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Russian Headline ’The WTO membership gives the opportunity to defend our interests in a civilized and legal way.’ Prime Minister Vladimir Putin during the report to the State Duma on government performance in 2011.

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Lulia Balykova - Human House BA in Psychology, Aarhus University Born in Kazakhstan Grown up in Moscow, Russia • Experience from Russia and Denmark • • •

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To ensure efficient cooperation in Russian/European teams and management groups. Building teams and helping management groups to work together across individuals, nations and cultures. Many mergers, acquisitions and projects are only truly successful when ’Due Diligence’ team members have cooperated and understood one another, and when the newly constructed management group delivers efficient and trustworthy cooperation. Process facilitation in international cooperation and professional troubleshooting is therefore a profitable exercise.

Cultural Training with focus on Russia - a MUST when cooperating with Russians Focus on intercultural challenges in the job and give participants some useful techniques and tools that can help them be more efficient – and avoid misunderstandings. Intercultural challenges concerning subjects, habits, behaviours and pitfalls materialise when you cooperate with or work in an environment which differs from your own native country and where people have other backgrounds than yours.

Sales, negotiation, management and communication with focus on Russia When sales training, communication training, management or negotiation skills – or a combination of them all – are to work in a Russian setting, it is important to take specific differences and subtle parameters into account. Human House is a recognised expert in sales, negotiation, communication, management, stress handling and delegation. With this course we add necessary international and cultural dimensions to traditional techniques.

Conflict resolution between races, cultures, religions and people To strengthen the manager’s ability to prevent and solve conflicts where culture, psychology and chemistry are in play in Russia.

1. Perception of conflicts in different cultures 2. Tips and tricks on how to avoid conflicts 3. Tips and tricks on conflict resolution Conflict resolution represents a real challenge for many managers. And conflict resolution in organisations with different nationalities, races, cultures and religions increases this challenge even further.

‘Meet the Danes’ - cooperation with Danes for foreigners* *) Can be adjusted to Scandinavians and other Europeans As a foreigner cooperating with Denmark it can be difficult to understand Danish values and norms. Seen from the outside you meet irony, sarcasm, lack of respect for organisations, titles and culture. For foreign owners, who have to make an acquisition successful, or for employees and colleagues, who for example are under Danish management in an outsourced production, it is a culture with very few visible rules and many invisible rules.

Written report on a specific country or sales region Many companies acquire a brief report on business and cooperation conditions of a country or region they are planning to establish contacts with. The report is neither a tourist guide nor a description of country facts, which can be obtained from the country’s embassy or from the Foreign Ministry. On the contrary it is a targeted description covering basic characteristics of professional business and the cooperative environment in the region in question. On request, the report can contain details of typical trades and industries, education levels and more.

Cultural exercises with focus on Russia Human House has access to a number of games, tests and methods, which in an amusing and educational way can be applied to illustrate international challenges and cultural differences. Including the world famous Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire™. The basic idea is that you have to experience the clashing norms yourself to understand how others may feel.

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Focus on Russia

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