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ClOS e r tO r e alit y Your partner in offshore and maritime training

“SMSC offer advanced simulation-based training that closely resembles the real life experience.�


SMSC Your partner in offShore and MaritiMe training Ship Modelling & Simulation Centre AS (SMSC), develops maritime- and offshore-related simulators for use in training and operational conceptual evaluations. We develop our own software and provide custom-tailored simulation based training for all vessel types on any location. Our simulators are developed to DNV Class A standards. We also offer consultancy services typically related to offshore loading, crane and lifting operations, harbor development studies, waterway evaluations, offshore windmill studies and FPSOs. It is our firm belief that our training has a positive effect and contributes to improved crew interaction.

The SMSC head office is situated in Trondheim, Norway.


training real skills come with real practice Our main objective is to contribute to safe and efficient ship- and offshore operations through high quality training of operational personnel. By setting up a training scheme that addresses both the technical sides of manoeuvring and handling vessels and the human element aspects such as attitude, we believe our training programmes help reducing human involvement in errors. Shiphandling and Marine OperatiOnS We have an extensive archive of vessels- and geographical area models for use in our full scale simulators. The archive comprises e.g. tankers, OSVs, PCTCs, tugs, FPSOs and rigs. SMSC is the specialist simulator centre for training Escort operations, Ship to Ship Lightering, Towing, Offshore Service Vessels, LNG vessels, vessels with large windage area and ship handling both with conventional- and various high lift rudders. Offshore Loading training with Shuttle tankers and DP systems has been synonymous with our name since 1990.

To make MRM work in practice, with all the MRM tools implemented, strong commitment and involvement from shore-side management is also needed. SMSC offer a variety of courses: The terms ERM, MCRM, MRM and SSBT are all abbreviations for “human-focused” courses that we deliver. We also tailor the training to suit specific company needs.

dynaMiC pOSitiOning SMSC has been accredited as a DP training centre since 1996. Through our DP Induction, DP Simulator and DP Sea Time Reduction training in full scale bridge simulators we offer DP training leading up to DP certification.

Other training OffShOre Crane OperatiOnS We have developed extensive training programs for offshore crane operators. Joint training of crane operators and OSV/Supply vessel crews has proven its value as the number of incidents decreased considerably after the training was initiated in 2001. Subsea operations are becoming increasingly complex and the effect of good and relevant training is emphasized.

SMSC offers a variety of other courses. Some examples are: • ECDIS/AIS training i.a.w. IMO regulations. • Liquid Cargo handling, hereunder LNG Cargo Operation Simulator training according to DNV/ SIGTTO rules. • Heavy weather Onboard Decision Support Systems • Tailored company specific CBTs for a variety of operations.

huMan reSOurCe ManageMent A key element in influencing attitude is resource management awareness and training. 4

For more information, see:

CuStoMized SiMulation new possibilities The SMSC Project and Development Department offers solutions to a broad spectre of challenging tasks in the maritime and offshore business sector. Many of these projects involve use of our state of the art real time ship or crane simulators. Ship MOdelling SMSC has long experience in custom modelling of simulator ships. The models are made based on full scale tests or model tests from a test basin. All ship models at SMSC are made to behave like real vessels, most of them have been tested by a captain from the actual vessel.

Crane and deCk MOdelling SMSC can model cranes with high fidelity of the crane control systems. The cranes are modelled in a physical way such that simulation of failure situations becomes correct. Complete deck solutions with robots and different winch systems have been developed.

harbOur develOpMent The sailing areas are made from a combination of public and bought resources for WGS84 maps, depths data and pictures from the actual area. For all new areas SMSC is very careful to make the area match ECDIS ENC data.

OperatiOnS in arCtiC and iCe infeSted waterS Over the last years, SMSC has initiated and played a major role in different research projects related to activities in arctic areas. The projects have had wide international and industrial participation.

“Over the last years, SMSC has initiated and played a major role in different research projects related to activities in arctic areas.� OffShOre lOading SMSC has developed a comprehensive development and verification package for offshore loading. The package is purpose made for direct offshore loading, e.g. from fixed moored FPSO and includes the development of operation methodology.

OffShOre windMill inStallatiOn SMSC has long experience in ship and crane modelling and has performed many simulations of demanding marine operations. SMSC has also connected the ship and crane simulator, making it possible to do combined simulation and training. These possibilities places SMSC in the right position to offer simulation studies and valuable training related to offshore windmill installation. 5

“The primary objective of SMSC is to contribute to safe and efficient shipping and offshore operations through high fidelity training of operational maritime- and offshore personnel.”

whY uS Customer satisfaction We provide our customers and associates with quality and innovative simulation and modelling products and services, meeting external and internal requirements and expectations. SMSC promotes integrity and honesty across all our operations. We shall continuously work in order to establish and develop our reporting requirements in a way that allows us to measure and monitor our performance on a regular basis with the aim of continuous improvement. quality pOliCy SMSC will present customers and associates with a competent business culture clearly characterized by service, market orientation and team spirit. Our most important quality measurement tool is customer satisfaction. We practize preventive measures and seek to provide a flawless effort at all levels. We know that quality is a personal responsibility and a task for us all.

huMan faCtOr The number of accident related to maritime operations are still relatively high. The number of groundings and collisions with fixed objects in confined waters, due to high speed, lack of manoeuvring skills or fatigue are still significant. So are collisions between ships and between ships and offshore installations.


Rapid technological development and increasingly complex maritime operations paired with high personnel turnover and fast promotions leads to global challenges. We dedicate ourselves to creating any complex maritime operation into an advanced simulated environment for training and skill enhancement. We believe in “learning by doing” under supervision of professional instructors and assessors. They will take all aspects of human factor into account during the teaching, training, debriefing and assessment. Human factor type courses come with a variety of titles, e.g. ERM, BRM, MRM, MCRM and SSBT. SMSC provide a diversity of these, integrating training of deck- and engine personnel. Many courses are tailored for specific companies with their particular vessels, procedures and requested geographical areas.

Our faCilitieS Ship: SMSC presently operate three full mission bridge simulators with complete bridge furnishing and good visual systems. The simulators may be adapted to represent a variety of relevant ship types. We also operate compact type ship-simulators. The simulator core is the mathematical model of the simulated unit. A lot of the training that is carried out at SMSC is on operations where the margins are small and consequences of accidents are critical. In such a setting, it is imperative that the quality of the mathematical model is very good. We therefore spend considerable resources on fine-tuning our models which are quality tested by the captain of the actual vessel. Presently we have in access of 60 documented models.

the SMSC-way • Our simulator based training has a documented positive effect. • Our training brings you closer to reality. • We meet your unique needs and preferences. • The human factor is an important aspect in any program.

Crane: SMSC operate two high end offshore crane simulators. These are used for training routine- and critical operations, and also include subsea lifting. All relevant crane types and platform types can be installed. dp: We operate three simulators specifically set up for Dynamic Positioning training. A number of vessels and various operations can be trained. eCdiS: SMSC has a modern setup for ECDIS training i.a.w. STCW requirements. liquid Cargo: Presently SMSC operate LICOS Liquid Cargo Operation Simulator for LNG. This can easily be expanded to include other liquid cargoes. 7


Visitor address: Ladehammerveien 4 7041 TRONDHEIM NORWAY

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Ship Modelling & Simulation Centre AS +47 73 56 14 00 +47 73 56 14 20

SMSC - Closer to reality  

SMSC offer advanced simulation-based training thatclosely resembles the real life experience.

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