgnoreer het. Die speaker het na bewering belangrike korrespondensie van raadslede geïgnoreer en e-posbriewe uitgewis sonder om dit te lees. Daarnaas het sy glo ook drie aansoeke vir inligting, wat ingevolge die bepalinge van die inligtingswet gedoen is, uitgewis. Klanktranskripsies het in die termyn van die speaker ook glo verlore geraak,” het hy gesê. Topham het verder gesê dat die DA nie sal buig in die geveg met die speaker nie. “Die aangeleentheid sal nou na die provinsiale regering en moontlik daarna na die nasionale regering toe deurgevoer word,” het hy gesê.

Du P Martins

R125 000 worth of dagga confiscated from drug dealers Four alleged drug dealers had an unsuspecting surprise on Wednesday morning, when police confiscated their containment of dagga, worth R125 000. The four suspects were en route from Bosman station to Mamelodi, after picking up one of their counterparts, when police noticed their suspicious white Volkswagen Golf. According to Captain Jan Sepato, spokesperson of Silverton police station, two bags weighing 70kg was found in possession of the suspects. “The Pretoria flying squad arrested and brought in the suspects. It is alleged that the counterpart they picked up at Bosman station came from KwaZulu-Natal with the dagga,” he said. Sepato said the suspects would appear in court this week on charges of possession of narcotics. Here are Sergeant Moses Malema and Constables William Kgatla and Mubadekanyi Liabara with two of the suspects and the containment of dagga that was found in their possession. Photo: Valeska Abreu

Arrested for rape Ron Sibiya An intensive police investigation led to the arrest of four Zimbabwean nationals sought for rape, the police said. According to Central police spokesperson, Sergeant Ann Poortman, the suspects were arrested in Marabastad on Tuesday. “We caught the suspects in the vicinity of the place where they allegedly committed the crime,” Poortman said. The suspects allegedly raped a woman on the corner of Bloed Street and DF Malan Drive last Tuesday. Police had been searching for them ever since the incident. The suspects are between 19 and 28 years old.

Poortman said the victim, together with her male companion, had been on their way to the Department of Home Affairs in the early hours of the morning. They came across four men who first attacked her companion before robbing them of their cell phones and R150. “They then raped the woman and ran away,” Poortman said. The man was admitted to the Tshwane District hospital with severe injuries. Poortman warned residents to avoid going to the Department of Home Affairs when it is still dark. The suspects will soon appear in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court. More charges are imminent.

Suspect evades police Valeska Abreu Police are on the lookout for a suspect who managed to evade the police last week Thursday. A vehicle from the Garsfontein tracing unit noticed three suspicious looking men walking along Meiring Naudé Road. According to police spokesperson, Warrant Officer Duane Lightfoot, as soon as the police vehicle stopped, the men ran away. “The police gave chase and two of the suspects were caught. The other suspect managed to escape into the bushes along Church Street and the police helicopter was called in,” he said. Lightfoot

said despite a two-hour search the suspect could not be tracked down. One of the suspects that was arrested had an unlicensed firearm in his possession and multiple warrants of arrests. “The suspect had been involved in cases of theft of motor vehicles, robbery, contravention of the Arms and Ammunition Act and he had previously escaped out of police custody,” said Lightfoot. The suspects’ ages range from 21 to 23 and they are from Mamelodi. Police are urging anyone with information to come forward and assist.

Brandon Topham, die koukusleier van die Demokratiese Alliansie (DA) in die Tshwane-metro, is vir die tweede agtereenvolgende maandvergadering uit die raadsaal gegooi. Die vete tussen Topham en Morakane Mosupyoe, speaker, het gedurende die Januarie raadsvergadering ontstaan nadat die speaker Topham ’n spreekbeurt oor die gewraakte wyksraadverkiesingsprosedure ontsê het. Die DA het daarna ’n mosie van wantroue teen die speaker ingestel. Verlede Donderdag se woordewisseling het ontstaan nadat sy op ’n versoek dat sy haarself moet verskoon terwyl die mosie bespreek word, geweier het om dit te doen. Mosupyoe het Topham beveel om stil te bly. Hy het geweier en is daarop, net soos die vorige keer, onder begeleiding uit die raadsaal verwyder. Soos ook in die vorige raadsvergadering, het al die DA-lede daarna uitgestap. Anders as die vorige keer,

Stop skylarking around Magalies Ron Sibiya Vagrants have turned the Magaliesberg into a haven which harbours criminals. So said the Friends of Magalies during The take control of Magalies operation this past weekend. According to Chris Aucamp, a member of the Friends of Magalies, they organised the operation. “It involved Tshwane metro police, nature conservation, neighbourwatch M6 and policing forums from all areas around the mountain,” said Aucamp. He said vagrants and crimi-

nals have illegally occupied the mountain. “We experience lots of burglaries emanating from the mountain. Criminals living on the mountain break into homes and then escape into the bushes on the mountain, using it as a hideout,” Aucamp said. The aim of the operation was to preserve the mountain with its unique fauna and flora. The mountain is not an official nature conversation area, but is a protected green area. Concerned residents, living in the vicinity of the mountain, formed the Friends of Magalies. They also previously raised

money to fence off some of the areas not fenced. The Friends of Magalies believes certain developments and vagrants could destroy the mountain’s natural habitat. The mountain offers a sanctuary to several wild animals that would otherwise be in danger of being poached, if action to protect the area is not taken. The Friends of Magalies plans to have the mountain patrolled by members of nature conservation on a daily basis. The fence around the mountain is the property of the metro and no one is allowed to vandalise it.

Members of the Tshwane metro police, Sergeant Grahame Smith, riding Frisco and Sergeant Vivien Pretorius, riding Baron, during an operation to remove vagrants in the Magaliesberg on Saturday.


Dans Lekker Langarmdans, Vrydagaande 20:00. Munisipale ontspanningsklub, Annie Bothalaan, Riviera. Billike kontant- kroeg. Eetgoed welkom. Geen o.18’s. R60 p/p. Kontak Johan 082-579-5646.


bate van gemeenskapsontwikkeling by NG-kerk Lynnwoodrif, Lanciastr 269, Lynnwoodrif. 9 Maart, 18:30. Tel 012-348-5135. RA/0509640

Kind-gholfdag ten bate van mishandelde en verwaarloosde kinders aan. Waterkloof-gholfbaan, 27 Mrt. Anja 012-460-9272. RA/0508813

Van der Hoffweg 177. 08:00 tot laat. Eleganza tree op gedurende die erediens 4 Mrt om 09:00. Ds. Jan 082-335-1785. RA/0511032

Kaaps-Suid-Afrikaanse kultuuraand. Musiek, poësie, stories en ’n viergangmaal. 7 Maart by Lucitrestaurant, 217 Soutpansbergweg, Queenswood. Tel 012-329-4180.

Die ondersteuningsgroep vir afhanklikheidsprobleme vergader Maandae om 19:00 by Stabilis. Linda 082-570-1291. RA/0510353

Art L/s Voorpos se gholfdag vind op 22 Mrt by Akasia-gholfklub plaas. Marius 012-332-2354. RA/0510351

Art courses -Oils & acrylics - March 23, 24 & 25. April 27, 28 & 29th. Water colour - March 31 & April 1. Neil Moss 083-293-8936. See website Mosaic classes. Come and learn how to mosaic anything. Learn new techniques. All material supplied. Go home with skills and a gift. Mel 074-103-8394. RA/0511016

SA State Theatre is looking to audition actors, singers and dancers for a new musical threatre production, Freedom. Artists are expected to prepare a song and a monologue and should be able to either sing or dance. State Theatre March 6-10 at 10:00. Tel 012-3924018. RA/0510297



H/S Clapham. For matrics and teachers from 1950 to 1989. March 31. Patricia 012-348-9738. RA/0509664

Oud-Suidwestersbyeenkoms. Bring & braai. Rooihuiskraal-feesterrein. 3 Maart 16:00. Bring stoele en eie vurmaakgoed. Berdi 082334-4580. RA/0509647 


Die Woord en Lig-kerk Booysens, hou in samewerking met Kansa ’n Shavathon te Bougainvillesentrum, Daspoort op 3 Mrt van 09:00 tot 15:00. Almal welkom. Jaco 083-519-1737. RA/0511064

g@p: Kom kuier lekker saam, maak vriende en luister na inspirerende praatjies en lewensverhale. Son 18:00 by Rafters 082-880-8484. 


Jannie Moolman hou konsert ten

Charis Kinderkerk bied Vlooimark/Basaar op 3 Mrt, H/v Lavender- en Sagelaan, WonderboomSuid van 08:30. Veiling om 13:00. Elize 072-861-7035. RA/0508821

Die FarmCity-mark elke Saterdag 09:00-13:00. Heerlike plaasatmosfeer met stalletjies. H/v Atterbury- en Olympusweg. Tel 084814-2291. RA/0508014 

Sammy Marks-museum. Voëltoer. Stap met voëlgids Rihann Geyser en geniet ontbyt op die krou-kiebaan. 11 Mrt. 06:00. Tel 012-755RA/0511003 9541.

Sluit by Jacques Botes en Sane Lotter vir die eerste En ek onthou - Die Koos du Plessis storie, by Leonie’s Tea for Two aan, h/v Cunningham- en 34e Laan op 7 Mrt. Tel 012-332-4886. RA/0510322 

Valleisig-gemeente kuiermark op 16 Mrt van 10:00 tot laat. Mathys Roets tree om 19:00 op. Tel 012991-1542. RA/0510327

Eden Golf Day takes place in aid of Eden’s Missionary Outreaches. Albert 082-777-4059. RA/0510340

Kansa Shavathon en Spin-a-thon neem op 3 Mrt by Atterbury Value Mart van 09:00-17:00 plaas. Bespreek fiets by Heinrich 012-9914744. RA/0510333

LifeLine Pta provides free telephone, face-to-face, rape, trauma, HIV/Aids and bereavement counselling. Crisis line: 012-804-3619. Rape line: 082-340-2061. Appointments: 012-804-1853. RA/0507245 The Compassionate Friends of Pretoria plans a moneyraising buffet lunch on March 4 at 12:00 at The Haven in Clubview. Estelle 083384-5255. RA/0510299 Victory over childhood abuse. You can be more than a survivor. Marisa 072-639-8597. RA/0509667


Alzheimer’s support group meets in Faerie Glen. Last Thursday at 19:00 and last Tuesday at 10:00. Denise 012-991-1637. RA/0510272  CMR-Noord bied ’n Red-’n-



Friday, March 2 SABC 1 06:00 Takalani Sesame 08:00 The Bold and the Beautiful 09:30 Muvhango 10:00 Martin 4 10:30 Turn It Out 12:00 Friends Like These 14:00 Selimathunzi 15:00 Matrixs Uploaded 17:28 Reflections of Faith 19:30 News 20:30 Untold Stories 21:00 Live SABC 2 06:00 Morning Live 08:50 Thabang Thabong 09:20 Curious George 10:50 Ratanang 13:25 Days of our Lives 15:00 7de Laan 19:00 News 19:30 Noot vir Noot 21:00 Mmampodi 21:30 Powerball 21:34 Afro Café SABC 3 05:30 Expresso: Breakfast Show 11:10 Isidingo 12:10 Mission Impossible 16:00 3 Talk with Noeleen 17:35 Oprah Winfrey Show 18:30 Wicket 2 Wicket 19:00 News 19:30 Entertainment News 21:00 Flash eTV 09:00 Rhythm City 09:30 Scandal! 10:00 Mad About You 10:30 The Young and the Restless 11:30 3rd Degree 13:30 WWE: Smackdown 16:40 The Young and the Restless 17:30 Medical Detectives 18:30 Rhythm City 19:00 News 20:00 Malcolm and Eddie 00:55 Three

Saturday, March 3 SABC 1 09:00 Dance Your Butt Off 10:00 Generations 12:30 Whizz Kids of Mzansi 15:00 Laduma: Nedbank Cup 17:30 Daddy 24/7 18:30

organisasie Lady Gracious samel elke jaar geld in vir gestremde kinders. Hulle bak en verkoop elke Saterdag pannekoek by die FarmCity-mark van 09:00, h/v Atterbury- en Olympusweg. RA/0508063 Hatfield Plaza Vlooimark. Elke Sondag. Nuwe stalletjies elke week. Marianne 082-924-7155. RA/0510300


Sunday, March 4 SABC 1 08:00 Zenzele 08:30 Team Green 10:00 Spirit Sundae 11:00 The Chatroom 11:30 Big Up 12:00 Imani - The Devine Spark 12:15 An Nur V (Muslim Mag) 12:30 Heads Up Mzansi 14:00 Soccer 411 17:30 Gospel Gold 18:00 Roots 18:30 Sunday Live 19:30 News SABC 2 07:00 Weekend Live 08:30 Psalted 11:00 Eastern Mosaic 14:30 Pasella 15:30 7de Laan 18:00 News 18:30 Fokus 19:00 Stokvel 8 20:00 Gospel Classics 21:00 Wrong side of the Bus 22:00 Monk SABC 3 06:30 Mickey Mouse and Friends 09:00 Dtv X1 12:00 Top Billing 16:00 Hello Dr 18:00 Around Iceland on Inspiration 23:00 Law & Order 01:00 Special Assignment eTV 05:00 Haleluya Africa 05:30 3rd Degree 08:00 Grassroots 08:30

 New food/craft market, R100 p/weekend, busy Pick n Pay centre. SMS 076-939-7300. RA/0507694

Boerekarnaval met vleis, groente, plante, koeke, veiling, speelgoed, paintball, space rocket. Hope vermaak vir hele gesin. 3 Mrt. NGkerk Wes Moot/Kameeldrif-Wes,

Friends like These 19:30 News 20:00 Laduma: Nedbank Cup 00:15 Living Single 00:45 Martin SABC 2 06:00 Thabang Thabong 09:00 House Call 10:00 Rough It Out 10:30 Wise Up 11:00 Living Land 13:00 Muvhango 15:00 Mama Mia 18:00 News 18:30 The Ghost Whisperer 20:00 The Voice 21:00 The Mo’Nique Show 22:00 Cold Case SABC 3 06:00 I am a Work of Art 07:30 The Super Hero Squad Show 08:36 Kids Challenge Show 10:00 X-Men Evolution 11:00 Crocodile Hunter 12:00 IFAD Documentary 13:00 Dr Oz 18:00 Celebs Biographies 19:00 News 21:30 Law & Order eTV 05:00 Haleluya Africa 06:00 Higher Life 07:00 Sibo and Friends 08:00 Thomas & Friends 09:30 Rhythm City Omnibus 13:00 Malcolm & Eddie 13:30 Blame it on Fame 17:00 WWE: NXT 18:05 Fear Factor International 19:00 News 20:00 The Code Name: Cleaner

Magnolia Dell Fine Food Market. Saturdays from 08:00-13:00. Fine foods and crafts. Beate 012-460RA/0510347 7722.

Nuwe mark by Zitapark, Zitastr, Garsfontein. 3 Mrt van 08:00-14:00. Kosstalletjies, biertuin, internasionale hip-hopvertoning, parkie vir kinders, swembad met glybaan.

Precious Memories 09:00 Hillsong 09:35 Cool Catz 11:00 TJ Hooker 12:35 Seconds from Disaster 15:50 Planet’s Funniest Animals 17:00 WWE: Raw 19:00 News 19:30 Modern Family 20:00 Spider-Man 00:15 T.J. Hooker

Monday, March 5 SABC 1 08:00 The Bold and the Beautiful 09:00 Generations 10:30 What’s Your Story 11:30 Real Goboza 13:00 Ses’khona 15:00 Matrixs Uploaded 17:00 Ek se Lalela 18:30 The Bold and the Beautiful 19:30 News 20:00 Generations 21:00 Soccer Zone 2011 22:00 Rookie Blue 2 SABC 2 06:00 Morning Live 10:20 Rivoningo 11:50 Nanny 911 12:40 Judge Mathis 13:25 Days of our Lives 15:00 7de Laan 16:00 Hectic Nine9 17:00 Dragonballz 17:30 News 18:00 When Duty Calls 18:30 7de Laan 19:30 Voetspore SABC 3 10:40 Generations 11:40 7de Laan 12:10 Mission Impossible 13:00 News 14:00 All My Children 15:45 Dr Oz 16:40 3 Talk with Noeleen 18:30 What I Like About You 21:00 The Middle 22:00 Law & Order eTV 05:30 eNews Sunrise 06:00 Sunrise 09:00 Rhythm City 10:00 3rd Degree 10:30 The Young and the Restless 11:30 Great Expectations 12:30 Backstage 13:00 News Day 14:30 Paddle Pop Adventures 14:35 Cool Catz 15:00 Power Rangers: Samurai 15:30 Thomas & Friends 15:45 Bob the Builder 16:00 Sistahood 16:40 The Young and the Restless 17:30 Medical Detectives 18:30 Rhythm City 19:30 Scandal! 20:00 The Steve Harvey Show 21:00 eKasi:Our Stories

Tuesday, March 6 SABC 1 08:00 The Bold and the Beautiful 09:00 Generations 09:30 Muvhango 10:00 Martin 4 13:30 Shift 16:07

’n Boomidentifikasiekursus vir beginners vind op 10 Mrt by die Botaniese Tuin van 08:00-16:00 plaas. Linette 012-843-5053. RA/0510345

Sport JCC-fietsryklub bied GNC-ligawedren 3 Mrt by L/s Klipdrif, Hammanskraal aan. Afstande 96,64 en 40km. Alf 076-888-1999. RA/0511007


Up with The Fitness League exercises to music by qualified instructors. At Victoria Cross Lodge Hall in 26th Street, Menlo Park. Contact Marielienne 083-381-4940 / Leslie 083-471-6752 (also for classes in Irene) or fitness leaguepretoria@ for a free trail class.

Sonja Herholdt bied Hartklop van ’n Pêrelvrou, 3 Mrt om 09:30 by NG-kerk Villieria. Alice 012-3316571. RA/0508833

The Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern Society hosts a lecture by Prof Peter Loyson entitled Pharmacy and medicine in Ancient Egypt. March 14 at 19:00. Dr Miriam Makeba Concert Hall, Unisa. All welcome. Tel 072-234-0481. RA/0511004




Afrikaanse Toastmasters neem aan ’n humoristiese kompetisie deel. Linda 082-570-1291. RA/0510317

Afternoon course Cooling the fire of our anger. March 3. 16:0018:00. Alkantrant library, Lynnwood. Tel 011-326-1982. RA/0511019

Book repair and paper conservation course presented by conservation specialist, Johann Maree, from March 5-10 at Ditsong museum of cultural history. Talita 012326-9172. RA/0510294

Hazel Food Market. Market with 60 food stalls. Greenlyn Village Centre, Menlo Park. Every Saturday from 08:00- 14:00. Retha 083-5545636. 



Enkelinge 50+ word genooi om saam te kuier. Marina 083-4544414. RA/0510280




Jackie 084-230-6460.


Centurion Chess Club meets Thursdays at Lyttelton library at 19:30. All level players welcome. Marius 083-626-1727. RA/0510292

Child Trauma training team hosts a seminar on March 15 and 16 at Utopia Place, 840 Cura Ave, Lynnwood. A psychiatrist, paediatrician and psychologist are some of the speakers. www.childtraumacentre. RA/0508862

 Events will not be accepted over the phone. Fax to 086-645-6764 or e-mail or or post to PO Box 8261, Pretoria, 0001.  Only events not aimed at profit/product selling, will be placed for free. Publication is not guaranteed.  Deadlines are strictly Wednesdays at 12 noon for the next week’s edition.  Events aimed at profit and events for guaranteed publication can be placed at a nominal fee. Contact Small Hits on 012-842-0321 or fax 086-590-9648 or e-mail at

Comedy Khona 17:00 Cory in the House 18:00 Play Your Part 18:30 The Bold and the Beautiful 19:30 News 20:30 Montana 21:00 Whizz Kids of Mzansi 22:00 The Beast 23:00 Living Single 23:30 Martin SABC 2 06:00 Morning Live 08:50 Thabang Thabong 09:20 Curious George 10:20 Rivoningo 11:50 Nanny 911 13:25 Days of our Lives 15:30 Muvhango 16:00 Hectic Nine-9 18:30 7de Laan 19:00 News 19:30 Soutmansland 21:35 90 Plein Street 3 23:00 Open University 2 SABC 3 05:00 Nuus/Weather 09:00 Celebs Biographies 12:10 Mission Impossible 14:00 All My Children 17:40 Days of Our Lives 18:30 What I Like About You 21:00 Desperate Housewives 22:00 Law & Order 23:00 Nip Tuck VI eTV 06:00 Sunrise 08:00 eNews Sunrise 09:00 Rhythm City 09:30 Scandal! 10:00 The Steve Harvey Show 10:30 The Young and the Restless 11:30 Great Expectations 12:30 Backstage 13:30 WWE: Afterburn 14:30 Paddington Bear 14:35 Cool Catz 15:00 Gormiti 16:00 Frenzy 18:30 Rhythm City 19:00 News 19:30 Scandal! 20:00 House of Payne 21:00 UEFA Champions League 00:00 The Sundowners

Wednesday, March 7 SABC 1 06:00 Takalani Sesame 08:00 The Bold and the Beautiful 10:30 Spirit Sundae 12:00 Live 13:00 Sgud’Snaysi 15:00 Matrixs Uploaded 17:00 Cory in the House 18:30 The Bold and the Beautiful 20:00 Generations 21:00 Relate SABC 2 06:00 Morning Live 08:50 Thabang Thabong 09:20 Curious George 11:50 Nanny 911 12:40 Judge Mathis 13:25 Days of our Lives 14:10 As the World Turns 16:00 Hectic Nine-9 17:30 News 18:00 Our Moments 18:30 7de Laan 19:00 News 19:30 Pasella 21:00 Muvhango

22:00 Cold Case 23:00 Open Unicersity 2 SABC 3 10:40 Generations 16:45 Days of Our Lives 21:00 Zero Tolerance 00:00 Oprah Winfrey Show eTV 06:00 Sunrise 09:00 Rhythm City 09:30 Scandal! 10:00 3rd Degree 10:30 The Young and the Restless 11:30 Supernanny 15:30 Lazy Town 17:30 Medical Detectives 19:30 Scandal! 20:00 My Name is Earl

Thursday, March 8 SABC 1 08:00 The Bold and the Beautiful 08:30 Isidingo 09:00 Generations 09:30 Muvhango 10:00 Martin 4 10:30 The Chatroom 11:00 Big Up 13:00 Daddy’s Girls 2 13:30 Siyayinqoba 15:00 Matrixs Uploaded 17:28 Journeys of Inspiration 18:00 Ses’khona 19:30 News 20:00 Generations 20:30 Home Affairs 21:30 Cutting Edge 22:00 The Lab SABC 2 06:00 Morning Live 09:20 Curious George 09:50 Takalani Sesame 10:20 Rivoningo 11:50 Nanny 911 12:40 Judge Mathis 13:25 Days of our Lives 15:00 7de Laan 15:30 Muvhango 16:00 Hectic Nine-9 17:00 Dragonballz 18:30 7de Laan 19:30 The Big Break Legacy 21:00 Muvhango 21:30 Speak Out 5 SABC 3 11:40 7de Laan 12:10 Mission Impossible 17:40 Days of Our Lives 21:40 Kings 23:00 30 Rock 00:00 Oprah Winfrey Show eTV 06:00 Sunrise 09:00 Rhythm City 09:30 Scandal! 10:00 Madam & Eve 10:30 The Young and the Restless 12:30 Backstage 13:30 WWE: Raw 16:00 Craze World Live 16:40 The Young and the Restless 17:30 Street Court 18:00 eNews 19:30 Scandal! 20:00 Mad About You 20:30 The Legend of Ron Burgundy



Editorial COMMENT A pupil at Lethabong Secondary School in Soshanguve, north of Pretoria, hanged himself last week, allegedly rather than go to school and face the boys who had bullied him. This has brought the focus sharply on this continuous scourge that is rife in our schools. Suicide is one of the consequences in bullying. In fact, it is so common in America that a new word has been coined for suicide as a result of bullying, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s known as â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;bullycideâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. Bullying is a worldwide problem that can   4 5/6 -' $ 5 .6 * 

###''(')    &'  ( $ ' )&'  ( $

  &'  ( $ &'  ( $

 01 %!  !% 0' %!  2 

 3  0'$01 %! %", /  0'$01 !##+%"2!


  $               8     $/ 9 4


 $ ;    ! *.

 5"" %!26 ;   ! ! 0 : 5"+ !+"6 " #  $   ! ! "  #  %  &     ))    .    4 5/6 -'  "% *.  )'     5/6 -' 3)) !"  . 7   

                                   ! "#!$%

         *  ')  +,"#!+# -  *.

 /) '') ' 

Kry lewe Johannes 10:10. Ek het gekom sodat hulle die lewe kan hĂŞ, en dit in oorvloed. Ek lees weer die aangrypende toespraak deur Anna Quindlen, wenner van â&#x20AC;&#x2122;n Pulitzer-prys. Ek haal â&#x20AC;&#x2122;n stukkie aan: So hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s what I wanted to tell you today: Get a life. A real life, not a manic pursuit of the next promotion, the bigger pay cheque, the larger house. Do you think youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d care so very much about those things if you blew an aneurysm one afternoon or found a lump in your breast? Get a life in which you are not alone. Find people you love and who love you. And remember that love is not leisure, it is work. Pick up the phone. Send an e-mail. Write a letter. Get a

More corruption This column continues where it left off two weeks ago with the theme that corruption by the state is not something new, but it is as old as history itself. When we discussed corruption by the Paul Kruger regime in the old Zuid-Afrikaansche Republic or Transvaal last week, it must be kept in mind that all these things were not done out of mischief or for enriching their own pockets. Most of it was done because they didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know any better. When gold was discovered on the Witwatersrand, the Transvaal changed from a bankrupt state to the richest spot on earth overnight. Kruger left himself open to corruption with his concession or monopoly policy because it spawned corruption. He awarded monopoly concessions to favoured individuals and


have negative consequences for the general school environment. Bullying can also have negative lifelong consequences â&#x20AC;&#x201C; both for the pupils who bully and for their victims. A recent study indicates that a strong correlation exist between bullying other pupils during the school years and experiencing legal or criminal troubles as adults. Victims often fear school and consider school to be an unsafe and unhappy place. Bullying can also lead to depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and psychological problems among school-going children. A new type of bullying is cyber-bullying, which takes advantage of new technologies such as Facebook, Twitter, Mixit, voice mail and YouTube. We of course live in a violent society where brutality has become an everyday occurrence. The victims are in many instances too scared to speak out because of fear of intimidation and restarting the whole cycle of abuse and bullying. Whether the bullying is direct or indirect, the key component of bullying is that the physical or psychological intimidation occurs repeatedly over time to create an ongoing pattern of harassment and abuse. Authorities and parents must act in a firm manner to eradicate this scourge from our schools. There must be definite policies in place so that every child knows what the schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s policy is about bullying and initiation. Effective interventions must involve the entire school community rather than focus on the perpetrators and victims alone. Parents are often unaware of the bullying problems and talk about it with their children to a limited extent.


Briewe mag aan die Redakteur gerig word, Posbus 8261, Pretoria 0001, faks na 086-652-0378 of e-pos na Briewe mag nie langer as 200 woorde wees nie. Die Redakteur behou die reg om enige brief te wysig. â&#x20AC;&#x2122;n Skrywer mag onder â&#x20AC;&#x2122;n pennaam skryf, maar sy of haar volle name, adres en telefoonnommer moet die brief vergesel.

Public can do more to help to conserve David Browne of Elardus Park writes: Having lived in Elardus Park for almost 29 years and being an environmentally aware person, I have been extremely disappointed by Joe Public. Some months ago, the Total garage in Hans Strijdom Drive embarked on an environmental focused endeavour to support all the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;greenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; things everyone talks about and want to believe in. Having secured the four standard coloured bins for glass, paper, tins and plastics for collection of recyclable items, it was

good to have a collection point close by for residents who support the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;greenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; thrust. Regrettably, this collection point has been discontinued due to public abuse of the facility. Over the past weekend I was told that due to the trash that was dumped there, including items such as used disposable nappies, the management had no option but to withdraw from the initiative to preserve their standards and image. Come on Pretoria, why canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t all of us do small and simple things to try and help preserve the future.

Omroeper krap hom om Wouter Steyn van Moreletapark skryf: Gelukkig het radioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x2122;n knoppie waarmee â&#x20AC;&#x2122;n mens van stasie kan verander. Ek verwys na AnĂŠ Roux se berig oor Rian van Heerden. Ek persoonlik kan die omroeper nie verdra nie en luister nou eerder na HoĂŤveld Stereo of RSG tot na 10:00. Daar is van Darren Scott ontslae geraak oor â&#x20AC;&#x2122;n rassistiese aanmerkings by â&#x20AC;&#x2122;n ge-

life in which you are generous. And realise that life is the best thing ever, and that you have no business taking it for granted. Dr. Johan Care so deeply about its goodness that you want to spread it around. Take money you would have spent on futility and give it oorvloed. Hoe groot behoefte is to charity. Work in a soup kitchen. daar by die mense van ons land Be a big brother or sister. All of aan iemand wat uitbundig wys dat you want to do well. But if you do dit wel moontlik is om in hierdie not do good too, then doing well land en in hierdie tyd in ons land will never be enough. se geskiedenis te lewe? Sonder dat ek weet wat Anna Is daar â&#x20AC;&#x2122;n beter manier om Quindlen se geloofsoortuigings Jesus te verkondig as om te lewe? is, wil ek sĂŞ dat hierdie toespraak Is daar â&#x20AC;&#x2122;n sterker bewys van suiwer evangelie is. Kry lewe die opstanding van Jesus as wanen lewe. Dit, sĂŞ Johannes 10, is neer sy kinders lewe? Die mens wat Jesus kom doen het. Hy het wat lewe praat en lewe doen sal vir ons lewe gebring en dit in werklik â&#x20AC;&#x2122;n verskil maak.


companies to establish not only factories, but also a whole range of public utilities, such as a state bank, water, gas and electricity supplies, tramways, road repairs and markets. Fred Boshoff His critics pointed to the high prices that resulted from monopoly control. Many concession hunters, moreover, used the system, So noticeable was the miasma not to build factories or to provide services but for speculative of corruption in Pretoria that critics began to refer to the existence of purposes - once in possession of a concession, they hoped to sell it for a â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;third Volksraadâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; - the collection of businessmen, politicians and a profit. officials willing to trade favours for In 1889, the executive council payments. granted a concession to supply Krugerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s response to accusations Johannesburg with water to Frikof bribery and corruption was that kie Eloff, the presidentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s private he saw no harm in anyone receivsecretary and son-in-law, without ing a present as long as it did not consulting the Volksraad. amount to bribery. According to Land en Volk To be continued. newspaper, Eloff was able to make Source: The Making of South 20 000 pounds â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;without so much as Africa by Martin Meredith. digging a spadeful of earthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;.

P nch of salt

E-pos jou briewe na:

slote geselligheid. As Van Heeden neerhalende opmerkings maak oor â&#x20AC;&#x2122;n vrou wat moontlik dood is, maar reageer as sy â&#x20AC;&#x2122;n piesang kry, of neerhalend verwys na gestremde kinders, is dit volgens die bestuur van Jakaranda aanvaarbaar solank hy â&#x20AC;&#x2122;n halfhartige verskoning aanbied. As dit die gehalte van Jakaranda se omroepers en bestuur is, dan moet die luisteraars maar eerder â&#x20AC;&#x2122;n ander stasie opsoek.

Help restores belief Carmen Swanepoel writes: An amazing experience led me to believe there are still good people out there. I was driving on DF Malan Drive, opposite Marabastad when my cell phone was grabbed out of my hand and I decided to chase the criminal into Marabastad. After I drove around not knowing where to go, I met members of the MSM Security

Risk Management group. They assisted me in finding the perpetrator and assured me of my safety. They stayed with me the entire time until we found both my cell phone and the thief. I am so proud of what they are doing and their commitment to â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;clean upâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; the crime situation in Marabastad that we all know is a dangerous place. Thank you MSM Security Risk.

Gonser vat hulle vas Karl le Roux skryf: Gonser, jou ou doring. Jou rubriek van verlede week is uitstekend bewoord en beskryf. Die bestuurders in ons ou dorpie het die maniere van â&#x20AC;&#x2122;n lastige perdeby in die middel

van â&#x20AC;&#x2122;n warm somersdag. Daar is nie salf aan te smeer nie. Dit is nou maar hoe dit is. Die slegte ding is dat dieselfde mense wat jou so afdruk en jaag, ook in die kerk se voorste banke sit.






Veterane nooi die gemeenskap uit Van Toeka tot Nou-motorklub hou ’n motorskou op 3 Maart by Tiger Wheel and Tyre op die hoek van Lavenderweg en Zambesirylaan van 08:00 tot 14:00. Kom spog gerus met daardie ou motor wat in u motorhuis of in die agterplaas onder ’n seil toegegooi staan. Daardie motor verdien om ten-

toongestel te word. Elkeen wat aan die vertoning deelneem, sal ’n sertifikaat van verdienste van die klub ontvang. Dit beloof om ’n baie aangename ervaring vir die eienaars van die motors asook vir die toeskouers te wees. Navrae: 082-333-9362.

Van Toeka tot Nou-motorklub bied alle motorliefhebbers die kans om eerskomende Saterdag te spog met hul ou motors.




Follow your wish-list when house hunting

Buyers should separate out items that fall into the wants category, which are the nice to haves but not essential, from those that fall into the needs category, which are specifications that the buyer cannot compromise on.

Due to the fact that the current property market offers buyers a wide selection of homes to choose from, the selection process can sometimes be tough. Adrian Goslett, CEO of Remax of Southern Africa, said while most buyers probably have a good idea of what they are looking for in a home, there are a few steps they should follow to help with their final selection. Make a wish-list. Goslett advised buyers to write down everything they need and want in a property. The first aspect buyers should consider when making their list, includes the type of property they prefer. “Buyers need to decide if they are looking for a free standing home, a cluster or a unit in a sectional-title complex or secure estate. Then they need to decide if they would like a home they can renovate or one they could move right into without changing a thing. A property in need of attention should have a lower asking price than one that’s fully renovated and a place that’s two or three years old will be cheaper than one that’s brand new,” said Goslett. He said buyers should also determine the details in terms of the number of bedrooms they require and the entertainment and garden space they would need and more. The difference between wants and needs. Once a wish-list has been drawn up, Goslett recommended that buyers separate out items that fall into the wants category, which are the nice to haves but not essential, from those that fall into the needs category, which are specifications that the buyer cannot compromise on. Buyers need to determine whether or not they really need that swimming pool and a large stand, or if they could compromise by buying a smaller stand in an estate that has communal facilities, instead, for example. Work out affordability. Buyers need to figure out how much they would be able to afford on monthly costs, including bond repayments, maintenance, levies and rates and more. Since this exercise will undoubtedly impact on the type and size of a property that a buyer can actually afford, many buyers may choose to revisit their wants and needs list after adding up the cost and change

some items that impact most on the price. Pre-qualify for a bond. “By getting a pre-qualification on a bond, buyers will be able to determine whether or not they qualify for the necessary finance and will get an idea of the amount that the financial institution would be willing to lend,” he said. This, along with the step above, will determine the price range in which buyers can begin searching for properties. Choose the location. The emphasis on the importance of location remains as strong as ever. When looking at areas in which to purchase property, buyers should consider what locations they need to reach regularly, how they plan to travel there and how long the journey will take. Schools and other amenities will also play a large role in this step of the selection process for many buyers. Start the search. The internet is the ideal starting place to begin a house hunt. There are numerous specialised web sites that have easy searchable property listings. Property websites don’t always cover everything that is for sale in every area. Local newspapers are also good research tools for buyers. Buyers should also visit their local estate agents to ask what is coming onto the market, or drive around their favourite areas to spot any for sale boards going up. Most estate agents will also take note of a buyer’s specific requirements and will cross-reference this with properties the company has on their books. Choose a good estate agent. According to Goslett it is essential for a buyer to find an expert to work with. Ask for referrals and interview various candidates to ensure you select an agent that is professional, experienced and ethical. It is also best to select an agent that has good knowledge of the areas in which you are thinking of buying a property. Learn the real estate market. The more knowledge a buyer has about the property market in which they are thinking of buying, the more equipped they will be to make an informed decision.



   Tel: 012 842 0321 â&#x20AC;˘ Fax: 012 842 0319 â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ REKORD CENTURION DEADLINE: MONDAY 12:00 for the same week / OTHER REKORD NEWSPAPERS: DEADLINE: WEDNESDAY 12:00 for the following week â&#x20AC;˘ Office hours: 8:00 - 16:30

















     ! "     










Ek gee Topkontant vir alle JUWELE, Diamante, Krugerrande, Munte, ens. Skakel Dirk 082-758-7304 RA/0510043

  " =%!!

fabriek (500m² te huur.) 3-Fase krag. Stoor. Kantoor. Elektries omhein, alarm, CCTV.


R10 750 pm

Onmidd. beskik

"=!(%!= G ," ?$  * H

Kontak Johan 083-459-5135

1 =-


G! ? ?  ' AH

'- ''

G?  ?2?$AH  +

)1 ' "-=- + = )444 /( =0!! =!(.(%&!(= !=! .(,!=(! ,= =(,0=!== (!= ==,.=( ? /( =0!! =(.(%(%=# D=! !,2= ,,!.= =%!  ?

:?! ?4?+/) ??! ?E? ! ?? /  & :?(- & :?!( :?&+ && (

CASH PAID FOR SA Art, Antiques and Jewellery. 082-657-2610 ra/0483989

??C 8<? 8B 99 9< #,'. (',

:?)', ?&" :?&?G( ,H?&" :? ,?  ?&" :? $ ?G( ,H ??&" :?% . * ??&" :? ','$?& ' :?($$'$?&" :?&"?#''$ :? ? * ?& '  :?#''$?!"?. :?,,?/ *?   :?& , ?& "  ??',


babahondjies te koop. A1 LOANS Up to R120 000. Blacklisted & Garnish.

Groot tipe, opleibaar, goeie geaardheid, baie lief vir



Aaklig & aanstootlike bome


082-443-0088. enige kwotasie. 25 Jr ondervinding. Ten volle verseker. Eienaartoesig. CAREL ra/0490317

.20326 AAN Aardfoute, herbedrading kan ek aandag gee, nuwe installasies en sertifikate. Willie 082-786-2805 RA/0505281

?! ?#&

 ' )+'

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E1!=9<=3=6A:>F==(#=C=( !=

                      !"# # $ %! %!&  =3/ B=@3;=0=)B=@37=0 "! ! =$+

/)+=-)=+ =? (( +&? )& 0?  ?-! ?()0?#)?!&)





ys-/vriesk, stowe, oonde, wasj, t.droĂŤrs, skottelgwas

072-016-1392 083-452-2171

'!, ? '?'  , . ?.? ?, ?   * ??*,'7 ?? '$ ? .,'* ?  ? ?.  *  ? ? , ?. ?' , ??%,?   ' ?   ? ?   2 '?% ??$ ,$?    ' . ?%2=..!2=555=#=6  $'? ?$,?' ? '?.*?. ' ?, ?,$' ? ?, '??' ? '%??' ?   ' ' 2? '? ?" *??'  *. ?? ?*, ' ""  *??' ?'%??    ' 2? '?' ?  ? ' ?' ?, ??F?,$' ' '$??F?   ' ',? ' ?.?%.??F?  ,'? ?, '2 ! ?$,?? ? *.    '$ ?? F?. ?  ,'* ? ?.  ?*? ' 0?.    *,'* ? ?* '  ' ?' ??   ' 2

 !!=.!( !##!

PERSONAL LOANS R5 000 - R200 000 Blacklisted / Garnished Welcomed Sabelo 076-876-3562 RA/0510680


"= = 2=  ,2=.2 %.=*!!..! 2 .(2=#(! ! (2=!4

CALL 079 564 0580

084-990-8621 / 082-923-3541 ra/0486856



! "  #$%&'%'%$(

Trevor 079-296-9309 ra/0510725


EXTRA LESSONS @ HOME All grades/subjects 082-341-4759/0800-864-486 RA/0508363

AMAZING SUPER CLEAN Deep clean - carpets, l/suites & mattresses. (No hidden costs). Mike 083-229-8046 081-328-8838

Alle tipe waterdigting en herstelwerk. Tot en met 10 jaar waarborg op alle werk. Kontak

012-653-7227/8 083-608-2157 RA/0509557 RA/0510055




ELSIE seeks piece work for Mon, Wed & Thu. Cleaning only. 083-536-9042 RA/0510895

FLORENCE seeks full-time or piece work, sleep in/ out. Hardw, reliable. 071-389-4885 RA/0510892

of Std room from R100. L/suite frm R50 per seat & Tiles, Wooden flrs. 083-418-4700

Bel Kassie vir meubelvervoer. Bokse te koop. 012-548-9317 082-454-8159 ra/0503927

Elna 072-958-0697 ra/0493411

   ! ()* %$%%+, "$!

R350 - 5 Room Home With R300 - Lounge Suite


GOEIE DIENS is ons leuse! 5 - 8 Ton trokke te huur met drywer. Shaun 083-646-7082 RA/0497281

RUBBLE!! Garden Waste Removal Zelda 071-108-1580

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Deelkamers te huur.

Huis vir Bejaardes Wonderboom-Suid

012-335-7503 RA/0510328

NELI-ROSE OUETEHUIS Waar Sorg Versorg 24-huur, R4 100pm 012-800-1108 073-743-8213 RA/0511010


Droog binne 15 min. Eienaar werk self

All installations & repairs

0861-708-000 all hr




Fully Insured.

L/suite from R50 per seat. & Tile / Wooden flrs.General cleaing 082-269-2251


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525 Duncan St, Hatfield, Gold, Rolex watches, Antiques, Household Furniture ect. BEST PRICE GUARANTEED!


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aan-diens 0004 Jaar in Rekord


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Aaklig & aanstootlike bome


Boomsloping / stompe / alle palms. Gratis kwotasies.




! 0? ! ?E?!

Gerrit 082-824-2070


Skakel Danie of Johanna 076-094-7233

Aaklige & aanstootlike bome



Medical Aid: Advice and Assistance. Proudly one of the Best Advisors since 2001. Nardus Redelinghuys


R2 000 - R120 000 HERSTELWERK Blacklisted welcome. By U Huis

Gratis Boomsloping *Kwotasies *Uithaal van stompe *24 Hrs Versekering *Erf skoonmaak



aan-almal 00013 Jaar in Rekord


verseker. Eienaartoesig. CAREL

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 )+=$' ) -' +


Aabacus Tree Felling cc

enige kwotasie. 25 Jr ondervinding. Ten volle

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kinders. Navrae RA/0508437


Skakel Danie of Johanna 076-094-7233



*Erf skoonmaak


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*24 Hrs - Versekering

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Gratis Boomsloping *Kwotasies *Uithaal van stompe

10% Minder as

1 =$


.?  *? ? ?5?*??A

Well-Priced!! Professional! Paving and Painting projects neatly undertaken! Call us now!! 072-127-4975 Chris

Aabacus Tree Felling cc


Noorde van Pretoria



Elizabeth 082-815-9199. Seeks job as Office Assistant. 3 yrs Exp. Reliable RA/0510847



Pure vermaak by nasionale 4x4-uitdunne Antoinette le Roux Dit was baie stof, rook, ’n groot lawaai en vet pret Saterdag by die Maxxis Nasionale 4x4-uitdaging. Dié opwindende 4x4-byeenkoms het by die Diamond X Cowboy Ranch, sowat 40km noordoos van Pretoria, plaasgevind. Meer as 1 000 toeskouers het dié belangrike uitdunronde bygewoon. Deelnemers vanoor die hele land het saamgetrek om in sewe klasse deel te neem. Die wenners in die verskillende klasse was: Klas 1: Koos van Heerden (Navigator: Carel van Heerden) Klas 2: Ernst du Preez (Navigator: Van

Zyl Oosthuizen) Klas 3: Corrie Hudson (Navigator: Jason Hudson) Klas 4: Johan van Wyk (Navigator: Pieter Brits) Klas 5: Stefan Wintershoven (Navigator: Tristan Wintershoven) Klas 6: Herman Barnard (Navigator: Mandi Reid) Klas 7: Lukas Holtzhausen (Navigator: Bert Stols) Die dag is afgesluit met ’n prysuitdelingsfunksie, waarna besoekers en deelnemers vermaak is deur Clive Bruce, bekende countrysanger, en ’n line dancing-uitvoering.

Drie wiele in die lug om hierdie hindernis baas te raak. Foto: Phillip Bruwer

Geen toeskouer kon dié stofwolk vryspring nie.

(Bo) Die dag het ook interessante oomblikke opgelewer soos dié voertuig wat op sy dak beland het. (Links) Die rookwolke bol by die wiele uit soos die voertuig die heuwel uitklim.

Los sandbanke het deelnemers se 4x4-vernuf getoets.

Deelnemers moes mooi mik om nie die grenspaaltjies raak te ry nie. Foto: Antoinette le Roux Deelnemers van regoor die land het Saterdag aan die uitdaging deelgeneem.

Ondersteuners hang uit vir Durban-manne Die Sharks-ondersteunersklub van Pretoria het vanjaar sommer vroeg begin met een van die hoogtepunte van hul sosiale kalender. Dié klub, wat reeds ’n paar honderd betalende lede het, kon Vrydagaand na afloop van die SupeRugby-wedstryd tussen die Bulls en die Sharks, die spelers van hul gunstelingspan by ’n hotel in Pretoria te onthaal. Omdat die wedstryd eers teen 21:00 afgehandel is, het die funksie baie laat plaasgevind, maar vir elke ondersteuner van die Sharks wat dit bygewoon het, was dit die moeite werd om so lank te wag om hul helde te ontmoet. Toe die spelers uiteindelik opdaag, is daar heerlik gekuier, foto’s geneem en handtekeninge

gejag. Die klub het ook hul eie speler-van-die-wedstryd gekies en dié eer het die Springbokvleuel, JP Petersen, te beurt geval. Hy is met ’n spesiale trofee beloon. Plaaslike ondersteuners van die Sharks wat belangstel om aan te sluit by dié klub, is welkom om navraag te doen. Die seisoen is nog lank en daar is nog heelwat

bedrywighede wat vir hulle voorlê tot aan die einde van die jaar. Navrae: 076-045-8720. Volgens tradisie kies die Sharksondersteunersklub na elke wedstryd van hul span ’n spelervan-die-wedstryd. Vrydagaand het hul keuse op die Springbokvleuel, JP Petersen, geval. Petersen het sy toekenning van Serah Cook, een van die bestuurslede van die Sharks-ondersteunersklub van Pretoria, ontvang.

Estelle Henderson, een van die komiteelede van die Sharks-ondersteunersklub van Pretoria, geniet die geselskap van drie van die Sharks se staatmakerspelers. Van links is Jacques Botes, die man wat Vrydagaand die enigste drie gedruk het in die SupeRugby-wedstryd teen die Bulls, Charl McLeod en Meyer Bosman.



Sien vir vandeesweek se Varsity Cup aksie.


Rugby. 3 Maart, SupeRugby. Bulls vs Cheetahs. Vrystaatstadion, Bloemfontein. 17:00.

Heino Kuhn, paaltjiewagter van die Titans, het die Impi’s se topkolwer, Adrian McLaren op skouspelagtige wyse gestonk van die boulwerk van Roelof van der Merwe in Sondag se Pro20wedstryd in Benoni. Foto’s: simondp@actionimage

Titans weer op dreef Koos Venter Die Nashua Titans het die afgelope naweek twee puik oorwinnings behaal in die nasionale MiWay Pro20-toernooi, wat hul posisie tot die tweede plek op die punteleer laat verstewig het. Hiermee het die manne in ligblou gewys dat hulle baie diepte het en hulle steeds een van die gunstelinge behoort te wees om hierdie reeks te wen, ten spyte daarvan dat topspelers soos die Morkelbroers, AB de Villiers en Faf du Plessis tans saam met die Proteas in Nieu-Seeland toer. Die Titans het boonop nog een wedstryd minder gespeel as die Knights, wat net drie punte voor hulle op die punteleer is. Vrydagaand in Durban het die Titans in ’n spannende wedstryd die Dolphins se telling van 167 met die laaste bal van die wedstryd verbygesteek om met ses paaltjies te wen. Jacques Rudolph was die groot held van hierdie wedstryd met sy 62 onoorwonne lopies van net 55 balle. Hy is in daardie laaste spannende boulbeurte ook goed bygestaan deur David

Wiese, wat 21 lopies van net tien balle gemoker het. Dit het twee viere en ’n ses ingesluit. Sondag se held teen die Impi’s in Benoni was die ou staatmaker, Roelof van der Merwe, wat weer gewys het dat die nasionale keurders waarskynlik té vinnig van hom vergeet het. Hy het eers die Impi’s se kolforde vernietig deur drie paaltjies te vat én ’n aandeel te hê in die uithardloop van Siya Simetu, voordat hy op nommer drie gaan kolf het vir die Titans, waar hy 30 lopies van 20 balle geslaan het. Die Titans, met Rudolph en Van der Merwe voor die penne en net een paaltjie plat, het die Impi’s se teiken reeds in die 16e boulbeurt verbygesteek vir ’n oorwinning met nege paaltjies. Rudolph se telling was 47, terwyl Henry Davids ook 55 bygedra het. Die Titans speel Woensdag teen die Knights in Bloemfontein, waarna hulle die naweek twee wedstryde afhandel. Vrydag kom die Lions in Centurion aan die beurt en Sondag speel hulle teen die Cape Cobras in Kaapstad, wanneer die tweede rondte van die reeks begin.

Henry Davids, staatmakerkolwer van die Titans, het Sondag in Benoni ’n puik beurt van 55 lopies vir sy span gespeel in die Pro20-wedstryd teen die Impi’s.

Die Titans se vuurvreter veelsydige speler, Roelof van der Merwe, het Sondag in Benoni ’n groot aandeel gehad in sy span se oorwinning teen die Impi’s.

Bulls se jong bloed vul ervare spelers goed aan Koos Venter

Die Bulls se woelige loskopstut, Dean Greyling, het Vrydagaand teen die Sharks weer gewys dat hy ’n waardevolle baldraer op die veld kan wees. Hier dryf hy vorentoe met Werner Kryger en Deon Stegmann byderhand om te ondersteun. Foto: simondp@actionimage

Daar is vooraf bladsye vol geskryf oor al die topspelers wat Loftus Versfeld verlaat het, oor Heyneke Meyer se ontydige vertrek as direkteur van rugby en oor die nuwe pienk truie vir wegwedstryde. Al hierdie faktore en gepaardgaande bangmaakstories het blykbaar by Frans Ludeke, Pierre Spies en die Vodacom Bulls se span van 2012 verbygegaan, want Vrydagaand het hulle die seisoen puik begin met ’n vasbytvertoning en ’n 18-13-oorwinning teen die omgekrapte Sharks, wat vooraf beskou is as Suid-Afrika se spogspan in vanjaar se SupeRugby-toernooi. Die Bulls het inderdaad deur hul algehele vertoning gewys dat hulle dalk net die verrassingspakket van die toernooi kan wees.

Die jong en nuwe spelers in die groep het puik by die gevestigde en ervare manne ingepas en dit was juis die wyse waarop die Bulls gespeel het, wat ondersteuners moed sou gee vir die res van die toernooi. Die Sharks het Pretoria toe gekom met ’n puik span wat 12 internasionale spelers, 11 Springbokke en een Fransman, ingesluit het. Die Bulls was egter ’n onbekende faktor met jong manne en baie minder ervaring as die manne van Durban. Die wyse waarop die Bulls egter die basiese dinge op die veld reg kon doen en hoe hulle die Sharks voorlangs oorheers het, sou deurwinterde Bulls-ondersteuners moed gee vir die seisoen wat voorlê. Die Bulls en die Sharks het ook gewys dat daar min ander spanne is met soveel ondersteuners soos

hulle. Met die loting waarvolgens hulle die eerste agt wedstryde van die toernooi in Suid-Afrika sal speel (vyf op Loftus Versfeld), sal die Bulls ook die geleentheid hê om hul nuwe kombinasies goed te vestig, voor hulle in Australië en Nieu-Seeland gaan toer. Die Bulls se afrigters sal egter moet kopkrap om die beseerde buitesenter, Johann Sadie, vir die volgende paar weke te vervang. Sadie het blykbaar sy skouer beseer en is na net 13 minute in Vrydag se wedstryd teen die Sharks van die veld af. As Wynand Olivier hierdie week reg is, sal hy waarskynlik Saterdag buitesenter teen die Cheetahs speel. Andersins sal daar na Zane Kirchner gekyk word, terwyl Jurgen Visser waarskynlik heelagter sal speel.

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