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About We offer our customers construction, robotic welding and plasma cutting in our newly established production hall. Our robotic welding plant is equipped with two robots fitted to a 25-metre-long rail with fixtures for securing items of up to 25 metres on both sides of the robots. The welding machines were supplied by Fronius, and one of the robots is also equipped with a gripping device for handling small pieces of plate. The plant can be easily divided into various sections for smaller items, and there is room to install turntables if necessary. Our plasma cutter is a Gasparini Spark Heavy high-definition plasma cutting machine capable of cutting up to 60 mm steel and 50 mm stainless steel or aluminium. The plant is characterised by high cutting speed with little need for subsequent finishing. We believe that the combination of these two plants will give us a competitive advantage with respect to large or complex items that with advantage can be produced in Denmark. All our staff have considerable experience in welding and constructing steel structures, and they receive ongoing training to enable us to meet the requirements of customers and the authorities. That is also why we have a newly revised quality manual, which follows the latest international standards such as DS/EN 1090 and DS/EN 3834. All our welders hold certificates in butt and fillet welding, and the quality of the work is monitored by our own in-house international welding specialist (IWS). Belø A/S Steel offers - Steel structures - Welding tasks - Plasma cutting - Robotic welding - Mechanical construction

Fields of activity

Wind energy Off-/onshore industry Supplier of complex steel structures Transport sector/ equipment Full-line supplier

Blacksmiths have operated from our address since 1855 – so we are carrying on a proud tradition in our everyday operations. In its present form, the company dates from 1967, when Svend Aage Jacobsen established Bedsted Auto – Smede og Maskinværksted, an automobile and engineering works, on the site. For many years, traditional blacksmithing, plumbing work for customers in agriculture and the sale and repair of motor vehicles were the principle source of the firm’s livelihood. Over the years, however, the tasks performed and the customer base have gradually shifted to the steel industry. In 1989, the firm became a limited company and was given its present name – BELØ A/S. The company celebrated its 40th anniversary with Svend Aage at the helm in 2007, an occasion also marked by the company being taken over by Bjarne Jacobsen following a gradual ownership transition. Quality assurance - EN ISO 3834 - EN ISO 1090 - EN ISO 5817 - CE marking Technical drawings We can help with design and drawing tasks in 2D and 3D. Product optimisation - Robotic welding - System supplier - Full-line supplier

Mission The creation of value is our main mission, and we therefore place great importance on communication with our customers and business partners – thus ensuring that customers gain the full benefit of our know-how. Among other value-creating elements, we offer innovative and creative solutions in which we utilise the very latest technology – during both development and production. We do everything we can to ensure that our products and services live up to requirements on safety and the environment, and we wish to be seen as a responsible business partner who provides a good work environment where safety and ethics are top priorities.

Vision We will ensure that our customers feel they have received the best possible solution – not just the first time, but every time... Low price and high quality, from beginning to end. So contact us now!

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Belø A/S Sivkrovej 9, DK-6240 Løgumkloster Telephone: (+45) 7477 7219 · Fax: (+45) 7477 7319 email: ·

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